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Chu Mu Yun:”00″

Zero:”You promised not to beat me to death.”

“I don’t beat you to death,”Chu Mu Yun,”But beating your ass raw isn’t a violation of our agreement isn’t it!”

Zero: ~~~~(>_<)~~~~

Beating up this child won’t solve any problems.

After Chu Mu Yun calmed down, he had understood one thing.

It was possible that zero was only a representative, so he wasn’t too clear about this task of capturing these psychos either, so he didn’t even know that there were conditions of proposals after their portraits were completely lit. Otherwise, it was impossible for 00 to keep it from him until now.

The two have been together for more than ten years now, Chu Mu Yun was very clear about this little baby’s character, so although he was slightly upset, he wouldn’t vent his anger on him.

‘Chu Mu Yun’ had died, and Pride’s portrait was even fully lit, it meant that the feelings Mo Jiu Shao had towards himself were deeply rooted, he won’t be moving onto another person for a while. But this was also very troubling for him, the little white flower had already died completely, so there was no possibility of him proposing to him anymore, if he wants to complete the capture, he can only start over……This is going to be hard.

A trash cold-blooded and ruthless Pride, Chu Mu Yun had the confidence to capture him.

But for a Pride with a deep love like a pale moonlight in his heart, It’s going to be difficult even for Chu Mu Yun.

And what’s more……After ten years of staying together, even if Chu Mu Yun had been acting the whole way through, many details had still exposed his true nature, Mo Jiu Shao was too familiar with him, and understood him too well, no matter what his appearance changed into, as long as he gets close to him, there would be a large chance that he would be found out.


There were movements in Chu Mu Yun’s mind, he had gotten some ideas.

His game with Pride wasn’t a checkmate yet, the game can still continue, and it’s hard to say that it may even be a very good game.

Chu Mu Yun thought about it seriously, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised.

Baby Zero asked in a low voice:”Did you think of something?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Face the wall.”

Zero: tat, reflecting

Seeing how pitiful he was, Chu Mu Yun didn’t tease him anymore:”Alright, it’s not like you did it on purpose, I’m not angry.”

Teary-faced Zero:”Re……really?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Mm, you’re the best. During Pride and Wrath’s fight, I couldn’t have done it without your help.”If not for Zero accurately calculating the remaining power of the two, it was impossible for Chu Mu Yun to activate his array so perfectly in time.

Received a compliment, Zero: oao.

Chu Mu Yun: Pat.jpg

Zero: ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Mm, making a cute little fool happy, only requires one line——by 《Chief Chu’s Training Manual》.

He could put Mo Jiu Shao’s matters aside temporarily, right now the most urgent matter was still to cultivate his relationship with Wrath.

He had just returned to his senses when Pride entered into a dense jungle. On this rare occasion, this prideful lord who couldn’t wait to inform the world about his presence actually suppressed his presence.

After the awe-inspiring pressure as well as the smell of blood deeply imprinted into his bones had dissipated, the red-haired and red-eyed man was left with only a wild and bold handsomeness.

Chu Mu Yun really liked Ling Xuan’s body, if this body could be his, he would like it even more.

It was simply more alluring than his own body from his previous life, if he were to stand in the bar like that, there’s definitely be countless beautiful little cuties piling over, then he won’t have to be bored for an entire month.


Chu Mu Yun looked down silently at his fluffy blue paws, and his chest felt stuffy.

It was clear that Ling Xuan didn’t suppress his presence for nothing, after he reached the depths of the jungle, he finally saw a drooling, four-hooved snow bison.

Obviously, this brainless low-grade beast thought that the wrathful lord before him was a delicious little snack, and wanted to come over for a big bite.

Ling Xuan picked up the little ball from his shoulder.

The man and the beast looked at each other, and the man exposed his glistening white teeth:”Yun Duo Duo, you can do it.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

What the hell is Yun Duo Duo?! Chu Mu Yun who had been thrown out landed in an awkward posture on the floor, after his perfect dirt eating dog landing, Chief Chu was enraged, and successfully it made his anger burst out, his heart that wanted to fuck Wrath to dead swelled up like never before.

