Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 37


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I’d like to do you, but you just want to beat me up.

This was awkward.

Chu Mu Yun calmed down, and clearly realized that not only was Wrath a tough one, he even had the might of the heavens, it won’t be any simple matter if he wanted to settle this.

After all, there was no such thing as emotions in that head of his, so how could you even begin to talk about feelings?

But this was fine, if he didn’t have any, then he could just make him some.

Chu Mu Yun stepped backwards, putting some distance between him and Ling Xuan.

Ling Xuan looked at him with interest.

Chu Mu Yun spoke:”You’ve misunderstood.”

Ling Xuan:”Oh?”

Chu Mu Yun:”I do not have such thoughts.”

Ling Xuan:”You seemed to have been the one who took the initiative to kiss me earlier.”


“Then you are……”

Chu Mu Yun laughed in mockery of himself:”This body is easily excited.”

These were not unreasonable words, but Ling Xuan still had his IQ:”So you’re saying that ice spirit beasts will get excited from a simple fight?”

It was true that ice spirit beasts were very sensitive, but such excitement would only be hard to suppress when teased by a person. But as for getting into a fight, it would probably get their blood boiling. But as for excitement……That was open to question.

Chu Mu Yun had been expecting for him to ask that question for a while now, so he replied very calmly:”An ice spirit beast that reaches adulthood may enter oestrus at anytime, and anywhere.”

Ling Xuan:”……”

Chu Mu Yun said to baby Zero:”Do you have to read more books.”

Baby Zero:”Is this……real?”

Chu Mu Yun:”It’s fake.”


Chu Mu Yun:”But Wrath won’t ask for proof.”

Even though he had to pause for a moment, Ling Xuan still managed ease up, and came back to the important points:”Well, that’s true, you like Mo Jiu Shao after all.”

Chu Mu Yun’s eyebrows went up slightly.

Ling Xuan smiled thoughtfully:”You’ve died once for him.”

Chu Mu Yun maintained a complete lack of expression.

Ling Xuan had no way of finding any faults with his current appearance, so he could only switch to a different topic:”You really did die back then, but now you’re really alive. So……Can you tell me what’s going on?”

Chu Mu YUn did not answer him, he only turned around to look at him:”Before that, can you tell me how you found out it was me?”

Ling Xuan was shameless:”Intuition.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Heh.”

Ling Xuan:”Don’t believe me? But to tell you the truth, I’ve had the feeling you were Chu Mu Yun the first time I saw you in human form.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Well, anyone would think so, right? We look exactly the same.”

Ling Xuan:”But nobody tried to back up that guess.”

Chu Mu Yun was able to hear the key points he was looking for in a moment.

He combed through his memories and recalled where the problem started:”You never left the Shining Plum Mountains.”

“To be accurate, I left a shred of my consciousness there.”

Chu Mu Yun was slightly angry with himself now for giving Wrath such a ridiculously overpowered setting.

Having said that, Chu Mu Yun was completely aware of the situation now:”So you saw what happened that night when I went into Yan Chen’s study?”

Ling Xuan smiled, showing his bright pearly whites. He was clearly very handsome, but strangely it gave one the urge to beat him up:”That’s right, the array you set up along the way is simply too wonderful.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Ling Xuan:”I didn’t even dare to get close to it, I was afraid you’d notice me.”

This was a compliment, but all Chu Mu Yun wanted to do was beat him up so bad he couldn’t get up.

At the very least, he managed to find out where he had exposed himself. But Chu Mu Yun still did not put his guard down.

It was probably because trying to capture Pride was too easy that he had been underestimating them now.

There were many reasons why Pride had taken the bait so easily. Firstly, it was because he had kept up his act from the very beginning to the end. A decade of time was enough for someone to put their guard down around him.

But with Envy, Wrath, and Sloth, they were different. The time he spent with them were too short, and he had bumped into them all at the same time, just a simple act would instead put him at risk of being exposed.

So what should he do?

Right at this moment, Chu Mu Yun suddenly recalled something, something he had been ignoring. But if he were to continue ignoring it, then he may end up completely losing control.

Chu Mu Yun sorted his thoughts and looked towards Ling Xuan silently:”Is that all?”

Ling Xuan did not expect that question from him.

Chu Mu Yun suddenly came closer to him, and raised his head slightly, his pale blue eyes staring firmly at him without even blinking. He asked:”Is there anything else?”

Ling Xuan had a slight start to be asked in such a way.

But who knew that this little beastling would get on the tip of his toes, and touched his lips. Following that, he leaned in close by his ear, speaking in an ambiguous tone:”Something……different.”

He was seducing him.

Not only was Wrath not displeased with his actions, he even seemed quite into it. But this was a crafty little fox, he can’t say for sure that he wasn’t planning something.

His body did not move, but his mind was wandering. He spoke:”You have a peculiar smell.”

Chu Mu Yun raised his brows, and responded:”The attribute of an ice spirit beast is ice, and the taste of that element is cold, this is normal.”

Ling Xuan:”But you’re very warm.”

The expression on Chu Mu Yun’s face suddenly turned cold.

Ling Xuan asked:”When you came close to me earlier, you put away the defense mechanism of the ice spirit beast’s body.”

Chu Mu Yun responded:”Yes.”

Ling Xuan continued:”Interesting. Why would a spiritual beast with an ice attribute be cloaked in such a pure fire element?”

As expected, what Chu Mu Yun was worried about was still an ongoing problem.

The curse of that blaze was imprinted into his soul. Though he had died once, his soul had not been destroyed, and clearly that clingy bastard had followed him into this body as well.

