My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 — Skipping Work

Bai Chuan’f office was at the end of the aisle, his office and the outside was separated by a transparent glass wall, so as long as he looked up, he can see the outside situation. But Bai Chuan’s concentration during work was unusual. He squinted his eyes as he looked on the computer screen, his line of sight wouldn’t move anywhere outside that box. At this time, if only he would look a bit behind the screen, he would surely see Mu Xiaoya standing outside the glass wall.

Mu Xiaoya didn’t enter the office directly, she only stopped right across Bai Chuan’s desk, watching Bai Chuan quietly across the glass wall. She has never seen what Bai Chuan looked like when he was working; he was equally attentive as usual, but he has this calm and confident temperament which made her stunned.

Beep, beep beep…”

Bai Chuan’s phone suddenly rang, and a special prompt sound caused him to immediately stop typing on the keyboard and picked up the phone.

Mu Xiaoya: ‘Are you busy?’

It’s Xiaoya, Bai Chuan’s eyes brightened, and he quickly replied: ‘Not busy.’

Mu Xiaoya: ‘Then… lift your head up.’

Bai Chuan blanked, somewhat puzzled, but he raised his head obediently. Then… he saw Mu Xiaoya standing outside his office while waving at him.

They’re… only separated by a transparent glass wall.

It’s Xiaoya, Xiaoya is outside the door, Xiaoya has come here to see me.

“Xiaoya.” A big smile raised up from the edges of his mouth, his whole person, like a black and white picture that was suddenly painted with colors, instantly became vivid and alive.

Mu Xiaoya saw how Bai Chuan was flabbergasted in the same place like a foolishly happy person, then finally thought to move out of his office. He ran out in a hurry, and even hit the corner of the desk when he was leaving, sweeping the documents all over the place.

“Xiaoya.” Running in front of his wife, Bai Chuan took her wife’s small hands very naturally, squeezing them in passing.

I’m holding her, it’s really Xiaoya. Thinking about it this way, the smile on Bai Chuan’s face couldn’t be suppressed anymore and became even more bright.

“Damn! What happened just now?”

“Did Second young master just ran out of his office?”

“So Second young master can run?”


The crackling sounds of keyboard sounded again in the office, all gossips were about Bai Chuan.

“Why did you run so fast? Is it hurting?” Mu Xiaoya looked at Bai Chuan’s left leg with a distressed expression. She heard the thudding noise when he hit the corner of the table just now.

“It didn’t hurt then, but it hurts a bit now.” Bai Chuan answered.

This rash action of him really made Mu Xiaoya felt distressed and funny, but rather than this, the hot, burning eyes around them made Mu Xiaoya uncomfortable. She gently shook Bai Chuan’s arm and whispered, “Can you help me introduce?”

“Introduce what?” Bai Chuan didn’t understand.

“Introduce me to your colleagues here ah.”

Bai Chuan froze up for a moment, looked up at his surroundings, and was immediately greeted by the fifteen excited faces shining against the blue light.

How to introduce? Bai Chuan, who had never spoken to so many people, was a little ignorant.

Is he baffled? Moreover, Bai Chuan had difficulty talking one-on-one, and suddenly letting him talk to so many people at once would make him more uncomfortable. Just when Mu Xiaoya started to reflect whether she was being too difficult to Bai Chuan, she saw Bai Chuan suddenly let go of her hand, turned back to his office, then quickly hit something on his computer keyboard.

What is he doing? Mu Xiaoya was puzzled.

Bai Chuan quickly walked out of the office again with a relaxed face and said happily, “The introduction is finished.”


Mu Xiaoya just started feeling doubtful when the people in the office suddenly stood up and greeted her in unison again, “Hello, Second young mistress.”

Mu Xiaoya turned back subconsciously and saw a line of unusually striking text floating on the computer screen nearest to her: ‘This is my wife, Mu Xiaoya.’


Mu Xiaoya quickly went to another computer and found that the display screen of each computer in the office was exactly the same at this time. The white text on the blue background, Bai Chuan’s introduction was floating on the screen: ‘This is my wife, Mu Xiaoya.’

Did Bai Chuan introduce me in this way? And, he just directly refer me as his wife, this… is really simple and powerful, and also very masculine ah…

“Hello everyone, I’m Mu Xiaoya, Bai Chuan’s wife. You guys can just call me Xiaoya, please don’t call me Second young mistress, it sounds a bit strange to hear.” Bai Chuan can introduce her with texts, but Mu Xiaoya didn’t have this ability, so she can only introduce herself once again.

A wave of good greetings came again inside the office.

“That’s right.” Mu Xiaoya turned back and whispered to Bai Chuan, “Where did you get the rose from yesterday?”

“Astro gave it.” Bai Chuan answered.

“Astro?” Mu Xiaoya blanked for a while, isn’t this the name of that cartoon…, “Who’s Astro?”

“I-I’m Astro.” Astro, who wasn’t far from the two, heard his name and quickly came out to claim it.

“You’re Astro?” Mu Xiaoya confirmed.

“It’s me.”