Very well……You little wolf dog, if I don’t make you wag at my feet, then I daddy Chu will change my surname to yours!

Chu Mu Yun rolled over and jumped to his feet, then with an unexpected hopping power, he rushed towards the head of the snow bison.

This extremely quick reaction caused Ling Xuan’s lips to raise into a smile; As expected of a spirit beast, now this is interesting.

The fight between the fierce beast and the fluffball rang out.

The wrathful lord was spectating by the side with interest, he didn’t care at all whether this little baby fluffball could win against this scary beast that stood two to three meters high!

Although ice spirit beasts were very rare spirit beasts, but no matter how amazing they were, they were still very fragile during their infancy stage, and the ‘Yun Duo Duo’ now had just gotten over sucking its mother’s milk, which was equivalent to a one year old little doll, but right now it had to pick up a knife to kill a cow.

To tell the truth, there was no doubt that Ling Xuan who could do such a thing was a psycho, and he’s even a reckless waste of a psycho!

An ice spirit beast is bloody precious! Don’t you know how hard it is to find ice spirit essence!

Such a money tree was actually used as firewood, if not a madman, who would do such a thing?

Fortunately, the ice spirit beast right now was Chu Mu Yun, if it really was that previous little guy, then he may have already died a hundred times over a long time ago.

But even if it was Chu Mu Yun, this wasn’t a very optimistic situation.

Ice spirit beasts get very powerful when they grow up, but the requirement was for them to be grown up, and right now he didn’t even have the strength to hold a chicken back, the only decent skill he had right now was to act cute, but sadly this snow bison had a large appetite and was naturally resistant to cute stuff, so even if you act cute to death you still can’t squeeze out half an effective damage.

But of course, the words ‘act cute’ had never existed in Chief Chu’s diary.

If he could use arrays, Chu Mu Yun would already have killed this snow bison a hundred times over by now.

But he couldn’t use it, Ling Xuan had suffered quite a lot under an array once before, so he’ll definitely be very bothered by arrays. If he rushed to expose himself now, it was quite unpredictable at this moment what sort of consequences he would attract towards himself.

And what he couldn’t predict was naturally out of his control, such a thing should not happen.

And what’s more, the current Chu Mu Yun had full confidence that he could murder this snow bison.

Ling Xuan watched with his lips risen:”Duo Duo, if you don’t try harder, you’re going to be eaten!”

Zero:”He really needs a spanking.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Wrong.”

Zero: ⊙△⊙?

Chu Mu Yun:”He needs training.”


This ice beast jumped up and over again to anger the snow bison, and he could only see that this big beast was angered to the point where it saw red, and its nose was puffing out heavy breaths, making huffing and puffing noises, it stamped its hooves wildly due to it being enraged, it was clear that it was furious now.

Chu Mu Yun’s current body hadn’t even the slightest of battling power, his paws were all soft and meaty, and the tiny little milk teeth in his mouth were soft as hell, don’t even talk about biting through the snow bison’s throat, even gnawing on a piece of meat requires his attention in case he broke his teeth.

So weak, how are you going to kill that big guy?

Obviously he would need to rely on his brain.

Chu Mu Yun quickly observed the terrain around him and after analyzing the route, he began to lead the snow bison around purposefully.

The wrathful lord had no sympathy at all:”Duo Duo, are you trying to kill that dumb cow through exhaustion by running around?”

Zero was silent for a moment:”Alright then……I’m also starting to miss Pride.”

You won’t know it if you don’t compare him to others, but you’ll know once you do, they were both perverts but why was the gap so large!

Chu Mu Yun:”00, concentrate and calculate the snow bison’s energy.”

On this rare occasion, Baby Zero rose up his fighting spirit:”Okay!”

