How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 48.1

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Chapter 48.1

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (10.1)

Translated by: Niladri


When Jiang Sile briskly returned to the small building, he heard a familiar voice coming from inside. He gleefully quickened his pace and went into the yard.


It was indeed Qin Yi.


Jiang Sile saw the man standing in the middle of the yard. His prolonged military career made his stance straight and upright at all times. His hair was cut short as customary, his skin was tanned, and the contours of his face were somewhat harsh. Qin Yi was no match for Mu Fei’s handsome and his personality was somewhat crude as well. He spoke straight and to the point and never took care of the other’s feelings.


But at this moment, the broad shoulders and back brought Jiang Sile a feeling of peace and reliability.


Jiang Sile looked up at Qin Yi looking up towards the lush tree. He appeared to have said something, and then went into the house.


What was he looking at? Is there a cat hidden in the tree? Qin Yi had been a cat enthusiast since he was young. He had a cat at home. Whenever he saw wild cats outside, he would stop to look at them and touch them. How could it be that in this apocalypse where almost every animal had already mutated,a wild cat would show up?


However, Qin Yi’s figure already disappeared behind the door. Jiang Sile hurriedly followed up and did not have time to think much.


Lu Heng sat on the tree branch, looking at Jiang Sile’s back, deep in thought. There seemed to be a trace of demonic energy in this person, although as it was very faint, it should not be that devil manifesting itself. The devil of Jiang Sile’s heart, he worried, was a little weightier.


He had no idea at all how to pull the devil out of Jiang Sile. Lu Heng leaned back restlessly, feeling that he needed to eat something to supplement his brain.


When he and Qin Yi trekked down the mountain, he was lucky and came across a surviving wild boar. The boundary of Heavenly masters sect had not been infected by demonic energy yet, so the animals had not mutated and could be safely eaten.


Qin Yi had volunteered to cook the roasted wild boar meat for him to eat when they return. Just now Qin Yi had come out to tell him that he could make the next meal right away.


{Little assistant, regarding the method of separating the devils, don’t you have any hints?}


{No, I’m just an auxiliary system, not a cheating system.}


{Your system is too backward. You should have developed a golden-finger 1 store system and unlock things according to the level, so as to motivate the staff to upgrade their power!}


{So, if I do all the work then what will you do?} The little assistant showed no mercy.


{… }


Jiang Sile chased Qin Yi to inside the house, but did not see anyone in the living room. Then he heard clanking sounds from the direction of the kitchen.


Qin Yi was concentrating on controlling the temperature and began to thicken the jus. If the meat was to be cooked well, the jus must have proper consistency. When he heard someone coming in behind him, he was too busy to look back.


“Yige, you can actually cook? ” From behind came the voice of Jiang Sile.


“Yes.” Qin Yi continued to stare at the dish in the pot.


Jiang Sile continued to probe him, “Braised pork, that’s uncle’s 2 specialty. I remember whenever I went to your house for dinner when I was young, uncle made this dish every time.”


“Yes.” Qin Yi kept stirring the meat in the pan to avoid causing it stick (to the pan).


“Do you remember…” Jiang Sile also wanted to say something, but when he saw Qin Yi remain unmoved, he grew somewhat angry, “Yige!”


“Little Le, what’s the matter? I will do it when I am done” Qin Yi finished the last step, picked out a plump and even meat and filled a big bowl. He took it and turned to leave. “Regarding the leftovers in the pot, you take them out to your brothers and share it.”


Jiang Sile was chased out much to his chagrin, causing him remained rooted in the living room. Through the floor-to-ceiling-window of the living room, he saw Qin Yi go to the big tree in the yard with the bowl of braised pork, and said something while looking up. Then the young man named Yunlan jumped down from the tree.


Lu Heng followed Qin Yi to the outdoor chair in the courtyard and sat down. He saw the steaming braised pork in his hands, which looked luxuriant and slightly oily. At first glance, his appetite was stroked.


