Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 13


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As a writer, being able to ad-lib was a basic skill.

And so in the opening that existed for just a spark of a second, an absurd plot from a prime time soap opera was perfectly outlined in Chu Mu Yun’s head:

After the pitiful little child had escaped death from the jaws of death after the destruction of his family, he met a multi-talented humorous, witty, brave, and charming 【emphasis】mature and handsome【emphasis】 elder brother, he had rapidly fallen into his arms and in a short amount of time, his brotherly feelings towards him had turned into gay romantic feelings, but due to the special properties of his body he was not able to get close to him.

But the more he was not able to touch him the more he longed for it, and the more he was unable to obtain it, the more he thirsted for it. As these feelings accumulated by the days and months, they had aged to become more intense like vintage wine……Finally by accident he had obtained an object that could counteract his constitution and he could no longer suppress the vigorous feelings, and so he came to his brother’s sleeping chambers and strongly pressed his lips to those of the person he had been yearning for.

Zero:”How touching!”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero: 〒△〒

Chu Mu Yun:”Which is why……I should take the initiative now and pull him into my arms so that this kiss between our lips become even deeper and kiss him till he was silly, then we will roll on the bed together and do some things that was comfortable for the both of us, that we both enjoyed, and loved to do?

Zero: Shy.jpg

Chu Mu Yun: What am I going to do with you, my silly and adorable little 00……

Although his own system has forgotten the major task of sieging the seven perverts that was still a long way from being completed, Chu Mu Yun still had it in his mind.

Ofcourse he hadn’t pounced like a hungry wolf on the cute little child bride that had delivered himself to his door, but rather he pondered calmly over the current situation.

This was not Yan Jun Qing, there was no doubt about that.

As for why he was so sure, it was because Chu Mu Yun had great confidence in what he had written himself.

Not to mention Yan Jun Qing was a very, very straight man, even if he weren’t, just based on his personality it was impossible for him to do such a thing.

This was all nonsense, all his talk about his deep feelings, suppressing them for too long, going out of control and couldn’t restrain himself and whatnot.

In the actual story at these times, the protagonist was a ‘natural gay’, while he was idling by passionately training himself, what kind of provocative things hasn’t he done? For him Yan Jun Qing could run ten lifetimes for him and not stray half a step out of place, it was definitely impossible for him to be unable to suppress his ‘gay love’ after they had only been interacting for such a short amount of time.


Chu Mu Yun:”00, tell me honestly, this isn’t a world from a 《Demon Realm》 fan fiction is it?”

Zero:”Fan fiction?”

Chu Mu Yun:”The protagonist runs in headfirst, takes in a little brother, topped the seven demon lords, and pa pa pa every single day with not a single position reused within the month, threesome today eightsome tomorrow and an orgy the next, and the day after that they can still play with……”

Zero:”Definitely not!”

The worries in Chu Mu Yun’s heart was eased.

After one thousandth of a second, Zero asked again:”Why are you so clear with the ‘fan fiction world’?”

Chu Mu Yun: ^_^

Zero: He’s seen it, he’s definitely seen it!

After chatting in his head for such a long time, only a second had passed in reality, Chu Mu Yun who has already figured out the situation knew that there was an 80% chance of the person in front of him being a certain pervert cosplaying, from a motivation point of view it wouldn’t be Envy, so it could only be Pride.

No wonder he was so thoughtful as to give him a little bead that allowed him to get close to Yan Jun Qing after dinner, so it was all for this surprise attack tonight?

Heh, this unique taste was very perverted after all.

It took a great deal of perseverance from Chu Mu Yun to separate himself from those soft and sweet lips, only to see him step back with a face filled with horror:”Xiao Qing?”

‘Yan Jun Qing’ was slightly uneasy, and nervous as well, he had a look that seemed as if he had just awoken the dawn of his first love and was having trouble restraining himself. As soon as Chu Mu Yun recalled that this was an act put on by Mo Jiu Shao, he got within a minute.

But of course, the act had to go on, he seemed to really have received a shock and even his voice stutter:”You……What are……”

The crisp voice of ‘Yan Jun Qing’ was filled with attachment:”Brother Yun, I can finally touch you.”

To tell the truth, Chu Mu Yun’s scalp started to tingle as he heard his words, he spontaneously substituted the person in front of him with Mo Jiu Shao, and thinking of that aloof Lord Pride calling him “Brother Yun”, Chu Mu Yun felt that he had received a challenge.

If he keeps provoking him this way, he’ll really want to fuck him to death.

But obviously Mo Jiu Shao was getting really into it, he took a step forth, circled his arms around Chu Mu Yun’s waist, and leaned his pale face against his chest, the pale neck that was exposed was as smooth and refined as a piece of fine jade.

Chu Mu Yun’s throat bobbed as he watched him, but he pushed him away perseveringly:”Xiao Yun, I didn’t know you thought of me that way.”

‘Yan Jun Qing’ lifted his head, and all he saw were a pair of deep black eyes that contained a hint of dark blue like the quiet ocean on a spring night, filled with endless vitality……His heart suddenly leapt in his chest, the thinly veiled desire to conquer suddenly welled up as if it was about to spill out, but his face still carried a hint of the shy and bashful feelings of a young boy as before:”Brother Yun, I thought I would never get the chance to get close to you in my life, but now this is truly too wonderful, with the bead the lord gave you, we can……”

Chu Mu Yun played the scene of him fucking this little whore who called him Brother Yun in his mind thousands of times, but he still had to support his front to his death:”I’m sorry, there’s someone I like.”

