Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 38


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Truly, the peak of the Shining Plum Mountain was a beautiful place.

Snow and frost covers the earth as the snow plum blossoms illuminates the sky. Even if the biting winds were freezing cold, the light fragrance wafting through the air was enough to make up for everything, allowing you to bear with the cold a little easier.

Mo Jiu Shao watched the young werebeast standing in front of him without blinking.

He carried a set of intricately handsome facial features that were not too dazzling, but for Pride, it carved itself deeply into his heart and bones.

He had missed him for three whole years, waiting every night and every day for him to awaken. He had even fantasized countless times the day of their reunion, how it would be, but he would never thought……That this would be the way they met again.

Chu Mu Yun had never expected that he would bump into Mo Jiu Shao here.

He had yet to get his hands on the divine snow lotus yet, so even if he currently had the power of the ice spirit beast to cover his body, Mo Jiu Shao would still notice something wrong if he were to come in contact with him too intimately.

After all, Yan Chen had only heard about the curse of the blaze, but Mo Jiu Shao was the one who had really the chance to come into contact with it. And because of Yan Jun Qing, he was very familiar with it. As long as he had the intentions to look for it, he would definitely find it.

But fortunately……This was the Shining Plum Mountain.

Ling Xuan who knew what was going on was here, and Yan Chen who always insisted on adding fuel to every fire was also here.

All sorts of thoughts churned around in Chu Mu Yun’s heart, but his face only showed a small hint of puzzlement:”You are?”His light blue eyes showed complete unfamiliarity to him, and though his voice was crisp and bright, it was a pity that it sounded distant and wary. This was the attitude someone would have towards a stranger.

Mo Jiu Shao had a start.

But Chu Mu Yun smiled before saying politely:”Did you come to look for uncle? The array here is quite complex so you might get lost if you went the wrong way. But there’s an eagle here who can pass on the message, you just have to……”

Before he was able to finish speaking, Pride opened his mouth, speaking with a voice comparable to that of the frost and snow all around them:”You’ve always been here.”

This was not a question, but rather an affirmative sentence. But Chu Mu Yun cared little about that, he replied to him with clearness in his light blue eyes:”Yeah, I grew up here.”

Mo Jiu Shao stared at him:”I am Yan Chen’s martial brother, but I have never heard of him picking up a child.”

Chu Mu Yun was defensive:”I’m not a child.”

Mo Jiu Shao moved his eyes towards the fluffy and eye-catching ears at the top of his head.

While Chu Mu Yun continued:”I……I did grow up in the Shining Plum Mountain, Uncle Yan Chen has been the one who raised me, I……”He seemed to be choking back in confusion as his delicate brows were knitted into a frown, he was pondering very seriously about how he should answer him.

Ling Xuan finally reacted, and answered:”He is not Chu Mu Yun.”

Mo Jiu Shao turned his gaze towards him:”I can distinguish that for myself.”

Ling Xuan sighed:”I can understand your feelings, but he’s just a little werebeast. You can see it yourself……”Naughtily, Ling Xuan flicked the cute little ears atop the head of that little beastling before continuing:”This is how his ears are.”

Chu Mu Yun turned towards him with a dissatisfied expression.

With a smile, Ling Xuan gave his cheeks a pinch, but he spoke instead to Mo Jiu Shao:”He isn’t your Chu Mu Yun. He’s~ My Ling Duo Duo.”

Chu Mu Yun glared at him and quickly denied:”I’m not Ling Duo Duo!”

Ling Xuan’s voice made it clear that he was coaxing a little child:”Alright, alright, Duo Duo is not Ling Duo Duo.”

Chu Mu Yun was angered:”You!”

Ling Xuan:”You what? You have to call me master.”

Chu Mu Yun was even angrier after hearing that:”In your dreams!”

As they continued to quarrel, Mo Jiu Shao remained silent, standing still where he stood. If not for his ink black hair that flowed down to his waist, other people may mistake him as part of the snowy scenery with how still he stood.

Zero:”Sob sob sob, Pride is so pitiful.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Don’t worry, some abuse will make him healthier.”

