How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 66

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Chapter 66

His majesty the pope who spreads the holy light (9)

Translated by: Niladri


Rhett= warrior, boer= ranger, ella=priest, eddie= magician. Just to clear any confusion



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Why am I still seeing Rhett’s stupid face even after death? Eddie opened his eyes and the first thought that came to his mind was this. It wasn’t Eddie’s fault since the Sub-dragon’s claws had pierced his entire abdomen. Eddie knew that he would not survive, but he didn’t want to become the Sub-dragon’s excrement. So, he had torn the teleportation scroll apart and retreated back to camp.


Lu Heng saw that the magician lying on the ground had opened his eyes and asked in a warm voice, “Are you all right?”


Rhett realized that Eddie was awake and was thrilled to hold Eddie in his arms. The hard armor on his body made Eddie’s nose sore and a rush of heat came out. Eddie pushed aside the big silly man holding him, wiped his nose, after discovering his nose bleeding, angrily reprimanded: “Have your brains been kicked out by the armored unicorn?”


Rhett rarely spoke back, but he did now with a thick nasal voice: “Eddie, you almost died, you know?”


Eddie affirmed that he was indeed on the verge of death, and now his body felt a bit strange, and even some of the hidden injuries from his long adventure career had disappeared. When he looked around, he saw Ella bowing to the white-robed priest, who had always been with their employer, and he knew that the white-robed priest had saved him.


“Thank you for saving my life.” Eddie made a magician’s salute and took out a badge. “The Dark Red Pagoda will remember your kindness this time.”


Lu Heng smiled back and took the badge. Eddie’s origin was not simple. The personal inscription of Huoge Holy Saint was engraved on the dark red badge. And the people who could obtain this badge, other than his students could only be his relatives. The students of Houge Holy Saint were at least on the level of grand magician 1, which Eddie obviously was not.
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I heard that the Houge Holy Saint had a gifted grandson. Lu Heng guessed the identity of Eddie in his heart. Originally, he intended to erase the memories of the Blood wolf team, now it seemed that changing them a little would be better instead.


The other two of the Blood Wolf team were not too badly injured. They were healed under Ella’s care. Everyone sorted out their emotions and finally had a long-awaiteddinner when night came.


Ionas unceremoniously tore off the grilled, oily and enticing chicken wings, and having tasted them, stuffed them to Lu Heng: “Although they are a little worse than the Dragon Eagle wings, they barely pass.”

Image result for roasted chicken wings

After that, he ripped off the wings from several birds and feathered demonic beasts on the shelf and piled them on the plate in front of Lu Heng.


Lu Heng looked at Ionas staring at him with burning eyes. He had an expectant look. He smiled in his heart. He took a bite from the area other person had eaten from. “It tastes really good.”


Ionas suddenly felt that his face was a little hot. He uncomfortably moved his eyes away, but quickly turned back and grabbed Lu Heng’s baked wings. “I think this is the best one to eat. I want to eat this one. All the other dishes are for you.”


Lu Heng looked at him with a smile and then continued to eat.


After meal. Rhett and Eddie came over.


Rhett hesitated for a moment and finally said, “I’m very sorry, Sirs, our team is not strong enough to continue this mission. So we will refund the deposit in full and compensate you for the same amount of gold coins and we request you to suspend the mission.”


Although he was so poor that he was about to lose his pants, nothing could match his companion’s life. Rhett decided to sell the material he had intended to use to strengthen his weapons when he returned home, and he should be able to gather the compensation money.


“The next trip is really too dangerous. We had planned to suspend the commission. The deposit and compensation are not needed.” Lu Heng said, “In exchange, Master Eddie can tell us the whole story.”


Next, Eddie’s words confirmed Lu Heng’s speculation. Just when the spatial door had opened, Lu Heng had felt the atmosphere of ancient temples.


According to Eddie, when a companion was observing the surrounding terrain at a high altitude, he suddenly noticed that there was a faint view of tall stone pillars in the depths of the woods. The three men headed in that direction, but other than the sub-dragon found nothing. Later, Eddie had led sub-dragon in the opposite direction and went into the ruins in a hurry, but before he could inspect the surrounding environment, the sub-dragon caught up with him. Afterwards, sub-dragon tore open his abdomen with a single claw. Eddie rushed to tear the scroll and fled back. Therefore, no more specifics of the situation could be provided to Lu Heng.


“Then stop the commission. The deposit doesn’t need to be returned.” Lu Heng got the information he wanted and agreed to Rhett’s request to suspend the mission.


“What is the opinion of His Excellency Ionas?” Although Eddie knew that the white-robed priest was at least a bishop of the Pope of Light, the employer who was paying was Ionas after all. It was up to him to suspend the commission.


But Ionas held Lu Heng’s waist from behind and laid his chin on the shoulder of his predecessor in a lazy manner: “I’m sleepy. Go to bed after talking.”


