Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 11


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Chu Mu Yun’s first reaction was: What is this guy playing at now.

Baby Zero was way more simple-minded, he immediately reminded the host:”His portrait did not light up, he is not in love with you.”

But Chu Mu Yun was not surprised:”If he really did fall in love with me then he’s possessed.”

Zero:”……”Seems to have worried for nothing.

Chu Mu Yun:”∩_∩Thanks for the reminder.”


It was only several seconds in his brain, but after the Chu Mu Yun of reality found just the moment to be startled, his eyes were filled with unrestrainable surprise and an even deeper affection in a moment:”Father, I……”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Mo Jiu Shao lowered himself and kissed him on the lips, he kissed him with exceptional tenderness and affection, if their feelings could be turned into sweet honey then the taste between their lips would be sweet to the point where it could make one dizzy.

Mo Jiu Shao’s kissing techniques are a cut above the rest. And regarding that point, Chu Mu Yun had a deep understanding of it within these three years.

He was not the type that would kiss so passionately that it made one’s blood boil but rather an extremely gentle one that lingered deeply but was still quite tantalizing, he would always be able to kiss the part the most numbing part for people and he would deliberately separate very quickly, and after you’ve had your breathing spell he would excite you once again, those rough bites were far from being able to compare with these two rounds that could bring an enjoyment to people’s senses.

Chu Mu Yun could also be counted as a ‘veteran’ now, but regarding his kisses with Mo Jiu Shao he had definitely enjoyed it 100%.

In such a long time, the two had been ‘intimate’ from a while ago, even the tenderest of little white flowers should have learned to kiss by now so Chu Mu Yun can relax a bit and not be as clumsy and immature as he was initially.

But unfortunately he did not dare to loosen up too much, because if he relaxed his mind it may inevitably expose his true nature.

Under the enjoyment of his senses, people tend to get impulsive easily, Chu Mu Yun had been holding back for too long, every time after he and Mo Jiu Shao were done making out he would have a pile of wet dreams. And unsurprisingly, he would fuck Lord Pride in his dreams until he reached seventh heaven.

Especially now that this body was still very young, he was at an age of vigorous youth, even after sparring in the practice room for an entire afternoon, he would still be filled with vigour, just a little kiss could heighten his spirits.

Chu Mu Yun was not afraid of any of Mo Jiu Shao’s tricks, nor was he afraid of being put into any situations, the only thing he can’t stand was this guy seducing him.

He was clearly an upright top, but his ability to seduce people can truly make even the best of bottoms ashamed of their inferiority.

Chu Mu Yun felt that the only possibility of him losing this competition was: His beast-like nature would be too great and he would top Mo Jiu Shao.

A bunch of messy thoughts flashed about his mind, Mo Jiu Shao’s movement began more and more heated, and seeing that they were about to tumble together again a thought suddenly flashed across Chu Mu Yun’s mind.

“Fuck!”Chu Mu Yun:”For him to act out such a show of deep affection, this Pride guy can’t be thinking of topping me could he!”


Chu Mu Yun:”Why are you still here? Close your eyes! Close them quickly!”

Zero was so shocked that he immediately shut off his sensors.

Due to this interruption, a large part of the heat on Chu Mu Yun’s body had already cooled down, and he had even gotten considerably more sober.

As a natural gay, Chu Mu Yun was actually not as aversed as his thoughts regarding this matter of being topped, he was just used to dominating everything, adding on to the fact that he had a strong character and a fit body, that was the reason he had been a top all this while.

But even if he was not aversed, it did not mean that he liked it.

Mo Jiu Shao stuck close to his ear and asked:”What are you thinking about?”

Chu Mu Yun was startled, then he relaxed his body and his eyes were covered with mist, he took the initiative to circle his arms around Mo Jiu Shao’s neck and kissed it.

Mo Jiu Shao kissed him back.

The atmosphere heated up once more, Chu Mu Yun had never been a hesitant person, after he had received this mission from Zero six years ago he had already done all his mental preparations.

He can’t avoid being fucked, and since he couldn’t avoid it, then he shall enjoy it.

After Mo Jiu Shao assisted Chu Mu Yun into orgasm once more he picked up the boy by the waist and entered the spiritual hot springs in big strides.

Chu Mu Yun was thinking: Our first time will be in the water? Sounds pretty good.

Then, Mo Jiu Shao gave him a bath and brought him back to the bed.

Chu Mu Yun: So we’re doing it in the bed after all? That’s fine too.

Then, Mo Jiu Shao held him in his arms and pulled the blanket over to cover them, a tender kiss landed on his lips and the pleasant voice was as gentle as the moonlight:”Sleep.”

Chu Mu Yun:……

So he’s not doing me anymore? I’m here laying flat and you’re covering us up with a blanket ready to sleep?

