Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 21


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Although he was mentally prepared, Chu Mu Yun still did not do something as dangerous as drinking soup. But when this brother pounced over, he still got a stomach ache.


So to say……This scene really was old-fashioned to the point where it made one weep!

Yan Jun Qing was the first to come back to his senses, he lifted his hand and raised up a wall of flaming light, then took Chu Mu Yun behind him to protect him.

Chu Mu Yun:”Can a man who had to be protected by his wife still call himself a man?”

Zero:”He can!”


Chu Mu Yun:”Huh?”

Zero was bashful:”……I want to be protected as well.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

And so, 00’s gender was male, and he was also a bottom, identification complete.

With a move from Yan Jun Qing, the man immediately took a few steps back vigilantly, but Chu Mu Yun wouldn’t let such a key character run away just like that, he took a step back and spoke to the boy protecting him at his front:”Xiao Qing, hold on.”

EzoicYan Jun Qing looked back at him.

Chu Mu Yun tried to remain calm, but he was unable to conceal the stunned look in his eyes, and deep within those black eyes he could also make out some surprise and disbelief. He moved past Yan Jun Qing and looked towards the man kneeling on the ground:”You……You are……”

But of course, Chu Mu Yun did not know who the man was, the memories of this body from ten years ago was blurry in his mind, there was no way he could recognize this man.

But he did not need to say it, the man raised his head, and with a look of surprise he spoke:”Young master! It’s Ah Zhong! Ah Zhong is the personal guard of the old master, Ah Zhong……Ah Zhong watched the young master grow up!”When he spoke to the end, the middle-aged man burst into tears.

Chu Mu Yun’s face was filled with shock, he couldn’t resist going up to the man. Yan Jun Qing stopped him:”Brother Yun, do you really know him?”Don’t just look at how young this boy was, having wits was something you were born with, just look at how vigilant he was.

Chu Mu Yun patted his hand, and within his voice was an emotion that could not be concealed:”Don’t worry, Xiao Qing, I know him, I know who he is……”Saying this, his voice started to crack as well.

Yan Jun Qing did not stop him anymore, Chu Mu Yun stepped forward, he went up to the man, and helped him up:”Uncle Zhong, you actually……actually……”He started to speak but he found that he wasn’t able to continue.

Chu Zhong’s face was also filled with tears, the excitement and joy in his eyes could not be hidden no matter what.

Chu Mu Yun knew, and what follows next was the highlight, and this wasn’t very suitable for his wife to listen to, so he wiped away his tears and turned towards Yan Jun Qing:”Xiao Qing, can you go out and watch the door for me?”


Yan Jun Qing did not trust the stranger from the very start, so he was reluctant to leave.

But Yan Jun Qing insisted:”Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen, and you’ll be guarding right outside the door so you can enter in time if you hear any strange movements.”

Yan Jun Qing couldn’t help but say:”Brother Yun……”

“Xiao Qing, I wish to speak with him alone, it has something to do with the Chu family……”As he spoke, he started to choke on his words. For a moment Yan Jun Qing felt very empathetic, he thought back to all the blood he had seen in the Yan family, and an extremely unpleasant feeling pi;ed up in his heart, and so he could understand how Chu Mu Yun felt,”I’ll be right outside.”

“Mm.”Chu Mu Yun sent him out.

As soon as he left, Yan Jun Qing drew a small sound-proofing array, then he turned his head and started the tearful affair with his old comrade Ah Zhong.

There were several hundred people in the Chu family, but these were the only two who survived. Chu Zhong had been raised by Chu Fu since he was young, so he was very grateful to the Chu family, he was so loyal that he could be considered one of the most faithful people in the world.

He had been hiding out these past ten years, he had always been looking for an opportunity to take his revenge while looking for Chu Mu Yun, one could say that he has experienced many hardships and pains, but he had never once given up.

Until……he found out the whereabouts of Chu Mu Yun.

