My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 — Wedding House

Every morning, when Bai Chuan came back after running, Mu Xiaoya would then wake up. After she washed up, Bai Chuan would be about ready as he waited for her inside the room to go downstairs together for breakfast.

Mu Xiaoya walked inside the changing room when she saw Bai Chuan sitting on the chair while seriously tying up his shoelaces. There was an empty shoebox at his feet, the huge H&Y logo on it was very eye-catching.

Mu Xiaoya smiled, walked over and said, “Wearing these shoes, you should match them with a light-colored clothes.” Then Mu Xiaoya went to Bai Chuan’s wardrobe and pondered for a while, quickly selected a gray T-shirt and a pair of light-colored washed jeans before turning around and handed them to Bai Chuan.

Bai Chuan looked at the blue shirt he was wearing and obediently took the clothes Mu Xiaoya gave, put down the shoes that he was just going to wear, and got up to change.

Bai Chuan’s appearance was handsome, so he won’t look ugly wearing any clothes, but Mu Xiaoya likes seeing Bai Chuan wearing light-colored clothes, especially when he was reading a book at the balcony with the sun shining around him, it was as if the time stopped and softened for him.

“The clothes aren’t worn properly.” Bai Chuan’s T-shirt wasn’t smooth and there was a crumple around his waist. Mu Xiaoya reached out and helped to straighten them, but because of the difference in height, her nose was right at the position of Bai Chuan’s collarbone, and when she pulled on the clothes, she can smell the fragrance of shower milk coming from him.

Bai Chuan just came back after running, and although he just took a shower, the skin around his neck was still slightly red.

“You just ran, are you tired?” Mu Xiaoya asked softly. When she first took Bai Chuan to run, Bai Chuan looked just like he had nothing left to live for, and it left a deep impression on her.

“Not tired.” Bai Chuan lightly shook his head, in fact, as early as a month ago, he had adapted to the intensity of running, and also found that after running every morning, his mental state became much better.

“You don’t hate running anymore?”

“Don’t hate.”

“Then you have to keep at it oh, strive to develop abdominal muscles.” Mu Xiaoya talked casually, but after talking, her eyes moved downward involuntarily, looking at Bai Chuan’s abdomen. Her brain visualized the picture of Bai Chuan’s abdominal muscles after taking off his clothes, even just thinking about it had made her eyes twinkling.

“En.” Bai Chuan earnestly promised.

With just running, how can he develop abdominal muscle? Mu Xiaoya was also just arbitrarily saying things, but hearing Bai Chuan’s serious promise still made her felt good, “Put on the shoes, let’s go for breakfast.”

The two came downstairs and went to the dining room. After they said hello to the Bai couple, Mu Xiaoya vaguely felt that there was something wrong with the dining room today. When she was still wondering about it, Bai Zheng walked in dressed with a western-style suit. Mu Xiaoya looked at Bai Zheng, and her eyes immediately shined, suddenly realizing what was wrong just now.

What’s wrong with today was that the Bai couple was dressed too casually.

On weekdays, Father Bai and Bai Zheng would always wear suits and leather shoes, but Father Bai today was wearing casual sport clothes instead, and the always donning exquisite attire Mother Bai was now only wearing a simple white T-shirt and jeans.

“Pa, you won’t go to the company today?” Bai Zheng glanced at his parents and asked while sitting down.

“I have an appointment to play golf with Guo Dong today.” Bai Guoyu said.

“Didn’t you have the appointment with him in the company at ten?” Bai Zheng asked with curiosity.

“It’s not an important meeting, I can just discuss it while playing golf.” Bai Guoyu said, his eyes as if they were sweeping under the table.

Bai Zheng followed his father’s eyes and glanced under the table. With just one glance, he understood what’s going on and suddenly showed a look of disgust.

Golf? The golf clubs are about to rust at home, and the one who has never gone out to play golf suddenly changed the meeting place to the golf course just to find an opportunity to wear the new shoes.


Bai Zheng moved his eyes away in disgust and fiercely grabbed a sandwich before biting it ruthlessly. Abandoning official duties because of private interest, furthermore, there were only two days left before the weekend, can’t he wait for the weekend to show off?

“Xiaoya, the shoes you designed are really beautiful and versatile with clothes.” Li Rong stood up and showed her daughter-in-law directly, “Look, doesn’t it match with my clothes?”

