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The four seasons of the Thousand Phoenix Peak were all distinct.

The Shining Plum Mountain was covered with frost and snow as plum blossoms glided across the sky, but it was already autumn here. The leaves have turned yellow by the breeze of the yellow wind as they swayed on the treetops. Once a strong wind blows, they lose their reluctance to be plucked as they slowly drift away from the branches, fluttering down in an eternal cycle back into the soil.

Since three years ago, the life that was once there had already left the Thousand Phoenix Palace.

The young boy who had practiced his sword under that tree had disappeared, the figure reading books in the courtyard was gone, and the young man who would still practice early in the morning despite his weak body could also no longer be seen.

He had taken the life of the entire mountain with him, just like the dead leaves covering the ground. With the man who raised him, he parted with him, leaving only the words to ‘never meet again’.

In three years, Yan Jun Qing had changed from a young boy into a handsome young man.

He found out about a lot of things, that Chu Mu Yun deeply loved Mo Jiu Shao, and also that Mo Jiu Shao did not love Chu Mu Yun as much. But at least when he was alive, this prideful lord had still left room to show his affection.

Due to Wrath’s disruption, Chu Mu Yun had exchanged his life for a thousand years of Mo Jiu Shao’s safety, and at the same time, completely capturing the heart of this prideful lord who never had anyone in his sights.

Yan Jun Qing’s relationship with Mo Jiu Shao for the past three years had been deteriorating to the point where they could only be considered strangers now.

He knew that Chu Mu Yun had done what he did by his own choice, but he was never able to let it go. There was no way he could face this man who had ‘indirectly’ caused the death of Chu Mu Yun.

It had been at least two years ago when he had brought up his idea of leaving the mountain.

At that time, Mo Jiu Shao did not even look at him, he had only told him:”He wants you to live well.”

Yan Jun Qing had gone completely stiff.

Mo Jiu Shao did not raised his head, he gently caressed the long hair of the youth in his arms and spoke:”In two years, as long as you have complete control over that blaze, you can leave.”

Yan Jun Qing couldn’t help but drop his eyes towards that familiar face. He had only taken a look before he instantly realized that wrenching pain in his heart.

He dropped his head and suppressed that trembling in his voice:”All right.”

Finally, Finally, the Yan Jun Qing of now can finally leave the thousand Phoenix Peak.

Before leaving, he wanted to say his farewells to Mo Jiu Shao as well as to take one last look at Chu Mu Yun.

Perhaps after they part, they may never have another chance to meet ever again. But this youth who had given his warmth, and woken him up from his nightmares would always remain in the deepest depths of his mind, forever.

The many years that had gone by in the Thousand Phoenix Peak felt almost as if each day had been the same. Yan Jun Qing bowed three times to Mo Jiu Shao:”Thank you very much my lord for your care.”

Mo Jiu Shao responded with a plain hum of acknowledgement.

After some hesitation, Yan Jun Qing began:”My lord……”But before he was able to finish, Mo Jiu Shao had cut him off:”No.”

The dark eyes of Yan Jun Qing dimmed:”I just want to see……”

Mo Jiu Shao:”It is late, he is resting.”

Yan Jun Qing felt uncomfortable in his heart, it felt as if it was being pricked by needles:”My lord, Brother Yun has already……”

Mo Jiu Shao suddenly raised his head up and his pale coloured irises had turned into a dense grey like the colour of lead. His tone was almost as cold as a bout of hail:”If you keep talking I’ll make sure you never leave the Thousand Phoenix Peak!”

Yan Jun Qing stopped talking at once, and his eyes were filled with deep bitterness. But he really……really did not dare to continue what he tried to say.

It was not due to fear, but rather, he couldn’t bear it.

For three years, nobody had been able to walk out of that shadow.

Yan Jun Qing went down the mountain.

Mo Jiu Shao did not return to his room, he sat quietly in the courtyard that was filled with dead leaves, letting his mind wander as he sat alone.

His expression was very calm, it was calm to the point where it would make one feel flustered to see. He seemed to be thinking about something, but as for what he was thinking about, nobody could guess.

A cold wind blew past that rustled the leaves, the big leaves fluttered down and some had scattered on his hair. The sharp contrast of the golden leaves on his inky black hair was eye-catching, and yet it made him look so very lonely.

Nobody knew how long he had sat for, but a servant had come over, bowing to him before speaking in a quiet voice:”My lord, the Lord of Sloth has come to visit.”

The newly renovated Thousand Phoenix Palace was just as beautiful as it had been before.

Jun Mo stood in the hall in his silver robes draped with his silver hair. Looking from afar, his figure was as frosty as snow, completely devoid of dust as well as vitality.

To some extent, both Pride and Sloth had some similarities that were hard to describe.

One did not have any care for anything, while the other would regard everything as beneath his notice.

Similarly their auras were icy cold, and similarly they were indifferent to everything in the world.

But right now……The two of them were like paper stained by ink, the ink had spread across, and its perfection was lost, instead they have now turned into beautiful scrolls of art.

Mo Jiu Shao made a welcoming gesture towards Jun Mo.

Jun Mo gave his thanks and went straight to the point:”I can help you refine a soul returning pill.”

At once, Mo Jiu Shao narrowed his eyes:”The price.”

Jun Mo looked at him:”A favour.”

Mo Jiu Shao:”Tell me.”

Jun Mo:”There is an ice spirit beast with Ling Xuan.”

Mo Jiu Shao’s brows were slightly wrinkled. He had heard about the ice spirit beast, it was a very rare beast, and he had also heard of its extraordinary strength at adulthood. Besides that, it will also produce an extremely rare material for alchemy.

Pride asked:”You want the ice spirit essence?”

