Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 18


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Although they were walked in on, the two people in the room wasn’t actually very anxious about it.

This was the moment Yan Chen had been waiting for, and he got even more excited, while Chu Mu Yun was lamenting that the show was finally on the road.


Baby Zero:”Ahhhh! Pride is here!! It’s over it’s over it’s over, we’re done for this time!!!”

Chu Mu Yun:”I thought you closed your sensors.”

Zero:”Is this the time to be bothered by such a small detail? What do we do? Now that Pride found out……He’ll definitely……”

“Be good.”Chu Mu Yun said lazily,”What happens next isn’t suitable for you to watch.”

Zero: ⊙△⊙

Chu Mu Yun:”Don’t worry, I have you here anyway, I can’t die.”

Zero:”……”Makes sense.

While consoling 00, the shock on Chu Mu Yun’s face did not ease up at all.

He had originally been wearing a loose black silk robe, right now it had already been pushed down……

Compared to his messy clothes, Yan Chen still had a fair bit of clothing on him, although his collar was also wide open, his belt was still on.

When Mo Jiu Shao entered, what welcomed him was the scene of Yan Chen kissing Chu Mu Yun, and the young lad did not seem to be struggling, he even seemed to be rather submissive, clutching onto the bedpost as if he was longing for something, exposing his all in front of Yan Chen.

Pairing with those impatient words spoken by the youth earlier……

His pupils suddenly narrowed, for the first time beneath the heart of the Lord of Pride who had never once received a ripple in his calm for thousands of years, a cluster of flames representing his anger formed.

Chu Mu Yun locked eyes with him and he was completely dumbfounded, he simply could not even change the expression on his face. Embarrassment, humiliation, the sort of despair that was hard for one to describe displayed itself fully on his appearance.

The first one to speak was Yan Chen.

He had a gentle smile on his face, but the way the corners of his mouth were raised seemed cold and ruthless:”Martial brother, you shouldn’t have come back now.”

Mo Jiu Shao did not even spare a glance at him, much less give him a response, his pair of grey eyes were locked on Chu Mu Yun’s body without even blinking.

Yan Chen reached out and pulled the young man into his arms and landed an affectionate kiss on his forehead before speaking with much care towards him:”Look at him, you’ve frightened Xiao Yun to bits.”

As if he had lost his soul, Chu Mu Yun did not even move. He let Yan Chen hold him as he pleased and his whole body was stiff like a lifeless block of stone.

While comforting him, Yan Chen turned his head to look at Mo Jiu Shao:”He didn’t want you to know, and now you’ve come back all of a sudden. He……”

“Why?”Mo Jiu Shao finally spoke, his voice that was already cold like a frosty mountain on a usual day had become more like a hail storm at this moment, it made whoever heard it feel as if their hearts were being frostbitten.

Of course Chu Mu Yun was unable to answer.

Yan Chen smiled softly:”Xiao Yun has already grown up, he’ll definitely end up with some needs, you have no way of satisfying him but I do.”

Chu Mu Yun was stunned for a moment, he lifted up his head and stared at him fiercely.

Yan Chen looked at him with a loving gaze, no words were needed for him to take away Chu Mu Yun’s strength to resist.

Hearing this, Mo Jiu Shao’s face was blank:”He’s not that kind of person.”

Chu Mu Yun’s back stiffened, and his eyes quickly filled up with tears. It seemed to look as if he could cry out silently if Mo Jiu Shao was to say another word.

But it was a pity that his back was facing Mo Jiu Shao due to the angle, the Lord of Pride wasn’t able to see it, but Yan Chen had gotten hard from the sight of it.

This is truly wonderful.

Yan Chen’s throat bobbed slightly, he was finally able to resist the impulses of his heart as he continued to speak:”That’s right, Xiao Yun is a good child, there’s no way he would be so deprived, but everyone will change some day. I did use some small tricks at the very start but would he be able to forget it after he’s had a taste of sweetness? And you weren’t able to satisfy him, he could stay together every night with the man he loved but he wasn’t able to find release, what could he do? He couldn’t stand it anymore, naturally he would come to me.”

