How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 50.1

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Chapter 50.1

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (12.1)

Translated by: Niladri

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The next morning, after Qin Yi gave Mu Fei and Jiang Sile a brief explanation, they set out for the cave. Arriving in front of the cave, Qin Yi and Lu Heng stayed one step behind and watched the two men in front stepping unguarded into the cave.


This was also what Qin Yi and Lu Heng had discussed. They would test with this illusion array first. Seeing the two men fall into the illusion, Lu Heng’s hand grasped the di chen sword behind him, and his whole body was taut, ready to stop the devil from running out and making trouble.


Unexpectedly, before long, Jiang Sile’s forehead began to percolate cold sweat, and he struggled to wake up. He instinctively looked beside him. Seeing Mu Fei still immersed in the illusion, Jiang Sile held Mu Fei’s hand: “Mu Fei!”


Mu Fei shuddered, but he was still completely inside the illusion. He held the back of Jiang Sile’s hands in his palm, and his lips moved slightly as if to utter a name, but he awoke at that moment. Consequently, the word did not come out.


Jiang Sile could clearly see the movement of his lips. Before pronouncing, his lips were closed. It was definitely not a word in his name, but a word like “Pan”. 1


As soon as he snapped out of the illusion, Jiang Sile understood that the cause of all this was the formation. The mysterious voice in the jade card was guiding him. This formation would allow one to see the person or thing that they care most about in their hearts. The illusion for Mu Fei, was it Pan Rongxi?


Mu Fei’s unspoken words and Jiang Sile’s reaction were seen by Lu Heng not far away. Last night Qin Yi told Lu Heng all about Jiang Sile and Mu Fei’s brother.


Lu Heng, being privy to the inside story, inferred at a glance that Mu Fei’s unuttered word was “Mu” rather than “Pan”, while Jiang Sile, who had a knot in his heart, obviously mistook it for “Pan”.


As lovers, even if they loved one another wholeheartedly, without trust, it was difficult to stay beside each other. Lu Heng sighed. The devil in Jiang Sile’s heart was getting stronger and stronger. It’s just that, under current circumstances, it could only act in such a despicable manner, since it was unable to break through. This demon had been lurking in Jiang Sile for a long time, one couldn’t predict when it would explode out.


Lu Heng and Qin Yi looked at each other and acted as planned.




They managed to obtain both Jiang Sile and Mu Fei’s attentions.


Even though Lu Heng’s head was preoccupied, fortunately, Qin Yi’s tactful action brought his attention back to the two people in front. Otherwise their plan would have been punctured in a second. This man’s acting skills was really rusty. Looking at the exaggerated expression on his face, Lu Heng felt no fluctuation in his heart, instead feeling a small urge to laugh.


Fortunately, Lu Heng only needed to maintain a dull expressionless face, otherwise he was afraid of bursting into laughter.


“Fortunately, you’re all right! If you die, I don’t want to live!” Qin Yi continued to perform awkwardly.


Was there something wrong with the TV drama that this person used to watch? Lu Heng was really unable to suppress the impulse to laugh out in his heart.


Qin Yi gauged that he could not perform any more. He simply held Lu Heng in his arms and became silent.


Qin Yi’s last sentence hit Jiang Sile’s most sensitive place in his heart and darkness filled his eyes.


Lu Heng, who had been paying all his attention to Jiang Sile, immediately sensed it. The devil, it was coming out.


Lu Heng saw Jiang Sile stunned in place for a while, and the latter’s lips moved slightly, as if he were talking to someone. Mu Fei, being beside Jiang Sile, had all his attention attracted by Qin Yi, and did not discover anything unusual about him.


“Well done.” Lu Heng tilted his head and spoke softly in Qin Yi’s ear.


However, the other side paid no heed, and tightened his arms around Lu Heng.


Although Lu Heng liked this embrace very much, there were more important things now. Lu Heng mercilessly shoved Qin Yi aside: “You are confused.”


“Is this an attack by a psychic zombie?” Qin Yi put on a surprised expression.


“No, it’s an illusion. We can’t get in without breaking the formation.”


“Formation? What is that? I’ve used my psychic energy to probe it. It’s not very distinct, but it feels like the things inside are important. What should we do if we can’t get in?”


Lu Heng and Qin Yi sang in unison, cooperated with tacit understanding, and their acting felt as real as possible.


Jiang Sile tightly gripped the jade medal in his chest, like grabbing a life-saving straw, pondered for a moment for a moment, and finally made up his mind.


“I know how to get in.” Jiang Sile said.


“Really?” Although Qin Yi’s expression of surprise was stiff, in order to hoodwink Jiang Sile, who was already biased and shaken, it was barely enough.


Jiang Sile took a deep breath and said, “Before I came here, I had a prophetic dream, but the dream was too messy, until just now. After entering the illusion and getting stimulated by it, the whole dream became clear. The dream showed a method to enter the cave.”


“However, the previous predictions were somewhat different from the reality, and I don’t know if this method is reliable.” Jiang Sile hesitated a little.


“Even if it’s like giving medicine to a dead horse, this might be important in helping us enter the cave. Let’s hear it.” Qin Yi said. 2


“In that dream, I learned how to use my space power. I could use it to create a small space to isolate the illusion.” Jiang Sile said.


Qin Yi quickly glanced at Lu Heng. They exchanged a look. Lu Heng discreetly put the devil suppression talisman of yesterday into Qin Yi’s palm.


In order to prevent the devil from doing anything, someone had to follow Jiang Sile at close range. The moment something was amiss, one should immediately use the devil suppression talisman to protect in case of emergency. After all, he was a stranger to Jiang Sile, and staying too close to him could easily arouse the latter’s vigilance. The devil suppression talisman should be handed over to Qin Yi.


