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Turning from a well and proper human being to a well and proper fluffball……In Chief Chu’s mind: I can almost kill that adorable little fool who’s keeping quiet.

Does our promise of not dying include turning into an animal as well?

Something big like looking for a body……Shouldn’t it be taken more attentively, seriously, carefully, and while we’re at it……Can we not make this so simple!

Chu mu Yun sighed, he had just wanted to have a good chat with baby Zero but who would’ve thought that a gush of hot wind would blow over, and the violent spur of air would cause his fluffball body to rise up again. Struck by the rumbling, his organs had nearly been shook out of his body.

He had just died once, Chu Mu Yun hadn’t decided to die for the second time yet.

He banished his thoughts of talking to 00 and looked up, the scene that appeared before him really was quite exciting.

He was in a huge cave and the countless strange stalactites and stalagmites had already come crashing down, turning into bits of ash, and the bottom of this cave that was supposed to be dark and damp was suddenly brightly lit, the brightness within was comparable to that of daylight, while the temperature was almost like that of the Sahara desert, heating up the entire space, causing the scene to distort strangely as if it were being tugged at.

And right at this time, a fiery red beast had appeared in the widest area in the heart of the cave. It stood at three to four meters tall with a huge head that resembled that of a tiger or a lion, while his body was as strong and sturdy as that of an elephant, a thick and heavy set of hooves adorned its feet and its tips were as sharp as claws.

The beast seems to have been agitated to its limits at this moment, its mouthful of fangs were protruding and orange waves of flames danced across its body, releasing a constant wave of tremendous power as well as a shocking set of spells, as if it wished for the whole cave to come crumbling down right at this moment.

This was a nine-tier beast, and its ability could almost be put on the pedestal of the god of beasts!

Chu Mu Yun could not recognize the breed of this beast, after all, he could be super anal about things but he wouldn’t clearly remember every detail of all the beasts that were depicted.

But what did the appearance of a nine-tier beast imply? Take for example, the protagonist and his little squad participated in the hunt of a six-tier beast over halfway through the main text, and it took more than ten days of hundreds of people taking turns to whittle its strength down before they were finally able to kill the bugger.

If that was the case for a six-tier beast, then there was no need to mention one of the ninth tier.

With just a raise of its hoof, stomping down at an unfortunate person could mean the end of his life.

And at this moment, the only one coming forth to battle this ferocious beast was a single person.

Chu Mu Yun looked on over to the man, and unsurprisingly, what he saw was a certain man with red hair, red eyes, and a maddening thirst for battle.

So to say……Was student Ling Xuan his target of capture this time around?

Chu Mu Yun thought about the characteristics of this mad dog and instantly, he could feel a cramp in his stomach.

He shouldn’t have abused Pride so much, he missed him now, he wanted to go back and hop into bed with him before the flowers and under the moon, even having to lay on the bed for a good month after doing it once was better than having to go on a date with this crazy bastard with no spice in his life.

And right now, the large wolf dog who had found its delicious and meaty ‘bone’, was currently playing excitedly with this pitiful little beast.

That’s right, he was just playing around with it.

Perhaps this red hot, fiery big guy still had some fighting prowess at the very start, but under normal circumstances, whether it was a human or a beast, they would get more tired as they fight, more fatigued, and less able to hold on.

But Ling Xuan was definitely not a normal person, the more he fought, the higher he got, and he would get more and more zestful. If it could spill even a little of his blood, he would probably be so excited that his mana would be refilled completely and he would even be adorned with an aura of bloodthirst, and his combat power would definitely be doubled.

And so……the outcome of the battle before him was already clear, there was no suspense at all.

Chu Mu Yun was pondering about how he was going to use his ‘weak and delicate’ little fluffball body to attract the wrathful lord’s interests……

00 who had been quiet all this while finally spoke quietly:”Um……I think Wrath is going to kill your mother……”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Baby Zero:”Al……though that’s not your real mom, but it’s still this body’s……”

Chu Mu Yun:”Who told you that was ‘my’ mother?”

Zero:”You’re in a big hole, there’s a big beast and a little beast, isn’t it the mom and its baby?”

Chu Mu Yun:”It could also be an old man with his child bride.”


Chu Mu Yun:”Baby, not all four-legged creatures are related, that’s a flame beast, and I’m clearly an ice attribute one, there’s no way you can get a child with such conflicting attributes no matter how you try to combine them.”


Chu Mu Yun:”^_^, come, tell me, what are you guilty about?”

Zero: qaq!

Chu Mu Yun was just thinking about asking again, but he didn’t expect that the battle had already ended.

The rumbling crash of the giant caused the entire mountain to start shaking. With quick reactions, Chu Mu Yun hopped away with a bounce and avoided the tragic fate of his death under a huge stone.

And by some stroke of luck, his bounce landed him directly in front of Ling Xuan.

Then……Chu Mu Yun found the extremely depressing difference of their heights.

The feeling of having to strain his neck until he fell over with his four legs pointing at the sky before he was able to see the man clearly really was……Let’s not talk about that anymore, might as well beat up that naughty little child in his head to death on routine.

