My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 — Growing Up

On the first day when Bai Chuan went to work alone, it seemed that even God took a pity on him, so there was a fine drizzle coming down from the sky.

Holding an umbrella on his left hand while his right hand was scratching on the seam on his trouser leg, sometimes, he would look back on the steps leading to home. Even though they were separated by a curtain of rain and 2 meters of steps, Mu Xiaoya still can feel Bai Chuan’s heavy unease.

“He has been standing there for ten minutes.” Fang Hui who ran here early in the morning to see the excitement, was now leaning on the french window while sipping a cup of coffee, her expression was one that was very satisfied.

“Nine minutes.” Mu Xiaoya corrected.

“What’s the difference?!” Fang Hui rolled her eyes, has this girl been with Bai Chuan for too long that she copied him and becomes sensitive to numbers? “Forget it, you see how pitiful he is.”

“No!” Mu Xiaoya refused decisively and straight-forwardly.

“Oh, is this hardening one’s heart?” Fang Hui was somewhat surprised.

“There are some things that he has to learn.”

“Looking at how you distressed over him then, I thought you were ready to take care of him for the rest of your life.”

“I also want ah…” With a bitter smile, Mu Xiaoya sighed softly. If she could, she didn’t want to force Bai Chuan this hard.

“What did you say?”

“I said… Bai Chuan must be able to overcome it, just like when I asked him to go for a morning run.” That’s right ah, like that morning jog, he had turned the thing that he rejected to a lifestyle that he liked.

“But, are you really not afraid of Bai Chuan running into some accident? Although everyone in the family agreed, but if something really happened to Bai Chuan, they would still blame you.” Fang Hui reminded.

“I know.” Mu Xiaoya was already mentally prepared, “Bai Zheng was right, they would certainly blame me if ever something happen to Bai Chuan.”

“Bai Zheng? Why did he say that?!” Fang Hui stared at her, looking like she was about to flip out, “You’re already like this for Bai Chuan and they still dare to blame you? For what reason?!”

“I don’t think he meant it like that.” Mu Xiaoya explained, “He meant that no matter who made this decision, once there was something wrong with Bai Chuan, then we all would blame each other. Blame the other party and blame yourself. But love ah, besides tolerance and protection, it also has responsibilities. If we want to make Bai Chuan better, we have to take risks, and since we have to take risks, then we must have the courage to bear the consequences. I want that courage, and so do they.”

“So, does that mean that he trusts you?” Fang Hui raised her eyebrows.

“Should be, Bai Zheng said personally that I’m legally and morally the closest person to Xiao Chuan.”

“He’s worthy to be the president of a listed company, this words ah, it isn’t what most people would understand.” Fang Hui turned her head and glanced out the window, a taxi slowly came from the intersection, “It’s already five cars ah.”

Mu Xiaoya was also nervous, she held her breath and waited for Bai Chuan’s reaction.

Bai Chuan also noticed the car, he subconsciously looked back to Mu Xiaoya. Mu Xiaoya was also looking at him, but she refused to come over and help him.

Really want me to take the taxi by myself?

The car was getting closer and closer, and it seemed that he finally determined that Mu Xiaoya won’t come out and help him today, so Bai Chuan took a deep breath and raised his hand forward.

“Sir, do you want a ride?” The taxi driver parked the car accurately in front of Bai Chuan and asked enthusiastically after rolling down the window.

Bai Chuan subconsciously took a step back, he turned around helplessly again and found Mu Xiaoya still standing on the high steps without moving.

“Xiao Chuan, you will take a taxi to go to the company tomorrow morning. Don’t worry, it’s simple. When you see the taxi, raise your hand, and the taxi will stop. When the driver asks if you want to take the taxi, you then nod your head or answer yes, pull the car door and sit on the back seat. Wait until after you get in the car, the driver will ask you where you want to go, and you will give him the address of the company. After doing all this, it’s all the same like before, you just wait in the car until you arrive at the company before getting off the car.”

Bai Chuan recalled silently the procedure that Mu Xiaoya taught him last night. His silence took a long time, fortunately, these taxi drivers were all notified in advance by Mu Xiaoya, so they didn’t urge Bai Chuan.

It was already a big improvement that Bai Chuan could raise his hand and stop the car, now they just waited for him to gather his courage to get on the car and leave.

“Yes.” Finally, Bai Chuan answered the driver’s question.

“Then, please get in the car.” the driver silently murmured ‘finally, a reaction’, then quickly reminded the other party to get in the car.

Bai Chuan was very familiar with the motion of getting inside the car; he pulled the car door open, closed the umbrella and then sat inside.

As soon as Bai Chuan sat down, the driver started the car and scurried far away. The frightened Bai Chuan turned around and looked behind him, but Mu Xiaoya’s figure had been blocked by the trees on the roadside and was no longer visible.

“Sir, where do you want to go?” The driver started to run the meter.

Bai Chuan stiffened, and he suddenly realized that he was basically squeezing his body into a very small space with a complete stranger. He was so nervous that he couldn’t speak, and he even wanted to jump out of the car.

“Sir, tell me where you want to go ah?” The driver saw that Bai Chuan was still not replying, so he urged and asked again.

“I… I…” want to get off, Bai Chuan’s fingers were quietly clasping on the door handle. At this moment, his phone suddenly rang.

“Xiaoya… Xiaoya…” Bai Chuan picked up the phone and screamed in panic, just like a drowning man griping tightly to a driftwood.

“Xiao Chuan, don’t be afraid, quiet down, take a deep breath…” Mu Xiaoya’s voice repeated over and over on the phone, she waited until Bai Chuan calmed down before asking, “Have you told the driver the place you want to go to?”

“Haven’t.” Bai Chuan shook his head.

“Then, do you still remember?”

