My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 — You’re Absolutely Dazzling

Professor Feng was a professor of psychology in Yuncheng University, his main research was children with autism and he had been helping Bai Chuan with his counseling since he was still five years old. It can be said that beside Grandma Bai and Mu Xiaoya’s role as his window to the outside world, Professor Feng had also contributed some to Bai Chuan’s recovery so far.

Today is the weekend, Professor Feng was doing voluntary counseling in a special children nursing home. When Bai Zheng called him, he was chatting with an autistic child. Hearing that Mu Xiaoya wanted to come over, Professor Feng especially emptied 20 minutes for her.

Mu Xiaoya arrived half an hour in advance, and because Professor Feng was still unavailable, she and Bai Chuan could only wait at the office.

This was the first time Mu Xiaoya came to this kind of place, so she can’t help but be curious. Because she had to wait for half an hour, she took Bai Chuan to stroll around the yard. But after only walking for ten minutes, Mu Xiaoya couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled Bai Chuan back to the waiting room, her heart felt uncomfortable for a while.

Bai Chuan glanced at Mu Xiaoya, then stepped forward to give Mu Xiaoya a hug.

“Xiao Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya yelped in confusion.

“You are sad.” Bai Chuan’s voice came from behind her ear, “When you’re sad, you need a hug.”

Mu Xiaoya blanked, this was what she taught Bai Chuan. But was her expression really obvious that even Bai Chuan can sense it?

“Do you know what I’m sad about?” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help asking.

“I don’t know.” Bai Chuan shook his head. He didn’t know why Mu Xiaoya suddenly felt sad, he only vaguely felt that she became sad when they were taking a walk in the yard just now, but they obviously didn’t meet anything there.

“I saw those people outside and can’t help but thought of the past you.” If there was no Grandma Bai, if it wasn’t because Bai Chuan was born in a wealthy family, would he be the same as those children outside? Wearing sick patient’s uniform, squatting blankly on the grass, looking up at the leaves on the tree and sky ahead, without no one caring about them. Day after day, year after year, just living like this their whole lives?

Those people outside? Bai Chuan glanced outside the window, finally noticing the other children in the courtyard. He gazed at those children and felt some familiarity. He remembered that he used to live like them.

“I’m not outside.” Bai Chuan didn’t think that it was bad to stay like so, he also liked to stay still within a quiet world because he can think about many things. But Mu Xiaoya likes to be lively, she always looked for him and talked like a chirping bird, so he could only respond to her as best as he can.

“En, fortunately you’re not outside.” This was what Mu Xiaoya was most thankful for. It was fortunate that Bai Chuan had a family that loves him so much, not giving up on him, and not letting him become like those children outside.

Alright then, although I don’t understand why Xiaoya doesn’t like me outside, but since she doesn’t like it, then I won’t go outside.

The way of thinking of the two people was different, but they somehow reached a strange agreement.

“I’m sorry to keep you two waiting.” At this time, the office door was pushed open and Professor Feng came in.

Mu Xiaoya hurriedly stood up from Bai Chuan’s embrace, her face was with a hint of embarrassment, “Professor Feng.”

Hehehe...” Professor Feng smiled at the embarrassed Mu Xiaoya and teased her, “The young couple has a good relationship.”

“…” Mu Xiaoya’s face became even redder.

“Sit down, sit down, let’s sit down and talk.” Professor Feng motioned them to sit down.

Mu Xiaoya sat back in her chair, Bai Chuan also sat next to her. From the moment Professor Feng walked in through the door, Bai Chuan only gave him one glance and then moved his sight away, all of his mind fell unto Mu Xiaoya.

En, Xiaoya isnt sad anymore. Bai Chuan raised the edges of his lips in happiness.

Noticing this movement, Professor Feng raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Mu Xiaoya, I have been waiting for you to come find me for a long time.” Withdrawing his gaze, Professor Feng then looked at Mu Xiaoya.

“?” Mu Xiaoya somewhat didn’t understand.

“You may not know me, but I have known you for about ten years.” Professor Feng laughed.

“Have we met before?” Mu Xiaoya was even more surprised, she didn’t remember meeting with Professor Feng, furthermore, she was still an elementary school student ten years ago.

“Yes, through Xiao Chuan.” Professor Feng looked at Bai Chuan with a smile.

After hearing his name, Bai Chuan subconsciously glanced at Professor Feng but soon moved his eyes away. However, this look alone made Professor Feng very pleased, all of these years he didn’t get any reaction from him, but now, at least Bai Chuan was still willing to acknowledge him.

“Through Xiao Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya felt unconvinced.

“That’s right.” Professor Feng explained, “A long time ago, it was probably half a year after Bai Chuan followed his grandmother to live in the old house. I found out about your existence during one of the treatments then.”

“Xiao Chuan mentioned about me to you?”

“Yes, although to be precise, I discovered you first.” Professor Feng explained, “At that time, Xiao Chuan won’t actively communicate with people, but later I found you in his paintings. Usually, autistic children don’t like talking and it can make their treatment very difficult, we can only stimulate them through various auxiliary ways, and then find what they’re interested in from their responses. Xiao Chuan has scholar syndrome, so he has special talents in some areas. In addition to mathematics, his paintings are also very good, and our first communication was through this. From his paintings, we can see parts of the world inside his eyes.”

