Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 40


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Zero:”It’s Pride transformed into Envy’s appearance.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Shut your sensors.”

Zero:”Σ(°△°|||)Are you two going to do it?”

Chu Mu Yun:”What do you think?”

Zero:”Hello, this is an automated message. If you need to wake the system from sleep mode, please say one. If you need help from the system, please say two. If you need to put the system on sleep mode for an extended amount of time, please say three. You may leave a message after the beep.”

Chu Mu Yun: So to say……After upgrading the hardware with so much effort, is this what they’re used for?

After putting aside the silly but cute 00, Chu Mu Yun devoted himself into his passionate intimacy with Pride.

Even though he had changed into Yan Chen’s appearance, just remembering Mo Jiu Shao whom he had not seen for a long time, Chu Mu Yun could still feel a little excited.

After all, they were in an intimate and loving relationship for over seven years, and were both very familiar with each other. Besides, Mo Jiu Shao did in fact have a great set of skills. A partner that could take care of him so well would always leave an impression on him.

Chu Mu Yun substituted in a little of the werebeast’s emotions. He felt that it was necessary for him to be excited at this moment. After all, he thought he would lose his beloved forever, but he still came back to him at the end. Even if he was clear that he was nothing but a substitute, he would still give him his all without hesitation. It felt so humbling, but at the same time this had come from the very peak of his despair.

Chu Mu Yun suppressed the instincts of his body and sent himself over by his own initiative.

Mo Jiu Shao was slightly stunned for a moment, but he quickly took of the clothes of the little beastling. They kiss was no longer confined to the lips. Instead, it trailed down to his chin, down along his throat, and finally lingered around his well-defined collarbones.

With his gentle suckling, Chu Mu Yun could feel the pleasure magnifying infinitely. The body of an ice spirit beast was exceptionally sensitive, and Mo Jiu Shao was touching the places that stimulated him the most. So with just this simple kiss, his lower body had turned completely erect. It was so stiff that it was swollen and slightly painful.

Mo Jiu Shao noticed that something was wrong, and could not help but stop.

Chu Mu Yun knew what he was thinking about, so he opened his mouth in a soft whimper:”Uncle Yan Chen, I want, I want it……”

Just half a sentence was enough to completely destroy Pride’s cognitive functions.

He lowered his head fiercely and bit hard on his pink, tender beads.

Chu Mu Yun let out a moan. It was slightly painful, but the pleasure he received was way beyond that. This damn body, was this thing born just to be fucked?!

Mo Jiu Shao’s actions were no longer gentle, turning his kisses even rougher and more violent. The desires he had suppressed for three whole years could finally find their release today. But that stabbing pain in his heart and sadness of being denied his wishes tormented him at the same time, causing him to lose all sense of comprehension, to the point where he had even started to see that sexy, black haired youth in this beast-eared adolescent.

His last words before death still lingered in his ears, and that love that should not have existed in his life had encircled his heart.

He bounded him with his death.

And the scary part was, he was fully willing to submit to him.

His fingers wandered atop this body that was so familiar to him, and these erogenous points he had kept in his mind evoked strong ripples of desire throughout the body of the one below him. Even though he knew that these were the the reactions that came from Envy’s training, Mo Jiu Shao still could not stop himself from being so helplessly infatuated with them. With an indescribable sense of anger and unwillingless, he slowly sank into this sinful aroma that corrupted him like poison.

When all his clothes had been taken off, the beast-eared youth started to crawl towards his body, grinding on him impatiently.

Mo Jiu Shao stretched his fingers to the back, and was put in a trance by the wetness he felt at the insertion of his fingers.

He pressed down the young boy under him, and lifted his bottom from the ground. It was a particularly enticing scene.

Underneath his sexy little tail was his wet, pink hole, and the liquid secreted from his body was simply calling out for him to enter. He touched them gently with his fingers and the youth curled up faintly, clearly showing that he was at his peak of excitement.

“How lustful you are.”Mo Jiu Shao laughed faintly.

The voice of the beast-eared youth came out extremely constrained:”I want it, I want it so much, uncle, I……I……”

“Do you want me to put it in?”

The cheeks of the young beastling blushed red, but he still nodded honestly:”Touch it……It itches, so much……Ah……”

With just half a finger inserted, Mo Jiu Shao had received the excited screams of the youth.

The colour of his eyes turned darker as he pressed his fingers on that familiar point, rubbing it incessantly, and even simulating the movements of sex……But his other hand did not stop. He had been working that stiff and heated sexual organ dextrously at the front, bringing him endless excitement. In just a few dozen strokes, the little beastling could not control himself anymore, and ejaculated.

After his climax, the ears of the youth were faintly quivering, seemingly falling out of it after the excessive amount of excitement he received.

