Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 44


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Chu Mu Yun:”Done crying?”

Zero:”……Why aren’t you done abusing them yet!”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”Hello, this is an automatic reply, please shout one after you are done with the abuse, if you are not, please do not contact us!!!”

Chu Mu Yun:”One.”

Zero:”Hello, this is an automatic reply, friendly reminder: Please do not shout one if you are not done abusing!”

Chu Mu Yun:”If you keep pretending I’ll make sure you never stop crying.”


Chu Mu Yun:”Not only can I abuse their hearts, I can abuse their bodies too.”

Zero went soft in an instant:”╥﹏╥, Envy is really pitiful.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……Are you sure he didn’t ask for it by being such a scumbag?”

Zero:”He’s really pitiful ahhhh!”

Chu Mu Yun was silent for a moment:”Where on earth did you see that from?”

Zero:”He likes the little werebeast so much, but he doesn’t know it himself. He’s too insecure, he just wished to have someone who could be with him, and to have a single loyal, sincere relationship without regrets, but he just can’t get it! He had already been coming and going for several thousands of years, and the more he went on, the more insecure he felt. Even now, there was clearly a loyal little werebeast who had his heart out for him right in his eyes, but he still could not believe it. He was so doubtful and insecure that he could not trust anyone, forever getting lost in his endless sea of wickedness. Even while he is being cruel to another person, wasn’t he the one that was being hurt the most!”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”qaq, am I wrong?”

Chu Mu Yun held his forehead:”I’m just surprised.”

Zero:”Surprised about what……”

Chu Mu Yun:”It’s just……um……So long since I’ve seen a real saint.”


Chu Mu Yun:”Uh, that was a compliment……”

Zero:”Hello, this is an automatic reply, dos2.0 has crashed.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”Hello, this is still an automatic reply, do not worry, after the issue(crying) is fixed(done), work will proceed as normal.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”He felt a strong sense of guilt. Sure enough……it’s no good to bully a child. He……should still go back to an honest man’s life, and bully a scumbag instead.

Chu Mu Yun had said those things to him just to make Yan Chen misunderstand.

He wanted to make Yan Chen think that the little beast had been seduced by Mo Jiu Shao, and even turned so selfish to the point where he wanted him to snatch away the Chu Mu Yun who would be reborn, so that he could become his substitute……But after knowing the truth, he believed that Envy that little slut would be able to become buddies with his baby Zero……

No matter what, the results were good. He can keep up the good work.


After he was done talking, the little werebeast looked listless. There was sadness, but also relief. Finally, he had no reluctance to leave anymore. Thus he went.

But something unexpected happened at this moment.

There is an inhibition spell right outside of Yan Chen’s residence, so it was reasonable to say that he should already have released it when he allowed the werebeast to come in. It should not have triggered again.

But for some reason, it was like the one who entered, and the one who left was a different person. The inhibition spell was actually triggered, the spell bound within was released and rushed towards the little beastling.

But the werebeast reacted very quickly. He evaded it, but it was after all the offensive spell of one of the demon world’s lords, it was still hard to hide from it even if he could evade it quickly.

AdvertisementIt was not a fatal hit, but his left leg was injured. Even though his robes were blocking it, the smell of blood and the stain were quickly leaking out.

Seeing that the second attack was about to land, Yan Chen raised his hand, quickly withdrawing the spell.

He went to the little werebeast and picked him up by the waist.

It seemed like he was in a lot of pain. The face of the little werebeast was pale and his eyes were closed. He was even biting down desperately on his lower lip to prevent himself from screaming.

Without a pause, Yan Chen Carried him inside. There were healing salves in his palace, so he pulled away his robes, and put them on for him carefully.

The wound was very terrible. Since the spell was one of a darkness attribute, its offense came with great corrosive power. It was just a small little arrow that had hit him earlier, and it had only grazed him. Even so, a large part of his flesh had already turned necrotic.

Fortunately, there were countless treasures kept within the Shining Plum Palace. Without even thinking twice, he used them all on the little werebeast.

