Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 12


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After they’ve had their dinner, Chu Mu Yun and Yan Jun Qing parted ways, he walked alone towards the sleeping chambers and Zero’s voice suddenly sounded:”A corner of Mo Jiu Shao’s portrait lit up.”

Chu Mu Yun was slightly surprised.

Zero was delighted:”I guess your efforts last night weren’t for nought.”

On this rare occassion……Chu Mu Yun found it slightly difficult to respond.

Zero:”They all say that love is made, I think if you continue your efforts……”

Chu Mu Yun:”Minors shouldn’t be reading weird books.”


Chu Mu Yun added:”If love could really be made, then for me to live to this age the people I’ve fallen in love with truly are quite many.”

He was teasing 00 on the surface, but actually Chu Mu Yun’s thoughts were turning quickly.

Pride’s heart has started to waver for him? Why?

Don’t even mention the fact that nothing had happened last night, even if something did happen, Chu Mu Yun would not have believed that making love for a night would make that pervert’s heart move.

And so there has to be another reason, but……what could it be?

Chu Mu Yun pondered back and forth, but did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

This state of things being slightly out of his control made him instantly vigilant, he knows that something definitely must have happened without his knowledge.

Chu Mu Yun’s eyebrows were slightly knitted into a frown, and he asked:”00, did you sense Mo Jiu Shao at all during the afternoon?”

Zero:”……I didn’t sense anything.”

Although he said he sensed nothing, it did not mean that it really was nothing, Mo Jiu Shao’s cultivation could top almost the entire world, if he were to hide himself intentionally then he was afraid that even Zero may not be able to sense him.

But did anything happen that afternoon? Was there anything that was actually worth Mo Jiu Shao’s attention?

Chu Mu Yun tried to recall a bunch of things but still could not find a single clue.

But it was good that his heart was wavering, although he could not find the cause he could not regret about the remedy, but as long as he went down step by step, he would definitely find a clue.

For three consecutive days, Mo Jiu Shao did not appear.

Chu Mu Yun happily played with Yan Jun Qing, to be able to brush up a good impression with a good little kid is something that brings him a great sense of accomplishment.

He was a “child bride” that was originally tailor-made for himself, so no matter how he looked at Yan Jun Qing he could see how much of a good boy he was, and no matter how he teased him he would have fun, but it was a shame that he was a straight man so he had no way to drag him home with marriage after raising him up.

On the afternoon of the fourth day, Mo Jiu Shao had returned from outside. Chu Mu Yun heard of his return from the steward and he hurriedly went over to greet him.

The evening sunlight lingered on the surroundings, and the reflections of the snow piled up in the Thousand Phoenix Peak made the place look like it was covered in a thin layer of golden sand, and the man coming down from the carriage was wearing a large snow-white coat that outlined his tall figure, with ink black hair draping on his back, paired with his looks it made him look very delicate to the point where it even seemed like the rays from the boundless sky encircled him, lingering on and forgetting to return in their enchantment……

Chu Mu Yun sighed:”How did I ever give birth to such a good-looking child.”


Mo Jiu Shao saw him at a glance and the colour of his irises softened, his voice was encompassing and filled with a pampering tone:”Why have you come out into the cold?”

Chu Mu Yun immediately went forth with his eyes filled with happiness:”I heard that father has returned, so Yun’Er wanted to see you earlier.”

Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes hung down and he looked at the slightly red cheeks of the boy and his shy expression, but what flashed into his mind instead was that man with a soft look in his eyes, and he smiled so casually……

The corners of his mouth were slightly lifted and the colours of his irises deepened:”Missed me?”

Chu Mu Yun hung his head down and the tips of his ears started to redden:”Mm.”

Mo Jiu Shao chuckled, he put his pale fingers on top of his neck and pulled him over, a kiss with a hint of coolness landed on top of his lips.

Chu Mu Yun took the initiative to raise his head to deepen the lingering kiss.

They kissed and they kissed, then Mo Jiu Shao whispered by his ear:”Shall we return to the sleeping chambers first?”

Chu Mu Yun nodded shyly:”……Alright.”

He couldn’t help but obtain his release, Chu Mu Yun spoke in a lazy tone:”Little Jun Qing is cute, but too bad I can’t eat him, although Pride is a pervert, but his skills truly aren’t half bad.”

Baby Zero who just opened his eyes looked at the cozy look on his face, and couldn’t help but admire: The host is quite a genius, he can give or take, for him to be so composed even though he was a dominant top turning into a bottom……

Mo Jiu Shao returned so Chu Mu Yun had no way of looking for Yan Jun Qing everyday anymore.

But Chu Mu Yun was in no hurry, Yan Jun Qing was born stubborn, he had been brushing up his good impression points persistently with him these past few days, he wouldn’t say he had it maxed out, but he was confident that it was at least 80%.

