How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 49.2

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Chapter 49.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (11.2)

Translated by: Niladri





Jiang Sile was awakened by a nightmare again. He half sat up, gasped heavily for two breaths, and wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead, which sobered him up a little. Jiang Sile turned on the flashlight and wanted to take the kettle beside him, only to find that there were only two people in the tent, he and Mu Fei. It’s not surprising that the atmosphere was awkward. When he set up his tent, he asked for a vigil on his own initiative, saying that it would not be a big problem and now he could not sleep at night. But where did Qin Yi go?


With some concerns in mind, Jiang Sile decided to go out and take a look.


At night in the deep mountains, the winds were piercing. As soon as Jiang Sile came out of his tent, he was subjected to the cold weather. He stood beside the tent and looked around. With the help of the bright moonlight, he soon found the tall and conspicuous figure.


Qin Yi stood under a big tree not far away, with a blanket in his hand. The young man named Yunlan sat cross-legged against the tree; his eyes closed, his head slightly tilted, appearing to be asleep.


Qin Yi lightly covered him with a blanket, but did not straighten up for a while, and instead, he squatted down. Jiang Sile watched Qin Yi stare at the young man’s sleeping face in a daze, and then he slowly gathered himself and kissed his lips.


Jiang Sile took a step back in his panic and tripped over the washbasin he had put in front of his tent to wash.


Klang dang- 1


Lu Heng was suddenly awakened. He opened his eyes and felt that his neck seemed stiff, probably because his previous experience in front of the cave was so exhausting that he had fallen asleep while meditating.


In front of him, a veiled dark shadow was settled. Although the man stood against the light, Lu Heng could also tell from his figure that it was Qin Yi. It can only be him. He would have woken up before anyone else’s aura could even approach this close.


“What’s the matter?” Lu Heng asked.


“Afraid you’d be cold, so brought out the blanket.”


Lu Heng couldn’t see Qin Yi’s expression clearly, but he could feel a little discomfort in his voice. What’s wrong with this man? Are you embarrassed of covering me with a blanket even?


“What was that noise just now?” Lu Heng asked again.


“It looks like Little Le came out to the toilet and accidentally kicked the basin. It’s all right. You return to sleeping. I’ll keep watch for the night.”


After that, Qin Yi sat down beside Lu Heng.


Lu Heng could not sleep, he was still thinking about the illusion outside the cave. Just now he was awakened, but instantly he gathered his wits. Lu Heng has concluded with certainty that Jiang Sile stole the lingyuan. As for the method of sneaking into the formation, it must be related to the devil or the jade medal.


Isn’t now a good time to kill two birds with one stone? Using this illusion to test Jiang Sile, we can not only break through the illusion, but also collect information on the devil. It’s just that we have to find a way to bring the devil out and let him know that there is something interesting in the cave. Only in this way can the Devil break through the illusion with the help of that Jiang Sile.


Lu Heng felt weird and instinctively stood up and circled around the camp. But when he came to the tent, he stopped. Demonic energy?


Lu Heng gave Qin Yi a look, indicating Qin Yi should follow him to a place far away from the camp.


“The cave we found today, I have thought about it carefully, and its breath is very spiritual power-like, somewhat similar, yet different. Perhaps this was also a formation set up by ancestors, Lu Heng thought.


“There must be something very important in it.”


Regarding this point, Lu Heng had long guessed: “There are eight auxiliary arrays scattered apart from the large array for sealing the channels of demonic energy from demon plane. Here, perhaps, is one of them.”


“That half of the nucleus should have been flung out of the cave. I have some pretty bad guesses.” Lu Heng continued.


Qin Yi understood what he meant: “You mean, there may be a zombie inside? Doesn’t the illusion stop outsiders from entering?”


Lu Heng shook his head. “This illusion can only stop people who have a heart. It conjures the deepest and strongest desires of people to confuse them. The zombies have no mind, and this illusion can’t stop them.”


“The ancestors probably did not expect that there would be such a thing as a zombie.” Qin Yi said.


“With regards to this formation, I want to borrow the power of the devil. In the beginning, Jiang Sile was subconsciously inside the formation of sect. It must have been the demonic energy of the devil.” Lu Heng said.


In their analysis, it was almost certain that the devil had stolen the lingyuan through Jiang Sile’s hand.


Lu Heng told Qin Yi what he had just discovered, and then enquired, “What happened just now?”


Qin Yi’s eyes were flickering: “No, nothing.”


“It’s very important.” Lu Heng looked at him seriously.


Qin Yi and Lu Heng looked at each other for a long time, and the former finally murmured in a downcast tone, “When I just covered you with blankets, I couldn’t resist secretly kissing you , and there was nothing else!”



Lu Heng suddenly stilled. This man, who was straight a few days ago, suddenly got the hang of it.


Seeing Lu Heng not speaking, just staring at him, Qin Yi sighed and barely got out the next few words: “I want to give you a lifetime of good food. Can you consider following me as dual cultivation partners?”


Lu Heng laughed and laughed when he heard the man’s nondescript confession. But in order not to let the assistant jump out and give OOC warning, he could only tighten his face and put on a distressed look.


“Shidi, I have not considered the matter of Dual cultivation partners.”


Qin Yi saw that the person before him did not refuse him directly, and he was suddenly blessed with a spiritual enlightenment: “Every person needs to find a dual cultivation partner, and there are only two of us shidi and shixiong left in the sect. It’s better to be early than late. Shixiong should try it with me first. If it’s not suitable, it wouldn’t cost anything to be normal brothers again.


Lu Heng listened to Qin Yi’s words full of traps, thinking that regarding looking simple on the surface and making deceptive thoughts, he could really be surpassed by him.


However, this matter was in tandem with Lu Heng’s intentions. He pushed the boat along the river and nodded, “Okay, we can try it.”


Qin Yi, who succeeded in the confession, couldn’t help but listen to Lu Heng’s business like remark.


“Just when Jiang Sile saw you kissing me, the devil came out.” Lu Heng asked.


“Maybe he and Mu Fei are in the cold war. They are jealous when they see that we have a good relationship and think of their own situation?” Very well, Qin Yi’s thinking was not a problem. 2


“Then we can use this to draw the devil out to break the formation for us.”


Qin Yi nodded and then came over: “It’s a matter of great importance. We’d better rehearse first.”


Lu Heng saw that he spoke smoothly, but with a nervous look on his face and a snicker in his heart, he did not retreat. After all, this was what my heart longed for.


The moon was bright.


Lips and teeth were intertwined.


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