As for Eddie’s question, Ionas just waved his hand to show that he didn’t care about himself.


Eddie watched the two disappear in the tent, feeling as if they had eaten something strange. 2


Billy City. Central Street. 3


Bidding farewell to the most difficult employer the Blood Wolf Team ever had, Rhett grabbed Eddie’s shoulder and went to the pub. “Come on, let’s celebrate your life and have a drink.”


Eddie disdainfully picked up the hand from his shoulder and threw it aside, heading for the pub they used to go to.


“You said that there was nothing in the jungle, how did the sub-dragon suddenly appear there ah, I really cannot understand.” Rhett suddenly had a thought.


Eddie was in a trance for a moment, and then shook his head. “Maybe it was roaming there looking for food.”


Lu Heng in the distance, after hearing these words, took back the mind control exerted on the Blood Wolf team. Together with Ionas, they returned to the edge of the Lalan depression.


The closer they went to the location Eddie spoke of, the clearer the atmosphere of the temple became. Yes, the temple still retained a hint of divine power, because the prophetic murals were left by the God of Light. In Dragon Island, perhaps because it was the territory of Ionas, the Dragon demigod, the aura of the God of light left on the murals had been exhausted.


When they saw the faint white pillars amongst the bushes, the duo of Lu Heng heard a low roar in the forest. Within seconds, a huge demonic beast descended in front of them. It was the sub-dragon. The shape of the sub-dragon was similar to that of the giant dragon, except that it had no wings on its back and its forelimbs were unusually strong. Sub-dragon’s forelimbs were also connected to the torso by a layer of flesh, which allowed it to glide at low altitudes.


Although it was said that sub-dragons had the blood of giant dragons, the giant dragons never acknowledged this, because the sub-dragon was a creature without intelligence. It was an insult to compare the noble Dragons with sub-dragons. All giant dragons upon seeing a sub-dragon,would  instantly slay them and the lord of the giant dragons was no exception.


A sense of disgust surging from the depths of his veins made Ionas instinctively transform back into a dragon. Once the Golden Dragon appeared, the oppressive dragon might instantly spread throughout the Lalan Heights. All Demonic beasts began to prostrate and tremble.


At that moment, an incalculable amount of adventurers were in the midst of their battles. The Demonic beasts in front of them suddenly gave up resisting and just lay on the ground trembling all over.


The sub-dragon in front of Lu Heng was no exception, but it seemed that this sub-dragon had his nest in the ruins of the temple, and under the baptism of the divine power for many years, it had a little resistance to dragon’s might. After a trembling on the ground for a moment, the sub-dragon stood up shaking like a sieve of chaff.


Of course, it dared not have any resistance. The sub-dragon turned its huge body and tried to escape into the deep woods. When Ionas saw the sub-dragon daring to resist, he growled in a low voice.


The poor sub-dragon who had mustered his courage with difficulty, like a punctured balloon, had no trace of it. It fell to the ground again and shivered with his forepaws over his head.


Ionas was about to breathe out his dragon’s breath to burn the sub-dragon into a skeleton, but Lu Heng stopped it.


“Wait, Io, this sub-dragon should be a good mount.” Lu Heng suggested.


When he was in Billy city, Lu Heng wanted to buy a ride instead of walking. As soon as Ionas sat on it, it would crawl on the ground and tremble, making the merchant think that the mounts in his shop were infected with some illness.


Now this Sub-dragon, facing the giant dragon Ionas, still had the courage to resist, and if trained, it should be possible to use it as a mount.


When Ionas heard Lu Heng say that, he growled again and turned into a human figure.


The sub-dragon did not shake at all, but it still lay on the ground and remained motionless. Lu Heng knew that it had agreed to become a mount. Lu Heng took out the ring of the contract and made the contract, then put sub-dragon in it.


” How can the treasure of this Dragon Lord ride on some other demonic beast?


As soon as Lu Heng heard the unhappy voice, he knew that the dragon’s possessive desire had come out again. This had always been the irresistible nature of the Dragon race even when the Dragons were still in contact with humans. And thus, one of the most powerful professions of all time appeared in the human army.


Dragon Knight.


Dragons selected humans that they liked and made contracts to help them become the most powerful knights. This human being, for life, belonged to the dragon and there would be no other mounts or contractual Demonic beast until he died.


This was a bit of a problem. If Ionas could maintain his dragon form for a long time, Lu Heng would not have wanted to find an extra dragon to ride on. They also needed to travel up the mainland for a long time. It would be a waste of time to travel on two legs alone.


Looking at the giant dragon in front of him, Lu Heng’s eyes flashed. He gently stroked Ionas’ taut back: “There is no other mount for me. The sub-dragon is your mount. You can ride on sub-dragon, I can… sit on your lap.”


“Now that you have said that, I will reluctantly agree to take this tiny sub-dragon as a mount.”



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