“En.” Mu Xiaoya was a little embarrassed to be praised, these kind of style was originally very versatile anyway.

“Not only is the style beautiful, it’s also very comfortable to wear, the soles are soft and light, and it’s comfortable to walk with this. This shoes’ quality is no less than those of famous brands.”

“It’s good if you like it.”

“Xiao Chuan, look, mom wears the same pair of shoes as the one you’re wearing.” When Bai Chuan walked in, Li Rong saw the shoes he wore at a glance. Although the shoes were all sent by Xiao Chuan, but there were 3 pairs of shoes in total, for her to wear the same kind of shoes with Xiao Chuan on the same day, it was like a rare tacit understanding between them. Her husband didn’t have such a tacit understanding, her eldest son didn’t even wear Xiaoya’s shoes.

“En.” Bai Chuan glanced at her mother’s shoes and nodded in recognition. This little hum made Li Rong’s smile suddenly turned brighter.

On the side, Mu Xiaoya was already embarrassed and could only bury her head to eat in focus. Although she understood the joy of the Bai family for receiving gifts from Bai Chuan, but this kind of childlike praise and attention was really embarrassing. Especially with these few people here, when they go out, everyone of them were all prestigious people in Yun City ah.

Although Mu Xiaoya hadn’t been in the Bai family for a long time, she already found that there was an unwritten rule in the Bai family, that was, when the family eats together, as long as there’s no special circumstances, even if someone finishes eating in advance, they won’t take the initiative to leave the dining table. They will slow down their eating speed until the last person finished with their food, and then get up and leave together. And usually, the last person to finish eating was Bai Chuan.

Throughout the breakfast, Bai Zheng was very silent, he waited until Bai Chuan had eaten almost all of his meal before he said, “House, I’ve bought it.”

House? Is Bai Zheng going to move out? Mu Xiaoya looked curiously, then found that Bai Zheng was looking at her while saying this sentence.

“It’s in the area near your studio, compound penthouse, renovated, the renovation time had taken around one year already, can directly stay there.”

“Why… did you buy near my studio?” Mu Xiaoya asked in a daze.

“The location is good, it’s not far from Yifeng so it’s also convenient for Xiao Chuan to commute from there.” Bai Zheng said, “The developer of this district is a friend of mine, he kept this house for himself so the interior inside wouldn’t need to be rebuilt again. But you have to pick up the furniture yourself.” After saying this, Bai Zheng took out a purple card from his pocket and handed it to Mu Xiaoya.

“This is the shopping card of Meihe Furniture Mall, there’s a million in it, you and Xiao Chuan can go there on weekends to pick the furniture.

“Is the house bought for us?” Mu Xiaoya was surprised.

“Of course ah. Didn’t we promise you before? When you get married, we’ll buy you a new house so you can move there if you want.” Li Rong said.

Although Mu Xiaoya never mentioned it, they knew that Mu Xiaoya wasn’t exactly comfortable living in the mansion. After she came back every day from work, besides eating, she would spend most of her time on the second floor with Bai Chuan, the Bai family of course would notice it. Furthermore, they had promised Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan to let them live alone when they got married. Professor Feng also suggested that they should give Bai Chuan a more comfortable environment, and so, the Bai couple discussed it with Bai Zheng to prepare this house.

“But… there’s no need to buy a new house ah. If we’re going to move out, we can just move inside the family’s compound, grandma’s house is also empty ah. Moreover, Xiao Chuan and I are familiar with that place.” Mu Xiaoya said.

“That place is given to you, and we also reserve a place for you here, just live wherever you want to live.” Li Rong said with a smile.

“That’s right, you will be very busy at the early stage of your business, if there’s a house nearby, wouldn’t it be more convenient?” Bai Guoyu was also someone who built his business from scratch, so he knew the hardship of starting a new business. Although the Bai family didn’t lack the money that Mu Xiaoya earned, but he appreciated Mu Xiaoya’s determination and ambition to create her own brand, especially after wearing the shoes designed by Mu Xiaoya.

“Then… the shopping card isn’t needed, we will buy the furniture ourselves.” Mu Xiaoya knew that she couldn’t reject the house, so she has to give at least the card back.

“Furniture, just count it as my housewarming gift for you.” Bai Zheng said with a blank expression.

“But, the house…” Mu Xiaoya whispered, she was really embarrassed to receive more.