“Sannan Road number 1999, Yifeng Building.”

“Then you repeat it to the driver in front of you, he’ll drive you there.” Mu Xiaoya said softly, “Xiao Chuan, don’t hang up the phone, I’m here by your side.”

This sentence gave Bai Chuan and endless strength, Bai Chuan forced himself again to pull himself out of the world where there’s only him and Mu Xiaoya in, and tried to communicate with the driver in front, “I… want to go to Sannan Road number 1999, Yifeng Building.”

“Okay, we’ll be there soon.” The driver didn’t look back and didn’t say anything else, as if he didn’t see anything that just happened behind him. He only checked the door lock once again and made sure that it was locked properly.

As soon as the car reached the corner of Sannan Road, the security guard at the door saw it from the distance. He hurriedly yelled to the other end, “The Second young master’s car arrived!”

And then, he readily stepped forward and helped Bai Chuan to open the door.

“Welcome, Second young master.”

The appearance of the little security guard made Bai Chuan completely calmed his mind. He really arrived at Yifeng, and the one who opened the door was the security guard that he met every morning to open his car’s door.

“Second young master, won’t you be getting off the car?” The security guard saw Bai Chuan’s stunned appearance and couldn’t help but whispered a reminder.

Of course Bai Chuan had to get off. When he was about to get his umbrella, he suddenly remembered something and stretched out something from his pocket. He took out a hundred yuan and handed it to the driver in front, “Money.”

Bai Chuan remembered that after arriving at the company, he must pay money to the driver.

“Wait a while, I’m looking for your change.” The driver also already prepared the change earlier, he directly grabbed it and gave it to Bai Chuan. After Bai Chuan got off the car, he drove away in a hurry, as if afraid that Bai Chuan would sit inside again.

“Xiaoya, I’ve arrived.” Bai Chuan still held the phone in his hand.

“Then you go to work, okay? After work ends, I’ll be waiting for you in the studio to go home together.”

“En.” Bai Chuan nodded unceasingly, although Mu Xiaoya obviously can’t see it. Hanging up the phone, he entered the Yifeng Building, looking at everything around, he thought how he just arrived at this place by a taxi, and Bai Chuan’s heart suddenly felt an unprecedented sense of achievement and confidence.

“President, Second young master had already arrived at R&D department.” Lu Yang glanced at the phone and told the news that he got from Astro to Bai Zheng who was pacing back and forth in the office.

“Got it, start the meeting!” Bai Zheng picked up his phone and notified his parents and Mu Xiaoya of the news.

“Yes.” Lu Yang turned around and informed the executives who had been waiting in the meeting room for more than 20 minutes that the President will be coming now.

Although Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan had been talking on the phone all the way, if Bai Zheng’s confirmation message wasn’t sent yet, she still couldn’t feel rest assured. At this time, she was finally completely relaxed. She smiled and looked at Fang Hui who accompanied her all this time excitedly, “He did it! He learned to take a taxi all by himself!”

“I know, just look at how you’re so giddy like this.”

“You don’t understand! This is Bai Chuan’s first step to the outside! He’s only going to become better and better in the future.”

“Indeed I don’t understand, then I’ll just have to watch slowly from here on.” Fang Hui also hoped that Bai Chuan can get better, it would be best if he can get even far more better.

At 5.30 in the afternoon, Mu Xiaoya received a message from Bai Zheng: ‘Xiao Chuan’s on the car.’

Mu Xiaoya immediately took the unfinished design draft and transferred it from her desk to the bar near the door. This way, she can ensure that Bai Chuan can see her as soon as he came over.


Another message came to Mu Xiaoya’s phone, it was from Bai Chuan: ‘I got in the car, and also told the studio’s address to the driver.’

Is this asking for a praise? Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help smiling, she immediately encouraged: ‘Great progress, worthy of praise oh.’

With the taxi master, familiar road and fast speed, Bai Chuan arrived at the studio’s entrance five minutes earlier than expected. Mu Xiaoya was looking down to change some small designs and missed seeing the taxi that stopped at the door. But Bai Chuan took a glance at the window and saw Mu Xiaoya.

He was holding an umbrella, stepping with a cheerful pace as if there were wings on his feet, looking towards Mu Xiaoya, waiting for Mu Xiaoya to find him from across the window.

Mu Xiaoya drew the last line and unconsciously looked up to see if the taxi had arrived. Who knew that when she raised her eyes, she would be welcomed with Bai Chuan’s complacent smile.

Bai Chuan was smiling outside in the rain, Mu Xiaoya was smiling inside the studio, the two were separated by a layer of glass, and no one moved.

Suddenly, Bai Chuan reached out and caught a drop of water at the edge of the umbrella, and then quickly wrote a line on the glass window: ‘Xiaoya, I’m back.’

Such a simple 3 words, Mu Xiaoya was so excited and happy that she rushed out of the studio directly into the rain and entered into Bai Chuan’s umbrella.

“So beautiful ah~.” said Leng Yi, one of the two employees in the studio.

“So romantic ah~” said Fang Hui, one of the two bosses in the studio.

“Why didn’t you tell Bai Chuan to just enter? Sister Mumu ran out like this, aren’t the two people’s clothes wet now?” said Xiaoxin, one of the two employees in the studio.

“Shut up!” double disdain from Leng Yi and Fang Hui.



Panda: “Shut up, Xiaoxin!” (/‵Д′)/~ ╧╧

Side note: This is why I love crab’s novel. For me, love means to respect, to understand, to sacrifice, to change, to accept, and to become the ‘home’ for each other. It means to go through every bitter and sweet moments together, and I wish the best for Xiaoya and Xiao Chuan. ♡^▽^♡ Yes, Xiaoya, this family will be supported by both you and Xiao Chuan together, you’re not alone.

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Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 60
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