My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 — Pleasant Surprise

Because the market response of their shoes was better than expected, so Fang Hui accelerated the promotion of the official website of their studio and put a new store with only three shoes on the Taobao homepage for now. On the homepage of the store, she especially showed the studio which contains the physical photos of the studio, address and telephone number. Thanks to Bai Zheng’s decoration, the studio looks high-end and stylish, one look and anyone can see the artistic style and strength of the studio, which gave it a lot of bonus points.

The promotion on Taobao’s homepage was extremely powerful, not even one afternoon had passed, their new store had received a lot of clicks and bookmarks, they even sold a pair of shoes. This broke Fang Hui into a state of joy, and as soon as she waved her hand, the four of them went to the restaurant to celebrate, eating the profits of ten pairs of shoes in one sitting.

“Fang Hui, come here and see, is this bracelet good looking?” At tea time, Mu Xiaoya sat at the bar counter and browsed the official website of a certain brand of jewellery store.

“Let me see.” Fang Hui walked over and glanced, “Oh? They have a new model, this model is okay ah, it must be beautiful if worn.”

“Then I’ll buy this one.” Mu Xiaoya placed an order online and chose to pick up from the store.

“Are you going to the store to pick up the goods? This store is quite far from us, it’s better to let them deliver via courier ah, it’d only take the same day to deliver within the same city.” Fang Hui suggested.

“I’m going to give it in a while ah.” Mu Xiaoya answered.

“Give? To who?” Fang Hui curiously asked.

“Bai Chuan’s colleague’s girlfriend.”

“…isn’t this relation too far apart?” Fang Hui was a little speechless.

“Yesterday, Bai Chuan took a bouquet of roses for me.” Thinking of the bouquet yesterday, Mu Xiaoya wanted to laugh again, “I only knew when I asked him, but apparently he took them from his colleague that originally wanted to give it to his girlfriend.”

“…a-ahh.” Fang Hui was convinced if it’s Bai Chuan.

“So, ah, I have to return something for this colleague ah.” Although Mu Xiaoya didn’t know exactly what happened yesterday, but she knew that Bai Chuan took someone else’ thing anyway. Bai Chuan didn’t understand human relations, so as his wife, and the recipient of the flowers, she had to be the one to mend it. Hence she bought a gift and prepared to go to Yifeng Group to apologize to the innocent colleague who was robbed by Bai Chuan.

“It’s also tiring for you.”

“But I received the flowers ah.” And it was the first time Bai Chuan gave her flowers.

“Isn’t it just a bouquet of roses?” Fang Hui couldn’t help but spit out, “You’ve never seen the world, get married in a few years and guaranteed you’d think twice before accepting those flowers.”

Mu Xiaoya smiled, of course she would receive the flowers, but if the people who gave them was different, the meaning would also be different.

After choosing the gift, Mu Xiaoya got off work in advance. The shop she planned to get the bracelet from was in a mall not far from Yifeng Group, so Mu Xiaoya went to get the bracelet first, then ordered chicken cutlets and cokes for 15 people in the fried chicken shop outside the mall. She ordered the food to be sent to Yifeng Group’s game R&D department, and then went to the Yifeng Group with the bracelet alone.

Mu Xiaoya hadn’t been to Yifeng Group before, and because she wanted to give Bai Chuan a surprise, she didn’t say anything in advance, hence she was stopped by the front desk receptionist in the lobby downstairs.

“We’re sorry, you can’t go up without an appointment in advance.” The receptionist explained patiently.

“…” Mu Xiaoya felt a little helpless, it seemed that she can’t keep this surprise. Taking out her phone, Mu Xiaoya was about to send a message to Bai Chuan when she suddenly heard someone calling her name.

“Miss Mu? Miss Mu, is it really you? Do you remember me? I’m Wang Jing.” Wang Jing seemed to have just came in from outside, holding a pile of documents and information in her hands. Seeing Mu Xiaoya looking at her, she hurried to come over.

