Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 19


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Mo Jiu Shao looked at him coldly.

A faint smile curved on Yan Chen’s lips, he was in a great mood:”A few days ago, Xiao Yun noticed that Yan Jun Qing’s blaze had become restless and the tides had even become increasingly fierce, you know that he’s been reading up on medical books since he was young so his comprehension of it was relatively high, in a short amount of time he could figure out that this was a matter that even the two of us couldn’t deal with.”

Mo Jiu Shao narrowed his sharp eyes:”He wouldn’t seek you out for help.”

If it was just to suppress the blaze, there was no need for Chu Mu Yun to search that far.

Yan Chen:”However, what if there was danger in suppressing the blaze?”

Mo Jiu Shao sneered:”So you think that thing could be a threat to me?”

“It could.”Yan Chen smiled.

And so he spoke, but Mo Jiu Shao was instead silent.

If he were to say that Chu Mu Yun did not understand the extent of his cultivation, you could also say that there was nobody else more clear about it than Yan Chen in this world, if he were to say that…….

Yan Chen did not beat around the bush, he continued to speak:”I came back specially to see it, it wasn’t hard to suppress the blaze but Xiao Yun’s cultivation was not enough, but that smart boy used the myriad magic crystal to aid him, he had also drawn an exceptionally clever spirit gathering array, at the end he was able to calm down the blaze but right at the last moment, the blazing flame that stopped moving suddenly erupted and branded a seal directly in Xiao Yun’s soul.”

Mo Jiu Shao raised his head abruptly and looked at him.

Yan Chen pressed on calmly:”I was quite surprised by that accident as well, but what surprised me even more was……Xiao Yun was very calm, as if he had foreseen it.”

Speaking up to this point, Mo Jiu Shao was still confused, he grimaced and pressed his fingers on top of the sleeping lad’s wrist.

If the blaze was to engrave itself into his soul, there would be no other way to get rid of it besides his death.

Yan Jun Qing would never be able to rid himself of the flames his whole life, but the flames in his body were strong and they were of use to him.

Al though the blaze embedded in Chu Mu Yun’s body was extremely small, it bore the resentment and unwillingness to concede of being suppressed for all these billions of years, apart from bringing his host countless suffering, there was no other use for it.

Yan Chen lamented:”This child truly is very gifted, I’m afraid he may have even read through the entire collection of books on the Thousand Phoenix Peak, if not how would he know that there would be such a dangerous step in suppressing the blaze? He knew that if you were to stay in the Thousand Phoenix Peak, you will definitely make a move to try to suppress it, and although the suppression of the flames were easy, there was no getting around the poisoning of the flames at the final moment, he didn’t want you to get entangled with that damn thing for the rest of your life so he could only take the initiative himself.”

Mo Jiu Shao sat there motionlessly, only his slender fingers clenched into a fist, and dug his nails into his palm.

Yan Chen’s gaze fell to the bed, his eyes were filled with pity and yet his lips was curved with wicked pleasure:”……he really is an affectionate and kind child.”

Mo Jiu Shao turned to look at him, his eyes glazed with frost:”Leave!”

Yan Shen had already gotten what he wanted, so naturally he would not longer stay to irritate him. He shot him a frivolous smile and left silently.

It was already late, what happened within Mo Jiu Shao’s body may not be known to others, but how could he himself not know?

The curse set upon him by Lust really was quite terrific, as long as Pride were to enter into a relationship with someone like that of fish and water, on the light side of it they will have they will experience excruciating pain, and on the worst end of it they would become crippled.

Chu Mu Yun was ruined, he will never be able to practice martial arts again in this lifetime, he had such high qualifications, reaching the eighth style of the Shao Yue sword art at such a young age, but now……he may not even be able to hold a sword properly.

But these were all caused under Mo Jiu Shao’s hand, how despaired would he be to know that he was hurt to such a degree by his own beloved?

The more Yan Chen thought about it, the happier he became, he no longer even tried to hide that morbid smile lingering on his lips: Such a good little child, why couldn’t he have been mine?