It wouldn’t affect anything if they were separated for just a day or two.

But now he didn’t know what Mo Jiu Shao was playing at, he had been pampering Chu Mu Yun ever since he returned, they’ve been getting busy for the night but he still brought him by his side during the morning, he guided him in his training during noon and after that he gave him some pointers on lute-playing, chess, calligraphy, and painting, two days passed by in a fleeting moment. Chu Mu Yun was slightly worried about Yan Jun Qing, so he tried to bring it up in a bit of a round-about way:”Father, since you’re back you should also take a look at Xiao Qing.”

Mo Jiu Shao held his hand and wrote a stroke across the rice paper, a sharp stroke in ink floated on top of the paper:”You’re not jealous anymore?”

Chu Mu Yun’s body trembled lightly and his face was covered in redness:”Father what……what are you talking about!”

Mo Jiu Shao put down the pen and smiled at him with his head hanging down:”Then let’s eat together tonight?”

Chu Mu Yun responded:”Alright.”

Having not seen him for several days, Yan Jun Qing was extremely happy to see Chu Mu Yun:”Brother Yun!”

The corners of Chu Mu Yun’s mouth were lifted, just as he was about to respond he realized that Pride was beside him, so he hurriedly switched to a shallow smile and replied to him in a gentle tone:”Hello Xiao Qing.”

Mo Jiu Shao had been staring at him, the extremely subtle look on his face changed, other people wouldn’t be able to notice it but he was able to catch it.

They all got into their seats with Mo Jiu Shao in the center, Chu Mu Yun on the left, and Yan Jun Qing to his right.

Although there were only three people, the Thousand Phoenix Palace was extravagant, exquisite dishes were served to the table one by one, and the banquet was filled to an extent that was hard for normal people to compare.

Speaking of which, what a coincidence it was, the way the dishes were served seems to be quite interesting.

Chu Mu Yun’s favourite foods were all put in front of Yan Jun Qing, and the ones that Yan Jun Qing prefered just had to be closest to Chu Mu Yun.

Chu Mu Yun looked at the layout of things and his thoughts wavered slightly. But Yan Jun Qing wasn’t the type who would think too much about it, he was at his purest age, he definitely would never hide it if he had ever wanted to be good to somebody. He picked up the dishes on front of him and incessantly passed them in front of Chu Mu Yun, Chu Mu Yun had been giving his thanks to him in a restrained manner from the start of it to the end.

Mo Jiu Shao watched the scene and spoke after a little chuckle:”It seems the two of you are hitting it off quite well.”

Yan Jun Qing was also very trusting towards him, hearing this he couldn’t help but pick up the conversation:”My lord, Brother Yun is a kind person, and he is also very smart, he has been taking care of me very well these past few days!”

Mo Jiu Shao’s smile was very tender.

But Chu Mu Yun could feel a little cramp in his heart:”00, this doesn’t look too good.”

Zero:”……Did you dig a pit for Yan Jun Qing.”

Chu Mu Yun was silent for a moment.

But this off track scene had continued for the entire night.

During the banquet, the three of them had perfectly performed what is called a benevolent father and his filial children, the brothers were in harmony and the family of three enjoyed their time together.

He kept thinking that Mo Jiu Shao would make a bad move, but even when their meal had ended, this great demon lord has still yet to make any special movements.

It lasted until they were about to leave, and Mo Jiu Shao had even taken out an object:”Xiao Yun, hold onto this and bring it with you in the future, then you won’t be afraid of Xiao Qing scalding you in the future.”

Chu Mu Yun received the sky blue bead and was slightly startled.

But Yan Jun Qing was so excited that his eyes were sparkling:”My lord! Will Brother Yun really not be scalded anymore if he holds onto this?”

Mo Jiu Shao smiled like a spring breeze:”It’s getting late today, you should head to rest first then you can try it out tomorrow.”

He has already spoken so no matter how much Yan Jun Qing anticipated it he still had to endure:”Alright, good night my lord, and Brother Yun!”

Chu Mu Yun said his goodbyes to him and turned his head over to Mo Jiu Shao and spoke:”Thank you very much, father.”

Mo Jiu Shao pulled him close and gave him a kiss:”It’s nothing, it’s rare for you to have a playmate, so this is good.”As he finished speaking, he added on in a soft voice:”You should return to your room first to rest, I still have some matters to deal with.”

Chu Mu Yun responded and turned to leave towards the sleeping chambers, just as he removed his outer robes, he heard a knock on his door.

Who’s come?

Chu Mu Yun put on his clothes once again and got up to open the door.

“Xiao Qing?”Chu Mu Yun was slightly surprised,”Are you not resting……Mmph……”

Before he could finish speaking, the young boy who was still half a head shorter than him pulled him by his collar covered his lips.

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”……I thought you said he was as straight as a flagpole.”


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