My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 — Handing Over Salary Card

The cherry orchard that Mu Xiaoya wanted to go but never had the chance to was the hometown of her friend Liang Nuonuo. After graduating in her last life, she has been thinking of the places that she hadn’t been able to go to, so Mu Xiaoya set it as her honeymoon destination with Bai Chuan. Moreover, Liang Nuonuo’s cherry orchard was located in the mountain area, according to Liang Nuonuo herself, her hometown was picturesque, it was not lacking with other tourist destinations outside.

The most important thing was the calmness of the mountain and the fewer population, it should make Bai Chuan more comfortable.

After checking their luggage, they said goodbye to Uncle Li who brought them to the airport, then Mu Xiaoya led Bai Chuan to enter inside the waiting room. Because they had booked first-class tickets, there wasn’t many people in the waiting room with them. Mu Xiaoya calculated the time for the plane’s landing while contacting Liang Nuonuo to pick them up there.

Liang Nuonuo: ‘After you get off the plane, take a taxi to the train station and buy the latest trip to Rongxian. I’ll arrange someone to pick you guys then.’

Mu Xiaoya raised her eyebrows: ‘Still has to take the train ah?’

Liang Nuonuo: ‘It’s inconvenient in rural areas. However, the scenery on the road along the way is really good, the train itself is the green painted one that’s about to be withdrawn from history.’

Mu Xiaoya: ‘But I still don’t really want to take it.’

Liang Nuonuo: ‘I can’t take you guys from the airport this time ah, wait until you guys arrive, this slave’s family will treat you guys well. (winking.gif)’

Mu Xiaoya snorted a laugh. She turned to look at Bai Chuan and found that he was turning his head to look at her with a questioning expression on his face.

“Nuonuo said, we have to change and take the train after we got off the plane. I estimate it would be almost dark when we get to the cherry orchard.” Mu Xiaoya explained.

Bai Chuan nodded, indicating that he had no opinion on that. But this Nuonuo, he seemed to have heard it in the past.

“Nuonuo, was she the friend who lent you money last time?” Bai Chuan asked.

“You heard that?” Mu Xiaoya was a little embarrassed. She just wanted to buy Bai Chuan a headset but still had to borrow money for it, it was truly embarrassing. When she called, she deliberately walked a little further, but she didn’t expect that Bai Chuan could still heard her.

“En.” Bai Chuan nodded. That’s right, he heard it.

Cough~~” Mu Xiaoya coughed uncomfortably.

“Here.” Suddenly, there was a silver bank card in front of her.

“This is?” Mu Xiaoya blanked.

“My salary card.” Bai Chuan said, “All for you, don’t need to borrow money.”

The next day after Bai Zheng listened to his brother’s request, he went to the company’s financial department to urgently settle Bai Chuan’s accounts. And to not let his brother, who was particularly sensitive to numbers, find any problems, he specifically instructed the financial department to count Bai Chuan’s salary up until the last two digits after the decimal point. After that, before he went to work this morning, he personally gave it to Bai Chuan.

“Your salary card?” Mu Xiaoya was a bit surprised, she took a while to process things through. Li Rong had told her before that Bai Chuan was working, it seemed that he did programming in their company.

“En, handing over salary card.” Bai Chuan’s hand stretched forward again.

Handing over salary card? Does he understand what this means? Also, how did Bai Chuan know about ‘handing over salary card’, who told him about that?

Mu Xiaoya can’t help but asked him, “Who told you to hand over your salary card?”

“Grandma said, when I get married in the future, I have to hand over my salary card to my wife.” This was what his grandmother told him the first day he went to work. Although it has been a long time, but Bai Chuan had a good memory, and thus can remember it clearly, “You’re my wife, so I give you my salary card.”

You’re my wife!

Bai Chuan’s tone was flat and not at all domineering, but Mu Xiaoya can’t help herself from blushing.

This guy ah, he’s a natural at teasing, why didn’t I find it before?

“You’re giving me all your money?” Mu Xiaoya took the salary card.

“Give you all, the password is my birthday, my birthday is…”

“I know, the day before the school’s term starts.” Mu Xiaoya remembered that Bai Chuan’s birthday was on 31st August. When she was young, before the start of school’s new term, she would go to Grandma Bai’s house and helped her preparing for Bai Chuan’s birthday. That was Bai Chuan’s birthday, and also Mu Xiaoya’s last summer vacation day’s big meal.

