My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 — Present

A night of good sleep.

The sun was already high and bright outside, but Mu Xiaoya couldn’t feel the sunlight because of the curtains on the balcony that were pulled tightly. When she took her mobile phone and found out that it was already 9.30, she immediately screamed and sat up.

“I’m gonna die, I’m so gonna die, why is it already past nine?!” It doesn’t matter if she slept in her own house until noon, but she’s in Bai Chuan’s house ah.

While wailing mournfully, Mu Xiaoya got up from the bed and ran to the bathroom with naked feet, planning to find the clothes she wore yesterday. The result was her searching for half a day without even seeing a thread of it.

My clothes?

“You’re awake.” At this moment, Bai Chuan suddenly appeared at the bathroom door, with a clean and tidy appearance, looking extremely refreshed.

“Xiao Chuan? Do you know where my clothes is?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“The maid took it to wash.” Bai Chuan replied, his eyes glanced on Mu Xiaoya’s bare feet.

“Wash it? Then what should I wear ah?” Mu Xiaoya had a bitter face, surely she can’t just walk out wearing Bai Chuan’s T-shirt right?

Bai Chuan didn’t say anything. He walked to Mu Xiaoya, suddenly bending his waist and carried her horizontally.

“Eeeekk, Xiao Chuan. What are you doing?” Mu Xiaoya wrapped her arms around Bai Chuan’s neck in panic and finally managed to stabilize her body.

Bai Chuan strode out while hugging Mu Xiaoya and returned to the bedroom. He put down the person on the balcony’s rattan chair, then silently turned around and returned to the bedroom once again.

“…” Mu Xiaoya was somewhat muddled after these unexpected turn of events, but soon attracted by the sight in front of her.

Mu Xiaoya knew that Bai Chuan’s room was connected with a balcony, but what she didn’t expect was how beautiful the scenery was from this place. At a glance, from the beautifully crafted Bai family’s flower garden to the connected forest park nearby, her sight was filled with endless lush greenery, stretched all the way to the wide river far away. Occasionally, ships would pass by on the sparkling lake, but no noise could be heard from the distance, it was like a flowing and tranquil landscape painting.

Just this view on this Yuncheng’s extremely expensive land was already a rare luxury. (Yuncheng = the name of the city)

“Wear this.”

Mu Xiaoya recovered from her absent-mindedness and saw Bai Chuan holding a pair of slippers, bending his waist and squatted down in front of her.

“You went to get me slippers?” Mu Xiaoya was a little surprised.

“Wear this, you can catch a cold.” Bai Chuan helped Mu Xiaoya wear her slippers, then said again, “Clothes, I’ll get them.” After saying this, Bai Chuan turned again and left the balcony.

Mu Xiaoya was unable to find the chance to speak out, so she starred dazedly at her feet, blanketed with the pair of slippers, as if there’s still Bai Chuan’s lingering warmth on them.

Although Bai Chuan’s movements was somewhat awkward, and his speech also wasn’t very coherent, but Mu Xiaoya truly can feel his intention.

I was… taken care of by Bai Chuan?

“Rustle…” The sound of the wind blowing the pages on the book woke her up. Mu Xiaoya raised her head and saw her own reflection, smiling, on the balcony’s window.

“Clothes.” Bai Chuan returned with her clothes.

Mu Xiaoya stood up and took the clothes from Bai Chuan’s hands. Her clothes had been washed, there was a faint lavender fragrance floating around, just like the smell on Bai Chuan’s body.

“I’m going to change clothes.” Mu Xiaoya smiled, feeling that today’s weather was especially good.

They went down after she changed her clothes, it was already 9.50.

Today is the weekend and none of the Bai family’s member left home. Originally, Bai Zheng had to go for business matter, but when they had the meal with the Mu family that day, his mother asked him and his father to empty their schedule so he canceled his plan. He later found out that the dinner appointment was at Saturday and that it didn’t clash with his schedule, but he was too lazy to change his schedule back at this point.

“Morning.” When Mu Xiaoya was halfway downstairs, she already saw the Bai family all gathered neatly in the living room, her face suddenly turned red in embarrassment. It’s almost ten o’clock, but she still dare said that it’s morning.




However, the three members of the Bai family all gave her face and one by one returned Mu Xiaoya’s greeting.

“…” This was so ironic, Mu Xiaoya’s face turned even redder, “I’m sorry, I… I woke up late.”

“It’s alright, it’s good to get up late, it shows that you’re getting used to live in here ah.” Li Rong laughed softly and said, “I let the kitchen to leave some breakfast, you can go eat them with Xiao Chuan.”

“You haven’t had breakfast yet?” Mu Xiaoya was startled and looked at Bai Chuan. Bai Chuan woke up earlier than her so she thought that he already had his breakfast.

“Wait for you, eat together.” Bai Chuan replied.

“Quick, quickly eat.” Li Rong was so happy, not just because he waited to eat together with Mu Xiaoya, it was already enough that her son could think of eating breakfast. As soon as the window was opened, her son can see the already laid out breakfast on the dining table.

Bai Zheng glanced at his excited mother, then looked at the ruddy face of his brother. He turned his head silently and continued lowering his head to read the newspaper.

“Then… let’s go eat breakfast.” After saying this, Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan followed Uncle Li that has been waiting nearby to the dining room.

