Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 29


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One of the seven lords of the demon realm: Jun Mo, bearer of malignant ‘Sloth’. With silver hair and irises, his face was expressionless and he was one of the most quiet and silent characters. No matter what happened, he wouldn’t show even the slightest hint of emotion, even if he stood upon a pile of corpses with blood flowing out a river, even if he were faced with a sneak attack by an enemy, and even if he had encountered a betrayal, there would still be not a ripple in his emotions. This was the most inhumane personality, he felt no fear nor dread, and at the same time he cared about nothing at all. In his eyes, whether it was a human, an animal, a demon, or even a god, they were all equally boring.

Chu Mu Yun did not see him right at once but Zero had brought up to him of the arrival of ‘Sloth’.

Within the 《Demon Realm》, although every demon lord represented one of the seven deadly sins, in fact, the way they displayed that sin was not the same.

Jun Mo’s lazy nature was not shown on the surface, but rather imprinted into his soul.

Simply being too lazy to do things, or to just carry on and live were nothing. Jun Mo was too lazy to even accept any feelings, be it familial relationships, friendships, or love, none of them could enter his heart; he was even lazier when it came to experiencing emotions, be it joy or sorrow, everything that represented human nature had nothing to do with him.

The way Chu Mu Yun had set his character, the only thing that was able to move him and make him happy, was only alchemy.

Jun Mo’s cultivation may be the weakest out of all the seven lords of the demon realm but in the 《Demon Realm》, he was one of the most powerful, and one of the strongest, but he stood at the very top, representing the very peak of all alchemists.

He goes out very rarely and doesn’t see many people, but it was hard to forget about him even if he had been hiding away for thousands of years.

Because all of the super-medicines that were fought over madly by people, and even causing great turmoil and disaster all came from him alone.

But he would never alchemize anything for anyone, he would never accept anyone’s requests just like how he never feels any fluctuations in his emotions, even if the medicines crafted by him could change the fates of countless people, but they had nothing to do with him anyway.

Seeing the appearance of Jun Mo, Chu Mu Yun already had some ideas of what was going on.

There had been a dispute between Wrath and Sloth.

Based on logic, between the two of them, one was unruly and the other capricious, one was free-willed, and the other heartless, no matter how you looked at it, they were people who would never cross paths.

But there was a medicinal pill created unintentionally by Sloth that made it hard for Wrath to forget about him.

This wasn’t a pill that could raise the dead and put flesh on bones, not was it a godly pill that could raise your cultivation and set you apart from the world, and definitely it was not a poisonous pill that could destroy several towns with just one of its kind……

Of course this wasn’t going to be an ordinary pill, the production of the pill requires materials that were extremely expensive and rare, but the process was not cumbersome, the time required to transmute it was just rather long, just one pill needed to be transmuted in the furnace for 7×7=49 days.

This medicinal pill was actually quite amazing, it could bring a cultivator whose cultivation had already broken through into the divine realm an entire level down. This alone was already very horrifying, if there were no conditions required to be met beforehand for it to take effect, it may well be a holy pill that could make the world go mad.

However, the precondition doomed it to be just a trifle.

In order for the effects of the medicine to show, the user must actively disperse the spiritual energy in their body, and actively accept it into their meridians.

But every single person who was able to break through into the divine realm were all great and powerful beings that were hard to come by, there was no way at all that they would disperse the spiritual energy in their body, much less actively receive it to destroy their own cultivation.

However, there was one individual who would.

The wrathful lord who prayed desperately for his own defeat. He couldn’t find an opponent but he still wanted to have a good fight, so he could only make himself suffer.

But for something like cultivation, forcefully dispersing the spiritual energy in their meridians could only lead them to be damaged, then don’t even talk about getting into a fight, they would’ve simply become a pile of waste.

But this medicinal pill created by Sloth could drop a person’s cultivation by an entire level without damaging their meridians, it was simply tailor-made for Wrath.

But unfortunately, no matter how top-grade or precious any of Sloth’s medicinal pills were, they were all casually thrown away after he finished transmuting them. By the time Wrath came to him, Jun Mo had only given him three words without even a ripple in his tone:”Threw it away.”

Ling Xuan:”Make another one.”

Jun Mo:”No.”

Wrath striked as soon as his sword was drawn but Sloth did not even move, allowing him to lay the tip of his sword on his throat, in the face of such an astonishingly cold murderous aura, his face was still with no expressions.

