Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 17


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Yan Chen was a man of his word, he had successfully invited Mo Jiu Shao away on the second day.

Chu Mu Yun did not care what they went out to do but he knew that Yan Chen would give him enough time, after all the fun stuff is still waiting at the back, how would that little slut be willing to make a mistake after his appetite had been roused up?

Chu Mu Yun started to make his preparations as soon as Mo Jiu Shao left.

He was pretty pleased with the details set by himself at this moment. As for how he would control the blazing fire, he had already been analyzing it back and forth countless times. Although not much of it was written within the paragraphs, what he wrote himself was still logical with virtually no flaws.

His editor little Zhang was fortunate enough to have the chance to look through this part of the settings, at that him what blurted from his mouth was:”Chu bro, did you transmigrate over from the demon realm!?”

Although what he said was slightly exaggerated, it still proved how detailed and realistic this setting was.

At this moment Chu Mu Yun moved it out and used it directly, the results were likely even better than with Mo Jiu Shao.

But of course his cultivation was much lower, but this suppression did not require much in terms of cultivation, the key point was containing the fierce flames with the demonic spirit.

The preparations were complete, Chu Mu Yun had also helped Yan Jun Qing take care of his body sedulously too.

On the fourth night, a violent wave of heat suddenly erupted when the moon reached the center of the sky.

Chu Mu Yun did not sleep at all, he turned around and got out of his bed, then in a few steps he rushed over to Yan Jun Qing’s residence.

The closer he got to this terrifying heat, the more the scorching heat forced him back, by the time he reached the residence, even if Chu Mu Yun took out the fire prevention bead he may still receive the sharp pain in his skin from the burns, the bright spectacle in front of his eyes were intense to the point where the heat had distorted the imagery.

Yan Jun Qing was suffering a tremendous amount of pain and he didn’t even seem to be conscious anymore. His entire body was surrounded by flames in a dazzling orange, his pair of black eyes had turned into a dark blue, it was clear that the temperature had gotten so high that it was way past what he could imagine.

He seemed to have sensed it as soon as Chu Mu Yun appeared, the only thread of reason left within him forced him to open his mouth:”Brother Yun, don’t worry about me……go……”

His words that were spoken through his struggles made Chu Mu Yun feel warm inside, this really is a good child, he did not dote on him for nothing.

Much time had already been wasted, Chu Mu Yun quickly created a magic circle, the myriad magic crystal given to him by Yan Chen had played a big role in this, the power contained within had been fully released by Chu Mu Yun and they were all poured into the magic circle, only then could it just barely compete with the fierce flames.

But this was only the beginning, Chu Mu Yun walked to Yan Jun Qing and although he had made his mental preparations, his fingers were still burned through when he touched him.

The smell of blood and flesh burning caused Yan Jun Qing to wake up, he stared at Chu Mu Yun with wide eyes and his dark blue eyes were filled with anxiety:”Don’t worry about me, Brother Yun, quickly leave here, you can’t……”

Chu Mu Yun looked at him and the corners of his lips were slightly raised up, he gave him a soothing smile:”Don’t be scared, nothing will happen to you.”

The calm demeanor and gentle voice of the lad, as well as the vast world within those two black eyes comforted Yan Jun Qing.

Even if the heat wave burned the space to the point where it seemed to have even transcended reality, at this moment Chu Mu Yun’s faint smile still brought him to the scene of a field of plains with the sky high up above and grass beneath his feet, with the vast field of vision, and a soothing breeze, the gentle coolness that caressed his face slowly helped him to relax.

He had tremendous confidence, Yan Jun Qing trusted him.

Chu Mu Yun saw him gradually calm down and he knew that his efforts in all these years did not go to waste.

The fierce flames had already completely been suppressed but this was not the end of it yet, at that time Mo Jiu Shao had underestimated the blaze so it had reversed on him at the last moment and he was poisoned by the fierce flame.

Chu Mu Yun wanted to avoid this reversal so he was very absorbed throughout the whole process, trying to crush the blaze to cut off its ability to resist.

But fact was that even Chu Mu Yun had underestimated this thing.

He had supported it for a whole ten hours, and right after Chu Mu Yun thought that it had disappeared, the blazing fire suddenly erupted like a beast that had been trapped for thousands of years, it was in despair and it would not resign to its fate as it released one last attack.

Chu Mu Yun had nowhere to hide, because he had rushed straight into him and even pierced directly through his flesh and into the demonic soul.

The violent shock made his whole body shake but he quickly stabilized himself.

The blazing fire had indeed run out of power, although he was still poisoned by the flames the toxicity was so low that Chu Mu Yun could easily suppress it.

But it was a pity that this thing latched onto people too much, if the brand on his skin he could just peel it off to make it disappear, but if it was intertwined with his soul, only death would rid him of it.

Chu Mu Yun did not mind too much anyway, avoiding the poison was only the best plan but being poisoned was still within his expectations.

The heat wave dissipated and the surrounding calmness was restored, Yan Jun Qing had already fainted so Chu Mu Yun checked his pulse, and only after checking that he was fine did he ease his breath.

This was a good start, now he just had to wait for the protagonist to appear.

After tossing about for the whole night, even if there was countless energy being supplied by the myriad magic crystal, Chu Mu Yun was still thoroughly exhausted.

He settled everything with Yan Jun Qing before returning to his abode, and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

He had slept for an entire day and an entire night before Chu Mu Yun finally woke up.