A thought arose in Mo Jiu Shao’s mind. He spread open his fair legs and stared down at the still moist hole, and was about to……

“Enough!”Yan Chen’s voice rang out coldly.

Mo Jiu Shao stopped his actions, and raised his lips in a mocking curve.

He had been neatly dressed from beginning to end. After returning to his original appearance, even his dark robes had turned into a light blue colour. If not for the naked young boy laying by his side, nobody may not what he had just done with his cold and dignified appearance.

Yan Chen’s face was cold as he moved his eyes towards the beast-eared youth. His purple eyes glowed and his expression appeared to be complicated.

Mo Jiu Shao took out a silk handkerchief and wiped his hands before slowly speaking:”So? Didn’t you raise him into this all for this day?”

Yan Chen finally peeled his eyes off the youth, and looked towards Mo Jiu Shao.

After returning to his own appearance, Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes did not show any wavering, all that was left was cold indifference:”Is it fun to create such a replication?”

Yan Chen who had been silent finally regained his senses. He curled up his lips, exuding a sense of chill:”Is it not? You seemed to have been enjoying yourself very much just now, martial brother.”

Mo Jiu Shao was completely unmoved, not even a single undulation appeared on his face.

Yan Chen continued:”If I did not call for you to stop, you would have gone to the end, would you not? So? You’re not going to endure it anymore after three years? Were the vows you made as simple as that?”

Mo Jiu Shao was not angry, instead, he responded to him casually:”For me, he is just an ice spirit beast.”

Hearing his words, the smile disappeared from Yan Chen’s eyes.

Mo Jiu Shao continued:”Jun Mo needs the ice spirit essence, and I need the soul returning pill. As long as I can achieve this transaction, I don’t mind doing anything.”

Yan Chen was silent for a moment. After a while, he finally gave a soft chuckle:”I never thought you to be the infatuated type, martial brother.”

Mo Jiu Shao stared at him and mocked:”At least I’m not as much of a waste as you are.”

Yan Chen’s face suddenly turned icy:”You should understand that an ice spirit beast bears no feelings.”

Mo Jiu Shao laughed, and responded:”I didn’t either.”

They were just three simple words, but they caused Yan Chen to turn stiff.

Chu Mu Yun who had heard everything finally felt that it was the right time to end his great skill of pretending to sleep.

Actually, he did feel the surging feelings in his heart. After all……This body was terrible in adulthood.

What ice spirit beast? Wasn’t this clearly a beast of lust?

As a man, how could he still have any shame left in him after getting wet from being fiddled around by another person!

Not even the most effeminate bottom had a physiological function like this, alright?

But to tell the truth, the shadow covering Chief Chu’s heart at this moment was so large that it could almost compare to a straight man who had transmigrated into the body of a brothel missus……

However, his exceptionally strong mentality was now well reflected here.

He can’t be seduced, then just do it! This entire experience had already been such a ball-buster that he might as well just settle both of these sluts right here and now!

After adjusting his own feelings, the young werebeast gradually woke up.

Due to what happened earlier, his cheeks were still blushed red, and a faint haziness could still be seen in his eyes. His entire person appeared exceptionally alluring.

Even though he was not too sure when Yan Chen had arrived, he felt exceptionally happy as long as he could see him.

But just as he opened his eyes, and wanted to speak, he just so happened to see that unfamiliar lord of Pride.

The young beastling was stunned for a moment, and then he quickly pulled up the quilt to cover himself up, his eyes showing unconcealable confusion and unease.

He turned his head to look at Yan Chen, and his feelings seemed to stabilize slightly. But soon, that inexplicable fear started to rise up in his heart again.

It was like his thoughts had just been confirmed in front of his eyes.

Mo Jiu Shao slowly opened his mouth:”The one from before was me.”

The werebeast widened his eyes instantly, and his narrowed pupils contained a dense desparation and embarrassment. His pale lips opened, but closed again. When he finally spoke, his voice was exceptionally faint:”Wh……Why?”

Mo Jiu Shao’s gaze upon him was very gentle, and he said only a single word:”Sorry.”

The werebeast turned his head to look towards Yan Chen, and opened his mouth to speak.

But Yan Chen just stood there without moving. His face was expressionless, as if he did not care about anything at all, the iciness that surrounded him had already reached its peak.

His heart that wished to explain the situation sank lower, and lower. The little beastling suddenly recalled what Yan Chen had told him:”Kissing is not something you can only do with someone you like, but rather……As long as you are comfortable with it, you can do it with anyone.” “Follow the instinct of your body, don’t suppress it.” “You have to be obedient, okay?”

Be obedient……You have to be obedient……

The beastling was stunned for a moment, but finally pulled up a smile. Even though it was stiff, it was still particularly moving. He said to Mo Jiu Shao:”It’s fine, it felt good.”


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