Finally, he was able to stop the bleeding, and the wound was also gradually starting to recover.

Throughout the entire process, Yan Chen did not say a single word. But he had been working very seriously and carefully, his violet eyes had never once left the wound on that small pair of legs. With the amount of care one could see from his eyes, anyone could tell how much the little werebeast meant to him.

The latter seems to be quite surprised about this attention as well. After he had been set down onto the bed, he could not help feeling a little expectant. His eyes glimmered faintly, and he opened his mouth, but before he was able to say anything, Yan Chen was a step quicker:”You will recover after a while, it will not delay your departure.”

As if a bucket of water had been poured over a feeble flame, the light left his eyes.

The werebeast responded quietly:”All right.”

True to Yan Chen’s words, the little werebeast’s legs have already recovered completely when the sun was beginning to rise. Apart from the small scar, nothing wrong could be seen from it.

The little werebeast got off the bed and prepared to leave.

Yan Chen that had been looking after him all night spoke:”Wait.”

The little turned towards him solemnly.

Yan Chen:”Give me your hand.”

The little werebeast did not understand, but he still reached his hand out to him obediently.

Yan Chen put his middle and forefinger on his wrist. Turns out he was checking his condition.

Chu Mu Yun’s did not change, but inside, he had already lowered the power of the ice spirit beast just a tad bit more.

It was not too much, nor too less. He would realize that something was wrong, but he would not be able to figure it out so quickly.

And sure enough, Yan Chen had only frowned. What he found strange was why there would be a thread of heat in the body of an ice spirit beast who should clearly have the attribute of ice, but he would never have related that to the blaze’s curse.

Just as Yan Chen was about to delve deeper into it, the atmosphere around the area rippled. He scoffed, and retracted his hand.

Almost in an instant, Chu Mu Yun had returned his body’s power back to maximum.

Because Pride has come.

Even though he could not feel it, he would still be able to guess just by looking at Yan Chen’s face.

With very good timing, Mo Jiu Shao appeared right after Chu Mu Yun had just gotten far away from Yan Chen.

Being showered with the morning sun, his posture was mighty, and his eyes were clear. With the faint but dazzling smile on his face, even the snow surrounding the area seemed to have been eclipsed by them:”I’ve come to pick him up.”

Yan Chen did not respond.

The little werebeast seemed to have hesitated for a bit, but he still picked up his feet to go. Walking step by step, it looked like this was very difficult for him, but he still kept on and walked towards Mo Jiu Shao.

Mo Jiu Shao brushed through his hair lightly and smiled:”Good child.”

The little werebeast smiled at him reluctantly, but this was nothing more than an eyesore to Yan Chen.

In the end, the little werebeast had still left with Mo Jiu Shao. Yan Chen would not stop him, and Ling Xuan had already disappeared without a trace. But this man had always been a hard one to keep a hold of, so it was not surprising.

Yan Chen sat by himself in the Shining Plum Mountain for two days. Clearly, everything was going just as he planned, but in his heart, it felt like he had lost control of something.

He looked at the plum blossoms that had fallen from the weight of the snow, and at the same time, that little ball of icy blue seemed to have appeared within his eyes; that little ice spirit beast that liked to run and bounce about the plum blossom trees.

That little spirit beast was looking for the most beautiful plum blossoms that had fallen, and he would put the best one by his window.

In truth, Yan Chen did not like them.

He hated things with bright colours, and things that were beautiful; he hated anything that was filled with vitality.

It was true, he liked the plum blossom forest, but what he liked had never been the flowers; it was the dried up trunks that carried all those dazzling flowers.

They were old, and appeared defeated, attracting nobody’s attention at all as it lived under those beautiful plum blossoms. But even so, it had always been the dictator of their lives.

Suddenly, Yan Chen had a thought.

He rushed back to his palace and raised his hand to remove the inhibition spell at the door. The power that had been caught by it two days ago was still there.

Yan Chen wiped it up with his hands, and saw very clearly the cluster of flames within the icy blue.

In an instant……A gush of coldness rose up within his chest.


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