“The house was my parents’ gift, I only give some furniture.” Bai Zheng saw Mu Xiaoya wanted to reject it, he immediately frowned and said, “Or, do you prefer I give you another house?”

“No, no… it’s not like that… thanks, brother.” Mu Xiaoya was afraid that Bai Zheng would really buy another house, she was scared and hurriedly put away the shopping card.

Mu Xiaoya discovered that with the Bai family, you can’t be polite at all. The more polite you are, the more gifts you’ll receive.

After breakfast, everyone went out together neatly. Bai Zheng and Bai Chuan went to the company, Bai Father went to the golf course, while Bai Mother invited her girlfriends to go out, thus the four Bai family went out the door together.

Uncle Li walked over with Bai Father’s golf club and looked at the family’s attire, and with great eyesight, he expressively complimented them, “Master, Madam, Second young master, what you are wearing today, whether it’s clothes or shoes, one glance and everybody would know that you are family ah.”

Bai Father and Mother suddenly beamed with joy.


A cold hum came from Bai Zheng in his suit.

Bai Zheng’s work efficiency was very high. He just mentioned the house in the morning, and not long after he arrived at the office, he already asked his assistant to send the property certificate. Mu Xiaoya looked over and found that the real estate certificate was written with the names of her and Bai Chuan’s names.

“So it’s not your or Bai Chuan’s name only, but the names of you two together.” Fang Hui looked at the property certificate and said, “The Bai family had thought a lot ah.”

With the Bai family’s financial resources, it was entirely possible to buy a house for Mu Xiaoya, but they did not do so. They specifically wrote the names of Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan on the certificate, with this, they were telling Mu Xiaoya that they put her and Bai Chuan in the same position.

“Right ah, I didn’t expect it.” Mu Xiaoya felt warm in her heart.

If it’s only her name that was written in the certificate, Mu Xiaoya would turn around and transfer the house to Bai Chuan, but now that the names of the two of them written in this one certificate together, Mu Xiaoya won’t do anything. The Bai family’s intention was so obvious that if she did something more, it would instead become hypocritical.

“This house’s size is more than 130 square meters, and it also has a loft, there must be a lot of rooms in it. Go back and reserve one for me, if I work late in the future, I can just go to your house to crash down.” Fang Hui joked.

“If you’re not embarrassed becoming a light bulb, then you’re welcomed in my house.” Mu Xiaoya gave her a glance. [T/N: a third party, disturbing a couple’s lovey-dovey moment]

“Classmate Mu Xiaoya, I find that since you married into a wealthy family, you’re becoming more and more stingy. In the past, you’re clearly willing to split the 1.5 meter bed with me, but now you’re not willing to spare me a bed in that 130 square meters?”

“Who made me someone with a family? If I’m still single, let alone a bed, I’ll give you even the house ah.” Mu Xiaoya said generously.

“Tut!” After joking, Fang Hui suggested, “After lunch, why don’t I accompany you to see your new house?”

“No way… I want to wait until the weekend and go see it with Bai Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya said.

“Okay, then I won’t disturb you guys, I’m just going to wait until the interior is done.” Fang Hui understandingly nodded. Wedding house ah, compared with girlfriends, naturally should go with husband first.

“If you’re fine on the weekend, you can come along too.” Mu Xiaoya invited her.


“Don’t you always want to see Bai Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya smiled.


They’re moving! Ooohh~ it’s a love nest (ノ^o^)ノ

Panda is expecting good news in the long future! (≖ᴗ≖✿) Maybe some cute buns?

Next 5 chapters will be on Novi’s blog. Oh right, we’ve decided to co-translate ‘The Villain Has Blackened Again’. Do read it if you like yandere ML and world-hopping system~ v(^∀^*)

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 40

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  2. I… kind of understand how Bai Chuan ended up getting burned on the other life… the family was just too trusting…

    If only the “other woman” hadn’t being greedy, I have a feeling she shouldn’t have triggered those many onsets on Bai Chuan making her hate him… living with an autistic person is hard, being married to one… specially if that one can’t express emotions is worse.

    If our dear Xiaoya, who HAVES the keys to help him out has felt tired and so sad that all she wanted was to cry… I can only imagine how the “other woman” felt whenever she tried to no avail.

