Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 39


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Zero put on a serious Sherlock Holmes face:”You know, I think if you told Pride the truth right now, he’d definitely be ecstatic. He’ll follow all your wishes from then forward, and even getting married successfully will be all in a day’s work.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Heh.”

Zero:”Was I wrong?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Everything is wrong.”


Chu Mu Yun:”Once I tell him the truth, Pride will do only one thing.”


Chu Mu Yun:”Fuck me to death.”


Even though he was chatting with baby Zero on the inside, the little werebeast still displayed a complex range of emotions.

Mo Jiu Shao had clearly thrown out these words as a jab at Yan Chen for revenge.

Because he was able to see through Yan Chen’s intentions. He turned the appearance of this little werebeast to that of Chu Mu Yun’s on purpose, and what did he do that for? It was clearly his attempt at trying to provoke him.

Mo Jiu Shao was most clear on the character of his own disciple.

Reasonably, you could say that following what Mo Jiu Shao had just said, Yan Chen should be explaining himself. But that did not happen.

He pretended not to have heard anything at all, and changed the subject very bluntly:”There is no need to destroy our harmony over a single divine snow lotus, I can just give it to you if that is what the both of you want.”

Ling Xuan raised his brow at him:”You have two?”

Yan Chen:”I don’t.”

Ling Xuan:”Then how are you going to give it to us?”

Yan Chen smiled:”Indeed, I have none left. But they can still be found at the ‘Door of Life’.”

Ling Xuan’s eyes lit up.

But Yan Chen continued by pouring cold water over his head:”But I will not open it, I will only exchange items from it.”

Ling Xuan shrugged:”I got nothing.”

Yan Chen did not care either. He turned to look towards the two lords and slowly began:”I think it will be best for everyone to rest at the Shining Plum Mountain tonight, then I will bring out two divine snow lotuses for the two of you in the next morning.”

Ling Xuan had no comments:”That works.”

Mo Jiu Shao took a look at the uneasy little werebeast, and also nodded:”Alright.”

They all entered the great hall just in time for a great dinner feast. As the owner of the house, Yan Chen could not do without a grand banquet.

After all, as lords of the demon world they could be considered familiar with each other, but to get together was still a rare opportunity for them.

Without mentioning Ling Xuan who seems to appear and disappear mysteriously, even Pride and Envy who were both martial brothers under the same master would find a chance to meet scarce after they left their parted from their master.

And the last time they met was at the Thousand Phoenix Peak, when Chu Mu Yun was still ‘alive’.

This was what we call the turning of the winds of Fengshui, nobody could guess what awaits them.

At that time, Mo Jiu Shao and Chu Mu Yun had both blinded Yan Chen with their displays of love and affection. Now that the scene had changed, the lord of Pride who was now the guest was also rudely blinded two times more by the master of the house.

The only thing that stayed the same during the two events was Chu Mu Yun.

To tell the truth, if Chief Chu were to declare himself not a ‘femme fatale’, then baby zero and the rest of the popcorn eating spectators would have to express their dissatisfaction……

Speaking of popcorn eating spectators, the wrathful lord had a good handful himself. At the end of it, he even secretly initiated a private conversation with Chu Mu Yun.

“Well aren’t you having fun?”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Ling Xuan:”Don’t be afraid, they won’t be able to notice this.”

Chu Mu Yun considered the level of Ling Xuan’s cultivation as well as his setting as described within the entire story, and felt that a technique to transmit their voices secretly was still quite reliable.

And so he responded:”Find a way to get me a divine snow lotus before we sleep.”

Ling Xuan:”You’re in that much of a hurry?”

Chu Mu Yun did not try to hide anything from him:”Mo Jiu Shao will seek me out at night.”

Ling Xuan was stunned for a moment, but then he continued with an ambiguous message:”Duo Duo, I’ll get sad if you’re like this.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Ling Xuan:”Others can do you but I can’t, this isn’t fair.”

Chu Mu Yun was stunned stiff for a while, and responded after a while:”This prove that you’re special.”