If not for Mo Jiu Shao’s dingus poking at his underbelly, Chu Mu Yun would’ve really thought that the Demonic Lord of Pride had a physical illness!

No, we can’t just end it like this!

Chu Mu Yun adjusted his emotions and moved about skillfully in Mo Jiu Shao’s embrace, even his voice had been softened deliberately:”Father……”

Mo Jiu Shao pressed a single hand on his waist and asked warmly:”What’s wrong?”His voice was like fleeting clouds in the blowing breeze, just that the shape of the stiff member was even more obvious now from Chu Mu Yun’s movements.

Chu Mu Yun had also surrendered to his strong willpower, but he refused to believe in heresies.

“I’ve already grown up.”He lifted his head and looked into Mo Jiu Shao’s eyes, the implications in his words can’t be any clearer than this.

Mo Jiu Shao’s hand that was holding his waist clearly exerted some force, but his voice still remained calm:”Xiao Yun has indeed grown up, you’re getting more and more charming.”

Chu Mu Yun’s face was slightly blushed and his eyelashes trembled faintly, seemingly extremely shy, but because of the swelling affection within his heart, he wanted to stick close with his lover regardless of everything, and he shuffled even closer, he took a breath and held back his voice:”L……Let’s d……do……”It was after all too explicit, so he had only stuttered out a few words and could not continue any longer.

But it should be enough, this was what a little white flower’s limit was like, if he had spoken more he would instead be exposed.

Mo Jiu Shao was clearly startled, his pale grey irises became a deep grey, the colour was like the sky before a storm, heavy and extremely rich.

Chu Mu Yun knew, Mo Jiu Shao was getting excited.

He curled his lips in his heart: He shouldn’t be able to resist anymore.

……That stiff thing was getting hot like a branding iron, but Mo Jiu Shao did not turn his body over to press him down, he hugged Chu Mu Yun with some force and a hot kiss landed on his forehead, his voice was no longer as gentle as before, rather it sounded a bit silent but ambiguous due to him trying his best to suppress it:”Not yet, it will hurt you.”

Chu Mu Yun:……

As soon as Mo Jiu Shao finished speaking, he got up and said with a slight apologetic tone:”Xiao Yun, can you sleep by yourself tonight?”

Chu Mu Yun was blank.

Mo Jiu Shao gave him a heart aching kiss:”Xiao Yun, I love you, I don’t want you to suffer even a little bit, so……wait a little while longer, we’ll wait until you’ve grown up a bit more.”As soon as he finished speaking he put on his clothes, and turned towards the spiritual hot springs to the side.

Chu Chu weathered down for three seconds.

Chu Mu Yun:”! Fuck I really aren’t cut out to be a bottom”

The only baby Zero who could respond to him was still shut off……

The next day.

Zero noticed that the mood of his host was very bad.

But he could understand, so he consoled him in a quiet voice:”I heard that it will be fine once you’ve adjusted to it, the first time will always……be a bit painful.”

Chu Mu Yun:”……”

Zero:”That, you don’t have to be sad……”

Chu Mu Yun couldn’t resist anymore:”Don’t say any more.”


Chu Mu Yun knew that he should not get angry:”Be good, I’m fine.”

Zero: OAO

Chu Mu Yun couldn’t resist laughing:”Alright, wasn’t I just being topped? It’s no big deal, Mo Jiu Shao is big and good in bed, it was actually pretty good for me.”


Chu Mu Yun: ^_^ [Shit, even if I was beaten to death I can’t admit that he failed even after begging to be fucked.


Of course Yan Jun Qing was still staying at the Thousand Phoenix Peak, Chu Mu Yun was an obedient little white flower, how could a little white flower be so ruthless? So he certainly had to stop Mo Jiu Shao from sending him away. Not only that, he even had to display a generous attitude and take the initiative to accept him.

Chu Mu Yun was also very happy to tease this poor little kid, he had suffered a heavy blow to his heart and desperately needed a warm and pleasant little guy to help comfort him. Obviously, Yan Jun Qing was definitely the best choice.

Taking advantage of Mo Jiu Shao going out, Chu Mu Yun managed to find Yan Jun Qing.

This young boy was still like a frightened bird, as soon as he saw someone come over he immediately took a few steps back, but only because Mo Jiu Shao had instructed him before, he reluctantly shouted:”Big Brother Yun”

Chu Mu Yun smiled brightly just like his own hot-blooded son (Yan Jun Qing was the weakest to this type) even his voice was bright like the morning sun:”Xiao Qing, you don’t have to hide from me, I know you’re afraid of hurting me but I’m not that weak, so don’t worry alright?”

Yan Jun Qing was naturally born with the Chi Yan blazing sun body, this bodily constitution was set by Chu Mu Yun himself, so he was clear on how much of a ball buster it was.

