Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 36


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As if he had been suppressing his power for a long time all for this fateful day, the pressure released by Ling Xuan was strong enough to level all the flora nearby the area.

If the power of the ice spirit beast was not rich enough, Chu Mu Yun may have been thrown dozens of meters away.

But even so, he could feel the horrifying, earth-shaking pressure the exerted.

Ling Xuan, that madman……

At the crucial moment, Zero reminded him:”Wrath is constantly rising in strength, he is not being reserved at all.”

Chu Mu Yun knew the extent of his power, but this served instead to keep him from getting violent:”Without doubt, the most hateful creatures I’ve seen in my entire life are rabid dogs.”

Zero was very direct:”How did he discover you? When did Wrath become so smart?”

Chu Mu Yun:”If he’s not smart, he would’ve died a thousand times over in his lifetime.”

Without a doubt, amongst all the seven lords, Wrath was the most nonchalant one who went by his instincts the most. But did this not mean that he lacked a brain. On the contrary, for someone who lived his entire life on the battlefield or looking for someone to enter the battlefield with, as well as calculating their moves and trying to move against them, he did have enough intelligence for it. And if you add on his beast-like instincts, this in turn made it so that he could see the truth hidden under the surface.

And so, Chu Mu Yun had also understood a bit more.

Both Pride and Jealousy had been taking him for a weakling since the very beginning. They underestimated Chu Mu Yun, and so many things had fallen outside their scope of thought.

On the other hand, what he showed Wrath on their first meeting was the powerful force he possessed as an array mage.

This rabid dog had never underestimated him, but Chu Mu Yun had underestimated Wrath.

A little pup wasn’t scary, what’s scary was if it quit being just a stupid dog, and evolved into Sherlock Holmes!

As for where his flaws had been exposed, Chu Mu Yun still did not know. But at this moment, he did not have any space to ponder on that thought.

Wrath was not being the least bit reserved with his power at all, if Chu Mu Yun did not fight him seriously, he may have to dig his grave here.

But of course, for Chief Chu who had baby Zero by his side, death was not an issue.

Regardless, this was a good situation. He hasn’t managed to pack up that little slut, Envy, and he had also yet to propose to Pride. If he died now in such a hurry, how could he find another body that could allow him to seduce four men at once?

So he had to fight.

And if he wanted to keep his life in a fight against the wrathful lord who had unleashed his full power, just relying on the self-defence abilities of the ice spirit beast was far from enough.

Ling Xuan was forcing him to use arrays.

This also implied that Ling Xuan was not a hundred percent sure, there was still the suspicion that he may have been lying to him.

If he did not resist now, Wrath would definitely kill him.

This battle freak had never once understood what the words ‘show pity and tenderness to those of the fairer sex’ meant.

Baby Zero was anxious:”What do we do? What do we do!”

Chu Mu Yun:”We fight.”

Zero:”But you will be completely exposing yourself.”

Chu Mu Yun:”So what if I were exposed?”


Chu Mu Yun:”All that acting was just so I could capture him, but since Ling Xuan likes Chu Mu Yun, then I don’t need to keep the act up anymore.”

Zero was stunned:”My pores have been opened!”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”Was there a problem with what I said?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Baby, don’t look at random books anymore, please improve your language starting from the primary school level.”


AdvertisementAfter his decision, Chu Mu Yun was no longer hesitant.

Ling Xuan’s eye for battle was very strong, if he really came at him in full force, the ice spirit beast may have already turned into a waste spirit beast a long time ago.

But obviously, this guy had also made some estimations. The power he released was very precise, and was just enough so that he would not be able to resist him purely by the cultivated power of the ice spirit beast. But if he were to take out his arrays, he would definitely be able to muster up a fight.

Of course, this did not prevent Chief Chu from greeting his chrysanthemum. Damned Wrath, putting down arrays requires time and equipment, alright!

Fortunately, Chu Mu Yun had never been like the rest, his brain covered almost all the arrays in the world. Naturally, he knew many arrays that could be formed with his palm. As long as his power could keep up, it would work just like a spell, successfully forming and released in just a short amount of time.

But this ice spirit beast had nothing, just an endless pool of strength.

Those thousands of myriad spirit stones were no joke, the spirit beast raised with all the sweat and blood of Envy was a top-tier one.

Chu Mu Yun’s figure quickly flashed and evaded Ling Xuan’s first hit.

Ling Xuan raised up the corners of his lips, and he spoke with joy filling his words:”Swimming snake step.”

Not bad, even though Chu Mu Yun had practically just flashed for a bit, he did in fact use a rather clever movement skill.

But since he had already made up his mind to reveal himself, this was of no matter at all to Chu Mu Yun.

He had transmigrated into the 《Demon World》 for more than a decade, he has seen countless of the world’s martial arts and skills at the Thousand Phoenix Peak. He did his best in his studied of martial arts, but unfortunately, he had never properly put them to good use for the sake of his act.

But right now, not only was this opportunity worth making Wrath feel high, even Chu Mu Yun felt rather anticipant.

After all, this was the man who stood at the top amongst the lords of the demon world, he was the most intrepid man when it came to battle.

Who wouldn’t want to conquer him?

Chu Mu Yun raised the corners of his lips, and the pale blue of his irises deepened, turning beautifully into a colour almost akin to that of indigo.

Ling Xuan looked at him without even blinking, and all he could feel was the hot surging of blood in his veins. The euphoria of the rush as it felt as if his blood was trying to squeeze itself out of his body made him completely excited.