    Reminds me of “Scorpio” (netflix) but the guy in “Scorpio” started out already gone through all this and is capable of faking it much better… (they still show somewhat his past self on some remembrances and he still haves mini onsets)

    I guess the “other woman” may have being an opportunistic bitch, and her train of thought was crooked from the start, but… she still tried more than anyone else (besides the family) to get close to him in her own way…

    Her reasons were selfish that’s why it all broke down and ended up in an attempted murder, but let’s be honest, who is willing to endure all this for free? there haves to be at least a bit of self interest, not even blood relatives are willing to endure all this…

    1. I understand what you meant.. however I still think it is necessary to emphasize that Bai family is not the kind who expect others to serve their son for free.
      They are obviously generous people and would be more than happy to offer BC’s wife luxurious life and many assets if she wants it, provided that she took care of their son sincerely.
      And I am very sure that they would also never mind to offer a big compensation/alimony if she finally can’t stand and asked for a divorce.
      The same thing was promised to Xiaoya’s parent remember?
      At the very least they would be grateful for her spending her prime youth to serve BC.
      So why the need to harm him deliberately?
      When one is not greedy, one would be more appreciated and would gain more instead.
      However if it was an accident caused by BC’s onset, then it is really different story. It was probable simply a bad fate. Because such an accident is also possible…however, she could have called for help instead of pretending to not knowing that he’s at home alone.
      BC would be able to be rescued earlier if she was honest.
      I don’t believe that she didn’t know he was at home when the fire burnt the house.
      Frankly speaking, BC condition is actually not severe, he is a high functioning Asperger syndrom, he can live independently even without a wife if he was trained to live like a normal, trained to adapt.
      So the parent’s decision was not completely wrong.. Being overly protective is not a good solution, they can not always be there for him, the parent will die sooner or later.
      They trusted Wang jing not without basis. She was becoming secretary and personal assistant for BC for years afterall and BC never showed any resistance despite not giving any special affection either.
      It is not like Wang jing was a complete stranger they found using matchmaking websites or such sort.
      They couldn’t imagine that she would dare harming their son deliberately
      because logically speaking it wouldn’t benefit her at all.
      She could only gain profit by being loyal to him.
      Covetting inheritance only makes sense if both parent have died or if Bai chuan have assets on his own.
      But if the house is the only assets on his name at the moment, then burning the house with him would have been a stupid move.
      Even the insurance company wouldn’t easily give money without investigation :).

      1. You are correct, I wrote this assuming she was the perpetrator, your reasoning actually makes more sense, and her pretending he wasn’t there could have being her just denying guilt… a sort of “excuse” because she was the one that was supposed to care for him, so she pretended “it’s fine because he isn’t in the house” to avoid being declared as the one at fault.

        1. Yes. That is very plausible.
          Just like how Xiao ya’s inner thought when Wang jing’s questioned her:
          WJ might have been really innocent in a way that she didn’t deliberately hurt him, but Xiaoya just can’t help to dislike her anyway.’
          Therefore she can only be honest and let WJ think that she is just a jealous wife, she doesn’t mind LOL.
          I really love how she responded to WJ hahaha.
          So frank, really my cup of tea 😁.

        2. Yes. That is very plausible.
          Just like how Xiao ya’s inner thought when Wang jing’s questioned her:
          WJ might have been really innocent in a way that she didn’t deliberately hurt him, but Xiaoya just can’t help to dislike her anyway.’
          Therefore she can only be honest and let WJ think that she is just a jealous wife, she doesn’t mind LOL.
          I really love how she responded to WJ hahaha.
          So frank, really my cup of tea 😁.

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  4. I hope to see more intimacy between them now that only the two just will live together ԅ(♡﹃♡ԅ) . I would like the author to show us what the path to the “first time” of our newlyweds will be like. Thank so much

  5. Whuut they’re already gonna move out? I kinda feel like it’s a pity haha, I enjoyed seeing the Bai parents, big brother, Xiao Chuan and Xiaoya interacting 😀 thanks for the chapter~

  6. I MTL-ed Villain has blackened again ans it is one of best Chinese novel I had read. And the yandere ML is very unlike other novel.

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      1. I think Maria was talking about the translators note XD
        Im also really happy to know that MadPanda and Novi are collaborating to translate ‘Villain Has Blackened Again’ in addition to this novel that they have been collaborating on ♡(ŐωŐ人)
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