My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 — You’re More Beautiful Than Books

The second day.

Mu Xiaoya, who set up the alarm clock earlier, got up before it was time for breakfast. She brought Bai Chuan with her to the Bai’s family’s dining table.

Li Rong was secretly happy, she was thinking about how to find a topic and chat with Mu Xiaoya, for fear that Mu Xiaoya would feel dejected for being too reserved.

“Xiaoya, I remember that you studied design at university.” Li Rong started to ask.

“Yes, I studied footwear design.” Mu Xiaoya answered.

“Footwear design? This is rare to see ah.”

“Originally, I applied for clothing design, but because of a few minutes mistake, the examination was changed into shoes design. However, after learning about it for a period of time, I think that footwear design is really interesting.” Mu Xiaoya said, “Besides, the shoes that was designed by myself seemed to be more comfortable to wear.”

“Yes, that’s right, those shoes outside, although they look good, but it can hurt the feet after wearing it for a while.” Li Rong had a deep impression as she said, “The pair of high-heeled shoes I often wear are all custom-made abroad.”

“I can also design high heels, I’ll help you customize a pair another day, at that time, would you try my craftsmanship?” Mu Xiaoya naturally knew that her craftsmanship can’t be compared with those shoes customized for Li Rong from overseas, but it has different meaning for the daughter-in-law to help customize the mother-in-law’s shoes, Mu Xiaoya thought that Li Rong would like it. Furthermore, besides this, Mu Xiaoya really couldn’t think of any other gifts she could give to Bai Chuan’s family.

Li Rong was really surprised after hearing Mu Xiaoya said these words, “You can customize shoes?”

“En, I’m actually working with a classmate to prepare a studio recently, and I plan to specialize in customizing shoes and designing our own brand in the future. When the studio is done, I will first help you customize your shoes.”

“That’s good ah, that’s good, then, I’ll be the first customer of your studio.”

“En.” Mu Xiaoya saw Li Rong really liked it and her heart can’t help but be happy too.

“Eat.” Suddenly, Bai Chuan put a peeled egg into Mu Xiaoya’s bowl.

“Thanks.” Mu Xiaoya smiled and took the egg, eating it with small bites.

After Bai Chuan looked at Mu Xiaoya eating, he then withdrew his gaze and continued eating his own breakfast.

Just now, Xiaoya was focused on talking, so she forgot to eat her breakfast.

Seeing this scene, the three people of Bai family’s hearts felt complicated, mixed between sweet and sour. Sour, because Bai Chuan never give them food, sweet, because Bai Chuan has learned to care for other people, which meant that he had taken a step forward to the outside world.

“Footwear customization isn’t an easy thing to do in China.” Bai Zheng suddenly spoke.

“Ah?” Mu Xiaoya was a bit muddled.

“Ordinary people doesn’t make customized shoes at all, and those who make customized shoes also regularly go abroad to those well-known brand to make shoes that was ordered in advance. It’s not wise for two fresh graduates to do custom footwear.”Bai Zheng analyzed, “The cost is high, the customer flow is low, it’s basically difficult to be done.”

Although Bai Guoyu didn’t say anything, but he really agreed on Bai Zheng’s analysis. Mu Xiaoya’s idea was good, but it was difficult to be implemented.

“Bai Zheng, Xiaoya hasn’t even started yet, how are you so sure that she can’t make it?” Li Rong gave her son a scornful glance. Her eldest son really can’t speak too much, just a few words and it can make the other want to die. Besides, what can’t be done? Is their Bai family still lack this bit of money?

“…” The criticized Bai Zheng was speechless for a while. It should be known that there were too many people outside begging him to be their business coach but he was too lazy to do it. Today he took the rare initiative but was instead given a cold shoulder, “I just want to say, if you really want to walk on this road, then you should first find a well-known company to cooperate with. After you have a certain reputation in the industry, then you can open your own studio.” Bai Zheng also knew that Mu Xiaoya didn’t know any well-known companies, so he said considerately, “I know the general manager of GJ, if you want, I can introduce you to their company.”

