Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 31


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“Duo Duo?”

As a master of acting, Chief Chu nearly messed up when he heard this name, the killing power really was too lethal.

Fortunately, the 0.01 second of his daze did not affect anything. Chu Mu Yun’s face was filled with disgust:”I’m not!”

“Oh, it’s Ling Xiao Yun.”

Chu Mu Yun:”I……”

Before he could finish, the wrathful lord added self-servingly:”But your nickname is Ling Duo Duo.”

The young beastling was short of breath from depression.

Ling Xuan walked closer to the little beastling, seemingly in a good mood, and raised his fluffy little ears a flick.

Chu Mu Yun took a big step back immediately.

Ling Xuan didn’t mind either, looking him up and down for a good half a day before raising his lips into a smile, a smile filled with vile cynicism:”What’s up? Do you hate me?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Yes!”

Ling Xuan:”Because of what happened when you were young?”

Zero:”⊙o⊙, Wrath is actually quite self-aware.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”Acting with a cute little fool on his back really was quite a huge challenge.

The young beastling said:”You abused me, and wanted to killed me, you made me……”

“Mm,”Ling Xuan interrupted his complaints directly,”And what do you want to do about it?”

A great anger in Chu Mu Yun had been roused up by him:”I won’t go with you, I want to be with Uncle Yan Chen.”

Ling Xuan’s red pupils were exuberant with interest:”And?”

Naturally, Chu Mu Yun knew what he wanted to hear, but the development of the plot still needs to be paved out, and his anger values still had to accumulate. Things were not ready yet, his tricks would be seen through if he rushed to throw out the key points.

The little werebeast could be seen hesitating for a moment as if he were pondering over the thought.

Ling Xuan laughed:”For all those months you’ve suffered, don’t you want revenge?”

“I do!”The little werebeast understood in a quick moment:”I have to get revenge! I want to feed you to those fierce beasts too, I want to throw you into a pit of fire, I want you to starve for three days and three nights……”

“It’s useless, I can kill those beasts with the bend of a finger, fire can’t burn me either, and if I ever get hungry, I’ll be fine even without eating for several lifetimes.”

This was clearly beyond the limited cognition of the werebeast.

Ling Xuan took this opportunity to throw him some ideas:”Those things can’t hurt me, but you can, you’re a spirit beast, with some proper training you can become extremely powerful, and when that time comes you yourself will be able to ‘bully’ me.”

The eyes of the little werebeast brightened up in a split moment.

Ling Xuan continued to tempt him:”Why don’t you give it a try right now?”

Just as his voice fell, the little beastling had already pounced over to him.

Although he was an ice spirit beast whose growth had been sped up, with all those myriad spirit stones he had accumulated, his body was strong enough to match a spirit beast in the same form. He was of a high grade after all, so his aptitude was shockingly good, the steady power he exerted seemed almost inexhaustible. Even though there were no rules to this fight, the battling state of consciousness bursting out from within Ling Xuan’s bones caused his red eyes to brighten up from the scene.

There was no doubt.

The wrathful lord did not even make a move, but the little werebeast was already panting and standing off balance.

Yan Chen who had been spectating all this while finally made a sound:”Xiao Yun, come here.”

Because he had lost too shamefully, the little werebeast hesitated for a moment. He was currently glaring viciously at the wrathful lord.

That little face he grew into really was pleasant to look at. Being stared at in such a way, Wrath immediately thought of that array mage who had not a hint of cultivation, and yet was still powerful enough to be looked at askance.

That little genius who still ‘slumbers’ in the Thousand Phoenix Palace.

That man who gave him such great joy, and yet died so easily.

The one whom he thought could finally get rid of his boredom, and yet threw him into an even more boring cycle in the end.

With a sorrowful sigh, Wrath extended his hand to pull the little beastling over, and pressed his thin lips down to his rosy lips.

Chu Mu Yun widened his eyes abruptly.

Zero:”Σ(°△°|||) did somebody skin and stole Wrath’s appearance?”

Chu Mu Yun muttered:”Seems like I can only go with the long-term plan if I’m to capture this guy.”

Zero:”How? Aren’t things going pretty smoothly right now? He kissed you! ou! u!”

Chu Mu Yun:”The one he kissed is Chu Mu Yun.”

Zero:”……”Too deep, requesting translation!

But Chu Mu Yun did not give his cutie an explanation, he maintained his stiff body and was completely dumbfounded.

Ling Xuan actually shifted his head slightly sideways, deepening the kiss. The tongue penetrated into his mouth was just like him, filled with aggressiveness, attacking and plundering about blindly, like a raging fire in a dry grassland, igniting its entirety with its rude, simply, and wild manner.

Chu Mu Yun did not respond to his kiss but a strong desire had been aroused within him, as if his blood was being heated up, boiling instantly. When the feeling flowed through his body, he felt a desire that caused him to ache with eagerness.

There was something wrong with this ice spirit beast’s body, Chu Mu Yun once again confirmed this piece of information.

When he almost couldn’t resist responding to him, Chu Mu Yun broke free abruptly and retreated many steps back.

But even so, the desire hidden underneath his long robes had already hardened fully, his eagerness to vent caused his cheeks to flush red, and his eyes were covered in a light mist.

A faint trace of a smile appeared on Ling Xuan’s face:”Grow up quickly, Duo Duo.”

Contained within his words were two separate meanings.

Chu Mu Yun took a deep breath and used his powerful willpower to overcome the abnormalities of his body.

Yan Chen came over and looked towards Wrath:”Don’t mess with him, he’s yet to reach adulthood.”

Ling Xuan:”Mm, how much longer?”

Yan Chen:”About three days.”

Ling Xuan:”Alright, I’ll come to get him in three days.”

Yan Chen heard the variance within his words, but he did not bring it up and only responded:”Sure.”

Wrath left, Chu Mu Yun finally allowed his body to relax completely.

Within the hall laid with silver tiles on the ground, the envious lord watched the werebeast boy in front of him quietly.

Chu Mu Yun bit down on his lower lip and spoke laboriously:”I……I didn’t know he……”

Yan Chen’s voice was cool:”Did you not like it when he kissed you?”

Chu Mu Yun raised his head abruptly, his eyes dense with mist like a cloud filled with rain:”Of course not!”

Yan Chen:”Why?”

Chu Mu Yun:” I hate him! He treats me bad and keeps bullying me, he……”

“Xiao Yun……”Yan Chen’s voice was very light, gentle with a hint of sensitivity,”What is a kiss to you?”

The little werebeast widened his eyes, he did not understand too well.

Yan Chen continued:”Is it something you can only do with someone you like?”

The little beastling nodded quickly:”Yeah! It should……It should only be done with someone you like……”

Yan Chen asked:”Then, do you like Jun Mo?”

Hearing this name, the little werebeast was stunned.

Yan Chen helped him to recall:”That man with the silver hair and eyes. Two months ago, he kissed you here and even did something that made you feel good.”

The face if the little werebeast was red, he lowered his head and felt a little overwhelmed.

Yan Chen asked again:”Why did you not refuse him at that time?”

“I……”The little werebeast did not know what to say, he wanted to explain but there did not seem to be any way he could.

Yan Chen raised his hand and gently touched his little ears with his pale hands, then spoke in a gentle voice:”Kissing is not something you can only do with someone you like, but rather……As long as you are comfortable with it, you can do it with anyone.”

The little werebeast looked at him and wanted to argue, but that was a completely dysfunctional way of thinking so he didn’t know how he should respond to it.

A gentle smile like droplets of water appeared on Yan Chen’s cold appearance:”Follow the instinct of your body, don’t suppress it.”


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