How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 65

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Chapter 65

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (8)

Translated by: Niladri


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Lalan Heights. Edge of the concave depression.


In the dense jungle, a hollow sound could be heard, and a storm Falcon fell.


The young man dressed as a Ranger trekked through the grass and moved forward. The bowstring of the short bow in his hand was still trembling slightly. He picked up the Falcon and threw it backwards into the arms of the strong warrior behind him.


“Rhett, is that okay?” The young ranger had blisters in his bow-pulling hands.


“Boer, what the employer wanted to eat dragon Eagle wings.” Rhett shrugged.


“Where am I going to find the Dragon eagle for this young master? Even if we find it, our whole team will die in the process!” Boer felt his mind collapsing.


This employer was Ionas who had given a deposit of one bag of gold coins. The task was also simple. They didn’t need to go into the depression. They just needed to explore around the edge of the depression and inform him about any strange buildings. They had also been delighted to think that their team had met a big fat sheep with a stupidly high amount of money, and the young man also thought that the long poems chanted by the Bards were real.


Beautiful Lalan Heights!


Once the home of the dragon,


The land was wild and beautiful.


The land was mysterious and moving.


Until the miracle came,


Dragon Island rose to the sky…


As for this legend, skeptics sneered at being able to raise such a vast area to become a floating island. This was something that only Gods could do. Only which God would be so bored, doing such a meaningless thing. The dragons used to live on the ground, and no creature dared to invade their territory, why bother creating a floating island in one fell swoop?


Those who believed in it came one after another to the edge of the depression to map the edge and compare it to the outline of the Dragon Island in the sky. If they were to overlap, it would be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of the mainland.


However, no one has been able to complete the map of the Lalan depression, because the Lalan depression was too dangerous. The terrain was complex and demonic beasts ran rampant. It is said that some people have seen sub-dragons deep in the depression. Sub-dragons had the ancestry of giant dragons. Since the disappearance of giant dragons from the mainland, sub-dragons became the most dangerous creatures on the mainland.


This aristocratic young man named Ionas was obviously deceived by bards into investigating the relationship between Lalan Heights and Dragon Island.

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The Blood Wolf Team had intended to take the noble young man to wander around the edge of the depression to show him the dangers near the Lalan depression. Such a young man who was ignorant of the world will naturally be frightened to go back to the safety of the main city and would never daydream about becoming a warrior. According to the rules of the Adventurer’s Association, if the employer suspends the task, the full commission must be paid.


What an easy task, walking around the edge of the depression randomly, without facing the overtly powerful demonic beasts, they could enjoy their lives with the huge commission. But the whole team underestimated the employer’s difficulty.


Just listen to what he’s asking for.


“I’m going to have dragon eagle wings for dinner tonight.”


Dragon Eagle! That’s a dragon eagle. Does this young man think it’s a roast turkey wing? Dragon eagles were one of the most dangerous flying demonic beasts, almost equal in strength to the Griffin, or pack creatures. Attack one of them, the whole pack of dragon eagles will pour out from their nests until the provokers are destroyed. That’s what the mild-tempered priest in the group explained to the employer, but what did the young master say?


“Then just kill a pack of dragon eagles. That’s all right. I can eat them all.”


Ella’s expression was distorted at that time, and the usual mild-tempered priest was choked half to death by this young master’s demands.


Their employer did pay a substantial amount of gold coins. This was what Blood Wolf Team kept stressing in their hearts repeatedly these days.


After filling up the storage rings, Rhett and Boer returned to camp.


When he saw Rhett and Boer returning, Ionas stood up expectantly and said, “Did you finish hunting my dragon eagle wings?”


“I’m sorry. We searched around and found no dragon eagle.” Boer said, “But Rhett and I hunted many delicious demonic beasts.”


Rhett activated his storage ring: “Yes, it’s full of prey and you can slowly choose.”


Ionas nodded proudly: “I’ll take a look at it then.”


After examining the pile of demonic beast corpses that fell from the ring, Ionas turned away with disgust: “No dragon eagle, and yet that’s all for the food you managed to stuff in the entire ring?”