Chu Mu Yun was very clear about his own advantages, this ice spirit beast was very young but it was still a natural spirit beast, it had extraordinary qualifications and great at pulling mobs, especially with the small size of its head, it could jump around without much effort. In comparison, the snow bison had a large body and clumsy movements, it had lost its mind even more after being enraged, it was chasing around wildly like a headless fly.

And so……He really needed a real fatal blow.

When Zero counted to ‘thirty percent’, Chu Mu Yun finally finished his preparations.

Only a small and exquisite like ice-blue fluffball could be seen rushing forward, slamming straight into that solid mountain.

The snow bison was already completely red-eyed, only that awful little fluffball was in his vision, it wanted so badly to smack it to death with one paw! Right now it could only see it ‘escaping in panic” so it chased after it even more eagerly, and with all its strength, it rushed itself into death’s door.

Quicker than words could tell, only the ice-blue hairball could be seen stepping on a branch poking out from the side of the mountain, and after putting its strength into a backflip, it discharged its strength with some effort and escaped the tragic death of smashed to its death.

But the snow bison didn’t have such an opportunity, it had used too much strength in its charge so it couldn’t hold itself back at all, only the ear-piercing sounds of its steel-like hooves scraping across the ground could be heard, but what it could not prevent was slamming its head into the granite mountain, and the huge impact made the entire mountain shake!

Ling Xuan was watching by the side with a glint in his red eyes: This little thing’s very smart, but it’s unfortunate that this wasn’t enough to kill that beast.

Just as this thought flashed past his mind, an amazing scene was born!

He could only see the little ice spirit beast jump up as quick as lightning, and arrived at the vines to the front left in the blink of an eye, and he could see him sticking out its soft meat pads, and tearing it down with some force. After it broke, a gorgeous chain reaction had its grand debut.

With the vines broken, the trees that were ‘half crippled’ from the snow bison’s ramming fell down one by one, because the distance he had chosen between them were just right, and with the trees falling down in a tottering state, the huge impact that came layer by layer did not hold back at all, instead, the they all pushed down the last flowering sago palm with an extremely hard texture, and after this large tree had been knocked down so abruptly, the top of the mountain was pushed down directly from the back and in an instant, and overwhelming rush of falling rocks came rolling down, and the position was just right to crash down into the half fainted snow bison at the front……

There was a loud rumble, and after the dust settled, the small little ice spirit beast cub was standing atop the only tree that still stood, and it looked down at Ling Xuan condescendingly.

At this moment, the wrathful lord had seen from the little guy’s eyes……provocation.

Ling Xuan raised his thin lips, and the colour within his red eyes were vibrant:”Interesting.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Heh heh.”

Zero felt that he could probably guess the meaning behind those last two words from his host.

What was it, you ask?

00 imitated the host’s tone: Things will be more interesting while I’m fucking you. Shy.jpg Ling Xuan who had been standing without moving all this while raised his finger, the disaster scene that Chu Mu Yun had spent a good half day making had disappeared, the stones disappeared, and the snow bison underneath it all appeared.

This big guy died in a bloody muddle-headed way, just taking a guess at the trauma in its heart, he reckoned that the trauma was so huge that it probably wouldn’t want to reincarnate anymore in its next life.

Ling Xuan carried the ice spirit beast over and threw it by the bloody corpse of the snow bison:”Eat up.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero suddenly had a realization:”So it turns out Wrath noticed you were hungry, so he tried making you some food to fill your belly.”

Chu Mu Yun:”I’d rather starve to death ==”

Zero: Heartache.gif

Although he had turned into a small little beast, Chu Mu Yun still wasn’t willing to eat such a bloody pile of raw meat.

Seeing that the ice spirit beast was reluctant to dig in, an idea popped up in Ling Xuan’s head out of joy:”You don’t like raw food?”

He had heard that spirit beasts were psychic, and they might even be able to change into a human form, so they were very picky and many of their habits were not much different from a human being’s.