“I’m really sorry, Bai Chuan took your flowers home yesterday.” Mu Xiaoya said apologetically.

“No, no, that flower, I it was my initiative to give it to Second young master.” Mu Xiaoya’s sudden apology left Astro a little caught off guard, moreover, he wasn’t angry yesterday so he was somewhat overwhelmed by this apology.

“I saw the card in the bouquet.” Mu Xiaoya pushed the gift box she had been carrying to Astro, “This is just a bracelet I picked up at the mall next door, please give it to your girlfriend as compensation for yesterday’s present. I hope that Bai Chuan’s behavior yesterday didn’t affect your appointment with her.”

“No, it’s… it really doesn’t matter. I later went to the florist and ordered a bunch of flowers. It didn’t affect the date at all, we were very happy, really.” Astro didn’t dare receive the gift as he pushed it back vigorously.

“Just accept it ah, else I’d feel uncomfortable.”

“There’s really no need, really no need…”

“…” Pushing back and forth a few times, Mu Xiaoya saw Astro just simply wouldn’t receive it, so she turned and looked at Bai Chuan.

Bai Chuan didn’t understand human relationships, but he understood Mu Xiaoya’s intention, isn’t she just asking Astro to receive her gift? Bai Chuan took the gift box and placed it directly on Astro’s table, then said stiffly, “For you.”

“!” Astro, who was just refusing it determinedly, immediately stopped speaking and dared not push it anymore. He squeezed the box for a while, then said shyly, “Then… then I will accept it.”

Mu Xiaoya was satisfied, she turned around and said to everyone, “It’s my first time coming here but I didn’t bring any gifts to everyone. I just saw a delicious-looking chicken cutlet in the mall just now, so I ordered it for everyone and it should be delivered in a while, I hope everyone can enjoy them together then.”

“Ordered chicken cutlet for us?”

“I just ate wedding sweets yesterday, and today I still can have chicken cutlet to eat, isn’t this simply too lucky?”

“Second young master’s wife is going to come often ah, our mouths will be blessed a lot.” Didn’t know who suddenly shouted this form of address out, but the perpetrator received an unceasing iron slap back from the other colleagues.

“It’s okay.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t mind, she even laughed and said, “I must come often later then.”

Everyone saw Mu Xiaoya didn’t seem to mind this title, even seeming to like it, so the atmosphere suddenly became lively again.

“Second young master’s… cough, Xiaoya, do you want to try the game developed by Second young master?” Someone suddenly suggested.

“That’s right ah, that’s right, have you played it before?”

“I haven’t, actually, I don’t really know Bai Chuan’s work very well. I asked it once, but his explanation was too professional and I can’t seem to understand it.” Mu Xiaoya said embarrassedly, “Can you guys tell me about it?”

“Can ah, of course we can, we actually are the one who’s developing the game.”

“Here, here, you will know by playing it yourself.” Everyone led Mu Xiaoya to the game experience area in the corner of the office filled with white instruments arranged on one platform, the chair looked like the one in a science fiction movie. There’s a frame on the side of the chair, and on that frame hung up an VR glasses.

“Have you seen this before?” Astro asked, pointing to the VR glasses.

“Seen it, there’s an experience area in the mall, is it a 5D game?” VR games have dedicated experience areas in major shopping malls now, although Mu Xiaoya hadn’t played it before, but she had seen it quite a lot of times.

“We’re much more advanced than those outside. The VR games and videos outside can only repeat some simple game actions or enter the screen as a bystander. The game we developed can control the actions in the game more smoothly and naturally through some connections, such as running, jumping, turning, and can be directly synchronized into the game through our own actions. Our ultimate goal is to study virtual games in the truest sense, of course, there are still some gaps, but our technology has surpassed most of the same type of games in the market. Come, you can directly experience it.” After bragging about what Bai Chuan made, Astro then gave the glasses to Mu Xiaoya to let her experience the game herself.

Mu Xiaoya put the VR glasses on herself.

“Second young master, you should play together.” Some people handed another pair of glasses to Bai Chuan.

Bai Chuan looked at Mu Xiaoya who had already put on her glasses, then he took and put his glasses silently too.

Someone put two controllers in their hands and reminded Mu Xiaoya, “This is the weapon in the game, you can just follow the operation guide.”

Mu Xiaoya tried the feeling in her hands, and nodded in acknowledgment.

“Load the game.” Astro told someone to switch on the game machine.

When she first put the glasses on, Mu Xiaoya could only see a vast expanse of white chequered screen, but with the start of the game, a countdown of 5 to 1 started to play, and when it finished, the white screen in front of her turned into a city street. Mu Xiaoya raised her head subconsciously, and her vision changed accordingly. She found that she could do nothing except for turning her head to adjust her perspective in the game.

Is this a virtual game?

Tap tap…” there was footsteps approaching her, Mu Xiaoya turned her head and saw a young man holding a double gun at the alley behind her. The teenager wore Martin boots, a cool leather jacket with a circle of bullets tied around his waist. He walked out of the corner and walked to Mu Xiaoya two steps away before stopping.