“En.” Bai Chuan’s smile lit up instantly as his dimples came out again. Xiaoya remembered his birthday, although her memory wasn’t good, but she remembered his birthday. Even though he hasn’t had his birthday with her anymore since four years ago, but she still hasn’t forgotten!

She didn’t forget~~

Unable to bear it, Bai Chuan jumped in joy a little.

“Then, I’ll spend it oh.” Mu Xiaoya wasn’t polite, she didn’t have much money left after all. Although Liang Nuonuo will host them on this trip and she wouldn’t have to spend much money, but she still need money to cover the cost of their travel. Secondly, in their trip this time, the Bai family didn’t give them any extra money, it must be because they already knew the existence of this card. She just didn’t know how much salary Bai Chuan had, can it support the family (she and Bai Chuan)…

Mu Xiaoya thought for a moment, and suddenly understood the sense of security that those married colleagues of hers said before.

After flying for two hours, the plane landed safely. They took their luggage, and Mu Xiaoya called a cab and went straight to the train station. Waiting for the train to come, Mu Xiaoya sent a message to report to Liang Nuonuo.

As Liang Nuonuo said, the only train that operated in Rongxian was really the green painted train, this was the first time Mu Xiaoya had used such a train. The speed of the green train was really slow, no air conditioning, the benches was hard, just like those old ones in the museum. But none of these were the worst. The worst was that there were too many people on the train, and after the train started, the passengers were free to move around. Not only that, but the tourists from far and wide liked to chat on the way as the various topics and dialects all mixed and buzzed around inside the train.

Mu Xiaoya turned her head to look at Bai Chuan subconsciously, and as she predicted, Bai Chuan’s brows were frowning.

“Uncomfortable?” Mu Xiaoya asked with worry.

“En.” Bai Chuan nodded, he didn’t like the noisy environment.

“Then, listen to some music with your headphone.” Mu Xiaoya put on the headphones that was around Bai Chuan’s neck, then took out her phone and played the piano songs that was used to calm Bai Chuan down.

Bai Chuan’s expression relaxed a little, but he was still pursing his lips, it was apparent that he’s still feeling unease.

“We’ll sit here for two hours, two hours are really quick. You should sleep for a while, I’ll call you when we arrive.”

Bai Chuan nodded uncomfortably, then he turned up the volume on his headphones, laying stiffly on the hard bench of the green train.

Mu Xiaoya didn’t dare to make any noise, she only sat quietly while watching the scenery outside the window. As Liang Nuonuo said, although the train was old and rusty, but the scenery along the way was really beautiful.

The train was very slow, but there were many stops along the way, it would stop almost every half an hour to pick up other groups of guests. When it stopped for the second time, there were a pair of grandparent and grandchildren sitting opposite her. The little girl was about five or six years old, seemingly to have just separated from her parents and was wailing her heart away.

Wuwuwuwu…I want my mommy, I want my mommy~~”

“Good child, don’t cry, we’ll be back after summer vacation.” Grandma coaxed patiently.

At this time, Bai Chuan who had been sleeping quietly started to move, as he seemed to be disturbed by the noise. Mu Xiaoya was startled, she hurriedly pulled out a large box of chocolate from her bag in front of the little girl.

Children of this age usually loves sweets but was restricted by their parents. When she was suddenly shown so much chocolate in front of her, her cries and wails stopped in an instant.

“Good little sister, don’t cry, let brother sleep for a while. This box of chocolates is for you, alright?” Mu Xiaoya coaxed gently.

The little girl turned her head subconsciously to look at the sleeping brother, and then she kept on watching and looking, she couldn’t keep her eyes off. It made Mu Xiaoya think that there must be something on Bai Chuan’s face, but there was nothing after she looked carefully, his face was clean, her sleeping face looked just like an angel.

“Brother’s eyelashes are so long ah.” Suddenly, the little girl shouted, “Just like a giraffe.”

Mu Xiaoya blanked, and when she looked at Bai Chuan’s eyes, she found out that they were really long, especially when he looked at her with his glimmering eyes.

