Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 33


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After having a thorough understanding of the ice spirit beast’s properties, Chu Mu Yun felt slightly emotional.

Those non-canon fanfictions of 《Demon Realm》 were still a step under. If you changed the protagonist’s lineage to the ice spirit beasts, then stir up the seven demon lords……Tsk tsk, how devilish!

The combination of a lewd bottom and seven perverted tops was simply too amazing! Really!

But it was a pity……Before the fan(erotic)fiction was written, I have already experienced it personally for myself.

They say that novels originate from life, but God Chu expresses that life was way more of a ball busting than a novel.

As he reached an understanding of why Envy wanted to do the NTR play, Chu Mu Yun then found out how he was going to capture this guy.

Envy was different from Pride.

It was possible for Pride to slowly fall in love with time, um, or one might rather say fall in love after fucking for a long time.

When it all came down to it, Envy was just a little slut, but he was a slut who felt extremely insecure.

Pride, on the surface he appeared refined and cultured, but in truth he despised humans, his plot line contained a very serious display of antisocial behaviour.

Envy, on the surface he was a troublemaker who liked to stir the waves, but there was a dark emotion swirling inside him that he could never rid himself of, and that emotion was envy.

He felt envious towards everything, and so he itched to destroy it all.

Chu Mu Yun made a serious consideration and decided to let go of Wrath for now, and instead, he would find a chance to make Envy his first.

Baby Zero had no doubts about his decisions, and gave a firm nod of agreement.

Chu Mu Yun:”I hope no more ‘conditions’ are going to pop up again after I succeed in getting him to marry me.”

Zero: (⊙﹏⊙)b

Chu Mu Yun:”You’re actually sure……right?”


Chu Mu Yun consoled him:”Don’t worry, we’ll watch things as they come, you’re just a ‘simple’ little d2.0 after all”

Zero: My great host is so caring! But of course, it would be nicer of him if he simply meant simple without the added ‘simple’ connotations, trailoftears.gif.

Only one day was left of the ‘three days later’ they agreed on.

Yan Chen spared no effort in training him from his mind to his body, and with his puzzling words and actions, he had practically weaved a little green hat for himself.

Seeing how serious he was, Chu Mu Yun could not help but sigh: it felt like he would be doing him a big disfavour if he didn’t let him put on that beautiful green hat……

But of course, thinking about it, there were still some things you couldn’t do without.

Yan Chen was desperately trying to get the little werebeast to do NTR, but the little beastling got more attached to him instead.

“Uncle Yan Chen……”


“Can I stay in the Shining Plum Mountain forever?”

Yan Chen:”I’m just worried you won’t have the same thought after you grow up”

The little werebeast held him firmly around his waist and spoke with anxiety in his voice:”I won’t, I’m not going to leave you for the rest of my life.”

Yan Chen stroked his soft ears and responded to him under his breath:”The choice of a sixteen year old and someone at twenty-six is definitely going to be different.”

The beastling stuck his face to his chest and shook his head sullenly:”I don’t know about that, but I like uncle the most, I like you so much that……That……”


The little beastling did not raise his head, he just spoke with a light stutter tremble in his voice:”I like you so much, that when I think of leaving you……My heart feels as painful as if it was being pricked by a needle.”

Due to his words, it was clear to him that Yan Chen’s hand had paused for a moment.

If he hadn’t known early on that it was impossible for ice spirit beasts to fall in love with anyone, Yan Chen may have really thought that this guy really had a thing for him.

He was probably being too dependent on him. He had lost his parents at such a young age and abused by Wrath for such a long time, but everything suddenly changed when he came to the Shining Plum Mountain. Though Yan Chen was using him, he really did treat him very well if compared to his life from before. It was probably his nestling complex at work, this little beastling had taken him as his guardian and family, leaving himself to him wholeheartedly.

Though these pure feelings gave Envy some satisfaction, recalling about Pride and Chu Mu Yun still made him bitter, he couldn’t bear it.

Why do they get to have such a loyal and loving relationship? But for him……He was only able to become mere family.

Yan Chen raised the corner of his lips and displayed a beautiful smile, but within his eyes was a deep coldness:”Xiao Yun, if you really like me, then you have to listen to me, alright?”

The little beastling raised his head and a look of devotion were clear in his eyes, appearing just like a little creature that was afraid of being abandoned. He responded to him very earnestly:”I will definitely listen to uncle.”

“Such a good boy.”Yan Chen kissed him, then spoke with a deep and husky voice that could stir up one’s heart,”A good boy like you deserves a reward.”

A night of dreams.

