Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 28


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Chu Mu Yun:”……”

And at this moment the honey-witted baby Zero realized that he had said too much, and he immediately chose to forget what he had just said and sucked in another breath, then with the same tone he had used previously, he exclaimed:”The ice spirit beast looks a lot like the great host!”

Chu Mu Yun:”……It is getting late.”

Zero: qaq

Chu Mu Yun:”Acting cute is useless.”


Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero: e(┬﹏┬)3

Ding, the host has received a critical hit, -100000.

Chu Mu Yun who was a low on HP asked:”Tell me honestly, where did a system running on DOS 2.0 download so many emoticons.”

Zero: (*≧▽≦) The system comes with it.

Chu Mu Yun:”……”He was wrong, he should not be so serious with this cute little buffoon.

Ling Duo Duo……Peh, the reason this ice spirit beast looks so much like Chu Mu Yun definitely wasn’t a coincidence.

From the time where Yan Chen was actively requesting to help accelerate the growth of the ice spirit beast, Chu Mu Yun had already found out that he must be planning something, but he just didn’t expect this to be it.

The spirit beast’s transformation could be interfered to some degree by outside influences. Spirit beasts weren’t human after all, their main body were that of beasts, and as for why they could transform into the form of humans, it was so that they could adapt to this world that was dominated by mankind, it was one of the ways they could protect themselves with.

And they weren’t as conspicuous after all when they’ve grown up, there was no need to worry about being hunted or kept in captivity.

And it was precisely because of this that their appearance was not determined innately, but rather formed after.

Under normal circumstances, a spirit beast who had developed normally could live a very long life. Based on their own observations as well as their experienced that they’ve been honing for countless years, they will make their decision, then finally they will transform.

But this ice spirit beast, Chu Mu Yun, had his growth accelerated, some unknown bouts of trickery had also been used on him by Yan Chen……And so this little spirit beast has turned into this appearance after its transformation.

Chu Mu Yun didn’t quite mind, and he was even quite anticipant. He was pondering seriously about how he should be cooperating with this performance that had received such a wonderful opening play…..

Yan Chen looked straight at the little beast man in front of him without even blinking.

He had a pair of fluffy ice blue ears and a long, slightly curved tail. Everything had the same series of colours except for his irises that were a shade lighter, its appearance was completely the same of that from his memories, from the facial features to the thin yet sturdy body shape……

Yan Chen licked his lower lips and spoke in an ambiguous voice:”Xiao Yun……”

Chu Mu Yun tried very hard to keep himself from looking at the thin lips of this little slut that was light in colour, but brought about a hint of the fragrant smell of plum blossoms.

But Yan Chen was getting closer to him, with his breath lingering by his ears, he spoke in a whisper:”My name is Yan Chen, you can call me uncle.”

Chu Mu Yun’s body trembled, but in his heart he understood. He paused for a moment before opening his mouth, and in a clumsy yet clear voice, he called out:”Uncle Yan Chen……Mm……”

He hadn’t even finished speaking when Envy had kissed him on his lips, the cool lips were laced with the clear fragrance of plum blossoms, the taste that passed from the tip of his tongue was a slight sweetness not unlike a delicious piece of pastry. This pleasant smell accompanied by the hint of sweetness could tempt one to hope for a better taste of something more.

Chu Mu Yun was only a little beast who was still not grown yet, so naturally he did not take the initiative to return the favour, but beastkind generally did not have much resistance towards sweetness, and so he sucked on his tongue instinctively, and undoubtedly he was adding oil to the fire, this made Yan Chen kiss him even more deeply, even more intensely. The sweetness had become even denser, and with this passionate kiss, the body of the two started to heat up at the same time.

When Envy released himself from him, Chu Mu Yun was still reluctant to stop, and was even chasing after his lips for more.

Yan Chen’s purple eyes were deep like chasms, and he tapped a tape finger on his lips:”Did you like that?”

Chu Mu Yun had only pondered for a moment and he had already thought him through.

Does Envy like little white flowers? Even if he didn’t, he didn’t seem to hate them, what this guy really liked were ‘good’ things, he liked everything clean, incisive, and uncontaminated, as long as they were clean and innocent, he would like them.

But his like did not mean that he wanted to protect them, but rather, he wanted to destroy, contaminate, shame, and break them.