Zero:”How could that make anyone healthier!!”

Chu Mu Yun:”Probably their heart……Mm……After all, their ability to withstand stress will be stronger.”

Zero: qaq!

Both Chu Mu Yun and Ling Xuan could go on arguing until the vitality had been drained completely from both heaven and earth, but fortunately Yan Chen had already noticed the excitement happening outside, and came out from the Shining Plum Palace.

He wore a suit of dark purple robes that made his pale skin look even more pallid from the contrast, as his long hair was left to sway freely behind him. His hair was pulled back behind his left ear, revealing a section of his slender and sexy neck. If not for the coldness that could be clearly seen in his eyes from the start to finish, he may have been able to bewitch everyone with his charm.

But of course, Ling Duo Duo was already bewitched.

His eyes filled with joyful surprise as soon as he saw Yan Chen, even though he was just in a quarrel with Ling Xuan earlier like a furious little werebeast, he had now calmed into the appearance of an obedient little kitten. He quickly scuttled over to Yan Chen’s side and jumped into his arms without any hesitation. His handsome face showed a look of dependence that was completely unconcealed, and the smiles by his lips was one a child would show when they could finally return home, full of joy and satisfaction.

“Uncle Yan Chen!”Ye called out to him softly.

Mo Jiu Shao stared at Yan CHen with a look of indifference.

Yan Chen did not know how to react, so he just put on a smile, and gently moved his hands over to the little werebeast’s back. With a gentle voice, he said:”What brought you back so soon?”

Chu Mu Yun raised his head to look at him:”Don’t you want me to come back?”

Yan Chen looked into his pale blue eyes:”Of course I do, I missed you a lot.”

Just these simple words alone were enough to put a blush on the little werebeast’s face, and the dense pool of affection in his eyes were nearly pouring out. Despite that, he showed a little hesitance as if he was feeling wary about the others at the scene……But he had no way of enduring this sense of lovesickness. In the end, he still couldn’t help himself from tipping up his toes and landed a kiss on his beloved who he so yearned for both day and night.

Yan Chen held his waist and deepened their kiss.

The little beastling was very sensitive, especially towards the man he so loved. He closed his eyes and curled his two arms around Yan Chen’s neck, falling completely into indulgence.

With a slash, a blade pierced the skies, and in that moment, it felt as if the entirety of the Shining Plum Mountain had quivered.

The pressure exerted from the sudden explosion was like that of a landslide or a tsunami, rolling up the white snow all around them. Even the plum blossom trees that had been deeply rooted into the ground were pulled up, and the scarlet petals that fell during its collapse were like the tears of a young woman, beautiful yet sorrowful.

It had only been for a moment, but the entire mountain had been turned into a mess. Despite that, the man who caused this still remained as elegant as the calm breeze.

He stood with his sword brandished by his side, with not a single speck of dust tarnishing his robes. His demeanour showed indifference and calmness, but only a hint of anger could be heard from his voice:”What is going on here?”

He asked Yan Chen.

Yan Chen looked towards him and raised his lips lightly into a cold, biting smile:”Please do not understand, martial brother. This is not your Xiao Yun, he is……”He paused deliberately, waiting for a moment before continuing wickedly,”My Xiao Yun.”

The second these three words were spoken, Mo Jiu Shao raised his hand and the sharp tip of his sword was pushed directly against the spot between Yan Chen’s brows.

This move had been done so incredibly fast that even Ling Xuan was not able to see it happening clearly.

Naturally, Yan Chen could not dodge, not to mention the fact that he did not intend to do so regardless.

Chu Mu Yun who had finally reacted to the speedy move finally came in front of Yan Chen to cover for him. The ice spirit beast’s power within his body was completely released, and formed almost into a barrier in a light azure colour. He stood resolutely in front of Yan Chen and spread his arms out, and a clear threat of anger was welled with clarity within his eyes:”What are you trying to do!”

He glared at Mo Jiu Shao with fierce displeasure, he had been thrown into a complete fit of rage from what he had just done.

Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes met with his.

It was the completely same face, and almost even the same character, but……This time, the one he tried to protect, was someone else.

