Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 14


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As for the reason why Chu Mu Yun thought of this setting, it was because this grave digging curse wasn’t something that happened in the actual course of events in 《Demon Realm》 at all, it happened purely during the character creation process, this was something Chu Mu Yun added in himself in his mind.

At that time he had wanted to write it but then he realized that he couldn’t use it within the main storyline, so he just threw it to a corner to accumulate dust.

But he just did not expect that the settings he had never gotten to write were actually operating normally within this world.

As a result, Mo Jiu Shao now had a reason as for why he kept himself from doing him.

It was laughable for his current cultivation levels to even be worth 20% of Mo Jiu Shao’s level.

Seventy percent……

Chu Mu Yun pondered over it seriously: If I really want to take that little slut as my snack, I’m going to have to work harder.

On the second day, baby zero who had opened his eyes exclaimed:”Another corner of Mo Jiu Shao’s portrait lit up!”

Chu Mu Yun:”00, can you tell me how many corners there are in total?”

Zero:”Rectangle, four corners, but it’s not enough for just the corners to be lit up, the entire portrait has to light up.”

Chu Mu Yun thought about it generally, and he had an idea about it, he reckoned that it was probably like a passport photo, if you weren’t able to capture them it would be black and white, but once you’ve succeeded it will be coloured.

So another corner actually lit up? Could it be that his confession from last night had an effect?

As he pondered about it, Zero lamented:”Love truly was made, see when you slept with him again, another corner lit up……”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”Continue your efforts, and after sleeping with him a few more times he’ll definitely……”

Chu Mu Yun held it in for a good half day, but still decided not to bring up the back that he was still a virgin……

It truly was quite shameful, especially in front of this adorably dumb guy, Chu Mu Yun expressed: I can’t bear it.

Due to what happened last night, Chu Mu Yun had to make sure he put on a look of unease when he saw Yan Jun Qing the next day.

Yan Jun Qing was a keen person so on any other day he would definitely notice, but he truly was too happy these days.

The lord returned, he said that he had found some clues on the destruction of the Yan family and the investigations for the whereabouts of the murderer had commenced.

Moreover, the lord had even brought an extremely rare high-grade fire prevention bead. Chu Mu Yun wore it on his body and he no longer had to worry about being scalded anymore.

Other than the two good news, there was still a third one.

The lord had found a manual that was suitable for him to train with. As long as he works hard, not only can he control the blazing fire within his body, but he could even greatly improve his cultivation, in no time he will definitely be able to take the life of the culprit by his own hands, and avenge his family!

Under these emotions, Yan Jun Qing truly did not notice Chu Mu Yun’s calm avoidance.

Another year had come about, and for the sake of sampling the flesh Chu Mu Yun had practiced the Shao Yue sword style while pushing his life to the edge, Yan Yun Qing had also started to cultivate assiduously.

Mo Jiu Shao treated them very well and took care of them without showing favouritism, he devoted so much of his attention that even if Chu Mu Yun would try to hinder him time and time again, Yan Jun Qing still started to become more and more reliant on this prideful lord.

But of course, by comparison Yan Jun Qing still liked Chu Mu Yun more.

But it was only a simple brotherly bond between them, this was understood by Chu Mu Yun, and it was in turn very regrettable for him.

And in this year, Chu Mu Yun and Mo Jiu Shao had both been very intimate every night. Other than the fact that they were unable to go through to the end, they were getting on completely as a couple passionately in love and it was even the extremely sweet kind. If they were to separate just a little bit for three or four days, Mo Jiu Shao will definitely kiss him madly until he couldn’t hold on once he returned.

If it weren’t for the fact that there was not a single movement with Mo Jiu Shao’s portrait after a whole year had passed, Chu Mu Yun really would’ve thought that this guy had actually fallen for him.

The turning point happened within the later half of the year.

When the Thousand Phoenix Peak was covered by autumn leaves, Chu Mu Yun noticed something strange after watching Yan Jun Qing train for a week.

“Xiao Qing, have you been feeling like your chest is burning up recently, like someone lit a fire inside?”

Yan Jun Qing looked up in surprise:”How did you know, Brother Yun?”

Chu Mu Yun had been waiting for this, how could he not know? He wrung his eyebrows together slightly, and said sternly:”Does the feeling get more powerful at night? Especially after midnight, do you have that feeling where you wake up because of the burning?”

Yan Jun Qing had indeed been rather troubled by this matter recently, there was a blazing fire within his body and this led him to be very afraid of fire, it was needless to mention this burning sensation as even if he jumped into a burning stove he wouldn’t notice the hotness at all.

After all, the blazing fire is one of the fiercest flames under the heavens, an ordinary fire could hardly be compared to it.

But starting from three days ago, he started to feel something off, at first it just felt like his chest was burning up so he did not mind it too much, but after waking up from his sleep it would become burning hot the next day.

By the second half of the third night he would actually be woken up by the burning. It was just as Chu Mu Yun said, there was a pit of fire burning up in his chest and the heat would rise straight up causing irritation for him, and there was even some pain that tormented him.

“It really is so, Brother Yun, have I gotten sick?”

Chu Mu Yun loved reading so he had a wide range of knowledge, and because of certain special reasons he had been deliberately reading many books on medical techniques, Yan Jun Qing would look for him if he felt uncomfortable usually, so at this moment he thinks that he might have gotten sick.

Chu Mu Yun paused for a moment, then relaxed his features before speaking softly:”It’s nothing big, let me return and look through the medicine collection and I’ll see if there’s anything that can help you.”

Yan Jun Qing had exceptional trust in him:”Okay.”