A little beast who had just transformed after having his development sped up should not have too much that they understood, all it needed to do was to follow its instincts.

Because it didn’t know, it didn’t know what was right or wrong, and because it didn’t understand, it did not feel any shame. Chu Mu Yun openly gave him a big smile:”I like it.”

Yan Chen was clearly surprised for a moment.

The fluffy ice blue ears of this young half beast trembled slightly, then with much earnestly it spoke:”It’s sweet.”

Yan Chen reached for his waist, and facing the tender lips, he put some force into it and pressed himself down for another kiss.

Chu Mu Yun did not evade him, but instead, he curled his arms around his neck instinctively, his long tail had also curled over to him, touching Yan Chen’s thighs every now and then.

Originally, Yan Chen had only wanted to taste the red lips he had been thinking of for a long time, but he didn’t expect that his flames would be fanned by this little beast, but it was quite unfortunate that this little guy had not matured yet, he was afraid that all his work would be done for if he were to do him in this form now.

The more they kissed, the more wonderful it became, it was said that ice spirit beasts were naturally licentious, and it seemed now that there was much truth to that saying.

Seeing that the clothes of this young beastling had been pushed half off, Yan Chen gave a hefty bite on his shoulder before speaking with a husky voice:”Rest well, uncle will come to see you tomorrow.”

Chu Mu Yun found himself to be at a loss.

Yan Chen watched his fascinating pale blue eyes, and all he could feel was a sore at the area between his legs, but there was no way he could do anything now, he had spent so much effort so that he could transform so he definitely could not destroy everything now.

Not to mention whether or not he would even have another chance to find an ice spirit beast, just this appearance alone that was a hundred percent similar made Yan Chen unwilling to let go of it.

This was a precious little baby, it will have many uses, so he had to endure it for now.

Yan Chen left, and Chu Mu Yun was brought back to his senses by the cold breeze drifting in from outside.

He’s not doing anything? He’s leaving? Just like that?

Even if his body had not grown up yet, just having one little go was still acceptable, okay!

On that year, Yan Chen had laid his hands on a little white flower who was only at the age of fifteen or sixteen, and now he had instead playing by the rulebook now that a young little half beast had sent itself to his door?

What the heck!

Chu mu Yun was in a bad mood, and his voice was lower than usual:”00?”


Chu Mu Yun:”Shut down your sensors.”

Baby Zero responded in a quiet voice:”But Envy has already left……”

Chu Mu Yun:”He is gone, but my right hand is still here.”


The good little child who had understood the implications of his words closed his eyes.

But what Chu Mu Yun would never even have dreamt of was, his right hand had actually failed.

Clearly when he and Yan Chen were touching each other, their bodies had a reaction to it, all that was left was a little bit of stimulation. But no matter what he did, Chu Mu Yun’s half beast body was unable to find release.

After struggling for a full two hours, don’t even mention the fact that nothing came out, when it came to the end he had even gone soft completely.

Chu Mu Yun was short of breath as he laid down on the bed, his pupils narrowed and only now did he realize why Yan Chen had suddenly stopped earlier. Chu Mu Yun had a vague idea now, there was definitely something wrong with this ice spirit beast’s body.

But what was wrong with it?

He would have to wait and see.

In the next three months, Chu Mu Yun had once again experienced what it was like to ‘pass a day like a year’ at Yan Chen’s place.

But Envy did not try to temper him, he didn’t feed him any mysterious meals, and neither did he poison his ears with all the ‘Yun Duo Duo’, but only……he wouldn’t stop teasing him.

After they saw each other, he would be fed some myriad spirit stones, then Yan Chen would kiss him.

They would have a passionate kiss, and just when they should be rolling around on a bed, this guy would stop.

And off he goes. Chu Mu Yun had nowhere to vent the flames of passion in his body, he wanted to settle it by himself but there was no way at all for that to happen, the feeling of having to suppress his hard on was truly much too hard.

Once it happened, then twice, then three times, when Chief Chu was about to explode from a serious case of his desires not being met, a special guest had finally appeared in the Shining Plum Mountain.

Frost and snow covered the mountain top, a man with a lovely appearance was leaning against a black carriage. The man had hair the rare colour of silver, with his skin so pale that he almost looked to be sick, His long hair like a bolt of satin came pouring down and scattered itself all over the dark seat, like the dazzling milky way in the night sky.


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