Like before, he cared little about anything else, putting his life on the line to protect that person.

Mo Jiu Shao sheathed his sword, and a clear trace of exhaustion emerged in his brows:”I have given offence to you.”

Chu Mu Yun was enraged:”Even if you were uncle’s martial brother, you still……”

Yan Chen patted his shoulder:”It’s nothing.”

Chu Mu Yun raised his head to look at him, his eyes full of worry:”But he really tried to kill you just now.”

Yan Chen landed a soft peck on his forehead:”Uncle is overjoyed to have Xiao Yun protecting me.”

Chu Mu Yun’s cheeks blushed red:”I will work hard to train and become even stronger, I’ll definitely protect you well!”

Yan Chen chuckled but did not speak, only turning his eyes to cast a glimpse towards Mo Jiu Shao.

Not a trace of movement could be seen on Mo Jiu Shao’s face, only his eyes could be seen misting over with a layer of dark clouds. It was clear that he was trying to suppress his emotions.

A sense of pleasure that was hard to describe rose up within Yan Chen’s heart, but following that, a trace of resentment that he could not rid himself of.

No matter what, he could not contend against neither Mo Jiu Shao, nor Chu Mu Yun.

This little werebeast trusted him, gave him affection, and watched over him everywhere.

Regardless, everyone knew that ice spirit beasts did not have a heart for empathy. By the time he reaches adulthood……

He would still be left with nothing!

Yan Chen could only feel a void within his chest. That eternal sense of never being able to receive satisfaction tormented him endlessly. He couldn’t stand it, he wanted to destroy, to smear, to ruin, his morbidly twisted mind could only ever hope to receive a small sense of comfort reluctantly from the sorrow of others, but that emptiness that came over him later scared him even more.

Yan Chen calmed himself down and pulled the little beastling into his arms before turning to look towards the two.

“Is there something that brought the two of you here to the Shining Plum Mountain?”

Mo Jiu Shao was the first to speak:”You have a divine snow lotus here, is that so?”

Yan Chen:”Yes.”

Mo Jiu Shao:”I am in need of it.”

Yan Chen was just about to speak, but Ling Xuan was a step quicker than he:”What a coincidence, I have also come for the same thing.”

Yan Chen looked at him with some confusion:”What would you need the divine snow lotus for?”

Ling Xuan smiled:”I have some use for it.”

Mo Jiu Shao turned to look at Ling Xuan:”I require it, you may set your conditions.”

Ling Xuan:”You can’t fulfill my conditions.”

Mo Jiu Shao narrowed his eyes.

But Ling Xuan smiled, his red irises glowing:”You’ve already collected so many, how about you leave the last one to me?”

Mo Jiu Shao spoke without hesitation:”No.”

Ling Xuan continued:”You’re doing all this just to bring that little array mage back to life, but you have the same thing here right before your eyes, so why would you have to waste all that effort?”

As soon as he spoke, the most simple-minded of the entire scene was stunned silly.

Zero:”(ー.′ー)What is Wrath trying to do!”

Chu Mu Yun: pat.jpg

Zero: So confusing, why doesn’t DOS2.0 come with translations?

Mo Jiu Shao turned to stare at the beastling, enunciating each word one by one:”No matter how much he looks like him, he will be nothing but a replication.”

Instead of being upset, Ling Xuan’s eyes were filled with mirth instead as he looked towards Chu Mu Yun with some evil intentions playing by his mind.

Chu Mu Yun tried seriously to learn from baby Zero’s facial expression. Putting on a face of dumb confusion or whatnot was indeed quite hard.

As if he had finally found his calm, Mo Jiu Shao looked at Yan Chen before turning to look at Chu Mu Yun. After a short moment of staring at the little werebeast, he spoke with a very pleasant voice:”You are called Xiao Yun, is that correct? Three years ago, we had a Xiao Yun in the Thousand Phoenix Peak as well. He looked exactly the same as you……”As he spoke, his lips were raised into a smile and he continued,”Your Uncle Yan Chen liked him very much, but unfortunately……He was my lover.”


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