‘Yan Jun Qing’ Was petrified, his beautiful eyes widened suddenly, and inside them were feelings of disbelief.

Chu Mu Yun felt that in the acting course of a little white flower, if he could receive a hundred points then Mo Jiu Shao could also obtain 99.99……

They were so well-matched in terms of ability but it really……filled him with ‘enthusiasm’!

‘Yan Jun Qing’ was no fool, Chu Mu Yun had told him before that he had been living in the Thousand Phoenix Peak for a full six years, there was nobody else in his life besides the lord, and so……now that Chu Mu Yun had said that there was someone he liked……

He asked in shock:”You like the lord?”

Hearing this question made Chu Mu Yun evade his sight slightly, following the script he should be filled with shyness and hesitated to admit out of embarrassment. But at this crucial moment, a thought came into Chu Mu Yun’s head……

He openly looked towards Yan Jun Qing with his eyebrows slightly raised, he revealed a perfectly sincere and yearning smile:”Yes, I like him.”

The atmosphere suddenly fell into an inexplicable stagnation after his words.

Chu Mu Yun eyed Mo Jiu Shao with unblinking eyes and tried to find anything peculiar within his appearance but unfortunately, his skill in disguise was too powerful, to the point where not a single thread of Mo Jiu Shao’s mannerisms leaked through.

He could only see ‘Yan Jun Qing’ go from shock to loss, and in the end his whole person seemed to be covered by dark clouds, he was extremely disappointed.

Chu Mu Yun didn’t have the heart to see him like that, he called out to him softly:”Xiao Qing……”

‘Yan Jun Qing’ clenched his fingers into a fist and his whole being seemed to be trembling faintly, Chu Mu Yun really wanted to know whether he was getting excited or not but it was unfortunate that he couldn’t see his eyes.

“Can you pretend I didn’t say anything?”‘Yan Jun Qing’ sounded gloomy.

Chu Mu Yun hesitated for a moment.

‘Yan Jun Qing’ seemed to be summoning great courage from within himself before continuing:”……I was too presumptuous, can you pretend nothing happened? You’re still my Brother Yun, just……my brother.”

Chu Mu Yun sighed softly and his voice was slightly lower, the ink blue eyes contained a sense of gentleness and forgiveness:”Xiao Qing, you’ll understand when you get older, this is only……”

Before he could finish speaking, ‘Yan Jun Qing’ suddenly kissed him again.

Chu Mu Yun was stunned for a moment.

This time ‘Yan Jung Qing’ didn’t just brush his lips against his, he was almost burying himself into his mouth domineeringly, the lithe tongue engulfed him as if he wanted to seize his whole being, the passionate flor of heat was just like lighting a pack of explosives, and erupted with a boom. Under the dazzling light, a huge current of air flowed into his bloodstream and made his body boil up instantly with excitement.

Chu Mu Yun almost wanted to reach his hand out and hold him behind his neck, almost wanted to return his kiss, almost couldn’t endure pushing him against the wall, and penetrate him without any foreplay.

Then, ‘Yan Jun Qing’ took a step back, he hung his eyes down and covered them, then spoke with a slightly trembling voice:”……I’m going now.”

As his voice fell, the frail body of the boy disappeared out the door.

Chu Mu Yun went to the ice springs for a soak to calm himself.

Just as he came out after putting on his clothes, Mo Jiu Shao pushed open the door and entered.

The man was dressed in a suit of cool white robes, and his looks was as clear as jade, the aura from his body was not at all comparable to eroticism, but he stretched out a hand and held him in an embrace as soon as he saw Chu Mu Yun, and a passionate kiss fell on his lips.

Chu Mu Yun really was blazing up from the provocation he had received today, if this was another time he would still put on an act, but as soon as he thought of the trembling look of Mo Jiu Shao, recalling how he yelled out ‘Brother Yun’ as he cried, and the reddening of that abstinent face of his……he really could not suppress the sinister fire rousing up.

Chu Mu Yun extended a hand out towards his smooth neck and turned his head slightly, he adjusted himself into a different angle to deepen and fill up the kiss.

This was no longer a one-sided kiss, nor was it a kiss where all he had to do was sit back and enjoy, this was a tussle between two people, it was a fight, a battle. The same arrogance, the same strength, and the same reluctance to give in……But under such a collision, what came out of it was a sensation that far exceeded his expectations, that taste was able to make him forget about the disguises, they relied only on their instincts to take each other down, they admired the provocation and even anticipated it excitedly.

Chu Mu Yun really had it great this time, even if he wasn’t able to go the whole way this time he had still obtained a wonderful experience that was hard to forget.

The strength of Mo Jiu Shao’s embrace was very strong, and his voice was filled with impatience:”Xiao Yun……grow up quickly.”

Hearing these words, a ba-thump could be heard within Chu Mu Yun’s chest.

He remembered.

Mo Jiu Shao had no intentions of doing it to the end.

The Lord of Pride and the Lord of Lust were fellow brethren, but the two of them had turned against each other due to something that had happened a thousand years before, Lust who had left the Thousand Phoenix Peak had given Pride a curse.

If he were to engage in an intimate moment like a fish in water, and the cultivation level of the other party was more than 30% lower than his, then they will receive a great backlash.

On the easy side they would receive a great injury, and the more serious reaction would be that they would become disabled, and would no longer be able to cultivate.


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