The three people of them all stayed close to Jiang Sile.


“All right then.” Jiang Sile said.


Lu Heng and Qin Yi were both on the path of cultivation, and they had a keen sense of spirituality. Lu Heng felt himself being surrounded by a mysterious force, which he did not neglect. This force came from the jade medal. This jade card seems to be more than just dimensional space. 3


Jiang Sile’s method was indeed effective, and this time, they managed to enter the cave, unimpeded. Exploring the way using Qin Yi’s psychic power, the four men marched all the way through the complicated and crisscrossing karst cave.


“It shouldn’t be far now. Something ahead blocked my psychic strength and alerted me.” Qin Yi said.


Lu Heng pulled out the di chen sword from his back and took a step forward. Being agile and having a high attack power, it would be most advantageous to strike first. It’s just that while he passed Qin Yi, Lu Heng felt the latter grasping his hand, squeezing it hard and quickly letting it go.


Lu Heng knew that the other person was signaling him to be more careful. He felt his heart warming up on being backed by a reliable person. He had no fear of the unknown ahead. The so-called sword cultivation, the lesser the fear in one’s heart, the sharper the sword would be in one’s hand. 4


Turning around a stone wall that blocked sight, their visions suddenly brightened up, and the road ahead came to an end. In front of them was a huge pit. The pit was tens of meters high. It seemed that the whole mountain was hollow. And they were situated in a small cave above the stone ceiling of the massive hole.


In the middle of the cave stood a stalactite, which almost reached the top of the cave. The stalactite was only as thick as a bowl, but it was tens of meters high. It was not unusual for such sights to appear in a cave. Curiously, the floor of the pit was densely packed with zombies.


Even more peculiar was that around ten meters away from the stalactite, a pile of zombies stood in a perfect circle. Soon, the group of people knew the reason for this.


The zombie army below should be commanded by a high-ranking zombie. A moment later, they all came hurtling towards the stalactite. On the stalactite, there were several flashes of lights. In the hole, countless casualties appeared out of thin air, and the zombies that had crossed the distance of 10 meters were removed one by one.


The generated hurricane was so sharp that some of the corpses were split from the center of their heads, and even the nuclei were split in two. Lu Heng finally knew the origin of the half nucleus.


According to the attack power of the hurricane, the zombies at the bottom of the pit should have been almost exterminated. How could there be only such a small portion of fallen zombies? Lu Heng thought it was strange. His doubts were soon answered.


The zombie that had just been cut down had a white light fall on it, and the headless body sat up just like that. The headless zombie grabbed a skull from the ground and mounted it on his shoulder. It staggered and stood up again.


“This is…” Jiang Sile almost cried out, but Mu Fei quickly covered his mouth to avoid attracting the attention of those zombies below.


“Healer zombie, at least level 8.” Seeing this, Qin Yi being a knowledgeable person, thought about it for a moment and knew what it was. “I’ve met a healer zombie before, but the rank was not high. At most, it could reattach the severed arm of a low level zombie. Unexpectedly, this high level healer zombie can even connect severed heads.


Four people fell into a silence.  Originally, the only weakness of the zombies, were their heads. Unless the head was cut off, it would still able to move around without arms and legs. This was a problem now.


But there was something very important in the stalactites, and everyone present except Mu Fei, knew it in their hearts. Although their ultimate goal may have been different, now they were all united in their common goal of eliminating the zombie army and approaching the stalactite.


Lu Heng discovered something unusual in his line of sight. For a few of them, their zombie nuclei were broken, and they failed to stand up. He voiced out what he discovered, “Find ways to break the nuclei, and the zombies should not be able to stand up.”


“Easy to say.  Not even level eight gold ability users can leave a mark on the crystal nucleii. It’s better to kill the healer zombie.” Jiang Sile countered.


“This pit has some mysterious power due to which my psychic power seems to be like plunging into a fog, making me unable to see anything. It is almost impossible to locate the healer zombie.” Qin Yi said.


Jiang Sile looked and spoke again: “Anyway, those zombies can’t take down the stone pillar. If we go back and bring more people, we can clear these zombies and at the same time, and the healer zombie will certainly show itself. “5


Qin Yi shook his head: “I see these zombies are using the tactic of piling up bodies, which is draining the spiritual energy of the pillar. It is unsure how long this status quo will last. I don’t think the pillar will last long.”


Since he proposed to break the crystal nucleus, Lu Heng naturally had a way, but there were some things not suitable for Jiang Sile to know.


“Come with me.” Lu Heng tugged at Qin Yi’s clothes, and then walked into the corridor.


Qin Yi explained two sentences to Mu Fei and went ahead. They did not stop until they entered another fork.


“Do you remember the explosion of spiritual power as soon as it penetrated the nucleus?” Lu Heng got right to the point. 6


“You want to deal with those zombies in that way?” Qin Yi asked. “My current level of psychic ability needs me to touch things in order to penetrate them. I tried practicing the divine piercing art, but failed due to low level of psychic ability or insufficient cultivation”


Lu Heng paused and said, “The third skill you have can solve the present dilemma.”


“Wait for me to check… No, how do you know what the third skill is? “Qin Yi’s blushing face was obscured from the other person due to the poor lighting in the cave.


“All the skills in the sect are recorded in the library. I went back to the library when we were in the sect.”


“Why did you go…” Qin Yi did not know what to say.


“Curiosity.” Lu Heng casually explained, “You can show me the Dual cultivation method.”




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