Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 32


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There was a hint of confusion in the beastling’s eyes as he asked hesitantly:”Like……this?”

Yan Chen came closer to him and gave him a kiss on his slightly parted lips. Then, he asked in return:”Don’t you trust me?”

“I do!”replied the werebeast very quickly.

Yan Chen spoke:”Good child, uncle won’t ever lie to you.”

The little beastling nodded, but there was still a wavering in his eyes that could not be wiped away.

Yan Chen comforted him:”Don’t think too much, I will only do what’s best for you. You have to remember, you can’t hold yourself back in the future, when Ling Xuan kissed you……”As he spoke, he moved his hands ambiguously towards that area before whispering,”You got hard, didn’t you?”

The werebeast felt a little shy by instinct, but he was still very trusting of Yan Chen. And so, he nodded his head:”Yeah……Mm……”

Yan Chen kissed his lips, easily occupying his mouth cavity without any effort. His tongue hooked around his obedient little tongue and sent a strong tremor straight to his mind.

Due to his words from earlier, it was obvious that Chu Mu Yun could no longer stand around like a fool. He returned his kiss instinctively, and although he did not dare to do it too intensely, he still made an attempt to turn this delicious kiss into something even more alluring.

Yan Chen had been studying many books related to the ice spirit beast.

This was a very powerful type of spirit. Generally, they had simple characters, but due to the special attributes of the ice spirit essence, their bodies were very sensitive.

But even so, it was not an easy task to produce the ice spirit essence without touching the front.

Not only was physical training required, even their minds had to be stimulated.

Only when they fully release themselves can they fulfill all the conditions perfectly.

Based on that logic, Yan Chen should not be taking this path. If he were to aim his attack at his heart, he only needed the little beastling to fall irredeemably in love with him, pledging to continue that love for the rest of his life. Then, with his sensitive body, he would become even more excited, and naturally his success would be assured.

But unfortunately, the ice spirit beast was not a human being.

Since their ancestor’s time, they had been suffering numerous betrayals and were constantly used for their ice spirit essence. As it was passed down to generations after generations, not only had the ice spirit essence become even more extraordinarily strong, it had become even more pure as well, but they were also given a heart that would never fall in love with anyone.

They did not understand what love was, and even if the werebeast liked him now, it was only the type of love and trust you would have with your family, it had nothing at all to do with love.

The ice spirit beast would sleep with him, and vent his desire in his hands, but that was only because his body was sensitive. This was merely part of an animal’s nature, it was their instinct to reproduce, nothing more.

And so, Yan Chen was very clear that it was impossible for this little guy to fall for him, it would be impossible for him to become just like Chu Mu Yun, who had fallen for Pride and even given his life to him after learning of the truth.

And since there was no love, it was impossible for him to attempt to produce pure ice spirit essence by way of putting him in the highs of coitus with the person he loved most.

Therefore, Envy chose to allow the young beastling to fall into his arms in complete indulgence.

They did not need love, as long as he could thoroughly taste the enjoyments of sex, the results of it would still be perfectly achievable.

Not to mention……

Captivated, Yan Chen was kissing this beautiful body, his heart shaking from his wicked nature and excitement.

He wanted to watch the downfall of ‘Chu Mu Yun’.

He wanted to watch as that ‘Chu Mu Yun’ who loved Pride so deeply turned into a debauch little beast.

And even more so, he was anticipating, eager to see what expression and feelings Pride would have when he saw all of this.

He had already died, why has your love for him still not been severed?

His soul had already dissipated, and it only served to tighten the shackles between you.

Why, such a relationship……

Why had he never had such a thing before?

After being brainwashed for two whole days by Envy, Chu Mu Yun was close to forgetting what the three letters ‘NTR’ meant.

Zero:”What is a tauren? Why do the taurens like to wear green hats?”

Chu Mu Yun:”What sort of nonsense are you looking up now?”

Zero spoke righteously:”I am studying well so that I can improve more and more each day!”