“Then, we shouldn’t wake the giraffe up, okay?” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help smiling.

“En.” The little girl was well-educated. After being told by Mu Xiaoya, she not only stopped crying, her hands also didn’t go to get the chocolates. But Mu Xiaoya insisted on giving the chocolates to the little girl.

“There’s no need. Just now we disturbed you, it was our mistake originally.” The girl’s grandma refused.

“It doesn’t matter ah, this chocolate is my meeting gift to this little sister, thank you for praising my husband’s eyelashes.” Mu Xiaoya laughed.

“Your husband?” The old woman was somewhat surprised, apparently she didn’t expect that the two couple who looked like students were already married. But when she looked at them once again, she felt that the couple looked very well-matched.

“En, we just got married.”

“Ah, then I guess this can be considered as wedding sweets?” the old woman said as she gave her congratulations. She didn’t refuse the chocolates anymore as it was a blessing to receive this kind of sweets.

The train continued to move slowly, the continuous, monotonous sounds of the railroad against the train always made people sleepy. When they were about to stop at the third station, Mu Xiaoya was also a little sleepy, and she unknowingly fell asleep beside Bai Chuan.

A new group of passengers got on the train, large and small bags were crowded in the corridor as the train became more noisy. Bai Chuan moved and opened his eyes slowly when he found Mu Xiaoya’s sleeping face against him.

I see it again, every time I wake up, I can see Xiaoya’s sleeping face~~

Bai Chuan smiled slowly, he didn’t move a muscle as he kept on staring at Mu Xiaoya, just like when he got up every morning these days, he always stared at Mu Xiaoya for a while.

“Brother, sister will wake up if you look again.” Suddenly, a childish voice was heard. Because the child was too close, the headphones couldn’t block out her voice.

Bai Chuan turned his head subconsciously and saw a pair of unfamiliar grandparent and grandchild. The little girl was holding a box of chocolates, the one which Xiaoya put in her bag this morning. This discovery made Bai Chuan felt closer to the pair of old and young in front of him.

“Brother, do you especially, especially~ like sister?” The little girl asked innocently.

Bai Chuan blanked. Except with a few of familiar people, he would take a few moments to answer other people’s questions.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” The old woman saw Bai Chuan’s expression was not right, so she quickly taught her granddaughter.

“It’s also like that with me. When I was sleeping, mama would always stare at me, she would wake me up with her stare every time ah. I asked her why she stared at me so much, and she said that’s because she really like me.” The little girl pouted with dissatisfaction.

“…” The old woman gave an awkward glance to Bai Chuan and stuffed the girl’s mouth with chocolate, “Don’t talk anymore, eat sweets.”

“En.” Bai Chuan suddenly opened his mouth, “Especially like.”

The old woman blanked a while, then revealed a kind smile. It took a long time for this guy to answer, it turns out he was just shy ah, very different with his wife’s character, but they complete each other.

“Brother, although you like sister very much, but you can’t keep staring on her, because the person who sleeps can also feel you staring oh. It would be uncomfortable if you don’t get enough sleep.” the little girl said to the big brother, “At most… you can watch for one minute.”

The little girl, with chocolate smearing her fingers, pointed straight in front of Bai Chuan like a cute big sister.

Bai Chuan looked blankly for a long time before he gave a soft hum.

The little girl took back her already aching little hands and secretly sighed in her heart: These adults are so childish, even if I don’t let you watch too much ah, but you still don’t have to think about it for such a long time.

Author’s NOTE:

Bai Chuan: All my money is for you to spend…


Unable to bear it, Bai Chuan jumped in joy a little. – I’m dying from cuteness… (iДi)You know that pain when you watch a puppy / kitten video but you can’t pinch them?

“Just like a giraffe.” – if you guys still don’t know, giraffe’s eyes are bootifull~ ⊂(・ヮ・⊂)

wedding sweets (喜糖)- according to, giving out candy to friends and family represent that the couple wants to share the festivities and get everyone’s blessings. Generally, the four common candies are chocolate, rock sugar, melon candy, and smaller cookie candies. These are the traditional symbols of sweetness in a marriage.

I loveeee the cute, sassy little girl~ I wonder if Bai Chuan and Xiaoya would have their own children? (*´∇`*)

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 20

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