Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 45


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The curse of the blaze will engrave itself directly into a person’s soul, even after a person’s physical death, it will still not be lifted.

It will follow the soul into reincarnation, and simultaneously, it may return back to this world, or it may also disappear forever as the soul dissipates.

There was no doubt that this thing could not be removed, you would not be able to get rid of it even after death.

Others may not be too clear about this, but Yan Chen understood it too well. After all, Mo Jiu Shao had still dared to use the soul returning pill on Chu Mu Yun. The thing it relied on the most was the unique curse of the blaze.

Looking dazedly at the flames, the coldness of Yan Chen’s heart was spreading out, finally turning into countless ice arrows, stabbing through his body.

This was Chu Mu Yun.

After his death, he had reincarnated into this rare ice spirit beast.

He did not remember anything of the past, he had forgotten everything and was no longer deeply in love with Mo Jiu Shao. He had turned into a little spirit beast cub, and was picked up by Ling Xuan.

Then, he ended up on the Shining Plum Mountain again. He was the one who raised him, and changed his appearance to that of Chu Mu Yun’s again.

It was a fact that ice spirit beasts did not have a heart, but Chu Mu Yun did.

But Chu Mu Yun’s heart had already been dead once. Even so, it still managed to persist into his next life.

Yan Chen recalled the times he had spent with him a year before. He discovered that he had invested more feelings into this little guy than he had ever expected. But it was no use, he got nothing out of it.

After doing this much, Chu Mu Yun who had forgotten everything still took him as nothing but family. He knew he could rely on him, and trust him, but he could not fall in love with him.

But Mo Jiu Shao on the other hand.

The two ended up meeting again, and fate had bound them again. Chu Mu Yun who had long forgotten his past had still fallen for him without hesitation.

He had even went against the very nature of an ice spirit beast that have been passed down since ancient times. Even if he knew he was just a substitute, even if he had to abandon all his dignity……He still wanted to return to that man.

Yan Chen clenched his fingers abruptly, and that thread of flame disappeared without a trace. But Yan Chen’s heart was shrouded with terrifying darkness, the darkness that had been buried deep within the bottomless pits of his being was being materialized, and came out of his body with a bang. The black essence was so dense that it had turned into a two-headed behemoth with its teeth and claws drawn. The great impact it created had turned the cold palace into a pile of rubble in an instance.

Seeing that the entirety of the Shining Plum Mountain was about to be razed to the ground, a gush of darkness that was similar to it suddenly swept over, transforming into a long dragon that put the great beast under control.

Yan Chen turned around, and saw the wrathful lord with his red hair billowing in the wind.

He spoke to him coldly:”What did you come for?”

Ling Xuan’s eyes were filled with excitement:”I haven’t seen ‘Dark Night’ in a while.”

Hearing his words, Yan Chen seemed to have recovered his senses. A light frown formed in his eyes as he calmed down the enraged two-headed winged beast.

“I’m not interested in wasting my time with you.”

Ling Xuan looked disappointed:”If not for the ‘Door of Life’, I’m sure I won’t be so reluctant to leave Dark Night alone like that.”

Yan Chen was in a terrible mood:”State your business.”

Ling Xuan’s blood was boiling with excitement right now due to the stimulation of seeing the godly beast from before, but unfortunately, he could not actually fight Yan Chen. If he ever harms the Door of Life, it would’ve been a massive disaster.

Ah……The one and only god of beasts of the demon world, Dark Night. To only be able to see, and not to touch……So sad……

But very soon, he had regained his motivation. Thanks to Chu Mu Yun’s excellent aptitude, he would definitely be able to challenge that position with some time……Hm, then he would definitely end up even more delicious than Dark Night.

Ling Xuan finally managed to calm himself down, and remembered the task he had come here to do.

“Let’s work together.”Throwing out such a sentence so directly, Yan Chen ended up in confusion instead.

“What did you say?”That lone wolf, the lord of wrath could actually say something like this?