Ling Xuan had also noticed the icy blue ball of fluff on the ground. He raised his finger and black mist wrapped him up, and carried the little guy up.

They were finally able to look properly at each other, Chief Chu expressed that he was very pleased.

The wrathful lord looked him up and down, then the corners of his thin lips were raised up and his scarlet red eyes were narrowed, forming into a smile filled with wickedness.

Chu Mu Yun was just lamenting that all his kids were so handsome that sparks were flying off them, when he heard a sentence that couldn’t help but made him think about life.

Ling Xuan:”Your mother has been killed by me, so you can just stick with me in the future.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”


So to say, As long as there’s a big beast and a little beast in the cave, they’ll definitely have a mother and child relationship? Who made this stupid law? Can I please trouble you all to look at the attributes, the colour, the shape, then look at the appearance? I know they may all have four legs, but a dog mom can’t give birth to a cat baby alright!

Chu Mu Yun was starting to miss Pride more and more……If he could, he would’ve wanted to go back to be a little white flower for another five hundred years……

The words spoken by the wrathful lord was clearly a statement, he had no intentions of listening to the desires of a little fluffball at all. He raised a finger and picked up the soft little guy, then strode out the cave in big steps after plopping him down onto his shoulder.

The way back had been exceptionally quiet, only the surrounding air had gone tight abruptly as they walked out of the cave, a large-scale spell had come crashing over to their face. It had stunning power and a rumbling that could shake the heavens, it was simply impossible to prevent such a sudden surprise attack. No matter how high his cultivation was, it may be impossible to hide or evade from it, and they only come in contact with it to ensure either their deaths or heavy injuries!

However, Ling Xuan did not even wrinkle his brows, nor did he had any intentions to avoid it. He raised his hand and a sword was formed from the mist coming from the tip of his pale finger, and with a slight nudge of his wrists to turn the blade on its side, the scary looking spell that seemed as if it could destroy the earth instantly collapsed, to say that the overwhelming power had dissipated at the tap of the tip of a brush was an understatement.

Chu Mu Yun who had seen the entire thing couldn’t help but marvel:”That’s so damn awesome!”

Zero matched his expression: ⊙0⊙

The lights and the shadows dispersed and five or six people on the opposite side pressed a hand to their chests at the same time, their complexions had turned yellow due to the reversal of their spell, forcing blood out from their throats.

Ling Xuan swept a glance around the surroundings calmly, and walked off without much interest in the situation.

It was clear that the group of a dozen or so people were specially there to ambush him, the large-scale spell from earlier was also formed by six top level wizards at the same time, and the accumulated power was enough to flatten a mountain. But unfortunately, it was just a matter that could be easily resolved by the wrathful lord with a simple lift of his finger.

The difference between their strengths were too great, it was no wonder that Ling Xuan wasn’t interested.

But hey, if you have no interest then you could’ve just left, you can go from the left, and the right was fine too, but Ling Xuan just did not stray to the left or the right, he just walked forth straight into the heart of the battle carefully planned and prepared to overthrow the ‘Big Boss Wrath’……

Here with the wrathful lord, the word ‘arrogance’ is not an adjective, but rather a verb.

As he moved, he displayed ‘arrogance’.

Being ignored like this angered those who came on an expedition to suppress him, only a middle aged man could be seen stabbing forth with his sword:”You devil! I will kill you and avenge my master!”

His skill in the sword was not ordinary, and the ways he used his sword seemed to show some insight. Although he was striking against Wrath, he wasn’t just slashing around randomly, the parts he targeted were all vital points and blind spots……

But it was a pity, Ling Xuan did not even care about him at all. The long sword shot straight towards him but was actually stopped dead on its tracks two feet away from its target. The tip of the sword felt as if it had landed on a steel plate, even if that middle-aged man forced his strength to the limits, he wasn’t able to move even a single inch.

If you looked at it carefully, you can see that there was a dense, black glint situated right where the sword aimed towards, it seems to have been blocked by an invisible light shield.

Ling Xian strode forth in big steps, and after entering the crowd, the smile on his face was even deeper as he mocked:”What are you all standing around for? Come, all of you.”

This aggro……Inexplicably, Chu Mu Yun felt some pity for the group of guys who came to encircle the ‘demon boss’……

“Ling Xuan! You must die!”

“You devil, I’ll never forgive you for killing my father!”

“……I won’t rest until I’ve taken my revenge on you for destroying our sect!”

“……How dare you snatch my wife away, I’ll never forgive you for this humiliation!”

Chu Mu Yun:”……Some strange stuff are coming in.”

To tell the truth, there actually isn’t even a single person in this group of people who really had a bone to pick with Ling Xuan. He wasn’t trying to clear Wrath’s name, but this guy really was too picky on who he chose to kill, he’d always be too lazy to kill those that were too weak, and right now, the ones who were weak accounted for about ninety-nine point nine nine of those in front of him, this group of people were still quite notable if you put them outside, but in front of Ling Xuan, even if those of them who had their ‘fathers’, ‘masters’, or even their ‘ancestral grandmasters’, would never be able to pull Ling Xuan’s interest, their deaths need not even be mentioned.

