Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 15


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Chu Mu Yun knew that this little slut had gotten high again.

But that’s okay, it’s fine to be a bit high, it’s easier to plot things this way.

Yan Chen was sitting on the large black jade chair with his robes dragging on the ground, his pale fingers were holding up his chin and the features of his eyes were raised upwards, he held himself in a wicked but frivolous stance:”We have not seen each other for four years and my, you’ve grown up, Xiao Yun.”

Chu Mu Yun maintained the nervousness and unease of a little white flower, he lowered his head and spoke in a stiff voice:”There’s something I’d like to request for your help with.”

Getting straight to the point was exactly what he wanted.

Yan Chen was in great spirits as expected, he stood up and walked down the stairs to come to Chu Mu Yun’s side

Observing someone from top the bottom would create an oppressive force for people and Chu Mu Yun knew this trick well, so he had already skillfully displayed a look of unease.

Yan Chen’s gaze was fixed on his handsome profile, he closed in slowly and his cool lips brushed against the tip of his ear, his voice lingered deeply in his ears and yet it was laced with a dense coldness:”What’s there that martial brother can’t do?”

Chu Mu Yun remained stiff as before, it felt as if his body was yelling at him to move away, but because he needed the help he had to remain still.

Zero:”I say, your acting skills really go deep into the soul.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Just so-so, third in the world.”

Zero was shocked:”How modest!”

Chu Mu Yun:”Guy on first got into a car accident, guy on second is partially paralyzed.”


Of course Yan Chen clearly showed a great kick out of Chu Mu Yun’s current attitude, the corners of his lips were faintly raised and his breath brushed past his neck, he enjoyed watching his look of toleration and endurance.

But finally Chu Mu Yun could bear with it no more, he stepped back slightly and an irrepressible hint of disgust was present in his voice:”Could you help me lure my father away in three days?”

He didn’t want to remain so close to him so Chu Mu Yun quickly spat out his request.

Yan Chen did not actually mind being asked to do anything by him, he just wanted to tease him.

“I can help you.”

He didn’t think his request would be accepted so easily, Chu Mu Yun lifted his head to look at him and couldn’t resist widening his eyes.

Yan Chen gaze into his eyes at the perfect moment, and the eyes of ‘Envy’ which were born with a naturally cold tone contained a hint of teasing and depravity, he looked straight in his eye and it seemed to pierce through them and go right into his heart.

Chu Mu Yun was slightly startled.

Yan Chan slowly started to speak:”I’ll agree to your request, but……what will you offer me?”

As expected things wouldn’t be settled so easily after all, the surprise in Chu Mu Yun’s eyes softened as if he had done his mental preparations, he clenched his hands into fists and asked in a quiet voice:”What do you want?”

Zero:”I think there’s a 90% chance he’s going to ask for sex.”

Chu Mu Yun:”Wrong.”

Zero: ?

Chu Mu Yun:”It should be 100%.”

Needless to say, a dad still knows his son best.

By the time Chu Mu Yun had asked that, Yan Chen already had his earlobe in his mouth, he held his waist with his cool fingers and his voice was filled with charm:”I want you.”

As if he was scalded, Chu Mu Yun took a large step back all of a sudden and his face had an expression of being insulted:”I……came here to ask for your help seriously!”

“I know.”

“Then why do you have to humiliate me like this?”

“I’m not trying to humiliate me, if you want my help you’ll have to give me something as compensation.”

“How can such a thing be used as a reward!”

Advertisement“Why not? I have an interest in your body, and there’s something you want me to do for you, we’ll each take what we need so what’s not right about this?”

“You……You……”Chu Mu Yun’s anger had reached its limits, bit because he had spent all his time cultivating since he was young, there was nothing worse he could muster out to him, but he didn’t want to attract more humiliation upon himself. If he can’t help then forget it, he couldn’t do what he’s asking for!

Chu Mu Yun’s shame turned into anger, he turned around to leave but before he was able to take even a step out, Yan Chen pulled him.

Chu Mu Yun struggled hard but how could the cultivation of the Lord of Envy be something he could break away from?