Chu Mu Yun slapped his forehead:”You don’t have to look it up, I’ll tell you, taurens are a race in a game. They are very big and look very cute, and the most common phrase they say is: Earth Mother watches over you……”

Zero silently looked at the Baidu Encyclopedia in his hands: The taurens, or niu tou ren as they are called in Chinese, abbreviates to NTR which is a genre in Japanese xxxx. The Chinese translation denotes it as a special hobby that meant that you would feel excited when the person you like, who is of the opposite sex of you, had sex with someone else.

It doesn’t seem like what his host told him……Forget it, Baidu Encyclopedia is nothing, the host must be right! And besides, what do you mean ‘the person you like of the opposite sex’? Clearly there was the person you like of the same sex as well! Such a one-sided explanation can’t be relied on!

After chatting seriously about some nonsense for some time, Chu Mu Yun saw that the sky was turning dark, and so he stopped releasing his amazing god-like skill of endless ‘Earth Mother watches over you’s on Zero Baby.

Chu Mu Yun:”00, I’m leaving in a bit, concentrate and tell me when you feel Envy’s aura.”

Zero:”Got it!”

The cultivation level of Chu Mu Yun’s current body was very high, and though he was born with this, it was still extremely strong.

But of course, a real were beastling had no way of using this power as freely as they pleased, but things were different for Chu Mu Yun. He had the entire library from the Thousand Phoenix Peak in his mind, and he only needed an hour to get used to it.

If he had a sword right now, he may even be able to break through the ninth style of the Shao Yue sword style in minutes.

After all, it was the sword style he had been practicing for more than a decade, he had long familiarized himself with it to his very core.

It was just rather unfortunate, however, that he won’t be able to use it for now.

But he still had many small arrays he could use, and the effects of them would be way better than they were in his past life.

Although the use of arrays did not require strength due to the fact that it can be supplemented by tools that contained spiritual power, it would save a ton of effort if he were to use his own cultivation. And since you were using your own power, the accuracy of your control would be many times higher.

In the past, he was only able to bring out about eighty percent of the array’s potential, but for the current Chu Mu Yun, he could bring out two hundred percent of its might if he so wished to.

He was just that powerful. But unfortunately, he had to hide it……If he thought about it, it really felt quite dejecting.

Although he had Zero focus his senses, Chu Mu Yun was still fully prepared. He had laid out an array that could detect even a breeze or a moving blade of grass within a square kilometre.

But he really did not need to be so cautious.

His little werebeast act was very successful and Envy did not feel any suspicions towards him at all, so it was not a big problem.

Of course, for Chu Mu Yun to come out in the middle of the night was not so he could bask in the moonlight.

With a straight posture he walked all the way to Yan Chen’s study, taking some time to bypass the barrier outside of the study, and finally he found the books relating to the ice spirit beast.

Know thyself and thy enemy, and never again shall thou lose thy battles.

Although Chu Mu Yun had a very good understanding of 《Demon World》, he still wasn’t very clear about something outside of the setting, like the ice spirit beast.

And so he had to supplement his knowledge.

There were a total of seven to eight books. Chu Mu Yun read through them very quickly and the speed of his hands was not much like reading, but instead more like flipping through a book meaninglessly.

But in fact, all of its contents were printed into his mind.

After a quarter of an hour, Chu Mu Yun put down the books.

Zero asked curiously:”Did you find anything?”

There was a faint glimmer in Chu Mu Yun’s eyes:”So it turns out ice spirit beasts don’t know how to love.”


Chu Mu Yun smiled very faintly:”We just have to wait for Envy to taste the consequences now.”


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Tler’s notes:

When asking about netorares, Zero says “niu tou ren”, it translates to tauren but the chinese abbreviates to NTR. The CV Kitamura Eri is famous for voicing NTR roles so she was given the nickname Chieftain Kitamura, which refers to the Tauran Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof. As many of you may already know, NTR is a genre for cuckolding, aka cheating wives. To wear a green hat means your wife is cheating on you.

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