Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 27


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“Oh?”The Wrath who “wasn’t in a rush” perked his ears.

Yan Chen gave the ice spirit beast’s soft little ear a scratch with his slender fingers and spoke unhurriedly:”The base of a spirit beast are their spirit, and spirit is a form of energy, I still have tons of myriad spirit stones back at my place so if he’s fed a bit more, it won’t be long before he grows into an adult.”

Ling Xuan raised his eyebrows:”Myriad spirit stones have a violent nature, can he survive if he eats them?”

Yan Chen:”Of course something’s gonna happen if he eats it directly, but it won’t be a big problem with my protection.”

Ling Xuan:”If something goes wrong……”

Yan Chen understood very well:”I’ll open the ‘Door of Life’ for you.”

Ling Xuan was satisfied with this:”Alright.”

Throughout the entire conversation, the party in question had never been asked about his thoughts, but of course……Even if they did ask, Duo Duo, ah no, Chief Chu wouldn’t refuse either.

Baby Zero:”I think……”

Chu Mu Yun:”Hm?”

Zero:”The reason why Wrath was worried about something happening to you, may be…….”

“Oh.”Chu Ling Yun,”Ice spirit beasts have very high combat abilities when they grow up, he’s afraid of losing a potential opponent.”

Zero:”……”Alright then, if he wanted to compare, he should realize that the seven lords of the demon realm were lacking between them.

The two perverts easily shook hands in partnership, and settled the plan to accelerate the maturing speed of this ice spirit beast in just a few words.

With some effort, Yan Chen deduced the age of this ice spirit beast and deliberated:”Raise him up a bit more then sharpen up his heart, you have my guarantee that he can grow up without any hindrance but I can’t say the same for his psychological state, anyway, it’s nothing bad to strengthen him up a bit.”

Wrath responded:”That’s easy.”

Yan Chen believed him:”Alright then, I’ll return to the Shining Plum Mountain for the preparations.”

And just like that Yan Chen left for two months, and Chu Mu Yun earnestly tempered his heart with Ling Xuan.

Ling Xuan obeyed the medical advice of Yan Chen the unlicensed quack doctor, and thought of ways to make the ice spirit beast stronger……

And so, they swam around the icy lake on a cold bloody day, and baked in a hot stove on a hot bloody day, fighting middle-rank beasts single-handedly, starved for three days before coming face to face with the Wrath brand of mysterious dishes……

Chief Chu felt that he was no longer called Chu Mu Yun anymore, he had completely turned into Chun Strong.

In these two months, the wrathful lord had spent a lot of ‘painstaking effort’, seeing the eyes of the little beast become stronger (resentful) and firmer (hate). he scratched his chin in satisfaction and didn’t hold back on the praise at all:”Duo Duo is so amazing.”

Chu Mu Yun’s mouth twitched, and said to Zero very seriously:”With how Wrath is, I don’t think we can go the usual path if I am to capture him.”

Baby Zero moved to the bench and listened to him seriously.

Chu Mu Yun:”First off, we have to beat him up till he submits.”


Chu Mu Yun:”Then fuck him till he’s howling in tears.”


Chu Mu Yun had a straight face:”Then, that will be our joyful decision.”

Zero was very perturbed: Host, are you serious……qaq

Two months later, Envy walked in leisurely:”The myriad spirit stones are in place, I’ve come to take the ice spirit beast away.”

Ling Xuan asked:”How much time do you need.”

Yan Chen pondered for a moment:”A year at most.”

“Alright.”Ling Xuan responded,”I’ll look for you when the time comes.”

Yan Chen smiled:”I believe that he will also be visiting the Shining Plum Mountain when that time comes.”

Ling Xuan did not say anything, there was only a slight glow of red within his red irises.

Chu Mu Yun could vaguely guess in his heart who they were trying to bait, but it didn’t matter, since they were all his children anyway, it was the same whether one or two had come, but now that three were coming in one go, they could even set up a game of mahjong so this was pretty good.

Before they left, Wrath exhorted to Envy:”Oh that’s right, he has a name now.”

Hearing him say this, Chu Mu Yun’s complexion had turned dark.

And as one could expect, Ling Xuan had once again given him a head-on blow:”His name is Ling Xiao Yun, and his nickname is Ling Duo Duo.”

