Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 34


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Zero:”Are they going to fight!?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Sloth can’t beat Wrath.”

Zero:”Is there really anyone who can beat this battle freak?”

Chu Mu Yun pondered on it seriously:”Gluttony seems promising.”

Zero:”Now that you mention it, why doesn’t Wrath just look for Gluttony……”After speaking halfway, he stopped.

Chu Mu Yun:”Heh.”

Zero:”Alright then, I have made a stupid mistake.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Don’t worry about it, I like that simple and unpretentious part of you.”

Zero:”……”Was that a compliment? But somehow it doesn’t sound like one qaq

Wrath’s sudden change of ideas was aggravating, but for Sloth, this degree of provocation should have been nothing he had to care about. As a man who follows the path of the three abstentions, don’t even mention such a petty little thing, the sky could fall off right now and he wouldn’t even blink an eye.

However, right now……An extremely abnormal thing happened.

Sloth:”That pill that can constrict your power, I can make you an entire pot of it.”

Wrath raised a brow.

It was true that the more of that pill he could get, the better it was for Wrath. And indeed, a single pill could cut down his current realm of power, but for Wrath, it was simply too easy to improve his cultivation, it was possible that he could rise back through to the realm of gods in just two or three fights, then he would be praying by himself for someone to defeat him again. But if he had a whole pot of this medicine, hm, he may be able to have fun for the next thousand years or so……And in two thousand years, Pride’s guardian of life would have disappeared, and it would be just right for him to hop over to find him, and continue his fun.

Thinking about it, he could really feel the fluctuations in his heart.

However……Ling Xuan had always been willful to the extreme.

“No, Ling Duo Duo is the only one I want.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”To tell the truth, Ling Duo Duo sounds pretty nice.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero blushing:”Oh I misheard, I thought it was Ling Duo Duo, as in the Chinese zero.”

Chu Mu Yun:”And?”

Zero blushingx2:”It kinda feels like I became family with the great host.”

A trail of 000 and 0 Duo Duo flashed past Chu Mu Yun’s mind……And then, he felt uncomfortable all over.

As they talked privately here, the two outside where still yelling about in public.

Jun Mo:”I can find you the number one array mage in the world.”

Since Chu Mu Yun’s death, Ling Xuan had always been looking for the most powerful array mage. He loved battling, and battling had always been a rich and colourful affair, it was absolutely not limited to mere spells or swordsmanship. Array mages are not weak, there was a strong sense of unknowns and unpredictabilities in the strength they control.

Ling Xuan loves excitement and risks, and so he wanted to battle a strong person of that school, and it was precisely because of this that the dead Chu Mu Yun had taken his obsession.

It stands to reason that since Sloth as already made such an offer, Wrath would not let that go even with his willful nature.


Ling Xuan:”Duo Duo is the only one I want.”

As it has come to this point, Yan Chen who stood watching by the side had also keenly noticed the strangeness of the situation.

He was too familiar with Wrath and Sloth’s disposition, but what they did now was way beyond his wildest expectations.

Why were they so attached to a little werebeast?

Even if that was an ice spirit beast, it would still take hundred or even thousands of years if you really wanted to raise him until he was fit to fight again Wrath, did Ling Xuan have that much patience?

Even if the ice spirit essence was extremely precious, no matter how rare it was, it was useless to even mention the desireless Sloth asking for it, this was a mere trifle to him, he may even turn to leave before Wrath could even put a single word in.

But right now, the two acted against their norms.

Yan Chen was pondering about it, and so was Chu Mu Yun.

It seems his thoughts had unexpectedly coincided completely with Envy, he was absolutely sure of it, a dad knows his son best after all.

This type of situation that went against their character settings really should not have appeared.

But it did.

This wasn’t the novel, this was real life.

So what on earth caused the two of them to go against their nature, and perhaps even the fundamental basis of their existence?

Chu Mu Yun knew that this was the breakthrough point, and if he could grasp it, he would definitely obtain maximum results with half the effort in his future endeavours.

The two were silent, whilst the other two who were competing with each other had already set their stage.

Jun Mo spoke:”Since you are unsatisfied with this, then I will increase the conditions.”

After a pause, he calmly continued:”I can cancel Pride’s ‘Guardian of Life’.”

As Sloth’s words were thrown out, everyone on the scene had gone quiet.

The temptation was really too strong with this one, and for Wrath, the number one person he definitely wanted to fight with the most was Pride.

Pride’s Shao Yue sword style had already topped the Demon World thousands of years ago, and the Wrath of that time was still only a crazed guy endlessly looking for a fight. At that time, he had seen Pride fight with others, with just one move, merely a single move, and most people couldn’t even figure out how he had done that move, but Ling Xuan saw it, it was printed into his heart and instantly made his blood boil in excitement.

I want to fight him! Such an exquisite sword art can definitely give him a hearty and unforgettable battle!

It was impossible for Wrath to reject him again.

These were the thought Yan Chen and Chu Mu Yun shared at that time.


Ling Xuan had also hesitated for a moment longer, and what came out of his mouth were still the same words that practically begged for a beating:”Duo Duo is mine.”

Chu Mu Yun:”I must have transmigrated into a fanfiction, and this is even to a degree that’s hard to look straight at ==!”

Zero mumbled:”This really is the demon world.”