At this thought, a burly chap like Chu Zhong cried his heart out:”Young master! How could you fall into that devil’s hands, how could you have been taken away by him!”

Chu Mu Yun raised his eyebrows, he knew that the good part was coming:”Uncle Zhong, what do you mean? It was the lord who saved me, if he wasn’t around, I would have been dead in the wilderness!”

“Mo Jiu Shao……Mo Jiu Shao……”Chu Zhong was almost gnashing his teeth as he spoke that name,”He was the one who destroyed the Chu family!”

Hearing these words, Chu Mu Yun’s entire body stiffened up as if even a thunderstorm was not enough as an adjective anymore, but rather the it had fallen straight on his body.

Chu Zhong stamped his feet:”When you were young, you didn’t know what was going on inside, that Mo Jiu Shao is the devil himself, he was the man who sent the entire Chu family into a sea of fire, all by himself, he was the one who killed everyone, he killed……everyone!”

It really felt like the ground had cracked beneath him, Chu Mu Yun was stunned for a long time, and by the time he regained his senses, he grabbed Chu Zhong’s arms and the veins on his hands had popped out, the anger was clear on his face:”Who are you! Who on earth are you?”

Chu Zhong was startled by him:”Young master, what has happened with you?”

“You are not Chu Zhong! Who are you under that disguise? Why are you trying to stir up me and my father’s relationship, what on earth are you intending to do!”

“Father??”The shock that Chu Zhong had received seeped down into his hate-filled bones:”Oh heavens! What sins have we committed! Young master, you are……you are taking the thief as your father!”

“Get out! Get out of here!”Chu Mu Yun’s anger broke out completely!

Chu Zhong was filled with anger but he was the first to calm down, tears fell from his eyes without end and he took out something from his clothes, and gave it to Chu Mu Yun:”This is the old master’s ‘death core’, it can tell you whether it was really Mo Jiu Shao who destroyed the Chu family!”

Chu Mu Yun stared at the black marble, his heart sank deeper and deeper, and his features seemed to have distorted to a horrifying degree. He was trying to suppress it with all his might, and held the marble in his hand with a strength he didn’t know he had inside him:”I will find out the truth……”

“If it really was him……I will kill him!”


Chu Mu Yun:”If you keep crying my mind is going to flood with water.”

Zero:”Chu Mu Yun is so pitiful QAQAQAQAQAQ!”

Chu Mu Yun:”No I’m not.”

Zero:”Not you, host, I’m talking about Chu Mu Yun QAQAQAQAQAQ.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Chu Mu Yun: pat.jpg

Zero: >﹏<

Chu Mu Yun:”Pride is not Gluttony, he rarely kills innocent people, so there was no need to sympathize too much with the Chu family. As a well-known family that hails from the demon realm, not many of them are good people, any single one of them out there have both their hands stained with blood.”

Zero:”But Pride……”

Chu Mu Yun:”It’s definite that Pride’s three views aren’t proper, if not he wouldn’t have died so terribly.”


Chu Mu Yun:”So baby, why would you have me capture this pile of mentals?”


After returning to the Thousand Phoenix Peak, Chu Mu Yun seemed to have lost his soul, Yan Jun Qing noticed the abnormality:”Brother Yun, did you find any clues to the murderer?”He was a smart one, he was able to pinpoint it in a moment.

Hearing the word ‘murderer’ being mentioned, a deep pain emerged in his eyes, but he was able to maintain the calmness in his voice:”No, we were just reminiscing and I recalled something.”

Hearing this, it was unavoidable for Yan Jun Qing to remember things in his past, so for a moment he did not continue to speak.

When they separated, Chu Mu Yun told him:”Xiao Qing, about what happened today, don’t tell f……father.”

Yan Jun Qing hesitated for a moment, and Chu Mu Yun added:”I don’t want father to worry anymore, and I want to tell him myself.”

Yan Jun Qing responded:”Alright, I won’t tell him.”

The two separated. Mo Jiu Shao did not return until the moon reached the middle of the sky.