As he spoke, Yan Chen kissed Chu Mu Yun with loving pity and continued:”Don’t worry, martial brother. I have no emotional entanglements with Xiao Yun, we are simply helping each other out mutually, if you never came back you would’ve never found out, and Xiao Yun would still be the Xiao Yun who loved you, I won’t snatch him from you either, just occasionally……”

“Get out.”Mo Jiu Shao opened his mouth, his voice was very calm but the sudden momentum of his body was powerful to make the entire Thousand Phoenix Peak tremble slightly.

Yan Chen protected Chu Mu Yun but he knew that everything was almost ready. For him to be able to enrage his martial brother to this degree, it can be seen that this guy truly is precious to him.

It was quite unfortunate that he wasn’t able to have a taste.

But no matter, this will be better.

He had never truly tasted it, and yet he was treated in such a cruel way by his sweetheart on his first time, this would make him even more despaired wouldn’t it.

Yan Chen licked his lower lips, the oncoming darkness would finally satisfy his hollow heart.

Such sincere feelings, such passionate love, such a cute child.

If I can’t have it, then I must destroy it!

“Since martial brother has returned, I certainly must go……”He let go of Chu Mu Yun as he spoke and really left without even a pause.

The door closed behind him and the temperature in the room continued to fall. Although currently it was late autumn, the air inside felt as if it was immersed in ice instead, it was so cold that it could make one shiver.

Chu Mu Yun staggered as he stood up, and pulled up his messy clothes in embarrassment. Before he could cover himself up, Mo Jiu Shao came forth and pushed him down on top of the bed.

Chu Mu Yun looked up in confusion and finally spoke his first words tonight:”Fa……Father……”

Mo Jiu Shao’s pair of eyes were bleak as the sky before a thunderstorm, the overwhelming clouds were oppressive and made it hard for one to breathe while his cool voice was even more like thunder, coming down from the sky and falling straight into his soul.

“If you’re so deprived, then I will satisfy you.”

Chu Mu Yun’s eyes widened suddenly, the despair within his eyes had turned into reality, they glazed over with a transparent veil of tears and the deep bitterness within slid down his cheeks silently.

Mo Jiu Shao only took one look before he shifted his gaze away, he walked towards the bed……


At the end…..

Pride lowered his head and bit down into his neck.

It was already painful enough, but instead Chu Mu Yun’s body could sense it no longer.

He stared blankly at the curtains of the bed, and he could only hear the man buried in his neck speak in a low voice like that of the damp air after the rain:”Why……didn’t you wait for me?”

——I really… like you.

Big droplets of Chu Mu Yun’s tears rolled down from the corner of his eyes, then he closed his eyes and fell unconscious.

It was quite sad for the old Chu since nobody was there to admire his work after he had performed such a good show, it was sad and really it was quite painful.

Although preparations were made earlier and he had loosened himself early on, there was still some blood. 90% of the pitiful miserableness on the surface was just an act…..But did Mo Jiu Shao dare to do more? Didn’t he say he hadn’t done it in more than a thousand years? How could he still have such good endurance?

The great Chu who had slightly miscalculated at this point was slightly upset: Being a bottom really is a fucking ball busting!

But thankfully the harvest was good, now it’s all up to that slut Envy.

Chu Mu Yun was tired, it was just right that the little white flower should be passing out now, he simply fell asleep just like that.

Mo Jiu Shao sat for a long while to watch over him, until he sensed the presence of someone else outside.

He spoke deeply:”Come out.”

Yan Chen’s figure appeared. He looked pitifully at the young lad huddled up on the bed and turned to ask:”Martial brother, Xiao Yun tasted very good didn’t he?”

Mo Jiu Shao:”Do you think just because the “Gate” is present I wouldn’t have the guts to make a move on you?”

Yan Chen smiled:”That’s a funny joke, martial brother. There’s no way I can defeat you.”

Not waiting for Mo Jiu Shao to shoo him out, Yan Chen took the initiative and spoke:”Do you know why Xiao Yun was threatened by me?”

He emphasized the word “threaten” on purpose.


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