Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 30


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Those who were accustomed to sex knew that while doing this, it felt way better to hold it in for an appropriate amount of time before releasing than to just cum without holding back.

Chu Mu Yun was an ardent fan of exercising in his past life so physically he had great stamina, and his body was very healthy. So, as a top, he had always lasted very long, and he had always taken special care to how the person beneath him felt, so he had always allowed his partner to have two or three times of fun before he would have his release.

But no matter how long he could last, it was impossible for him to hold it in for three months straight.

But this time, because of this damned body, he had been teased by Envy for a whole three months, and no matter what he wasn’t able to solve it himself, and so he had to put up with it hard for such a long amount of time.

Right now Sloth was teasing him big time, and he shot out abruptly. That excitement that had been brought to its peak erupted, and the amount of pleasure he received was however much suffering he had to endure when he has been suppressed, the feeling of it truly was enough to make him tremble down to his very soul.


The young little half beastling was slightly panting because of the over excitement, and the fluffy blue ears on his crow black hair were trembling faintly. His whole person leaned into Jing Mo’s arms, his clean and handsome features bringing about a hint of leisure and sexiness from his first taste of sexual pleasure.

Watching the scene, Yan Chen could feel a faint heat rising up from his underbelly. He stood up and walked down the steps:”Wouldn’t it affect the quality of the ice spirit essence for him to do such a thing before maturity?”

Sloth did not raise his head, he had only replied with a simple:”No.”

“Oh?”Yan Chen raised his brows,”The ice spirit essence recorded in ancient records states that it should be produced from an ice spirit beast in its maturity, and it had to be kept clean and pure, are you telling me that’s false?”

It was rather difficult to answer this question, so Jun Mo did not respond, he just stared very seriously at the fluid on his palm that brought with it a slight hint of light blue, at its thickness, and density, it was clear that he had been repressed for a long time. Following the manipulation of his fingers, it gradually turned into a sky blue, turquoise, royal blue, and finally it came to a dark blue colour.

Yan Chen was also watching:”This……”

Sloth let go and put down the boy in his arms, then received the towel sent over to him by the servant and wiped the tip of his fingers carefully, up until all the fluids were wiped from lips hands before he spoke:”A fine little beast, the quality is very good.”

But Yan Chen had a belly full of doubts.

Sloth put down the towel and still did not open his mouth to explain, he had only raised his hand, and when the servant approached him in a bow, he raised both his hands over his head and laid a tan coloured book on it.

This was not the first contact Yan Chen had with this person, so naturally he understood what he meant.

He took the book over, and after a quick flip, he understood completely:”So that’s what it is.”

Sloth said:”I will come to pick him up when he is of age.”

Yan Chen raised the corners of his mouth:”Alright.”

Jun Mo:”I will also bring what Wrath wants.”


Yan Chen:”Well, thank you then.”

Sloth did not say anything extra, he had only passed the young little ice spirit beastling from his arms to Envy’s hands gently. Without any more nonsense, he turned to leave. The wide robe spread out and the silver hair was left hanging down to his waist, under the light of the luminous pearl in the hall, it shimmered in a gorgeous and serene luster.

While Chu Mu Yun did not have the time to appreciate this beauty, there was no way for him to see the book in Yan Chen’s hands but he had already reminded Baby Zero of it early on, asking him to take a look at it.

Now that Sloth as left, Chu Mu Yun asked:”What’s written on it?”

Baby Zero: Shy.jpg

Chu Mu Yun feels that his guess could be about seventy or eighty percent there.

Zero calmed himself down before telling him what he had seen:”The ice spirit beast’s essence is just…….Um……That……”

Chu Mu Yun:”I know that, skip that part.”

EzoicZero was relieved:”Only the ‘you-know-what’ of a matured ice spirit beast is the ice spirit essence, whereas the ‘you-know-what’ of an ice spirit beast before maturity was simply the ‘you-know-what’……”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”Is it not understandable qaq?”

Chu Mu Yun:”……Continue.”

Zero:”Mmhm! The ‘you-know-what’ of an ice spirit beast after maturity still has a certain requirement, absolute purity needs to be ensured so it can’t be touched by anyone, um……on that part……”

Chu Mu Yun’s face darkened:”Where?”

“That….That……”A tingle passed Baby Zero’s mind,”Just that part where the ‘you-know-what’ is produced.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”You want me to shoot it out without even masturbating? What kind of joke was this?

Zero cleared his throat before continuing:”The ice spirit essence produced in this manner still has its pros and cons, the higher the quality of the ice spirit beast, the higher the amount of ice spirit essence produced, and also……there’s the……”

Chu Mu Yun felt that his tolerance has already surpassed those of mortals and has already reached the range of insanity, so he was very calm:”Tell me.”

Zero:”In the process of producing the ‘you-know-what’, the higher the indulgence, excitement, and pleasure received by the ice spirit beast, the higher the final amount of ice spirit essence produced.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”


Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”Are……you okay?”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero: qaq!

Chu Mu Yun:”I’m fine, pretty good, in fact.”

Zero:”……”He felt as if his host had silently swallowed a mouthful of blood or whatnot, but it must have been an illusion.

Because of the existence of this book, Yan Chen finally did not need to endure. After feeding the myriad spirit stones to the ice spirit beast, he began to kiss this little beastling without any scruples.

Chu Mu Yun had a great time being serviced by him, and Envy did not let go of him even at his final throes, so he could c um directly in that little slut’s mouth, allowing Chief Chu to relieve the depression that had been piling on for the entire day.