Yan Chen:”……”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”


Chu Mu Yun’s heart felt tired:”Baby, you don’t have to say anything.”

Zero’s heart went out to him. Not long ago, his host had just said something along the lines of ‘You little wolf dog, if I don’t make you wag at my feet, then I daddy Chu will change my surname to yours!’, and then……Chu Duo Duo had turned into Ling Duo Duo.

Yan Chen cleared his throat:”That is a very unique name.”

Ling Xuan had no shame at all:”I think so too.”

On this rare occasion, Envy who was filled with wickedness was silent, but he had adjusted his emotions very quickly and grasped the key point:”Xiao Yun? You still remember Pride’s little precious?”

Ling Xuan said:”Mm, he was a very interesting array mage.”

The corners of Yan Chen’s lips were raised up faintly into a smile and a glint flashed past his purple eyes:”Speaking of him, that little guy’s already been dead for three years, and Pride is still looking after him like a baby every day.”

Ling Xuan said:”It’s only been three years.”

Only then did Chu Mu Yun know that……It turns out there was a time difference between his death and reincarnation……

But it had been three years, it wasn’t a long time, but it wasn’t short either, but it was enough for all the dust settle, and also enough for his days to drag on like years.

Chu Mu Yun thought about the Mo Jiu Shao of now, and felt inexplicably excited. It seems he still has a chance to take a look at his own ‘masterpiece’.

Finally, he had parted ways with Ling Xuan. Chu Mu Yun was overjoyed, even if he had fallen into Envy that old scheming slut’s den, he was still very happy.

But before that happens……

Yan Chen:”Duo Duo, come home with me, okay?”

My ass! Who the hell is your Duo Duo!

Ice spirit beast: There is nothing to live for.

A very pleasant smell of plum blossoms wafted from Yan Chen’s body. Although he lived on the extremely cold land of the Shining Plum Mountain, the ground was frost on the ground and snow in the skies all year round, the plum blossoms in the sky were like little spirits descending down into the mortal world, their white and rosy petals glittered like crystals as they were bathed by the snowflakes. As he swayed, A bright glare illuminated this icy land of coldness.

The envious lord had a dark heart but the place he lived in really was very beautiful.

Chu Mu Yun looked around as they walked and felt very pleased, it seems that living here for a good half year could be a very good experience.

But of course, that only applies if Yan Chen didn’t do anything.

But if he didn’t, how could he be called a crazy bastard?

And so it was like Chu Mu Yun had been put on house arrest for half a year. From the day he stepped into the Shining Plum Palace, he had never taken a single step out of this cold and chilly palace.

Don’t even mention the plum blossoms outside, he hadn’t even seen a single snowflake.

The things he had to do everyday was dull and boring, other than sleeping, all he did was sleep. Yan Chen did not waste even a minute, large amounts of myriad spirit stones and myriad magical crystals were activated at the same time. It didn’t matter whether it was a spirit beast or not, even if you put a unique and holy beast in his place, they may probably have been cooked through by the process……

Half a year later, after consuming a large amount of myriad spirit stones, the ice spirit beast finally showed signs of transformation.

The spirit beast was in the form of a beast during its infancy, but after entering the juvenile stage, it would start to transform, but to the form of a werebeast, they would generally retain their ears or tails.

As it reached adulthood, spirit beasts were able to withdraw their beastly traits on their own, but they still couldn’t help exposing their ears or tails when they got excited.

While making this shitty setting, Chu Mu Yun had done it purely out of his bad kinks, he didn’t expect that his kinks would come back to bite his ass.

Yan Chen stared at the beast-like boy in front of him, and his purple eyes lit up in a glimmer.

He walked over and stroked the pallid lips of the youth with his cold and pale hands, an unbearable shred of excitement could be heard suppressed within his voice:”You really do look alike, too much alike.”

Hearing his words, Chu Mu Yun felt his heart sink.

The baby Zero in his mind had already huffed out a cold breath of surprise:”Duo Duo looks like Chu Mu Yun!!!”


If you see this, YOU ARE READING ON AN AGGREGATOR SITE. Please read this series on and support our translators. Releases are a day faster on ISO, so instead of using an aggregator site for convenience, use


Tler’s notes:

Feels like the place names are a bit strange, should I change them to pinyin? Shining Plum Montain is called “Zhao Mei Shan” aka mountain where the plum blossoms are illuminated.

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