“Secretary Wang.” Mu Xiaoya nodded, of course she remembered Wang Jing, although she had only seen this one side of hers, but how can she easily forget about this ‘ex-wife’ of Bai Chuan?

“Are you here to find Second young master?” Wang Jing glanced at the phone in Mu Xiaoya’s hand, “When Second young master is working, he’d be very attentive and hardly react to outside voices so he might not pick up your call, let me bring you to his office then.”

“Then… I have to trouble you.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t worry that Bai Chuan wouldn’t answer her phone, but Mu Xiaoya was still willing to go with her in order to keep her surprise for Bai Chuan.

Wang Jing took Mu Xiaoya through the entrance hall and entered the elevator.

“Second young master’s R&D department is on the 22nd floor.” After pressing the floor button, Wang Jing started introducing to Mu Xiaoya.

“I know, Xiao Chuan had told me before.” Mu Xiaoya replied.

“Oh, okay.” Wang Jing was silent for a moment, and suddenly, a struggling expression appeared on her face. When she met Mu Xiaoya downstairs, Wang Jing actually had wanted to ask her but she didn’t know how to open her mouth, now there’s only the two of them in the elevator, she felt that it’s a good time to talk. Wang Jing struggled for a while and finally faced Mu Xiaoya to ask what had been puzzling herself these days.

“Ms. Mu, can I ask you a question?”

“What is it?” Mu Xiaoya looked at Wang Jing strangely.

“It’s like this, I used to be Second young master’s life assistant, and I had been getting along well with Second young master, but after Second young master returned to work after his holiday, he suddenly started to be resentful towards me. I want to know if I had done something wrong which made Second young master unhappy.” Although Wang Jing had been asking why Bai Chuan would suddenly resent her, the expression in her eyes clearly revealed that she knew that this matter had something to do with Mu Xiaoya.

She thought a lot during this time, and she discovered that Bai Chuan’s changes should have happened since she first sent Mu Xiaoya back to the Mu house.

“It’s not that Xiao Chuan suddenly started to resent you, but that I told to him that I don’t want you to assist him anymore.” Mu Xiaoya answered quite clear-cut and forward.

As expected, it was like this.

“Why?” Wang Jing’s voice couldn’t help but filled with a trace of anger, she didn’t know what she did to offend Mu Xiaoya until Mu Xiaoya would treat her like this.

Her qualifications and record of service in Yifeng Group wasn’t deep. When she first came to the company, her ability wasn’t strong and her daily work pressure was very heavy. It wasn’t until she worked part-time as Bai Chuan’s life assistant, taking care of all of Bai Chuan’s needs in all of aspects in his work, that her pressure could finally somewhat lessened.

Later, she slowly discovered that the chairman and general manager cared about Bai Chuan very much, thus she thought, as long as she can have a good relationship with Bai Chuan, she can establish herself in Yifeng Group. Therefore, every time she picked Bai Chuan up for work, she would continue to desperately chat with Bai Chuan. But no matter what she said, Bai Chuan almost never responded to her, thus she thought of another way.

She did a little trick and changed her form of address of Bai Chuan. She found that no matter whether she called Bai Chuan as ‘Second young master’, or by directly calling his name, Bai Chuan would responded the same way to her. So in order to show how ‘close’ her relationship was with Bai Chuan, she began to call Bai Chuan affectionately with ‘Xiao Chuan’.

This method was very useful, just changing the form of address, it distinguished her from the other assistants. She became the most ‘loved’ life assistant among all Bai Chuan’s life assistants, and because of this, she made a positive change and her bonus for each quarter was the highest in the general manager’s office.

But beside playing such petty trick, she thought that she didn’t do anything unfair to Bai Chuan, she was sincerely good to Bai Chuan so she really couldn’t understand why Mu Xiaoya did this.