“Look at them.” There’s no need for Li Rong to mention because Bai Guoyu can also see it, their hearts that were anxious for the whole night finally could settle down. Bai Chuan’s recovery was much better than other autistic patients, the chance of his manic episode breaking out was also lower. However, it was not known why, although Bai Chuan has fewer cases of breaking out, but after every time he broke out, he will be depressed for a long time.

Just like yesterday when he was being silent in front of the emergency room, it was normal for him to be like that. But the Bai Chuan just now, not only he wasn’t depressed, he was in a very good mood instead.

“This time, I can finally feel relieved.” Li Rong sighed.

Bai Zheng frowned, not sharing the same relaxed mood as his parents. He didn’t deny the positive effect that Mu Xiaoya had on Bai Chuan, but this effect was like a special drug, and it was the unique, irreplaceable type of medicine. Perhaps because he had a failed marriage himself, Bai Zheng has always been reluctant to believe that there was any relationship, other than blood relationship, that can’t be severed. The more Bai Chuan relied on Mu Xiaoya, the more Bai Zheng will be worried about him. If Mu Xiaoya left him one day, the greater the blow on Bai Chuan would be.

It wasn’t that Bai Zheng was being pessimist, he only understood about human nature too much. Right now, Mu Xiaoya was someone that had just graduated from university, her world was still simple and kind so she can stay beside Bai Chuan with that kindness and compassion within her, but what would happen after a while? Wait until she was scared by Bai Chuan for a few times, wait until her words couldn’t get through Bai Chuan, wait until his endless reliance pushing down on her, wait until she find a better man…

He couldn’t be as optimistic as his parents. Of course he was thankful to Mu Xiaoya, but the more he’s grateful towards her, the more worried he was…

Mu Xiaoya didn’t take too long to eat breakfast, only eating a few bites before going out.

She took Bai Chuan along to Li Rong and said, “Ma, I want to take Xiao Chuan out for a while.”

“Are you going to pack things? I’ll let the driver send you.” Li Rong said, wanting to let Uncle Li prepare everything.

“No, there’s no need, I can just drive the car myself, just… I want to borrow a car from you.” Mu Xiaoya shyly said.

“What are you saying with ‘borrow’? Aren’t all the things in this house yours? Say ‘borrow’ again and mom will be angry.” Li Rong pretended to be unhappy.

Mu Xiaoya also knew that she had said something wrong and suddenly felt at a loss.

“When Xiao Chuan was eighteen years old, I bought an Audi as his birthday present. Since he can’t drive it, then it’s best to just give it to you.” Bai Zheng suddenly said, “Uncle Li, prepare the Audi in the garage.”

Uncle Li quickly gave affirmation.

“Thank you.” Bai Zheng’s words made Mu Xiaoya felt relieved. Although she was now married to the Bai family, it didn’t mean that the Bai family’s things were hers, of course she couldn’t just take them for granted. However, talking about borrowing, it did seem too estranged, so she couldn’t help but felt like she was in a pinch. At this time, Bai Zheng said that he gave Bai Chuan’s car for her use. Although this car was still bought by Bai Zheng’s money, but as long as it belonged to Bai Chuan, then she can use it with a more relaxed heart.

“You’re welcome.” Bai Zheng nodded indifferently.

Mu Xiaoya smiled. She found that this big brother of Bai Chuan, although had been cold and indifferent towards her all this time, but he’s still a nice person.

“By the way, mom, I also want to know how to contact the doctor in charge of Xiao Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya said.

Everyone in the Bai family blanked and stared at her. Bai Guoyu asked her directly, “You want to contact Professor Feng?”

“En.” Mu Xiaoya said while looking at Bai Chuan, “What happened yesterday reminded me that I need to know more about Xiao Chuan’s condition. If I’m more knowledgeable, then I can do more preparation and prevention in the future so there won’t be another situation like yesterday.”

Since she made an agreement with Bai Chuan yesterday, then she will need to understand more about the reasons that could make Bai Chuan’s condition to be out of control.

Everyone in the Bai family was stunned, their gazes towards Mu Xiaoya was full of gratitude. Mu Xiaoya was using action to tell them that she really wanted to integrate herself into Bai Chuan’s life, not just simply accompanying him.

“I’ll help you make an appointment.” Bai Zheng said.

“Thank you.”

By the time Bai Zheng made the appointment with Professor Feng, the car had already been prepared.

“Then, we’re going. We might be coming back later, so don’t wait for us to eat dinner.” After saying this, Mu Xiaoya turned around and looked at Bai Chuan.

Bai Chuan froze for a while, then turned to the three person inside the living room and repeated, “We’re going.”

“Ok, ok, see you again.” Bai Chuan took the initiative to talk to them again, and the Bai family instantly felt excited. They also got up and sent Bai Chuan away, not putting their hands down until Mu Xiaoya’s car was out of sight.

This whole treatment made Mu Xiaoya felt like she was playing as Alexander the Great.

“I remember, didn’t you buy that Audi last year? If the sound isn’t good anymore, then you should just throw it.” Li Rong asked her facial paralyzed eldest son.

“I’ll send it now, isn’t it okay?” Bai Zheng asked in reply.

“Okay.” Li Rong laughed.


Can you throw that very rusty, noisy one year old Audi to my garage, please? (•゚д゚•)

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 15
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