Ling Xuan:”……”

Fortunately he was able to salvage the situation a little. Chief Chu was now in a better mood. He switched channels and chatted privately with baby Zero:”Make sure to focus later tonight, figure out whether the one coming in is Pride or Envy.”

Baby Zero saluted:”Noted.”

And their dinner banquet ended with a great deal of intrigue.

The steward of the Shining Plum Palace was a demon, and after spending half his life working here, this was the first time he had encountered such an indescribable banquet.

Actually, the food, the dances, the wines, none of those were important.

After all, these were just props, all of them, completely props.

The steward followed his lord’s intentions and served all the dishes favoured by the young palace master, completely ignoring the tastes of everyone else.

And as long as a dish was served, the lord would immediately put his attention on bringing some to the young palace master, and even feeding them to his mouth.

Even though the young palace master was going to become an adult soon, he had always been rather childish due to his simple mind. With the gentle care shown by the lord now, his little cheeks blushed pink and his eyes were bright and glossy. He looked so happy that his appearance was like that of a sweet cotton candy treat, feeling the hearts of all onlookers with sweetness as well.

But of course, these onlookers did not include Mo Jiu Shao.

And to tell the truth, his face was icy cold the whole time.

Each of the dishes served to the table were all so familiar to him. Of course, living and getting along with Chu Mu Yun for ten years meant that he remembered him very well, and knew of his habits as well.

Right now, this little werebeast was the complete reenactment of Chu Mu Yun in his youth.

And this Chu Mu Yun did not belong to him.

After the feast ended, they exchanged pleasantries and each went their own ways.

Chu mu Yun could not bear to leave Yan Chen, so he would keep on turning back to look at him every few steps he took. Yan Chen petted his soft black hair and coaxed:”I’ll come to your room later tonight.”

The eyes of the little werebeast lit up immediately, and quickly nodded.

Yan Chen dropped his head and landed a peck on the young beastling’s tender lips:”Be a good boy.”

The young beastling was overjoyed:”You promised so you can’t go back on your word, you have to come, uncle.”

Yan Chen promised:”Alright.”

And so, the little werebeast left for his own residence in anticipation.

And he kept up with that expression up until he reached his own room.

After entering his room, his demeanour changed and he threw off his outer robe lazily. In just a short moment, his aura had turned completely into that of someone else’s.

Zero spoke:”It’s Wrath.”

Chu Mu Yun did not turn back. He loosened the collar of his robe and asked:”Did you get it?”

Ling Xuan came close to him and stuck a bright icy blue lotus between his hair:”Duo Duo is so pretty.”

Chu Mu Yun was too lazy to play with him, and reached up to bring the snow lotus down. After observing it carefully, he stuffed it into his mouth without any modesty.

Ling Xuan:”Actually, you can put on a little bit of an act when you’re with me.”

Chu Mu Yun raised a brow:”Why? Do you want to fuck me?”

His words were spoken in complete calmness, and he narrowed his soft and round eyes, appearing sexy and sharp. Due to the pleasant curve in his satisfied eyes, they appeared even more alluring.

Ling Xuan was slightly stunned for a moment, and could feel his throat getting parched:”If I do it with you, does our previous agreement still count?”

Chu Mu Yun smiled:”Of course not.”

Ling Xuan shook his head:”Then forget it.”

This rabid battle freak dog!

Even though he was slightly speechless, he still found this part of him rather cute. Chu Mu Yun wanted to give him a kiss, but due to their half a head of height difference, tipping his toes would lessen his bearing by about seventy percent, so he could only give up.

But right at this time, Ling Xuan shot him a toothy smile:”Your first guest is here.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

I take back what I said. Cute? He was clearly asking for a beating and an ass fucking!

“00, who’s here?”

Zero replied:”Envy.”

Chu Mu Yun thought about it for a moment, and put a coat on before sitting by his bed illuminated by a luminous stone.

As soon as Yan Chen walked in, the little beastling had gotten up immediately, moving over to receive him.

Yan Chen lowered his head and in a very habitual manner, took his lips with his own. The little beastling responded to his kiss and although he was slightly clumsy, his heart that was filled completely with love and affection was fully displayed with his every move.