But why were there so many people coming to challenge him?

First off, this human form of ‘arrogance’ was simply too provoking; Secondly, Ling Xuan’s reputation amongst the seven lords was even worse than that of Gluttony’s, so they’ll definitely be able to make a name for themselves if they managed to kill him, they could easily become a national hero from then on and marry a rich, pale, and beautiful girl, open their own sect, and walk towards the peak of life!

The one thing the demon realm didn’t have any lack for were hot-blooded men, so a simple way to describe everyone would be to say that their blood has rushed to their heads, and this entire team had gotten together just to fight bosses.

Ling Xuan walked all the way forward without even lifting a single finger, surrounded by a pile of a dozen people, spells came, as well as talismans, and all sorts of holy weapons, rushing over as if they had a death wish. But in the end, not a single one of them was able to break through the transparent light shield the wrathful lord conveniently had by his side.

Chu Mu Yun was perched on his shoulder, watching all the fancy lights shining about, it was a pretty great sight.

There’s nobody else with a character as bad as Ling Xuan, but it had to be said that the immense strength he has gives him the right to be arrogant.

The fight started inexplicably, and the end of it was also ridiculous.

The person being pounced at had been unhurt from the start to the finish, while the ones who came to ambush him had only tired themselves half to death, they even started to fight against each other at the end. After all, they were just a team that had been mashed together casually, spells flew everywhere without a target, they weren’t able to hit Ling Xuan but they could hit anyone else. For a moment, everything had turned into a mess, and they actually ended up killing amongst each other.

Ling Xuan had almost left the encirclement when someone suddenly yelled out:”There’s an ice spirit beast on that devil’s shoulder!”

The shout was rather loud, but unfortunately, the group of people were overtaken by the heat of bloodlust, even if they heard it, they wouldn’t have the time to attend to it, but unexpectedly, his words had awoken Chu Mu Yun.

An ice spirit beast……He didn’t expect that he would actually still be a baby.

But Chu Mu Yun had also found out at this moment why Wrath had brought him away.

An ice spirit beast was a top quality spirit beast with excellent qualifications, and they had extraordinary fighting power once they’ve reached adulthood, he could even obtain strength comparable to that of the god of beasts after forming a pact.

And there was another area of the ice spirit beast that was also very precious. Rumours say that when he reaches adulthood, he would start to produce ice spirit essence, this thing was extremely precious and they were crowned as one of the prime materials in alchemy, you could see it in your life but you could never obtain it.

For Ling Xuan, an ice spirit beast was not only a strategic stockpile for the future, it was also a sweet honey that could attract the bees and butterflies, he was simply precious.

Thinking to this point, Chu Mu Yun had some faint plans on how he would capture Ling Xuan, and the unreasonable wrathful lord had also given him a head start.

Ling Xuan:”Let’s give you a name.”

Chu Mu Yun: I don’t want it.

“How about Duo Duo?”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

“Mao Mao?”

“Rong Rong?”

“Tuan Tuan?”

“Qiu Qiu?”

Chu Mu Yun: I choose death!

He may have felt the disinterest from the little guy on his shoulder, but Ling Xuan had halted his wild naming spree.

All of a sudden, for some inexplicable reason, he recalled the little array mage that trapped him three years ago at the Thousand Phoenix Peak, and his thin lips curved into a smile, then the wrathful lord spat out two words in a deep and husky voice:”Xiao Yun.”

Chu Mu Yun was stunned.

Ling Xuan made his decision:”I will call you Xiao Yun in the future……”

Although Chu Mu Yun felt that the name ‘Xiao Yun’ was a bit sissy, it was much better than the aforementioned ones, and so he nodded tentatively.

But then he heard the wrathful lord add on:”Your name will be Xiao Yun, and your nickname will be Duo Duo, let’s go with that.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

He missed Pride, really, he missed him so much his liver ached!


After baby Zero who had been feeling guilty for a whole day felt for the third time Chu Mu Yun’s thoughts of missing Pride, he still decided to let it all out.

Chu Mu Yun had a rather bad premonition coming up:”Tell me, what’s up?”

Zero:”After I tell you, don’t beat me to death.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Chu Mu Yun:”Tell me first, then I’ll consider it.”

Zero: qaq!

Chu Mu Yun:”Alright, alright, I don’t beat you to death.”

Zero hesitated for a bit:”……It’s related to Pride.”

Chu Mu Yun:”What? Did the portrait not light up?”

Zero:”It’s all lit up.”

Chu Mu Yun breathed a sigh of relief:”Then there’s no problem there now right? didn’t I successfully capture him?”

Zero:”After the portrait lit up, a new condition was added.”

Chu Mu Yun felt his skip a beat.

Zero said bitterly:”The last condition to capture him is: You need to propose to the other party, and they have to accept.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”


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The names mentioned by Wrath are 朵朵DuoDuo(buds/flowers), 毛毛MaoMao(fluffy/furry), 茸茸RongRong(soft/fluffy), 团团TuanTuan(pile), 球球QiuQiu(ball)

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