When he walked in, he saw the youth sitting by the bedside:”You haven’t slept yet?”

Chu Mu Yun raised his head abruptly, the black in his eyes was very dark, it even seem to seep into one under the moonlight.

Mo Jiu Shao’s heart trembled, and the corners of his mouth raised up lightly for a moment.

Chu Mu Yun opened his mouth, and his voice was very calm:”I was waiting for you, father.”

Mo Jiu Shao walked close to him, and kissed his lips with a peck that was chilly from the cool wind outside:”Did you have fun today?”

Chu Mu Yun’s lips trembled slightly, but he stayed strong and didn’t avoid it, he had only spat out two words in a very complicated tone:”I had fun.”

Mo Jiu Shao grinded against his lips intimately:”Your appearance suggests something different.”

Chu Mu Yun exchanged eye contact with him, and the two were stuck in a deadlock for a while, only then did he suddenly circle his arms around Mo Jiu Shao’s neck, he plastered a kiss over eagerly, passionately, and even madly.

Mo Jiu Shao was slightly surprised but quickly, he returned his kiss. The lips and tongue of the two were stuck together like glue, and bringing each of their own feelings, they rolled over to the bed.

Right here, borrowing the resentment, reluctance, panic, and despair, to become himself for one night.

Although the effect of his appearance was that of a little white flower swimming by the edge out of madness, but it had to be mentioned that the joy of taking the initiative was too wonderful.

Pride is top quality, he is just too damn beautiful!

Chu Mu Yun was actually vaguely reluctant to part with all this at the end.

He had been scheming for over a decade, and not even having one real taste until the end made him quite disappointed.

But Chu Mu Yun had never been an emotional person.

The ‘death core’ contains the memories of a person with high cultivation and is produced during their death. When touched by a relative, it will turn into a gold colour, when touched by the person who killer him, the marble would turn red. Under normal circumstances, the perpetrators would not leave any traces and would completely destroy this death core.

But Mo Jiu Shao left it deliberately, just like how he left Chu Zhong alive, with that, he would of course leave such an important object behind.


Logically, Chu Mu Yun did not need to activate the death core, he had known that Mo Jiu Shao was the killer anyway, but if you start a show you had to bring it through to the end, not to mention a show as good as this.

And so, in the later half of the night, he took out the ‘death core’ when Mo Jiu Shao had fallen asleep.

Wearing a thin coat, Chu Mu Yun sat by the bed for a long time, so long that he seemed to have even turned into an ice sculpture.

Then, he finally extended his hand, and slowly, gently, he touched Mo Jiu Shao’s fingers.

The prideful lord had a pair of very beautiful hands that were as lustrous as jade, the knuckles on his long fingers were perfect and flawless, but they were not feminine.

These two hands held great power, with just a turn it could shake the heavens and the earth, but at the same time……these beautiful pair of hands had accumulated so much filth and blood.

Chu Mu Yun had fallen completely in a daze, he stroked him again and again in a near greedy manner, as if he was about to lose him very soon, he knew clearly that he could not keep him, so he could only delude himself in this illusion.

In the end, he finally set down the black marble with shaky hands.

his nervous hands were laced with sweat, and his chaotic heart was filled with anguish, his eyes were opened so wide that even blinking seemed to feel sore.

Finally……his pale fingertips came in contact with the deep dark marble.


The red glow sprouted abruptly.

The verdict of the death penalty weighed heavily in his heart. Chu Mu Yun’s face was so ashen that it was frightening, his body froze for a moment and in a flurry, he fled from this stuffy room.

Mo Jiu Shao who had been in a ‘deep sleep’ opened his eyes, he got off the bed and covered his breath, walking to the side of the window, and to his surprise he saw the trembling youth.

That fragile posture that tried so hard to remain strong, really was at its peak of beauty.

For the first time in his long life, Mo Jiu Shao had a deep desire to possess him.

He had such a strong desire that, even if it destroyed him and made him crumble apart, he would still want to imprison him by his side.


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