Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 20


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The prideful lord was slightly startled to hear his words.

During the destruction of the Chu family a decade ago, Mo Jiu Shao discovered a flustered young boy in the sea of fire.

He brought him back to the Thousand Phoenix Peak and carefully raised him for ten years, and what for?

Those who were familiar with Mo Jiu Shao would know, he simply enjoyed nurturing things, he liked to create something beautiful by himself, it was similar to people with hobbies of raising plants, except he enjoyed raising people.

Because compared to plants that have no feelings, fickle humans were way more interesting.

And after raising him to the perfect age, what he anticipated for was the thrill of completely destroying them.

The more perfect they were, the more beautiful it will be when they were crushed.

The more pure they are, the more amazing it will be when they are corrupted.

Undoubtedly, the young man in his arms has already ripened into a delicious fruit that will allow him to taste great happiness, however……he did not wish to destroy him so early.

The Lord of Pride lowered his gaze and gave a warm peck on his forehead, his voice was soft and alluring:”Could you let me continue what you weren’t able to finish?”

Chu Mu Yun raised his head and looked at him, his dark eyes glazed with a layer of mist, but he refused to let his those tears flow:”Father, please tell me who it is, who……”

The Chu family’s final destruction was definitely a needle stabbing at Chu Mu Yun’s heart, just a slight mention of it would send a jolt of pain through his skin and bones.

Mo Jiu Shao sighed:”I had always been reluctant to tell you in the past because you were young, and I as worried you would be impulsive.”

“Who is it!”Chu Mu Yun clutched his robes, the knuckles of his curled fingers started to pale, it was clear that he was trying very hard to suppress his hate and unwillingness to resign himself:”I can no longer practice the sword, I will never be able to reach the ninth form of the Shao Yue style……Father, please tell me, I’m begging you, tell me!”

The young man’s gesture of forbearance made him feel pity, Mo Jiu Shao gave him a comforting kiss:”I’ll tell you, but you have to listen to me, you have to wait for me to make the proper arrangements, alright?”

“Yes!”Chu Mu Yun watched him without blinking.

“It’s ‘Wrath’.”

Hearing this title made Chu Mu Yun stunned, the colour drained from his face and a dense colour of despair painted through the depths of his eyes.

Mo Jiu Shao lowered his voice in pain:”If it was anyone else, I would’ve avenged you directly, I would never let him go free for a decade, however……”


He did not need to finish, nobody in this world did not know the Lord of Wrath —— Ling Xuan.

He was the most demented lunatic to walk the demon realm, he has traveled through the entire demon realm fantasizing obsessively about fighting, he had exceptional talent and his cultivation could be considered the greatest in the world.

And what was even more frightening was his extremely trained and keen awareness in combat, as well as his insane persistence to obtain victory, it was easy to imagine how frightening it was.

“I can see why you were reluctant to tell me, father.”Chu Mu Yun muttered

The disparity between him and Ling Xuan was too immense, the reason Mo Jiu Shao had him practice the Shao Yue style until its ninth form wasn’t to point out that the him at that time was not somebody who could take the culprit on as an opponent, but instead it was to allow him to lose his immaturity of being a ‘newborn calf that did not fear tigers’ after he reached that world, and only then would he be able to clearly see the true difference between the two of them.

Mo Jiu Shao made a promise to him:”Don’t fret, I will make Wrath pay for what he’s done.”

Zero:”He makes it sound so real, I almost want to believe him.”

Chu Mu Yun:”That’s the sweetness I love of yours.”

Zero: shy.jpg

Chu Mu Yun:”It makes sense for him to dump the blame on Wrath.”

Zero tried seriously to recall the very first mad tyrant of history, he was the coolest guy in the world. He replied seriously:”I’m afraid that even if you confronted Wrath, that guy may not even hesitate to admit it.”

“A guy who’s always welcoming of a fight definitely wouldn’t mind being given a few more ‘crimes’.”

Baby Zero felt slightly awkward:”Then how are you going to reveal the truth? Get help from Envy?”


Chu Mu Yun shook his head:”If Pride means to hide it, he wouldn’t let Envy come over to stir things up again.”

When it all comes down to it, both times when Envy ‘broke in’ were all because Pride did not care, and it was even intentional the first time around. Although it wasn’t deliberate the second time, he did not try to stop it either.

But a third time would never come for him to return and cause a mess.

Without Yan Chen, how could Chu Mu Yun uncover the important scenario of ‘Mo Jiu Shao’s Chu family massacre’?

It’s not hard.

There is a wonderful saying: No zuo no die.

Mo Jiu Shao wholeheartedly wanted to destroy him while the scenario of his avenging his father’s death was even more important, how could it be so easy to take back all the suspense he had been laying down for the past decade in such a short amount of time?

What’s more, Chu Mu Yun understood too well what Pride wanted.

Mo Jiu Shao couldn’t stand it, he couldn’t hold back his natural instincts.

After a good night’s sleep, Chu Mu Yun was fully refreshed the next day. He stretched and got off the bed for a stroll.

Although his cultivation was crippled, he was just returning back to the life of an ordinary person. Most of his weakness from the past was just an act……but he really wasn’t able to hold a sword anymore, this really was quite regretful as he had got addicted to it after training for ten years, now it made his hands itch from being unable to hold it.

Fortunately, he had more important things to do.

As a little white flower who constantly strived to improve himself, he wouldn’t be a freeloader even if he couldn’t train anymore.

The Thousand Phoenix Peak had a rich collection of books, Chu Mu Yun still wanted to read through all the books again to memorize them in his ‘remaining time’, so naturally he wouldn’t delay.

And just like that, several months passed. Other than his daily rehabilitation and exercise, he had never practiced the sword or the spear again. Instead, he dipped his mind into the seas of knowledge and read all the medical and array guides desperately.