As for why Envy did not discover it, it was probably due to the fact that an ice spirit beast at its infancy could not control its own strength, while both ice and fire were elements incompatible with each other. The corruption from the blaze in itself was not the blaze, so it had an extremely weak presence. And so, it was easily suppressed by the overwhelming ice element, and thus not revealed in the slightest.

Even if Chu Mu Yun actively suppressed the ice elements within the ice spirit beast’s body, that tiny shred of corruption was still very much concealed. Even if Ling Xuan was ‘born with the nose of a dog’, it may still be hard for him to notice.

At least……Even Chu Mu Yun himself was unable to feel it.

But thankfully he had found it in time, so now he could find a remedy to that problem.

Chu Mu Yun looked towards Ling Xuan:”Do me a favour.”

Ling Xuan:”I will be glad to be of service.”

Chu Mu Yun:”I need a divine snow lotus.”

Ling Xuan:”Can do.”

Chu Mu Yun continued and was already starting to sweeten the deal:”As long as I have the divine holy lotus, I’ll be able to improve my power rapidly. And when that time comes, I’ll show you the Shao Yue sword style.”

Ling Xuan’s pupils suddenly lit up:”You……”

Chu Mu Yun smiled:”Mo Jiu Shao treats me very well.”So well that he had already passed on his legacy to me.

Ling Xuan was startled for a moment, but then he said meaningfully:”But you don’t seem as infatuated about him as he is with you.”

Chu Mu Yun’s face slowly turned cold:”He killed my parents and destroyed the entire Chu family, I’ll never forgive him for as long as I live.”

Ling Xuan kept his opinion in reservation and did not answer.

It seemed as if Chu Mu Yun did not want to touch on these subjects again, and thus changed the topic:”I hope you can keep my situation a secret.”

Ling Xuan:”Of course. You’re a popular one, where am I going to have to look for you if you end up getting exposed?”

Chu Mu Yun suddenly turned to look at him:”You can’t restrict my actions.”

Ling Xuan:”I won’t.”

Chu Mu Yun narrowed his eyes, and then said:”I have some personal grievances with Envy, I hope you can keep out of that as well.”

“Please feel free.”

Seeing how easily agreeable this little rabid dog was, Chu Mu Yun decided to give him another treat.

Moving closer, Chu Mu Yun touched his lips again, his eyes a clear blue like gemstones, while a smile played by his lips, exposing his ambitious and exuberant desire to conquer:”What you’ve said before……Can I count on it?”

Ling Xuan knew what he was talking about:”As long as you promise me, you can do anything you like.”

Chu Mu Yun whispered:”It’s a deal.”

Sparks were ignited in Ling Xuan’s red eyes:”I’ll be looking forward to it.”

The divine snow lotus was hard to come by, but for Ling Xuan, it really wasn’t anything hard to get. He could get a few of them as easily as just passing into a secret realm or two.

Meanwhile, what Chu Mu Yun needed one of those for was to conceal the blaze latching onto his soul, so it really should be very easy for him.

But what he did not expect was……Almost every single divine snow lotus in the 《Demon World》 was plucked clean.

It had been plucked so thoroughly that even after nine days of running into every possible realm that would produce it, Ling Xuan still came out with empty hands.

Chu Mu Yun started to feel doubtful:”Why don’t we ask about it from the Infinite Manifestations Pavilion?”

That was the largest trade center in the devil world, if they couldn’t find it there, then someone really has been collecting all of them on purpose.

But who could that be?

Ling Xuan put on a light frown and looked towards Chu Mu Yun:”There’s a divine snow lotus with Envy.”

Chu Mu Yun paused.

Ling Xuan continued:”The rest has been hauled away by Sloth, and I reckon we won’t see another new divine snow lotus growing for the next ten years.”

An idea flashed by Chu Mu Yun’s mind and he quickly caught onto it.

“Let’s go!”He whispered,”To the Shining Plum Mountain.”

Ling Xuan asked:”Do you know what Sloth is keeping all the divine snow lotuses for?”

Chu Mu Yun responded:”You can craft a very rare drug with the divine snow lotus, and the success rate of being able to refine it is very low. That’s why it was necessary for him to acquire so many.”

Ling Xuan did not understand anything about alchemy:”What drug? Is it related to the ice spirit essence?”

“No, it has nothing to do with that, but it has something to do with me.”

Ling Xuan suddenly understood:”The soul returning pill.”

“That’s right.”

Ling Xuan continued:”Pride intends to resurrect you.”

Chu Mu Yun:”That’s why I said he treats me very well.”

Ling Xuan was silent for a moment, but he understood why Chu Mu Yun was so anxious to go to Shining Plum Mountain.

He understood Sloth’s character very well, Pride must have visited him three years ago with his request. But there was no way Jun Mo would agree to refining such a troublesome and complicated pill. So till now, he had always been rejected.

But this time he had agreed to it, so what did that imply?

It had to mean that there was something he needed from Pride.

But what could it be to make Sloth so bothered?

The ice spirit essence.

And so……Pride was already looking for them.

Both Chu Mu Yun and Ling Xuan arrived at the Shining Plum Mountain as soon as they could.

But unexpectedly, they did not see Yan Chen. Instead, they were greeted by the sight of a long-haired man dressed in a light, off-white robe.

Chu Mu Yun’s heart skipped a beat.

And the corners of Ling Xuan’s lips were lightly raised.

At this time, the man turned his head, revealing a pair of still, light grey eyes. Combined with his exquisite features, he appeared uniquely alluring to the point of being able to topple an entire city.

Long time no see.



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