Then Chu Mu Yun added on:”Don’t tell father just in case he gets worried.”

Yan Jun Qing had always been a very sensible child and he had always been most reluctant in troubling people……especially the Mo Jiu Shao he respected, he knew that the lord was very busy so there was even less of a chance of him bothering him with such trivial matters.

“Don’t worry Brother Yun, I won’t disturb the lord.”

Chu Mu Yun was still very confident in this, after all he had been preparing for this since a year ago, all for this moment.

After being influenced for such a long time, Yan Jun Qing will definitely obey his words.

And now all he needed to do was to break through this crucial point, it would be hard for Mo Jiu Shao to die now even if he begged for it.

In the original book, the combined levels of cultivation of the seven lords of the demon realm can easily destroy an entire world, so their power is extremely formidable. Other than each other, there was almost no one else who could fight against them.

Although the protagonist was a talented genius, he was still too young. Naturally he would have to go through some other predestined events if he wanted to turn over those seven mind-blowing villains in such a space.

But there was a large pit here by Mo Jiu Shao, mm, it was a foreshadowed pit within the story.

The most perverted part of this prideful lord was that he raised kids with full sincerity and gave it his all, it really was good to the extremes, so much so that if he could he would pamper them so much they would reach heaven.

In the 《Demon Realm》, Yan Jun Qing had a great crisis and it happened at this point in time, because he had been contesting against the blazing fire for a long time, it had gotten violent and tried to rebel against him, and what Yan Jun Qing had to endure was the backlash from this blazing fire.

The backlash was unusually dangerous this time, although Mo Jiu Shao was infected with the fiendish poison as well because he wanted to suppress it for him, while this thing was fatal for the average person there was not much harm it could actually do to Mo Jiu Shao, but this little thing was quite annoying, it was imprinted into his demonic soul so there was no way to get rid of it.

When the protagonist-kun saved the Yan Jun Qing who had almost been destroyed, he had shared his blazing fire and this nearly caused the deaths of the two of them……but of course the protagonist could not die. After he had survived it, the protagonist found an item that could suppress the blazing fire.

Coincidentally, this object could also suppress the poison within the prideful lord.

Just like that, under the opening of the protagonist’s limits that were similar to that of godly intervention, he managed to kill this powerful man who aspired after the throne of the demon realm.

While he was writing the book, Chu Mu Yun racked his brains and tried to find a way to help the protagonist kill off the seven demon lords, but now he had to squeeze out every last drop of his brain juice to find a way to help protect their little lives instead.

After much thought, there was only one sentence that could describe this ball busting situation: The heavens suffers no loss when a man does, the ways of the world turns without end, raise your head if you believe it not, and see for yourself who the heavens spare.

At this moment, Chu Mu Yun was again met with a problem.

He was sure that Yan Jun Qing would listen to him but he wasn’t sure if he could keep this from Mo Jiu Shao.

The biggest reason was that when the blazing fire erupts fully, it comes out with great momentum. Were it not for how strong the Thousand Phoenix Palace was, the explosion may have turned the entire mountain into mere rubble.

For something set by Chu Mu Yun himself, there was no doubt that he was clear on how to suppress it, he had also made adequate preparations but the more difficult part was, how exactly he was going to lure Mo Jiu Shao away.

If Mo Jiu Shao stayed here, he was bound to find something unusual, based on this guy’s personality he definitely wouldn’t allow Chu Mu Yun to be in danger, he will surely bear it all himself, he would still end up poisoned by the flames.

And so Chu Mu Yun’s plans fell flat.

But it was not simple to lure Mo Jiu Shao away from the mountains.

Chu Mu Yun pondered for a moment and a sudden flash of inspiration appeared within his mind.

He suddenly remembered the Lord of Envy —— Yan Chen.

Since the events that happened four years ago, Yan Chen had never met personally with Chu Mu Yun again.

He wasn’t trying to avoid anything, he was simply too busy and did not have the time.

For the average man four years was not a short time, but for these lords who go up to about a thousand years old, it really was just a blink of an eye.

When Yan Chen departed from the mountain, he had left Chu Mu Yun a way to contact him.

If he really was a little white flower he would’ve definitely destroyed the object and vowed not to see that devil again!

But why would Chu Mu Yun do that?

They were all his good sons so they had to be treated equally, after this he still had to capture Envy seriously, so how could he throw away such a good item?

And so they parted for four years, Chu Mu Yun once again saw the Lord of Envy at the bottom of the mountain.

What he saw was a house that appeared to be simple on the outside, but  luxuriously decorated inside.

Yan Chen’s skin was exceptionally pale when compared to his black robe, at the same time the clash of black and white ignited an even more intense coldness, a cold-blooded smile was hung on the corner of his lips, the pair of eyes were like blots of ink, dark and cold.

Chu Mu Yun adjusted his emotions, with one-third of digust, one-third of fury, and the rest was unrestrainable discomfiture.

Yan Chen was also observing him.

These four years had been just a blink of an eye for him, but the one in front of him had grown from a youthful boy to a handsome young lad.

He was different from how slender he was in the past, right now he was a tall lad with a handsome face, and he had a body that was hard to hide even if he was wrapped up tight.

Yan Chen had always thought that he liked soft women as well as slender boys.

But now that he had seen Chu Mu Yun, he found out that he had an inexplicable urge to take off all his clothes, he wanted to kiss him until he was enamored by him, and he was eager to see how sexy and seductive the body that had been wrapped under those clothes were.

Yan Chen’s smile deepened……

He had heard that Chu Mu Yun and Mo Jiu Shao had been deeply attached to one another in these few years, and they were deeply in love.

It was truly exciting.


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