——Since he doesn’t belong to me, nobody will have him!

Zero was shut off for an entire night, and he was simply shocked when he woke up:”What happened!”

Chu Mu Yun lazily replied:”Huh?”

Zero:”All four corners of Pride’s portrait lit up!”

Chu Mu Yun smiled silently, but he already had an idea of it, it seems that Yan Chen had gravely “hurt” Mo Jiu Shao last night.

Although it hurts so much he wanted to die and his cultivation was all gone, it was worth it, it was very worth it.

All four corners was lit up, now he just had to deal the final blow, this would also be his last gift to Mo Jiu Shao.

Only at this time did Zero notice the state of his host’s body:”Why did your cultivation all disappear……”

Chu Mu Yun:”I’m crippled.”

Zero: Σ(°△°|||)︴

Chu Mu Yun:”If you want to capture Pride, you would have to pay a small price.”

Zero suddenly fell silent.

Chu Mu Yun talked about it very casually:”It’s alright, I was already mentally prepared the day I agreed to you, I was the one who created the seven of them after all, I’m very clear on the price I need to pay to capture them.”

Zero did not make a sound.

Chu Mu Yun chuckled:”But don’t you forget about your promise.”

When Zero gave his reply, he unexpectedly changed back the his initial electronic voice:”Definitely.”

Hearing this word, the corners of Chu Mu Yun’s lips were lifted.

Chu Mu Yun slept for a full three days and three nights, and Mo Jiu Shao had also looked after him for that long, he took care of him without even leaving to change his clothes, he didn’t even take a single step away from him.

It was easy to treat his injuries, just three days was enough for him to recover fully, but as for his cultivation……could never be recovered.

Not only was his cultivation affected, even his core was seriously damaged. Without a place to store spiritual power, Chu Mu Yun would never even be able to dream of cultivating ever again in this life.

This was what it was truly like to become a useless person, even if Mo Jiu Shao could use all kinds of medicine to increase his lifespan, this long life would only become another kind of torture for Chu Mu Yun.

The scene of a young man dancing with his sword played within Mo Jiu Shao’s mind over and over these days, with his outstanding posture that was imposing like that of a flowing dragon, with the formless confidence and ease seeping out of him like a single soft feather, gliding down into his heart and flowing through his body, causing him to shudder faintly.

Mo Jiu Shao did not have very pure intentions when he decided to adopt this child at the very start, he wanted to see the confident side of this shy young boy, he anticipated the scene of this boy putting his whole heart into trusting him, he wanted to see that free and easy side of him.

But it was too unfortunate……

Such an outstanding young man would no longer be able to stand at the top, he will no longer be able to see his spirited look ever again.

When Chu Mu Yun woke up, the first person he saw was Mo Jiu Shao.

His ashen face seemed to turn even paler as he tried to sit up, but he was shocked by how weak his body had become.

What happened?

Mo Jiu Shao picked him up softly and spoke in a low voice, within it was a sense of undisguised pain:”I’m sorry.”

Chu Mu Yun shuddered abruptly and he raised his head, looking into the affectionate pale grey eyes of the man:”Father……”

“I found out about everything.”Mo Jiu Shao kissed his forehead with sympathy:”It’s my fault, I made you suffer.”

A complicated look settled in Chu Mu Yun’s eyes, but quickly he frowned, and spoke in a quiet voice:”It has nothing to do with father, it was Yun’er’s own decision.”

Mo Jiu Shao held him by his arm and suddenly exerted some force, right now Chu Mu Yun’s body was very weak so although he would never mind this extent of force from him, at this moment he yelped in pain.

Mo Jiu Shao came back to his senses and loosened his grip, a trace of panic appeared in his voice that had always remained indifferent:”Did I hurt you?”

Chu Mu Yun had also noticed the abnormality of his body at this moment, he looked down at his weak hands and asked in a trembling voice:”What happened to my body? My cultivation……”

His words caused the surrounding atmosphere to fall into a deep silence all of a sudden.