Ling Xuan felt that this little guy was a talent worth raising, so for once he pampered him:”Hold on, I’ll cook it for you.”

Hearing these words, Chu Mu Yun simply had a new outlook towards him!

After a minute, however Chief Chu looked up to him earlier, he took it back in the same way.

This hurts my eyes!

A cold breeze drifted across this jungle filled with beasts, and in the scene of a messy battle, a black-robed, red-haired, and red-eyed man who was drop dead gorgeous was watching over a pile of unknown black stuff, he faced the ice-blue little guy and yelled out:”It’s cooked, you can eat it now, right?”

Chu Mu Yun looked at that big pile of snow bison meat that could put even a pile of coal to shame, and his entire mood had become very complicated.

He felt that not only would this snow bison not want to reincarnate in its next lift, even in the next next life, the next next next life, the next next next life, it still wouldn’t want to return to this cruel word ever again……

Zero: Light a candle.

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

But as one could imagine, the ice spirit beast didn’t even take a single bite from that black pile.

The wrathful lord exclaimed in his heart: It’s hard after all, raising something, how did that Pride guy raise him up……

After three months, Chu Mu Yun had found out very clearly by Wrath’s side what was called: A day dragging on for years.

It felt like a long time, spending ten years with Pride, but he had only been with Wrath for just three months and he has already decided he wanted to reincarnate back into a human.

As expected……Trying to date a battle freak with no emotional cells within his being, was simply a dream!

But it had to be said, that Ling Xuan was very good at ‘educating’ children.

With Pride, other than showing off his acting skills all day for ten years, he had almost no need to fend for himself at all, he enjoyed himself so much that even a prince or a princess couldn’t compare to him, but if Chu Mu Yun did not have the initiative to be studious, he may have already turned into a real pile of waste.

With Wrath, the cultivation of the ice spirit beast sprang up like mad, from needing to arrange a plan to kill a snow bison, he only needed one slap now to kill a spiny pig, and it only took him three months.

And what’s worse was, to prevent starving to death, the little fluffball still had to pick fruits for itself to eat, find its own spring water, and even had to guard itself against the mystery dishes from a certain lord!

With a little accident he would’ve die by poisoning, this was too much.

And in these three months, Ling Xuan also had quite the fun, there was nothing he could want more than for everyone to know that he had a precious ice spirit beast, waiting in his seat for his enemies to send themselves to his door, if they looked alright he could have some fun, but if not, he would shoo them off, these cozy little days of his were bloody pleasant.

Right when Chu Mu Yun thought that he would’ve needed to grow into an adult before his ball busting interactions with Wrath would change.

A familiar person had come to visit unexpectedly.

After being away for a long time, they were reunited again……To tell the truth, Chu Mu Yun just wanted to get in bed with this little slut Envy to calm his heart!

The black-haired and purple-eyed man extended a pallid hand to poke this soft and adorable little guy, and he spoke in surprise:”So you really got an ice spirit beast.”

In the entirety of the demon realm, the only person close to Wrath may only be Envy:”Mm.”

Yan Chen narrowed his purple eyes, and smiled with no good intentions:”Are you trying to lure that person out with it?”

“I’m trying.”

Yan Chen understood Wrath too well, they were able to get along, so he was inseparable from Envy’s terrible taste.

One liked to destroy, one was willing to destroy.

They were clearly made to be best buddies.

Yan Chen stared at this little ice spirit beast, and threw out a sentence after a moment;”If you want to lure him out, you’ll need to wait till this ice spirit beast grows up.”

Ling Xuan replied lazily:”I’m not in a hurry.”

Yan Chen curled his lips into a smile:”I’ve got a way to make it grow faster.”


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Tler’s notes:

Face the wall for reflecting, if you do something wrong, face the wall then think about what you’ve done

Changed the names to pinyin, Yun Duo Duo means clouds, imagine a cute way of saying clouds. In Chinese, the noun used for a cloud is the same as a flower.

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