Sloth responded:”Yes.”

The entanglement between Wrath and Sloth was very clear to Mo Jiu Shao:”So, you’re saying Ling Xuan actually refused that pill that could suppress his power?”

Jun Mo:”Mm, he is the one who found the little beast, and he seems to be very fond of it.”

Instantly, Mo Jiu Shao was able to grasp the key point:”What you want is the ice spirit beast.”

Jun Mo:”Only I can make him produce the purest ice spirit essence, and only the ice spirit essence of an exceptionally high quality is useful.”

Mo Jiu Shao did not ask more because it would impede on his privacy. The only reason Sloth would mention up to that point was because he really had the need for his help.

Within the entirety of the demon world, the only people who can take something away from Wrath were perhaps, only a handful.

Gluttony could do it, but nobody wanted to talk conditions with him.

Pride could do it as well, but if it was up to the Sloth of before, Jun Mo may not have been able to succeed in his request.

But coincidentally……It just so happens that Pride was in need of a soul returning pill.

Sloth did not wish to refine such a pill because it was an action against the heavens, it would surely produce countless troubles if he were to do so.

He hated trouble, especially trouble that may linger around him.

However……Nothing was worth mentioning in comparison to the worth of that.

After a moment, Pride spoke:”I got it.”

Sloth asked:”If you need anything, contact me anytime.”

“Mm.”Mo Jiu Shao said,”I will come to you when I have it.”

Sloth:”I will wait for your good news.”

As he followed Ling Xuan back, Chu Mu Yun had been quiet the whole time.

Baby Zero asked quietly:”Who are we going for this time?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Who do you want to go for first?”

Zero:”I thought Wrath would be hard at first, but he seems to be very interested in the ice spirit beast, Sloth seems to be trying to snatch you as well. As for Envy……Is he going to be abused qaq?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Aren’t you supposed to be happy to abuse a scumbag?”

Zero:”I don’t know, I keep getting the feeling that Envy is quite pitiful.”

Chu Mu Yun:”I have only four words for him.”


Chu Mu Yun:”God damn he’s retarded.”


In the end, baby Zero was not able to get an answer to his question on who to capture next, but of course, Chu Mu Yun definitely had plans.

This was a good situation, if he doesn’t take this opportunity to catch up, then he would be doing himself a wrong after all his hard work in acting.

Only after they entered a dark and quiet jungle away from the Shining Plum Mountain did Wrath finally stop walking.

Though Chu Mu Yun complained that he had entered an ooc fanfiction, he was still very clear in his heart: This was the demon world, there was no doubt about it;the one in front of him was his son who only knew how to pick fights, there was no mistake.

But Ling Xuan was indeed acting abnormal. But if there was a justifiable reason, this abnormality would no longer be an abnormality.

Chu Mu Yun had many conjectures, and now he had to confirm them.

Ling Xuan stared at the little beastling in front of him and did not say anything, he just watched him.

While Chu Mu Yun’s brows were faintly knitted, and his pale blue eyes were filled with unconcealable disgust:”What are you trying to do!”

Ling Xuan smiled:”You like Yan Chen?”

Chu Mu Yun replied without hesitation:”Of course!”

Ling Xuan:”Just because he took care of you for half a year or so?”

Chu Mu Yun:”You won’t understand even if I told you, Uncle Yan Chen is very good, and he treats me very well too, it’s definitely not something you could ever imagine with that head of yours!”

Ling Xuan:”But he doesn’t want you anymore.”

Being verbally stabbed right where it hurts, Chu Mu Yun’s face paled.

Ling Xuan remained composed:”If he treats you well, why would he tell you to leave even though he clearly knew that you wanted to stay in the Shining Plum Mountain? If he treats you well, then why would he let you leave with me even though he clearly knew that I would bully you?”

Chu Mu Yun opened his mouth, but he couldn’t find any way to refute him.

Ling Xuan:”Now see, this is the ‘well’ that you thought, but in my opinion it’s just like that.”

Hearing these words, the little werebeast was enraged:”You don’t have the right to say that!”

Ling Xuan:”Don’t I? If I didn’t kill that beast, you would have already become food in its belly, if I hadn’t honed your spirit and perseverance, how could you withstand the fusion and nourishment of the myriad spirit stones?”

His words had stunned the little werebeast.

Just when Chu Mu Yun thought that this guy had wanted to brainwash this little ice spirit beast with his verbal barrage……

The wrathful lord who had never played by the rules stretched his body, and his red pupils suddenly turned bright. A sinister smile curled up his lips, and heavy thunder struck down as soon as he opened his mouth.

“To tell the truth, you’ve got pretty good acting skills.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero: ⊙0⊙

Ling Xuan stared at him, and enunciated each word one by one:”Little array mage, you’re really interesting.”

There was not a single crack in Chu Mu Yun’s expression. He blinked his pale blue eyes that were filled with puzzlement and doubt.

The wrathful lord came closer to him, and his voice was low:”I almost believed it, but……You are Chu Mu Yun.”

Chu Mu Yun was considering whether Ling Xuan had really caught onto his ploy, or perhaps he was simply scaring him with his words.

But Ling Xuan couldn’t wait any longer:”Come on, give me an eye opener to your arrays one more time.”

As he finished speaking, the surrounding atmosphere seemed to have expanded and the entire space almost felt as if it was compressed. The pressure was so great that even the skies had changed its colour.

Chu Mu Yun:”Fuck, this really is Wrath without doubt, he’s not bad at all.”


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Tler’s notes:
I’m going to be changing emperor to lord cause they have no empires to speak of lol, also wondering about whether I should change Thousand Phoenix Peak to Thousand Phoenixes Peak

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