After venting, Yan Chen was not too anxious on doing something, he just carried the boy and brought him to the bathroom, then after the both of them washed up a little, he asked unhurriedly:”Did it feel comfortable?”

Chu Mu Yun’s voice was soft:”Mm.”

Yan Chen kissed the tip of his ears:”Compared to yesterday, which felt better?”Referring to that time Chu Mu Yun had with Sloth.

Chu Mu Yun leaned into his arms and raised the corner of his mouth, and yet his voice was clean and penetrating:”Uncle is the best.”

Yan Chen tightened the grip of his hand that was holding him for a quick moment before lowering his head to kiss his pale forehead, his voice hoarse and alluring:”Do you like uncle?”

Chu Mu Yun replied quickly:”I like.”It was completely unnecessary to think about it, it was a response relying on his instincts.

Yan Chen’s purple irises glowed faintly and a cold-blooded smile appeared on his lips:”I like Xiao Yun too, I like you so much that I can’t bear to send you off.”


Chu Mu Yun:”If we really have to compare how much of a rake they are, Envy and Pride aren’t too far apart.”

Zero: qaq

Chu Mu Yun:”The abuse hasn’t even started yet, how come you’re already crying.”

Zero:”I’ve imagined at least 10,000 words worth of it.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”


Hearing Envy’s words, Chu Mu Yun turned back abruptly and that pair of bright eyes did not conceal even the slightest hint of its surprise:”Does uncle not want Xiao Yun anymore?”

Yan Chen looked at him with deep affection:”It’s not that uncle doesn’t want you, but Xiao Yun doesn’t belong to me.”

The little beastling was anxious:”How could that be? Xiao Yun has always been at uncle’s side, and uncle treats Xiao Yun the best, Xiao Yun doesn’t want to leave uncle!”

Yan Chen’s purple eyes dimmed and the colour within seemed to deepen and lighten in different areas, almost like that of flowing water, filled with a sense of reluctance:”Ling Xuan is the one who saved you, and he was the one who brought you back, I……”

A trace of disgust flashed through Chu Mu Yun’s face, and he spoke unhappily:”I hate him, he’s bad, super bad.”

Yan Chen asked him calmly:”You still remember what happened at that time?”

There was not a single flaw on Chu Mu Yun’s expression, he had only angrily replied:”I remember, he bullied me, he treats me bad……Mm……”The werebeast wrinkled his brows slightly.

Yan Chen observed him, catching every hint of his demeanor with not a trace missed. When the boy fell to his thoughts but wasn’t quite able to remember too clearly of it, he pulled him into his arms and told him:”Don’t think about such unhappy things anymore.”

The young werebeast boy had always been of simple nature, so hearing him, his brows eased up before turning back again, smiling as he pounced to him:”I like uncle, being together with uncle makes me very happy.”

Yan Chen kissed his lips:”I am very happy as well.”

Without the need for repression any longer, his days passed in flying speeds, and two months had passed in the blink of an eye. Speculating upon Yan Chen’s thoughts, Chu Mu Yun accompanied him in bouts after bouts of good shows.

Baby Zero had been watching every scene:”Would Envy like the ice spirit beast?”Yan Chen’s favourite was such a simple little guy?

Chu Mu Yun:”Nope.”

Zero:”Huh? Then why do you have to……”


Chu Mu Yun smiled:”But just because he won’t now doesn’t mean he won’t in the future.”

Baby Zero: Dumbfounded look.

When the ice spirit beast was three or four days away from maturity, the wrathful whose figure had been missing for a while came to the Shining Plum Mountain.

Yan Chen received him:”So early? Can’t take it anymore?”

Wrath passed a glance at him but did not answer, instead he asked:”Where’s Duo Duo?”

Yan Chen did not plan to show him the little beast who looked exactly alike with the array mage at this time, so he told him:”He will reach maturity soon, so these days, he’s been constantly……”

Before he was able to finish, the little werebeast with his fluffy ears, straight figure dressed in a light blue robe, and handsome facial features ran to the front hall with joy.

Yan Chen did not wish for him to see Wrath.

But Chu Mu Yun on the other hand, was itching to see him.

It would be quite a shame if he didn’t get to show Ling Xuan this face of his. And besides, Yan Chen has been in service to him for so long, it should be time for him to taste some of this ‘sweetness’.

He’d been stuck to Yan Chen these days like ‘glue and lacquer’, so the other party hasn’t been restricting his actions since a long time ago. Don’t even say coming to the front hall to look for him, when the two get in the mood, the things that happen within their chambers weren’t less either……

Chu Mu Yun entered with great enthusiasm:”Uncle……”That was the only word he managed to yell before he saw the man standing in the center of the hall, with his red hair and red eyes, dressed in a showy and wanton black robe.

The little beastling halted abruptly, and the vague memories in his mind allowed him to distinguish who that person was. In an instant, he was put on alert and he glared viciously at Ling Xuan, but then as if he had recalled something, he turned to look towards Yan Chen with a flash of franticness in his eyes.

This was rather unexpected for Yan Chen, but since he bumped into him, there was no longer any need to hide him anymore, even though this was several days early.

Ling Xuan looked at the boy without even blinking, watching his familiar looks, looks that were hard to forget even after his death.

He opened his mouth to speak:”Little mage?”

As if he were a beast in rage, Chu Mu Yun shot him a glare and yelled:”I won’t go with you! I want to be with Uncle Yan Chen!”

Ling Xuan soon realized the problem:”Duo Duo?”


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