The best thing one could get in life was a well-matched opponent.

Even if his opponent was one who had yet to grow up fully.

But it was because of his youth, innocence, and lack of experience that made him even more anticipant.

He was looking forward to the moment where he finally grew up, looking forward to his growth in experience, looking for the day where he would finally become fully matured, to what sort of surprise it would be.

Chu Mu Yun struggled in their battle for three hours.

And in the end, he was finally exhausted, and he laid limpy on the grass with his body full of sweat.

Whereas Ling Xuan was the same as usual, not even his breathing was different. But his eyes were bright, flickering like a flame, so intense that it was hard to look straight into them.

He leaned over and gave the little beastling’s face a poke, praising him without holding back:”Duo Duo is so amazing.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Ha ha.”

Ling Xuan:”Not satisfied?”

Chu Mu Yun glared at him.

Ling Xuan chuckled:”Having your skills at your age is already pretty amazing.”

The corners of Chu Mu Yun’s mouth were raised slightly. Ling Xuan raised a brow, he was sensitively aware of the fluctuations in the air, but the little beastling lying on the ground had reacted much faster than he had expected. All he managed to see was Chu Mu Yun slipping down like a slippery fish, and right at this moment, the pale blue light that was completely invisible before had now reappeared.

Ling Xuan really was a little surprised, and even felt quite reluctant to move. He wanted to see what this sly little fox was going to do.

Chu Mu Yun saw through his thoughts, and so……He wanted to give him a surprise.

After quickly retreating, Chu Mu Yun bit his index finger, and fresh blood instantly started to drip. For arrays that required the blood of its mage to activate were generally terrifying and very vicious, but there was no doubt that this oppressive array was way stronger than a normal one!

THe moment Chu Mu Yun’s blood dropped into the centre, the faint blue lines instantly lit up, forming a dense and gigantic net spanning several meters in its diametre. The lines that were now completely revealed was so complex and meticulous that it was truly shocking.

This was an extremely powerful array, with the force it exuded, he could tell that this array was no weaker than that immortal sealing array from three years ago.

Almost instantaneously, the array that glowed in a form almost like that of a snow lotus suddenly shrank, the dense lines intertwining with each other. At the end of it, its form was similar to that of a silkworm’s cocoon, completely trapping anyone who steps into the array.

Ling Xuan tried to probe the threads a little, and the strength of this array had caught him fully in surprise.

“This array requires a long time to deploy.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Under normal circumstances, it would require three days and three nights.”

Ling Xuan:”And you need only three hours.”

Chu Mu Yun smiled.

Lin Xuan added:”And it’s even three hours you spent fighting me without rest.”

Chu Mu Yun approached him. Even though there was some slight difference in their height, his eyes appeared calm, and an indistinct smile played by his lips. The might he exuded was overwhelming.

He looked into Ling Xuan’s eyes, and spoke with a voice that was low and gentle:”How was that? Amazing?”

Ling Xuan would never have thought that there would come a day where this blood boiling excitement would one day swirl within his heart, and what surprised him more was how good it felt, and it incited him even more.

He opened his mouth to speak, but his voice came out hoarse because of his excitement:”Your strength is already drained.”

For him to release such a large array, Chu Mu Yun’s strength had long been emptied out, and with the support of his strength gone, even this array would not last too long no matter how unbelievably strong it was.

Chu Mu Yun extended his hand, and squeezed with his thumb and forefinger the cheek of the handsome man before him:”But I caught you.”

Ling Xuan admitted jovially:”Indeed.”

Chu Mu Yun removed his hands, and right when Ling Xuan was about to leave, his palid hands that seemed to have been powerless suddenly moved, forcefully pinning themselves behind his neck, and after pulling him in abruptly, pasted a hot kiss filled with his strong desire on his lips.

Ling Xuan was slightly startled.

Chu Mu Yun took the opportunity to push his way through into his mouth cavity, and their nimble tongues were entangled together. Like a spark igniting a dry grassland, things heated up instantly, spreading the flames from their narrow mouths all the way through every shackle in their body, bringing a dense numbness that rushed to their heads.

Wonderful kissing technique, this was the only thought that popped into Ling Xuan’s mind.

He could resist returning his kiss, and what awaited Wrath was a passionate kiss that slowly got more and more intense.

This kiss was not at all gentle, but rather it was one that carried a strong predatory desire to invade and conquer. It was not a moving kiss, but one that was surprisingly addictive.

As expected……His Yun Duo Duo was a precious little thing after all.

At the moment when the formation disappeared, Chu Mu Yun used what was left of his strength to turn the clothes on Ling Xuan’s body into a pile of ash.

The man’s body was excellent. It was not clear when wrapped under his cumbersome robes, but when he was completely naked, the scenery that blessed him was one that made his fingers itch.

Even without his clothes, Ling Xuan was still as calm as always, he did not feel the least bit uneasy. And from their kiss just now, that area had slightly raised its head. It’s thick shape could probably make countless men feel ashamed.

Chu Mu Yun was already drained of all his energy, but he still lowered his head to kiss that extremely sexy body below him.

Ling Xuan raised his hand and pressed it against the waist of the young man, and by his lips, a smile appeared:”You want to do me?”

Chu Mu Yun’s movements stopped with a start.

The wrathful lord lowered his head, and his hot breath caressed the tip of the young man’s ear:”As long as you defeat me, I will let you do as you wish, what do you think?”


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