Yan Chen didn’t pull him closer either, he remained in the same position and his voice was cold:”Mo Jiu Shao hasn’t had you has he.”

It was not a question but rather a declaration.

Chu Mu Yun’s thoughts were caught right on center, he furrowed his brows for a moment but he did not wish to be tangled up with him any longer:”Let me go!”

Yan Chen came closer to him, and lifted up some of his long hair with his pale fingers to his lips and gave it a kiss, his undisguised desire was clear within his purple eyes:”Don’t you wish to know why he won’t take you?”

His actions were too dubious, Chu Mu Yun’s face turned ashen. He wanted to shake him off but he wasn’t able to, endless regret flowed through his heart but there was nothing he could do, he couldn’t find anyone else. The only one who could help him was this man in front of him that he hated so much.

But at this moment, the words that came out of his lips made it hard to bear for Chu Mu Yun and he wanted to hear more, he couldn’t resist wanting to know the truth.

Yan Chen was still tempting him:”You’ve loved him for seven years, you’ve been together for four, so why does he not hold you all this while?”

“You’re unwilling to do it with me because there are no feelings between us, but you are mutually in love with him, isn’t this something that comes naturally between lovers?”

His words made Chu Mu Yun stunned.

Yan Chen’s thin lips were raised into a smile, and his words were filled with ulterior motives.

“You don’t like me, so you can’t bear for me to make love to you. Similarly, Mo Jiu Shao will not hold you, could it be because……”

“Enough!”Chu Mu Yun cut him off, his complexion was ghastly and his lips trembled, just like a little beast whose tail was stepped on, there was no way for him to hide his emotions any longer:”What happens between me and him is none of your business! Whether my father loves me or not is not something you can……”

“You see, you’re still calling him father.”

Chu Mu Yun was frozen stiff.

Yan Chen smiled faintly:”Why does he not correct what you call him by? If you were his actual lover why would he have you refer to him as father?”

Chu Mu Yun opened his mouth but as if his throat was tied up, not even half a syllable was able to leave his mouth.

Yan Chen’s enchanting voice that was similar to that of a siren finally plunged deep into his heart:”It’s a reminder, wasn’t it? My martial brother is most gentle, he has been raising you for so many years so he definitely can’t bear to see you sad, but there was still no way for him to truly accept you, so he could only drag this on and keep himself behind the line, and he did not explain himself either……”While speaking, he paused momentarily and his smile became more profound,”I say, he is waiting for you to understand this on your own.”

For him to be completely seen through caused Chu Mu Yun to lose his spirit, his complexion was a sheet of white and his deepest fear spread out from the depths of his heart, it stopped the flow of his blood and froze his entire body, it caused his entire being to be thrown into discomposure.

Yan Chen took him into his arms gently, and said in a tender voice:”Xiao Yun, you should grow up a bit more, and understand a bit more, lovemaking is quite interesting, shall I teach you?”

Chu Mu Yun did not make a sound.

Yan Chen stuck close by the tip of his ears and spoke:”What you wish to do, I will help, and i definitely will not get you entangled into anything. It’s just this once, if you hate it you can pretend nothing ever happened.”

Chu Mu Yun was motionless and the emotions beneath his eyes became complicated.

He was disgusted with Yan Chen, but there was really nothing else he could do. However, if there were any other possibilities he definitely will not choose to look for Yan Chen. Clearly his life was under the hold of the Lord of Envy, and so……he remained calm and composed as he waited for him.

He waited for him to be forced to accept even if he would rather die than to do so.

He waited for him to fall into his palms with nowhere to run to.

He waited for him to fall from grace, and for those clear eyes to be filled with dazzling desire, whimpering softly as he tumbled beneath his body.

Besides Yan Chen, even the bystander Zero couldn’t resist asking in worry:”Did you really look for Yan Chen because you had no alternatives left?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Wake up my child, don’t get too into it.”


After a pause, the curious little baby still wanted to ask:”Is……this how you seduced young boys in the past?”

Chu Mu Yun:”Do you really think I’m that perverted?”



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