All these years of training was not all talk, he had always had a very good physique and now he had achieved a victory, it filled him with vitality and he was fully refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

Since Mo Jiu Shao was not around, Chu Mu Yun wasn’t too particular about what he wore either, he casually put on a black silk robe and his neckline was left half open, his waistband was tied loosely with his long hair let loose to flow freely behind his back, along with his handsome appearance, a free and easy temperament was suddenly revealed.

It was a shame that there were no girls around, if not they wouldn’t be able to keep their sights on him as their faces redden and their heartbeats quicken.

Chu Mu Yun picked up a small jar of wine with his left hand, he enjoyed smoking in his previously but it was quite a shame that this baby of his wasn’t available in this world, he could only drink some wine to comfort himself.

What was even more pitiable was that he still needed to act pure in front of Mo Jiu Shao, he had to redden his face as soon as he took two sips, desperately pretending that he had low alcohol tolerance still forced him to the edges.

Right now nobody was there so he could do whatever he pleased, just like that he walked towards Yan Jun Qing’s residence.

It was just that……he had only reached halfway there when he suddenly bumped into someone.

Chu Mu Yun was startled.

The man in the black robes opposite of him looked at him with interest, the zealous spirit within his purple eyes seemed to be pouring out.

Zero:”It’s Envy!”

Chu Mu Yun:”Did you notice his presence earlier?”

Zero:”……I didn’t.”

Chu Mu Yun:”My baby, you need an upgrade soon.”


Chu Mu Yun:”Don’t cry, it’s fine even if you don’t upgrade.”


Chu Mu Yun:”It’s already cheating for you to be bound to me.”


Q: How do I get along with a badass host who can read minds?

A: Only an ellipsis can represent my heart.

Yan Chen stared at Chu Mu Yun, and his gaze brought about a scorching heat:”I’ve never seen you look like this before.”

Chu Mu Yun was silent, he pulled up his collar and asked in a cold voice:”Why are you here?”

Yan Chen saw his serious demeanor and felt slightly regretful, he came over just now after suppressing his presence and he was able to see that free and lazy young lad from far away, the desire within his heart was ignited almost instantly, the honeyed skin that was revealed from his loose neckline, the slender fingers curled around the jar of wine, and the excellently toned arms that was revealed from his slightly raised sleeves……

This was a male body that was definitely not slender, but yet it was more alluring than all the fair-skinned boys, the indescribable sexiness of him gave him some baffling impulses.

If what Yan Chen thought of when he first saw the adult Chu Mu Yun was that he wanted to fuck him so hard he’d cry, then right now his heart with the desire to destroy him had already gotten so excited that he could no longer suppress it.

The Lord of Envy curled up the corners of his mouth and revealed a gentle smile:”Of course I came here to receive my compensation.”

Chu Mu Yun’s body stiffened up and his face paled:”You said you would wait until I finished what I had to do……”

“You’re done aren’t you?”Chu Mu Yun cut him off and pointed out:”Yan Jun Qing is already fine now.”

Chu Mu Yun paused for a moment, but he quickly responded:”But we still can’t do it in the Thousand Phoenix Peak, we agreed that I will go down the mountain in seven days.”

“But I can’t wait anymore.”Yan Chen walked closer to him slyly, his thin lips sucked on his earlobe and he softly whispered:”I want you, I want you right here in the Thousand Phoenix Peak, in your abode, and on the bed filled with the lingering affections of both you and my martial brother, I want to fuck you until you cum while you’re crying.”

Towards this, the reactions of both the system and the host were like this.

Baby Zero:”So……So perverted!”

Chu Mu Yun:”So exciting.”

Zero: Σ(°△°|||)︴

Although he was excited inside, he still had to have all sorts of disgust on his face like he wanted to die.

Chu Mu Yun tightened his body and spoke coldly:”Where is my father?”

Yan Chen comforted him:”Don’t worry, he will not return within three days.”

Chu Mu Yun was slightly relaxed.

But Yan Chen could wait no longer, he hugged his waist directly and plastered over a hot and eager kiss.

Chu Mu Yun did not evade him but he was not too happy about it either, he received it passively and did not return the kiss nor did he make a sound, he just let the dextrous tongue hook onto his, and tease him, causing a silver strand to slide down, but he still remained his sobriety and calmness the whole time.

This look of his made Yan Chen even more enthusiastic.

“I’ve been looking forward to this,”He kissed him with a feeling of cherishment and whispered:”Looking forward to the joy you can bring me.”

Chu Mu Yun used an amazing amount of perseverance to keep himself from getting hard.

To tell the truth……This look of Yan Chen’s really is just asking to be fucked, if not for the fact that there were important plotlines after this, he really fuck him to death regardless of the consequences, besides he had already given up on the notion of being able to capture Yan Chen this time anyway, it was no loss for him to fuck him for a round and have his fun first.

But it’s too bad, the story that followed after this was too important and he couldn’t be careless.

They returned to his resting chambers, Yan Chen tore off Chu Mu Yun’s clothes directly and a dense series of kisses landed over, following the fragrance of the plum blossoms lured one into falling into indulgement.

This long foreplay made Chu Mu Yun feel quite embarrassed, he really wanted to keep his cool but his body could fool no one, how would he be able to stand being played around in such a way?

But he did not want to admit that his desires had been roused up by this devil and he abandoned himself to it:”If you’re going to do it, hurry up, just enter me……”

Before he could finish speaking, the door suddenly opened and a man dressed in a silver robe stood there indifferently like a frosty moon.


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