Ling Xuan:”I’ll kill you, watch me.”

Jun Mo:”As you wish.”

Ling Xuan raised his brows at him:”Since you do not fear death, then I shall destroy your Seven Shades Residence, and destroy all the furnaces and appliances inside, then you’ll never be able to alchemize anything for the rest of your life.”

Jun Mo:”Mm.”

Ling Xuan was furious:”I’m alright with this anyway, if you don’t make another pill I’ll just live here in the Seven Shades Residence, I’ll make it so that you never get any peace in your life again!”

Jun Mo:”Okay.”

And so……

Zero:”The enmity between the two of them really is filled with their respective natures.”

Chu Mu Yun added on for him:”One had a temper so bad that he could die, and the other was so lazy that he could die.”

Zero was silent for a moment:”I’d like to make a capture ranking for you too.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Wrath is third and Sloth is second.”

Zero:”……”What a failure, even his ability to complain was at least 7×7=49 demonic lords apart from his great host……

If he were to elaborate upon the knot between Wrath and Sloth, he could write a short story out of it. Clearly our Chief Chu really didn’t want to recall those shitty settings, and so he decided to look at things as they come.

It was clear that Envy was able to lure Sloth out because he had the ice spirit beast, or maybe it should be said instead that what he had was the ice spirit essence.

But what Chu Mu Yun didn’t understand was that this was just a single material, even if it was so rare that you couldn’t come by it for at least a million years, and may not even be able to encounter it in your lifetime, it was definitely not enough to move Sloth.

Chu Mu Yun understood his five heartless and shameless sons all too well. Alchemy may be something that made him happy but it was at most a bit of interest for him, just like something you would play around with to pass time. But to change your principles for this thing was definitely impossible.

But right now, Sloth had actually left the Seven Shades Residence for the ice spirit essence, and came personally to the great maze of Yan Chen’s Shining Plum Mountain that was snowing all year round.

What on earth is the use of this thing?

Chu Mu Yun tried to comb through his memory but he was quite certain that he had never written about this before.

And not only the settings, it was just something he had mentioned the existence of, even the use of it had never been mentioned.

But clearly this was no simple trifle, well at least to Sloth it was no trifle.

This had also sparked Chu Mu Yun’s interest, this is a very good entry point. After all, just wanting to see Jun Mo himself was not a simple matter.

Yan Chen left his residence to welcome Jun Mo.

The envious lord with black threads and purple eyes, and the slothful lord had silver strands with matching silver eyes. Standing under the pale coloured plum blossoms that danced in the sky, a beautiful image that could shock the world was formed.

Chu Mu Yun finally walked out of the Shining Plum Palace and, once again he saw the cool and beautiful mountain peak that could rival the immortal realms itself.

He passed through a cloister and left behind a string of footprints in the snow, he was in quite a good mood.

When he arrived at the main hall, Chu Mu Yun saw the silver haired man sitting by the left.

Jun Mo was born with exceptional beauty, and because he did not leave his house all year round, his skin was excessively pale, but this colour matched exceptionally well with the colour of his irises, their eyes had met abruptly and they were so good-looking that it was quite a shock.

Chu Mu Yun was slightly stunned for a moment but what happened next was even more surprising.

Jun Mo walked down the steps to face the young werebeast, and he gripped him by the chin with his slender fingers with no warning given at all, then he pressed down his pale lips that seemed almost transparent.

Chu Mu Yun’s eyes were slightly widened, this was a true reveal of his emotions.

He wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you chose any of the seven to kiss him, but for Sloth to actually……

This was really out of expectations!

But what was even more stunning was the fact that this was not just a simple kiss, they weren’t just two pairs of lips touching to form a kiss, this was a kiss where something was stuffed into the opening of his mouth with both their tongues touching each other mutually, evoking an intense and passionate kiss.

Chu Mu Yun held himself back and did not return the kiss but Sloth did not stop there, with a gentle yet abberantly teasing caress, his pale fingers stroked the tempting tail of the young boy as he pressed his thin lips down, the more they kissed the more fiery it became.

Seeing that their clothes were being made into a mess, Envy’s voice sounded out to them:”He has not matured yet.”

Sloth ignored him, and the movements of his hands persisted. Chu Mu Yun had been completely suppressed for three months and was unable to vent his desires no matter what, but it was a surprise that they would be vented in such a circumstance.


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