GJ was a very well-known sport shoes brand in the world.

“That’s right ah, accumulating some experiences before starting a business will be helpful for your future work.” Bai Guoyu also advised.

At this moment, Mu Xiaoya already thought her answer, she knew that Bai Zheng was being good to her. Actually, in her last life, she also followed Bai Zheng’s thoughts. She first went to study abroad for two years, then got the recommendation of a mentor, and continued her way to a very well-known foreign shoe brand company as their designer. It’s just that when she finally made a small achievement, she already died young, and now when she thought about it, she can’t help but feel that it was too pitiful.

“We don’t actually have such big ambitions.” Mu Xiaoya explained, “I and Fang Hui, the classmate who opened the studio with me, the two of us just don’t want to go out and work for others, so we thought about opening our own studio. Although we’re talking about making high-end customized shoes, the price certainly won’t be high. The main target groups are only middle-class and high-level white-collar workers. At the usual time ah, we’ll design some better-selling sneakers and sell them online as our main source of income. We didn’t think about making a lot of money, just to be comfortable and not making losses is already enough.”

After Mu Xiaoya explained this, Bai Zheng stopped talking, and even felt that he was being too troublesome. She actually only wanted to open a small studio and play around, her requirement wasn’t to make money, it was only not to lose it too much. Such a strange business goal, it’s really… Bai Zheng awkwardly sipped a mouthful of gruel, and didn’t continue to evaluate things anymore.

“So, how’s your studio coming along?” Li Rong asked with interest.

“We’ve found a good location and rented the studio, the next step will be to decorate it. It may take another two months for the studio to officially work.” Mu Xiaoya answered.

“Then, are you gonna be busy decorating for these two months?”

“En. But most of the work will be done by my classmate, I’ll just go to see it occasionally.” Because Mu Xiaoya just got married recently, Fang Hui almost took over most of the work so as not to hinder their honeymoon period. Only when discussing the decoration plan did she contact Mu Xiaoya.

“Eat.” At this time, Bai Chuan passed over an egg to Mu Xiaoya.

“…” Mu Xiaoya was helpless, how come Bai Chuan continued on giving her eggs ah? She whispered to remind him, “I can’t eat anymore, don’t give me anymore eggs.” After that, she picked up the second egg that Bai Chuan gave her and planned to eat it. Who knew that when she just wanted to take a bite, Bai Chuan suddenly took the egg back again.


“You can’t eat anymore, I’ll eat.” Bai Chuan swallowed half of Mu Xiaoya’s egg in one bite.

This… this is too intimate! Mu Xiaoya’s face turned red, she almost dared not to lift her head and see the other Bai family’s members’ faces.

Unexpectedly, the other three people there were all relieved even after being given a mouthful of dog food, Li Rong also strengthened the ideas in her mind.

After the breakfast session was finished, Bai Guoyu and Bai Zheng went to work. Li Rong went to find Xiaoya, explaining to her what she thought in her mind.

“Ma, so what you mean is, to let me bring Bai Chuan on a trip?” Mu Xiaoya was surprised.

“That’s right.” Li Rong explained with a smile, “Because of what happened with Xiaochuan’s grandma, your wedding didn’t get to be held, but you still have to spend your honeymoon ah. Moreover, Professor Feng also said that it would be good for Xiaochuan to go on a walk. Before, when we took Bai Chuan to go out, he wouldn’t budge at all, but I think he will be happy if you’re the one who take him out.”

Mu Xiaoya turned her head to look at Bai Chuan, he was sitting in the garden while reading a book. Mu Xiaoya suddenly realized that if she didn’t give him attention or not talking to him for a while, Bai Chuan would be reading books or stayed still in a daze.

“Take him out for a walk and let him be more exposed to the outside world. The greater his interest in the outside world is, the faster he will recover.” Professor Feng gave her advice just yesterday so Mu Xiaoya would naturally remember it. This time, Li Rong mentioned about this again, so Mu Xiaoya’s heart was moved.