Both of these did not require any cultivation, being able to learn all of this could still allow him to stand at the top of the world.

Just that the both of these were extremely difficult to learn. Many people were never able to even step through the doors of it due to their poverty, but Chu Mu Yun obviously did not belong to this ‘many people’.

Mo Jiu Shao returned to the palace and saw the young boy sitting by the window, flipping the pages of the old book in his hands. The sunshine shone through the thin screen and projected onto his faintly furrowed brows as if it were veiled with a layer of golden brilliance, beautiful and seductive.

He walked over and silently covered him from behind:”What are you looking at?”

Chu Mu Yun seemed to have noticed only now that he had returned, he turned back with cheery eyes:”Father, you’ve returned.”

Mo Jiu Shao took away the “Xuanyang Array method” from his hands and spoke softly:”Don’t tire yourself, you should rest more.”

Chu Mu Yun turned and raised his head to kiss him, then spoke:”I’m not tired, father, I quite enjoy these things.”

Mo Jiu Shao looked down towards him and suddenly felt the heart beneath his chest beating rapidly.

He was no longer able to touch the sword after practicing with it for ten years.

His outstanding talent had disappeared overnight.

But the youth in front of his eyes was not low, he was not depressed, neither did he give up, he even actively tried to find another direction that could bring him to the peak just the same.

It is simply too beautiful, the beauty of this soul made his heart tremble.

Mo Jiu Shao couldn’t help but anticipate, if he were to find out that he himself was the man responsible for the Chu family’s destruction, if he were to find out that everything in his eyes were all false, that his own father was the very culprit responsible for turning his life into a tragedy.

When that time comes, how would Chu Mu Yun react? What would happen to this beautiful soul?

Would he still be able to stay strong, and keep his chin up, maintaining this pride that was imprinted into his bones?

Or would he come crashing down?

Or perhaps he would become even more beautiful after experiencing such pain?

No matter the ending, Mo Jiu Shao found that his own dreary heart was beating faster.

On that night, Chu Mu Yun had a great time being catered to. Although he thought that Mo Jiu Shao almost couldn’t stand doing him again……Fortunately the thousand year long virgin【what】’s self control was no fluke, he kept himself on check.

From the excitement he could see from Mo Jiu Shao on this night, Chu Mu Yun knew that he had successfully seduced him.

Now he just had to wait.

Baby Zero had been working hard to become a good helper that did not hold him back, and so after cramming for some time, he noticed a problem.

“The blaze has been suppressed so is another important plot going to appear.”

Chu Mu Yun nodded:”Yeah, it should be coming in a month or two.”

Zero suddenly had an idea during his moment of fortune:”Are you planning to……”

Chu Mu Yun:”Baby, I don’t think I can get used to how smart you’re getting these days.”


But an unforseen event happened at the coming of winter, the weather had already turned completely cold, but Yan Jun Qing celebrated the passing of another year in his life.

Mo Jiu Shao help a banquet for him and Chu Mu Yun gave Yan Jun Qing a gift.

Yan Jun Qing looked at the little bottle in his hands and asked curiously:”Brother Yun, what’s this?”

Chu Mu Yun smiled:”Jade purity pills, although it is not of high quality, I made it myself.”

Yan Jun Qing exclaimed cheerfully:”Brother Yun, you’re amazing!”


Chu Mu Yun smiled bashfully:”It’s nothing too amazing, I had to struggle for a long time just to produce a small bottle.”

Yan Jun Qing:”How could it be not! I heard that it was extremely difficult to start alchemizing pills, many masters had to study for over several centuries just so they could make a low level medicinal pill, but martial brother, you……”

Hearing the mention of centuries, Chu Mu Yun’s look had turned slightly dark.

Yan Jun Qing realized the error in his speech, and was slightly anxious.

Mo Jiu Shao redirected the conversation:”Let’s talk inside.”

The banquet began. Although they were only three, Yan Jun Qing was extremely happy and he kept a bright and cute smile for the entire banquet.

Chu Mu Yun couldn’t help taking an extra glance at him, his heart filling with emotion: A little wife tailor-made for himself really is pleasant to look at, their days in the future will definitely become even more moving, and then he would be bagged by the protagonist with a mind full of vigour and passion……

But who could understand this stuffy feeling in his heart?

The next day, Chu Mu Yun promised to go with Yan Jun Qing down the mountain to play, Mo Jiu Shao arranged for some people to guard them.

Yan Jun Qing came over and straightened his posture before speaking:”My lord! I can protect Brother Yun!”

Chu Mu Yun could only quietly replay this clear and melodious little voice in his heart:”Don’t tempt me don’t tempt me don’t tempt me.”

Baby Zero who could hear him:”……”

Mo Jiu Shao had always been very agreeable, so he agreed:”Sure, go ahead and play, take good care of your Brother Yun, little Qing.”


With his encouragement, Yan Jun Qing’s eyes brightened up, he was even more motivated now.

Chu Mu Yun:”To tell the truth, I can understand how Pride feels, such a moving little guy really makes people want to abuse him!”

Zero pondered for a moment:”I think you’re more tempting to abuse than he is right now.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero: ⊙-⊙? Did I say something wrong? It was clear how much more moving the host was in Pride’s heart compared to little Jun Qing, so it’s pretty logical to say that the host was even more tempting to abuse wasn’t it!

After going down the mountain, Yan Jun Qing had a very good time. The entire time Chu Mu Yun was waiting for someone to jump out and identify themselves as his relative.

And fortunately, he did not wait for nothing. While they were having a meal in the restaurant, a man disguised as a waiter entered, after closing the door he dropped to the ground in a kneel and exclaimed in tearful excitement:”Young master! Your servant has finally found you!”


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