This damned bodily constitution of his was activated because of his family’s destruction, but for a long time at the very start, Yan Jun Qing was unable to suppress it, therefore everyone who got close to him would be burned severely or even directly died. Only people with high cultivation can resist it, but this high cultivation……was how high exactly? Specifically referring to the Lord of Pride.

So, there are only a handful of people in this world who dare to approach him.

With Chu Mu Yun’s current level of cultivation, although he would not be burned to death his fingers would most likely be scorched if he were to touch him.

But he was taking the hot-blooded and warm hearted route, he did not need to touch him at all, as long as he was magnanimous and did not fear or reject him, and was able to chat and play with him, after a while this little guy would open up his heart to him easily.

Why was Chu Mu Yun so clear? Because both Mo Jiu Shao and the protagonist had done it this way……

The difference was that Mo Jiu Shao had used this point to abuse Yan Jun Qing until not a single patch of his skin was left whole, while his protagonist comrade had used this point to warm him up as the strongest friend in the world with no equal.

Thinking of this, Chu Mu Yun’s thoughts suddenly moved.

Yan Jun Qing was an extremely important character, it was precisely because Mo Jiu Shao had ruined him that the protagonist would take the Demonic Lord of Pride as his mortal enemy, and at the same time he had also wanted to kill him for revenge.

As the protagonist, he had the infinite blessings of the real son halo, so of course he achieved it.

And now that Chu Mu Yun’s mission was to make the seven demon lords fall in love with him, then it was clear that dead people aren’t able to fall in love.

And so, he can’t let Mo Jiu Shao die.

As for how he was to prevent his death?

Chu Mu Yun slowly curled his lips……that’s very easy, Yan Jun Qing was obstinate, as long as he brushed up his acceptance points to him ahead of time, then there would be no chance for Mo Jiu Shao.

As long as you do not ruin Yan Jun Qing the follow-up story will not happen.

Thinking in this way, Chu Mu Yun shaded away his mood for the whole night and brightened up.

Sure enough, compared to a perverted madman Xiao Jun Qing was more likeable.

In just one afternoon, the eyes that Yan Jun Qing looked at him with had turned from vigilance and evasion to trust and worship.

Chu Mu Yun hadn’t just been sitting around in theses six years, his Shao Yue sword arts has already been trained to the eighth form, he had a high enough aptitude to shock the world. Not only that, he had also read a lot of books. He can enter and leave the Thousand Phoenix Peak’s book hall, there was an extremely wide range of books inside, it was not an exaggeration to say that it covered most of the cultivation manuals in the world.

Although Chu Mu Yun’s current body was not suitable for cultivating spells, but he had other considerations in his heart so he relied on his memorizing ability and carried away many spell cultivation manuals that people have been wanting but had no way to obtain.

Yan Jun Qing was naturally born with a spell cultivating constitution, and it was even an extremely violent pure fire type, as long as he can guide the ‘flame’ in his body, he will create the first flame spell in the world. After all he’s the author’s own son, how can there be any fun if such a golden finger doesn’t open up?

And so Chu Mu Yun spend the whole afternoon using his stored up knowledge of spell cultivation from his studies and the system as well as his humorous temperament to successfully capture this young boy.

Zero endured for an entire afternoon and finally made a sound:”He is not a capture target.”

Chu Mu Yun:”I know.”

Zero:”Then what are you……”

Chu Mu Yun:”Hobbies in my spare time”.

Zero:”……”Alright then, the host had been done last night and he was in a bad mood, it was understandable for him to do a bit of things he liked.

Seeing the darkening sky, Chu Mu Yun suggested:”Xiao Qing, you should be hungry aren’t you, let’s go……”

Before he finished speaking, due to the wind blowing the pages of the book over Yan Jun Qing stretched out a hand to press it down but accidentally touched Chu Mu Yun.

The pain that drilled into his bones immediately spread from finger to finger, although Chu Mu Yun’s Qi had moved over with exceptional speed and resisted it, the top of his index finger was still scorched.

Yan Jun Qing’s face turned ashen:”Brother Yun”He exclaimed, but he did not dare to take a step forward because this was caused by him, it was him to accidentally touched him.

Chu Mu Yun lifted his eyes and saw the fear and terror in the boy’s deep black eyes, he could not help but frown slightly and consoled him:”I’m fine, it’s at most a skin injury.”

Seeing that Yan Jun Qing’s face was still filled with tension, he joked:”And here I was still thinking how powerful your little fire sprouts were.”

He said it leisurely with relaxed eyes and with the corners of his mouth curled up, his casualness was exceptionally charming, there was no weakness to be found in his mien at all and there was not a single hint of immaturity nor tenderness, he was completely a mature man who had passed a thousand sailing boats with a gully in his heart.

It must be said that he was very attractive.

The Mo Jiu Shao who was not far away watched him without blinking, the colour within his narrow eyes had become a confusing sheet of grey.


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