For the sake of deepening the foundations, Chu Mu Yun deliberately pestered Yan Chen for more.

And thinking of what would possibly happen tomorrow, Yan Chen was also willing to agree to it. The two were intimately entangled in intercourse until the sun rose the next day, only then was the little beastling finally satisfied, and fell asleep peacefully.

Yan Chen would never stay for the night. Seeing that he had fallen asleep, he grabbed his robes, pulling them over his shoulders, and began to leave.

But just as he had gotten off the bed, he felt a strange feeling before he was even able to take a single step.

When he turned around, what the Lord of Envy saw gave him a slight start.

The exhausted little beastling who was deep in sleep had extended his hand out to grab tightly on his robes.

He hadn’t grabbed on because he had noticed him leaving, but rather, he had carefully wrapped the smooth fabric around his small little hands, just like a treasure that he couldn’t let go of, holding on tightly.

A flicker appeared in Yan Chen’s purple eyes, and the smile he often carried on his lips disappeared. He bent down and tried to open the hand of the little beastling.

But the little guy held on even tighter.

“Xiao Yun?”Yan Chen called out quietly to him.

As if he were dreaming, the little beastling mumbled hazily:”Don’t leave me, uncle, don’t throw me away……”

Yan Chen’s pupils shrunk, and a trace of hesitation flashed past his eyes.

For the rest of the night, Chu Mu Yun never released Yan Chen’s clothes, and Yan Chen also did not leave the room.

But he never slept, he sat at the edge of the bed, and just like that he waited until dawn, waiting for Chu Mu Yun to wake up.

Chu Mu Yun:”00, what’s the situation with Yan Chen’s portrait right now?”

Zero:”All grey.”

This did not surprise Chu Mu Yun.

Opening his eyes, the little beastling looked towards the man next to him, and a flash of surprise rose up in his eyes:”Uncle Yan Chen!”

For the Lord of Envy, keeping awake for an entire night had no effects on him whatsoever. He smiled to the little beastling:”Did you sleep well?”

The beastling was overjoyed, and he nodded eagerly:”I did.”

Yan Chen leaned closer to him, and the colour of his eyes were a deep violet that appeared very inciting:”Go and clean up, I’m going to bring you out to meet someone.”

The little beastling suspected nothing and got off the bed in excitement to wash himself.

Following their agreement, Sloth showed up very punctually.

Yan Chen took Chu Mu Yun’s hand and walked through the large forest of plum blossoms. They stepped on the frost and snow, walking through the beautiful ocean of petals, and through the cool breeze they entered the main hall of the Plum Blossom Palace.

After parting for several days, the Lord of Sloth remained as his usual self. He walked down from his seat and his silver hair flowed down in a motion as smooth and as graceful as a waterfall, the light colour of his pupils was like a calm pool of water, never showing the slightest ripple, and on his body was a long silvery robe. Though his appearance was grand, the colour of his skin was morbidly pale, but a single pale blue gem decorated his waistline that had a superbly beautiful colour, just like the skies that were washed with a field of blue, it was extremely dazzling.

Chu Mu Yun’s brows were knitted lightly into a frown, but it was only for a fleeting moment.

Jun Mo kept his eyes on him, and after a moment of observation, he spoke:”I’ve come to get him.”

Before Yan Chen had even spoken, a black mist suddenly appeared out of thin air, and a head of showy red hair rose up within the large palace before slowly settling down.

A man dressed in a long black robe dyed in pure black stood within the temple. He stood tall with handsome facial features, and the red of his eyes were extremely rich, the slight upturned angle of his eyes brought out an indescribable sense of wanton unruliness.

Ling Xuan opened his mouth and spoke with a calm voice, but the words that came out were extremely overbearing:”He’s mine.”

Jun Mo turned his head, and his silver eyes were locked onto him.

Ling Xuan’s eyes met his.

Sloth:”I will give you what you want.”

Wrath:”I don’t need it.”

Jun Mo’s eyes narrowed:”You plan to go back on your word?”

Arrogant laughter heaved from Ling Xuan:”That’s right, I do.”


If you see this, YOU ARE READING ON AN AGGREGATOR SITE. Please read this series on and support our translators. Releases are a day faster on ISO, so instead of using an aggregator site for convenience, use


Tler’s notes:

傲慢是可以日久生情的,嗯,是各种意义上的‘日’久生情 – To fall in love with time is written in chinese as 日久生情, days, long, birth, feelings. In Chinese, 日 Ri can also mean to fuck. The actual translation of the sentence is: Pride can start to fall in love with time, um, he fell in love with a certain other meaning(to the ‘日’)

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