Sorry, our team is too poor to afford bigger storage rings. This young man knows how expensive the storage rings are, and that a nameless 1 team of adventurers like our Blood Wolves can never afford them. Rhett and Boer’s expressions grew twisted.


Lu Heng couldn’t bear to watch anymore. The dragon had been sleeping most of the time for tens of thousands of years. He has no understanding of the outside world. His assessment of strength was based on the giant dragons around him, which made hunting a group of dragon eagles seem easy. It if went on like this, he was afraid that the blood wolf team’s people will be angry enough to vomit blood.


“Io, those demonic beasts are fresh and tender, and they taste good when they are roasted.”


Boer saw the probationary priest, whose face was partially hidden by his cloak, approaching him and seemed to whisper something in a low voice. The young master who was creating trouble immediately softened his face and sat down without any more criticism.


Boer found out that this difficult Ionas was behaving like a child only in front of the probationary priest. Was the priest his godfather? One must know that a priest’s power of practicing the Holy Light made people unable to estimate their age. Maybe the man who seemed to be in his twenties was actually not that young.


In fact, to some extent, the ranger youth was right.


Boer and Rhett cooked the prey neatly and set up a fire for dinner. But they saw Billy and his small group staggering forth from behind the bushes, and they were carrying another unconscious companion.


Rhett’s expression changed quite a bit. He put down the barbecue grill in his hand and went up to enquire, “What’s going on?”


Billy was panting and looked out of breath. “We, we met sub-dragon! Eddie distracted the dragon, and we took the opportunity to run back.”


Eddie was a magician, the strongest in the team was him, but while facing sub-dragons, even the lowest kind of sub-dragon, was very dangerous. Rhett and Boer grabbed their weapons, asked for directions and were about to rush to support him, only to see a sudden twist in the space in front of them. Everyone knew at a glance that it was spatial teleportation magic. This was Eddie’s life-bound magic scroll. For him to actually use it, it seemed that his life was in danger.


Suddenly a door appeared in the air, and then a blood-covered man appeared in the camp. The magician, who had always been in high spirits, lay unconscious on the ground at the moment. His abdomen was torn apart. He should have been hit directly by that sub-dragon’s claws.


“Ella! Come on!”


As soon as Bohr’s voice fell, Ella hurried forward. She knelt on the ground and made a praying gesture. A moment later, the bright stone on the top of her stick gave off a soft white light. The white light slowly covered Eddie’s abdominal wound, and the bleeding seemed to slow down a little.


Just as Boer breathed a sigh of relief, he saw beads of sweat on Ella’s forehead, and cracks started to form in the bright stone on the scepter, and finally it exploded with a bang.


Ella sat down dejectedly and said, “No, the sub-dragon’s breath is wrapped around the wound. I can’t get rid of it. I can’t save Eddie.”


“Damn!” Boer kicked heavily into the bushes beside him.


Rhett, who always picked fights with Eddie, reacted even more strongly. He smashed his fist on the ground and closed his eyes: “Eddie! You fucking stand up for me!”


In this melancholic atmosphere, a gentle voice sounded: “Let me see him.”


Rhett looked up and saw the priest who had been following Ionas. He was wearing a pure white priest’s robe with no marks on his cuffs, which proved that he was only a probationary priest. The probationary priest lowered his hood and revealed a somewhat ordinary face.


Even Ella said Eddie’s wounds were no longer healable, and Rhett should have been angry at the novice priest who did not know the immensity of his own capabilities. But when Rhett saw his eyes that seemed to know everything, there was a conviction in his heart that the man in front of him could really save Eddie.


Rhett nodded and stepped aside, and the angry and upset feelings in hi, could no longer be seen.


Ella sat down and saw that the novice priest did not even pose for prayer, and flicked his finger instead. A small white light fell from his fingertips to Eddie’s wound. Visible to the naked eye, the wound began to close and heal. A moment later, the skin became smooth, and only a pink mark remained as evidence of the fact that there had been several ghastly wounds in there.


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