Ling Xuan raised his hands:”You should also know that Pride is unbeatable with the protection of the Guardian of Life, I can’t beat him.”

Yan Chen:”Aren’t you honest?”

Ling Xuan:”What’s the matter with that? He can be shameless enough to rely on his little wife, so I can admit defeat as well.”

Yan Chen:”……”What a terrible way to describe it, but why did it sound quite reasonable?

“Speak, what do you want to do?”Yan Chen asked.

Ling Xuan enlightened him:”I want to get my Duo Duo back.”

Hearing this, Yan Chen’s eyes darkened:”I’m not interested.”

Ling Xuan stared at him and narrowed his sharp eyes, smiling in a very wicked manner:”Why not? Duo Duo is so powerful, he might even end up stronger than Dark Night in the future, don’t you want him?”

Yan Chen frowned lightly, but he still felt a stinging pain in his heart. Even so, he spoke very calmly:”I said I’m not interested.”

“Oh.”Ling Xuan continued,”You don’t know, then? Mo Jiu Shao had been planning to revive his little lover inside of Duo Duo’s body from the start……”

Yan Chen suddenly turned around:”What did you say?”

Ling Xuan slowed down and continued to speak at his leisure:”The body of the little array mage is already crippled, so Mo Jiu Shao wants to find him a healthy body. Thanks to you, Duo Duo now looks exactly like the little array mage, isn’t that the perfect body for him?”

Yan Chen quickly responded:”Jun Mo will never agree to this.”

After all, Jun Mo had promised to give Mo Jiu Shao the soul returning pill. His condition was to obtain the ice spirit beast from him.

For the lord of sloth, the ice spirit beast’s essence……No, it is the ice spirit beast itself that he was obsessed with, so there was absolutely no way he would agree to allow Chu Mu Yun to become the ice spirit beast.

After all, Mo Jiu Shao cherished Chu Mu Yun so much. If he were to come back to life, how could he ever allow anyone to take him from him?

Ling Xuan continued:”Mo Jiu Shao will definitely return Chu Mu Yun’s soul to his body before seizing Duo Duo’s body later.”

Actually, there was no need for Ling Xuan to tell him this, because Yan Chen was also able to come to this conclusion very quickly. He looked at Ling Xuan:”Why don’t you just tell Jun Mo directly then?”

Ling Xuan laughed:”If I work with Jun Mo, do you really think he wouldn’t try to fight me for Duo Duo in the end?”

Yan Chen understood, but he was still uninterested. An evil plan had also sprouted within his mind: At this moment, Mo Jiu Shao has no idea that the ice spirit beast was Chu Mu Yun’s reincarnation, so the soul returning pill would never work. The two of them can just mess with each other then, he was destined not to be able to get anything anyway.

Ling Xuan stared at him:”I think you’re more reliable, you won’t have any interest in my little Duo Duo no matter what, even if he’s this in love with you.”

Yan Chen was stunned, but he turned to face him in one abrupt motion:”What did you say?”

Ling Xuan responded to him in a leisurely manner:”I was listening in on them outside that night, Mo Jiu Shao says you want to resurrect the little array mage, and he told him you’re deeply in love with him. My Duo Duo’s the best in every regard, he’s just a little too foolish and stubborn. He’s completely smitten by you, and hearing that your greatest wish is for the little array mage to be resurrected, he ended up deciding to go with Mo Jiu Shao without even hesitating.”

This remark had turned what Yan Chen knew over completely.

Ling Xuan tried to recall the rest of a certain person’s script, and continued on:”I say, how did my little Duo Duo end up in love with you in the end? He loves you so much he’s even ready to throw his life away. Besides you being nice to him for the first year, haven’t you always been digging a knife into his heart in the later years? But no matter what, Duo Duo is just way too stubborn. I just happened to take advantage of him a little in the past, but he still remembers it, you gave him about half a year of good times and now he’ll never forget that for the rest of his life.”


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