“In the beginning, Bai Chuan’s paintings were of meaningless landscapes, there would be intricate lines sometimes, and it was difficult for us to find what he’s interested in. Until one day, a girl was added to his painting.” Professor Feng meaningfully pointed his gaze to Mu Xiaoya.

Mu Xiaoya felt her heart jumped out a beat, there’s no need for Professor Feng to point it out as she can already guessed that the girl in the painting was herself.

“That painting was stored away by the Bai family, you should see it when there’s a chance.” Professor Feng said, “It was the most colorful of all the paintings Xiao Chuan has painted. One can well imagine that you’re very dazzling in his eyes, that’s why he can paint you with so many colors.”

Am I dazzling in Bai Chuans eyes?

Mu Xiaoya was somewhat surprised when she heard about this for the first time. She looked back to Bai Chuan, wishing to seek confirmation, but Bai Chuan didn’t have much expression on his face.

Professor Feng looked at the time, there’s still ten minutes before he had to go to the next treatment.

“Bai Zheng said that you had some things that you want to ask from me?” With ten minutes left, it should be enough to answer Mu Xiaoya’s questions.

“Yes.” Mu Xiaoya quickly restrained her emotions and seriously consulted about Bai Chuan’s condition, “Professor Feng, I want to know what things that can stimulate Xiao Chuan condition to go onset? Is there any way to prevent it? Also, is there anything that I should take a note of when I’m with Xiao Chuan?”

Professor Feng frowned, thinking for a moment and said, “Patients with autism received stimuli from the outside and react differently from normal people. For example, sound, color and movement, if they fall into their eyes, it will produce different reaction. It could infinitely magnified, or it could also be infinitely reduced. For example, for normal people, some noises was too light to be heard, but for patients with autism, it would be like someone screaming in high decibel right next to your ear with a loud speaker. On the contrary, there maybe somethings that you may hear as noisy, but they will treat it as nothing. Patients with autism has weaker adjustment capability, so if they’re stimulated too much, their illness can break out.”

Mu Xiaoya immediately thought about yesterday night’s electric sound that stimulated Bai Chuan.

“In addition to noises, there are also light or even other unreasonable things.” Professor Feng said, “Most autistic patients will have a certain degree of obsessive-compulsive disorder, everything should be placed where they think it should be. If someone mess up their things, they will feel uncomfortable and constantly want to return them to their original place. If it wasn’t achieved, then their illness can break out too.”

“So, I can’t casually move Xiao Chuan’s things, right?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“Xiao Chuan’s response in this matter is very light, although he wants to return things to their original place, but it’s not enough to stimulate his illness. At most, he will be restless. You should just pay more attention to this, but there’s no need to be worried.”

“Is there anything else that I should pay attention to?” Mu Xiaoya nodded her head and continued to ask.

“Satiate his curiosity.”


“Yes, although autistic patient are closed in their own world, it doesn’t mean that they have no curiosity. On the contrary, not only they have curiosity, but it’s also very strong. It’s just that this curiosity is rarely shown to the outside world.” Professor Feng said, “And so, once they have a strong curiosity about something outside, then their curiosity must be satisfied, otherwise their emotions can be easily agitated. Just like a child crying constantly about a new toy, but patients with autism have a harder time reconciling with their emotions, they won’t be coaxed easily like children.”

Mu Xiaoya nodded her head, showing that she understood.

“Also, the emotional intelligence of an autistic patient isn’t high. When communicating with them, it should be done with simple and forward words and gestures. Although Xiao Chuan is very smart, but his emotional intelligence is still very low; he can’t lie, and he can’t understand how to evade an issue. These will cause some problems in life, such as avoiding to answer things that you don’t want to answer, insisting to do something that you don’t want to do. It is at this time that you will require a great deal of patience to be with him. If this case happen, then the best way is to follow through with him, and even if you don’t want to, you still shouldn’t act perfunctorily or avoid him, instead, you should reason things out with him as much as possible so he can understand.”

Mu Xiaoya thought about yesterday night when Bai Chuan insisted to lift up her clothes to examine her wounds.

“Then, what can I do to help Xiao Chuan to recover?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“Your company is the best cure for him.” Professor Feng laughed, “Of course, if you want some advice, then I suggest you to take him out for a walk, talk to him about social topics, or do some activities with him. These things will help him to integrate himself inside the society. In short, let him have more contact with the outside world. The more he’s interested in the outside world, the faster he will recover.”

“Then, what should I do if his sickness break out?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“I… control.” Bai Chuan, who had been quietly listening, suddenly talked.

Mu Xiaoya blanked for a while.

Professor Feng was so happy he laughed hehe and said, “At this rate, I think the chance of him breaking out is very small. Even if it happens, it still doesn’t matter, just let him calm down and then give him a hug like before.”

Mu Xiaoya nodded solemnly.

“I can control, won’t get sick.” Bai Chuan still continued.

“Alright, I know.” Mu Xiaoya coaxed him.

Bai Chuan frowned, he always felt that Mu Xiaoya didn’t really have confidence in him.

Then he must work harder and make Xiaoya be confident with him.


Phew~ This chapter has so many explanations (;´Д`), I’m not sure about their accountability though~ (´‐ω‐)=з

Xiaoya is getting closer to Xiao Chuan oh~ 〔´∇`〕

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 16
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