Chu Mu Yun:”But this isn’t the Wrath I know.”

Zero:”……I heard people eventually change.”

Chu Mu Yun:”But a weirdo wouldn’t.”


Speaking to this point, Chu Mu Yun felt that it was time for him to step onto the stage.

The two sides were in a deadlock, and the little beastling who had been quiet this whole time seemed to have found his courage, and he shouted with a voice filled with anger:”I won’t leave with any of you!”

Both Ling Xuan and Jun Mo turned to look at him in the same time.

Due to being stared at, the little beastling felt very nervous and his lips were trembling faintly, but he did not retreat:”I want to stay in the Shining Plum Mountain, I want to be with Uncle Yan Chen, I won’t go with any of you!”

Jun Mo watched him expressionlessly.

Ling Xuan chuckled:”Don’t play around, Duo Duo.”

The little beastling was getting annoyed:”I hate that name, I hate you, I……”

“Xiao Yun.”Yan Chen cut him off.

The little beastling stopped immediately, and he turned to look towards the Lord of Envy. His eyes were filled with attachment and reluctance, his clear black eyes glimmered and he felt very nervous, he could even feel a mysterious worry that even he himself did not understand.

Yan Chen walked over and stroked his soft hair gently with his fingers, then he spoke to him in a soft tone:”You promised to listen to me, didn’t you?”

The little beastling did not find anything wrong with his words and quickly nodded:”Yes! Yun’er will listen to uncle!”

Yan Chen:”So, can you leave with Lord Ling Xuan?”

The little beastling’s eyes widened abruptly, and the fear in his eyes were almost overflowing.

Yan Chen was watching him unblinkingly.

The little beastling felt uneasy and quickly grabbed the sleeves of the man with purple eyes. His fingers were curled up with unease, and his voice was unusually astringent as if his body was being filled up with pain, his voice was hoarse as if he had to brave the thirst in a hot desert for more than ten days:”Uncle Yan Chen……”

He called to him almost in a cry of plea.

Yan Chen hung a gentle mouth by his lips, but his eyes were icy and ruthless:”Good children have to be obedient, isn’t that right?”

“I……I……”The lips of the young beastling was ashen, and clumsily he was trying to speak what he wanted to in his heart, and yet he was completely unable to say a single word. He trusted Yan Chen, and for him, his words were almost no different from the words of God Himself. He had to respect what he promised Yan Chen; this was the request Yan Chen asked of him, he had to do it, but……

It hurt too much, that unspeakable despair crawled out from the bottom of his heart and spread like wildfire, and in the end, they were condensed with the coldness of his heart from hot air into a fluid form, flowing out from his eyes, drop by drop, dyeing his black eyes with a brilliant luster, and yet it was so heartbreaking.

For just a moment, Yan Chen felt a shred of heartache, it felt as if a little bug had bitten him, it did not hurt that much, but it was hard to ignore.

It’s normal that he might feel reluctance, even if he hadn’t investing his feelings into him yet. He had raised him for so long and he was such a good child. For him to be so fully dependent on himself, even if it was simply his nestling complex, he would still feel affected.

This was normal, but such a tiny little sting was barely enough to faze Envy.

“Don’t cry.”Yan Chen raised his hands to wipe the tears off his cheeks, then he gave him a peck on his forehead,”You’ve grown up, you’ll have to leave me sooner or later, you have to get used to this.”

The little beastling’s hands clutched at the front of Yan Chen’s robe nervously, he almost seemed to be too upset, to the point where it was unbearable. But……He was very obstinate, and this was due to the overly simple workings of his inner mind.

He would forever hate Wrath, and also always keep his affection for Yan Chen without reservation.

He hated all that Wrath had done, and also trusted all that Yan Chen had said to him.

And so……Even if he did not wish to leave the Shining Plum Mountain, to Wrath’s place, he would do it as long as Yan Chen tells him to.

The time that dragged on as he tried to make his decision was like a sharp blade, skinning this pitiful little guy in a painful torment.

And finally……He raised his head and looked towards Yan Chen with his eyes filled with devotion, with a cry filled only with sadness, he spoke to him:”Will I be able to see you again?”

Yan Chen watched him with gentle eyes:”You will.”

The little beastling took a deep breath, and spoke again with much reluctance:”I……I’ll……miss you.”

At that moment, a thought had actually sprouted in Yan Chen’s heart.

If he were to say a single ‘I love you’, perhaps he may really be moved, and consider keeping him, he may want to give it a try, an attempt to turn his attachment into love.

But unfortunately, there was no such opportunity.

This little werebeast……Can’t give him what he wants.

And in this contest, Wrath had become the undisputed final winner.

He took Chu Mu Yun away, but Chu Mu Yun knew that the one who stays on the Shining Plum Mountain would not give up just like that.

For a person who never contended with anyone, he contended, and that definitely meant he was determined.

For someone who never asked for anything, he asked, and so he definitely would not give up.

Yan Chen watched as Wrath left, and he waited until his figure could barely be seen before turning around, his purple eyes glimmering, brimming densely with malice.

“You can seek Pride out for help.”He said to Jun Mo.

Sloth did not respond.

But Yan Chen knew that Jun Mo would definitely look for Mo Jiu Shao.

After all, Mo Jiu Shao had something he wanted from him.


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