Is this a shooting game? Mu Xiaoya looked down at her hand and saw that, indeed, she was holding a gun.

“Second young master, say something ah, measure the audio effect.” Everyone was staring at the computer screen, watching the two people in the game and couldn’t help reminding Second young master who had walked to his own wife but said nothing.

Is this… Bai Chuan?

“Xiao Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya probed and shouted.

“En.” There was no expression on the cool handsome boy’s face, but the voice was indeed Bai Chuan’s.

“It’s really you?” Mu Xiaoya looked surprised, this game’s simulation level was truly high, the sound felt as if Bai Chuan was really in front of her.

“It’s me.” The cool handsome boy even nodded.

Suddenly a system message appeared in the lower left corner of Bai Chuan’s field of vision: ‘Second young master, I’ll put two NPCs in a moment, you have to shoot it dashingly in front of your wife ah.’

Yu Qian finished sending the system message and didn’t wait for Bai Chuan’s answer. After tapping several times on the keyboard, two enemies armed with machine guns quietly began their ambush to the couple who was standing and chatting in the middle of the road. Because it was a man-machine mode, the NPC’s movement was obviously quite awkward. At this time, as long as Bai Chuan lifted his gun and shoot twice, he could immediately become the hero who saves the beauty, however, what can be done if Bai Chuan from the start until now was entirely looking at his wife and didn’t notice the system’s message just now? Hence…

With two pitapat sounds, the couple fell to the ground instantly. The big and bold word of ‘Big Failure’ was clearly shown in the screen.

“…” The office fell into silence, fatty thumped on his own stupid head that dared to act on his own with iron fists. Putting what NPC? Isn’t it just messing with everything?

Mu Xiaoya silently stared at the body of ‘Bai Chuan’ for a while, then took off her glasses and said awkwardly, “It seems that… we’re attacked.”

“It’s okay, we can restart it again.” Astro said, this time he changed the program and only equipped the NPCs with daggers, he didn’t believe that they could lose.

“No need, I’m not very good at this kind of game.” Mu Xiaoya put away the glasses, “But this game is really amazing, I really felt as if I was inside the game.”

“Of course, this is the effect we want to pursue, we used…” Everyone started explaining to Mu Xiaoya on top of each others’ mouths about the unique characteristics of the game, talking about the problems they encountered during development, and now, their ‘striving to be the first and fearing to be the last’ appearance was even more lively than reporters on the tail of a really hot news. Mu Xiaoya could barely understand at the beginning, and later she could only smile foolishly at the professional names popping up here and there. Fortunately at this time, the chicken cutlet was just delivered. Everyone swarmed to divide the cutlet, which resolved the awkwardness just now.

Mu Xiaoya exhaled silently, secretly thinking: These people’s ability to express things aren’t much stronger than my family’s Bai Chuan ah.

“Second young master, Xiaoya, come on and eat.” Everyone was eating the chicken cutlet, not forgetting the two.

“You guys eat ah, me and Bai Chuan will go out to eat in a while.” Mu Xiaoya answered.

When everyone heard it, they all thought in unison: so, it’s a date, then there’s no need to give them the cutlet ah.

Bai Chuan heard that Mu Xiaoya was going to take him out, his first reaction was that it was yet the time to go off work, so he gently pulled Mu Xiaoya’s sleeve and reminded her in a low voice, “It’s not yet time to get off work.”

“Then, will you go or not?” Mu Xiaoya raised her eyebrows.

“…” Bai Chuan frowned, which is more important? Going off work on time or wife calling me out? After struggling for a while, Bai Chuan tried to continue and persuaded, “It’s not time to eat yet.”

“Then, do you go? Or not?” Mu Xiaoya still said this one sentence.

Being asked twice, is it because Mu Xiaoya felt upset? Bai Chuan pursed his lips and decided after much difficulty, “…go.”

“Pfft~” Mu Xiaoya, who originally planned to wait for Bai Chuan to leave work together, to not let down a certain person’s difficult-to-make choice, she can only openly and justly bring this certain person to skip work ah.

Author’s NOTE:

Little Theater:

On the way out of school, she found the KFC in front of the school was doing a promotion: Hamburger buy one get one free. The little girl Ya was very excited and took out her pocket money, waiting for half an hour to buy two hamburgers and one bag of fries. She excitedly ran to the next door to find the young boy who had never eaten KFC before and share hers.

“Look, KFC, Grandma Bai definitely won’t let you eat ah. I hid it in my school bag, we have to close the door and eat it secretly!” The young girl Ya said sneakily.

“You’re late.” The young boy Chuan didn’t look at the KFC.

“I lined up to buy hamburger ah.”

“You’re late.”

“You’re so annoying! Do you want to eat or not?!” Young girl Ya panted with rage with her hands akimbo, “If you don’t eat, I’ll go!”

The young boy Chuan closed his mouth silently, his hand reached for a hamburger.

“I know you like eating it too, you say one thing but mean another, humph!”


Bai Chuan: a hen-pecked, loving husband

Xiaoya: a cunning, loving wife

nuff said (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 38
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