After a long moment, Mo Jiu Shao spoke:”I never held you all this time because of a special trait within my body, a long time ago……”

He told him everything slowly, Chu Mu Yun had also widened his eyes as well. It turns out that it wasn’t that his father did not want him, but rather he did not dare to have him, he was just trying to protect him, but……now……

Chu Mu Yun’s complexion was terribly pale:”Father, will I……be useless in the future?”

Mo Jiu Shao gave him a loving kiss and his voice was as soft as if he were coaxing a young child with a lullaby:”Don’t worry, I will find a way, I only need some time.”

Chu Mu Yun remained motionless.

If there was no way around it, Mo Jiu Shao may have to suffer from this curse for a thousand years to come……

He was only trying to comfort himself, Chu Mu Yun was very clear of it.

Mo Jiu Shao knew that Chu Mu Yun was a clever boy, he would not be able to keep it from him……He held him and buried himself into his smooth neck, and promised him in a whisper:”It’s alright, even if you can’t cultivate anymore, I am still here, I will protect you, for the rest of our lives.”

Chu Mu Yun’s body froze.

Mo Jiu Shao’s voice was like the most beautiful chords under the heavens, it resounded deep in the depths of his heart:”Xiao Yun, I love you.”

They were only five words, but it allowed Chu Mu Yun to put down all his tension and unease, he turned around and looked at Mo Jiu Shao in deep seriousness, just like that the two of them looked into each other’s eyes as if they wanted to look through them, into their hearts.

At the end, Chu Mu Yun chuckled and the emotion within his eyes were as deep as the ocean:”Mo Jiu Shao, I love you.”

Mo Jiu Shao was startled for a moment, but he lowered his head in the next moment, and kissed him.


Only after he had recovered for three entire months was Chu Mu Yun finally able to leave the house, Mo Jiu Shao had been staying close to him during that period to take care of him, if he were to say that the Lord of Pride had him in the palm of his hands in the past, right now he pampered him so much he could reach the heavens.

Until Chu Mu Yun had fully recovered and after having to repeatedly assure him that he was fine now, did Mo Jiu Shao allow himself to take his leave and deal with all the matters that had been piling up for a long time.

But even so, he still hurried back in the afternoon.

But as soon as he just arrived and had not even stepped into the yard, he stopped where he stood.

The current season was late autumn, red maple leaves were scattered all over the place, and at that moment a pale blue figure stood conspicuously in that field of red.

The young man stood tall with a straight figure, his body clothed in a well-fitted robe that outlined his figure clearly, sexy and attractive.

An ink-coloured sword was clasped between his hand and the movements that were supposed to look smooth and free looked very awkward like a child holding a sword at this moment.

Even as he stabbed forth, the sword fell out of his hands and his entire being staggered for a moment.

For a long time, Mo Jiu Shao had not experienced what it was like to really feel his heart wrench, but at this moment, he was given a taste of it.

For three whole months, Chu Mu Yun never mentioned about his training, he cooperated earnestly with the treatment and faced his weak body in optimism, he never complained at all, even when Mo Jiu Shao was feeling down, he would still comfort him and told him not to blame himself.

But at this moment, Mo Jiu Shao saw the fragility he had hidden beneath his strong countenance.

He did not want anyone to know, he could only face it alone, this was the pride imprinted into his bones.

Mo Jiu Shao stood stunned, he had become a statue under the persevering swordsmanship of the youth.

He did not know how long had passed, he waited until the young man had run out of energy and sat down on the ground in exhaustion before he walked over.

When Chu Mu Yun saw him, he quickly tossed aside the sword in his hands.

Mo Jiu Shao did not say anything, he had simply picked him up tenderly.

On the way back, Chu Mu Yun who had been silent all this while finally opened his mouth, his hoarse voice was filled with exhaustion and the pain that he could no longer conceal:”Father, I can no longer reach the ninth style of the Shao Yue style, I……how am I going to take revenge for the Chu family!”


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