Mu Xiaoya felt Wang Jing’s anger, and the emotions in her heart became somewhat complicated. After all, the reason why Wang Jing burned Bai Chuan’s face in her last life was still unclear, so it was also unclear if Wang Jing was truly being good to Bai Chuan or not. If the fire in her last life was truly an accident, then Wang Jing was innocent, and she would has no reason to blame her.

But no matter what the reason was, as a person who knows the ending, Mu Xiaoya can’t like Wang Jing no matter how she sees her.

“Because I don’t like you.” Mu Xiaoya’s answer was simple and direct. For people that she didn’t like, Mu Xiaoya has always been impatient. She didn’t have much time in her life, and she didn’t want to waste it on insignificant people.

“?!” Wang Jing’s face was full of disbelief, she apparently didn’t expect Mu Xiaoya to say such a thing so straightforwardly.

“I apologize, I know this sentence isn’t very nice to hear, but I truly don’t like you very much. You can think of this as a wife who doesn’t like the appearance of a beautiful other woman beside her husband.” The elevator arrived at the 22nd floor at this time and the door opened with a smooth sound, “I can go in myself, thank you for bringing me over.”

After saying this, Mu Xiaoya ignored Wang Jing and walked out the elevator.

So it’s just like this, no matter if you did it deliberately in the last life, you will have nothing to do with Bai Chuan in this life.

“Hello, may I ask who you are looking for?” Xiaoli at the front desk politely asked Mu Xiaoya who walked out of the elevator.

“Hello, I’m here to find Bai Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya looked at the environment in 22nd floor curiously, and she realized that there wasn’t just one office in 22nd floor, if she didn’t ask, she wouldn’t know which one is Bai Chuan’s.

“Looking for Second young master? You are?” Xiaoli’s expression became serious when she heard that she was looking for Bai Chuan. Their family’s Second young master couldn’t be looked casually by some stranger.

“I’m his wife.” Mu Xiaoya answered.

“Ah! You’re the Second young mistress?!” The girl’s expression changed into a surprise in a flash, “I had one wedding candy that you gave yesterday, they were particularly delicious!”

“One candy?” Mu Xiaoya said strangely, “I remembered that I put around ten sweets in every bag ah.”

“Second young master didn’t give me the wedding sweets ah, I only cadge one from the person in R&D department.” Xiaoli smiled genially, Second young master only gave the wedding sweets to the personnel in his office, he didn’t give them out to other people ah, that one candy she ate wasn’t easy to get.

The person who spoke didn’t feel anything, but the person who listened felt embarrassed, and the smile on Mu Xiaoya’s face couldn’t be pasted on anymore. If she knew it would be like this, she would buy more packages of wedding sweets. If she had it in her pocket right now, wouldn’t it be a good time to give to some more people?

“Second young mistress, Second young master is in his office, please go straight from here, Second young master is in the innermost small office.” Xiaoli pointed to an office room on the left.

“Okay, thank you.” Mu Xiaoya followed her words and entered. Just when she turned around, Xiaoli already announced her arrival in the group chat, so when she stepped in from the door, fifteen bright faces radiated by the computer’s blue screen all looked over in unison.

That scene… how to say it? It’s kinda horrifying…

“H…hello.” Mu Xiaoya’s greeting couldn’t help but tremble a bit.

“Hello, Second young mistress.” The fifteen people answered in unison like they had a tacit agreement before, this scene was just like when a military leader was inspecting and their subordinate shouting out their slogan back.

“…” Mu Xiaoya smiled awkwardly and walked to Bai Chuan’s office step by step under the eyes of everyone in the office.


What do you think about Wang Jing? Did she do it deliberately? It’s a possibility, since she already has an impure reason for getting closer with Bai Chuan. Even Grandma Bai had gotten mad to Bai Chuan before, what’s more an insicere person like Wang Jing? (゚ペ) Only god (author) will know ah~

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Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 37
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