As they kissed, things started to get heated up. When his clothes had been half-removed, Yan Chen suddenly stopped.

Chu Mu Yun raised his head to look at him.

Yan Chen did not continue. Instead, he took him into his embrace and spoke softly in his ear:”Do you still remember what Mo Jiu Shao said?”

“Mm?”Due to his desire, the little beastling now spoke with a weak and hazy tone, and each syllable he spoke sounded simply like that of a moan.

Yan Chen gave a peck on his rosy lips and continued:”He said that there was a Xiao Yun as well in the Thousand Phoenix Peak three years ago who looked just like you, and he was his lover.”

Hearing these words, the body of the werebeast suddenly stiffened. He was ignorant about the world but that did not mean he was a fool.

And due to how nervous his felt, his voice seemed rather tense. But still, he asked:”……Do you like him?”

Yan Chen looked at him very seriously:”I do.”

The face of the young werebeast has turned as white as a sheet. He did not dare to raise his head and his eyes drifted, filled with fluster and worry:”Then……You……To me……”

Yan Chen continued on:”You look very much like him.”

Hearing these words coming out completely from his mouth, even a little werebeast would understand what was going on even if it were more simple-minded.

Tears quickly accumulated in his eyes, and the desperation that flowed out from his heart caused him to feel as if he had walked to the edge of the cliff. With just a single step, he could fall, and his body would crash and break into pieces like dust.

But Yan Chen just continued to watch him with a very peaceful expression.

After what seemed to be a long time, so long that they could not even feel the time flow any longer……With a wet face, the little werebeast lowered his head and spoke in a soft voice:”I understand.”

Yan Chen asked:”So?”

The little werebeast bit his lips and his shoulders quivered. His voice revealed endless despair and sorrow:”I want to stay with you.”

Yan Chen’s eyes had been peaceful the entire time, but as soon as he heard him speak, the violet of his eyes had turned considerably darker:”You’re still willing to stay be my side even though you know that I was only using you as a replacement, and that I’m in love with someone else?”

The little beastling could not stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks. Even though he did not let out a sob, he still spoke with a stutter:”I am. No matter what, I just want to stay with you.”

“I understand.”Yan Chen raised his head and gently wiped away the tears from his cheeks. But his eyes showed no trace of warmth,”Have a good rest.”

The little werebeast did not know what he had said wrongly, and was anxiously trying to stop him from going. But without even stopping, Yan Chen left him without any compassion.

Zero:”qaq! I really don’t understand.”

Chu Mu Yun explained:”He’s Envy, and being envious is all he knows to do.”

Zero:”But this little werebeast really likes him. Why did he have to be like that even though he likes him so much……?”

Chu Mu Yun laughed:”Like? In Envy’s heart, like is not something you give, but is something to be monopolized and robbed.”


Chu Mu Yun understood Env very well. After all, this was an act he put on just to try to probe into his thoughts.

For Yan Chen to provoke the ice spirit beast with these words were actually his way of finding one last chance.

For example, if Chu Mu Yun displayed unwillingness, anger, or determination, then Yan Chen would not have left.

But Chu Mu Yun instead put on a display of tolerance, pardon, and acceptance, so all Yan Chen could do now was to leave.

Because for Envy, this was not love.

If you really loved someone, you would not be able to tolerate their betrayal so easily; if you really loved someone, you could not accept their infidelity; if you really loved someone, then you should want to imprison him out of paranoia in this situation, to turn so crazy that you would want to kill them, not being afraid to do anything at all, losing control of their minds……

They could never……tolerate this.

This was Envy’s view on love.

And Zero would never be able to understand that.

Chu Mu Yun raised his lips into a smile. He was absentminded for just a short moment, but nobody could guess what it was for.

About a quarter an hour after Yan Chen’s departure, Zero’s voice suddenly rang out:”Pride is coming.”

Chu Mu Yun did not move, remaining in the same position where he stood. The door was once again opened, and the one who came in was a man with black hair and purple eyes.

The little beastling was stunned, but the man did not speak. With his fair and slender left hand, he caressed the back of his head, and pressed down a hot, passionate, and unreserved kiss down onto his lips.


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