“If you’re assured with me, I do have a place in my mind, and it’s also suitable for Xiaochuan.” Mu Xiaoya said.

“Of course, of course I’m assured.” Since the day Mu Xiaoya was accepted as her daughter-in-law, Li Rong has chosen to believe in her, and not to mention, what Mu Xiaoya did when Bai Chuan’s condition was triggered had long been well-received by the Bai family.

“Then… I’ll prepare the things we need to take Bai Chuan for the tour.” Mu Xiaoya decided quickly.

“Right, you need to be prepared, I’ll let you pack your bags then.” Li Rong said and left with excitement to find Uncle Li and make some preparations in advance for the two people. As for where Mu Xiaoya was going to travel, Li Rong didn’t care, anyway it can be thought of later, it’s more important to prepare things now.

After deciding to go travelling, the first thing to do was to tell your travel companion.

Mu Xiaoya walked over to Bai Chuan’s side and found out that in the time when she was talking with her mother-in-law, Bai Chuan already finished a third of the book that he just took out.

What book is this? Mu Xiaoya tried to look at a few lines of sentences written on it, but the various advanced professional terms made her, who had lived 4 years abroad, felt like she was an illiterate. Mu Xiaoya gave up reading and looked away, she then stretched out her palm and blocked out the book’s content.

As his sight was blocked, Bai Chuan lifted his head up subconsciously. When he saw Mu Xiaoya, a smile was naturally formed on his face.

“Does the book look good?”

“En.” Bai Chuan nodded his head.

Mu Xiaoya suddenly wanted to tease him, so she deliberately asked, “Then, am I good-looking or is the book good-looking?”

“You’re good-looking.” Bai Chuan answered without any hesitation.


Mu Xiaoya covered her chest, her soul failed to return to her body for a long time. This was a sentence when even if you know that the other party was lying, you would still be happy to hear it, but this was Bai Chuan who can’t tell lie ah, if he said that she looks good, then she must really be good-looking in Bai Chuan’s eyes.

This recognition made Mu Xiaoya very elated that she smiled from ear to ear unconsciously. She then said to Bai Chuan, “Let’s go travelling.”

“Travel?” Bai Chuan frowned, he didn’t like travelling very much. Previously, his family wanted to take him on a trip, but it was too noisy outside and the environment was also strange, and so he didn’t like going out at all.

“Yeap, just the two of us, we’ll go and play there.” Mu Xiaoya continued, “I have a place that I always wanted to go but never had the chance to, this time, you can accompany me to go ah.”

A place where Xiaoya always want to go but never had the chance to?

“Okay.” Bai Chuan nodded. If Xiaoya wanted to go, then he’s willing to accompany her. It’s okay if it’s a bit noisy, he can bring along the headphones Xiaoya bought for him.

“I have a very good friend there, she especially wants to know you, so I’ll introduce you guys at that time.” Mu Xiaoya said excitedly, “Her family has a very large cherry garden, we can pick cherries and eat them together there!”

“Okay.” Bai Chuan laughed, he remembered that Xiaoya really liked to eat cherries, so every summer, when grandma asked him what fruit he wanted to eat, he would always answered with ‘cherry’.

“I remember, you also like to eat cherry right?” Mu Xiaoya remembered that every time she went to Grandma Bai’s house when she was a child, there would always be cherries on top of the table. Grandma Bai told her that Bai Chuan also liked eating cherries.

“En.” Bai Chuan nodded.


Unexpectedly, the other three people there were all relieved even after being given a mouthful of dog food (being shown lovey-dovey scene, it came from the term ‘single dog’ which refers to single people)

That vacation looks very nice~ I love travelling to beautiful looking places and I love the sight of the pink and white cherry forest~ o(^▽^)o

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 19

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  1. the lingering anxiety about her destiny in 4 yrs just doesn’t want to fade, will she tell him? will she just let it come when it comes so they don’t have to be depressed for 4 yrs? Or at least try to find a cure in 4yrs? Dx

  2. I wonder if real people exist that say they like one food because you like it. I haven’t encountered anyone like that.

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