“Eat together.” Lu Heng picked up the chopsticks. He knew that if he didn’t say this, Qin Yi would probably be full by staring at him again.


Qin Yi accepted, went in and served two bowls of rice, and they began to eat lunch with braised pork.


Half of the meal was eaten, when Yu Shan could be seen arriving in a hurry. “Boss, Wenlong, he is starting with the people of the Song family!”


Song family was one of the three forces controlling W base. Before apocalypse, the Song family started as a real estate business. It could be said that many industries had their shares of dirty laundry, so it was only after the apocalypse that they quickly gathered group of forces and occupied a place in W base. Song Youren, the patriarch of Song Dynasty, had only one son, Song Kunyu, who was the middle child by age, and the pearl of his eyes.


Song Kunyu was also lucky to have awakened rare lightning system ability not long ago. The Song family, with its profound heritage, heaped his powers up to seventh level with crystal nuclei in one breath, which made Song Kunyu’s personality, which had already been brimming with arrogance, become more and more domineering recently. Because the legendary boss Qin was level 8 although it was a very common fire system ability, it made Song Kunyu somewhat apprehensive.


Sun Wenlong was the captain of Qin Yi’s three-point team. He had a fierce temper and a strong sense of justice. He had never been intolerant of Song Kunyu, who was a bully of the Song family. It’s not surprising to hear that they had a conflict.


“Eat slowly. I’ll go and check.” Qin Yi said to Lu Heng, put down the bowl and followed Yu Shan out of the courtyard.


Lu Heng thought for a moment, and after picking up several mouthfuls of the dishes from the bowl, he also followed suit.


The flea market was in a mess.


The two sides confronted each other.


On one hand, the man had a handsome face, but his eyes were rather cloudy, and blue in colour. At first glance, he was clearly drained by excessive consumption of wine. The purple sparks of lightning pulsed in his hand, and the crowd standing nearby felt its oppressive power.


On the other hand, the person on the other side was very impressive. He seemed to be standing randomly, but his stance was such that he could rush to aid his teammates at any moment. At one glance, he seemed to have experienced many years of training and cooperation in the battle squad.


“This lightning power is worthy of the number one offensive ability. I think Sun Wenlong will suffer a lot.”


“I heard that the power of Song Da-jun has been promoted to level seven, but I’m afraid it’s not weaker than that of Qin Da-jun.”


“May be. Abilities after all cannot be measured solely on the basis of level.”


The onlookers stood at a safe distance and whispered.


Song Kunyu attacked Sun Wenlong’s squad with his lightning ability. One of the ability users in the group saw the situation, stamped his foot on the ground, raised a wall of earth, and stopped the lightning barrage. However, the lightning system’s fame of number one attack power was not in vain. The moment it touched the earth wall, it blew it into pieces.


But the lightning barrage was blocked in the end, and everyone in the group took the opportunity to split up.


“Heh-” Song Kunyu laughed derisively. It was just an appetizer. He had just been promoted to the seventh level. He was trying to find someone to practice. How could he kill these sparring partners so quickly? Anyway, he heard that Qin Yi had left the base a few days ago. Now he didn’t have to worry about anything.


After several more exchanges, Sun Wenlong’s side co-opted to carry out several attacks, and afterwards, cut a sorry figure while standing. Song Kunyu remained where he was, not even one breath out of place. He finally felt a little bored and was ready to end the fight.


“I will give Leader Qin face, and leave you a dog’s life.” When Song Kunyu finished, he rubbed his hands together, and a thunderbolt shaped like a bowl appeared between his hands, which was infused with violent momentum.


This thunder and lightning was totally different from those playful attacks just now. If Sun Wenlong’s team couldn’t avoid it, they would certainly receive serious injuries.


At this critical moment, a voice came from the end of the street: “Stop!”


When they looked back, they saw that Qin Yi and Yu Shan had come. Song Kunyu’s gaze went to behind Qin Yi, and he saw another person appear at the corner, apparently following Qin Yi.


The man had a baby face, a strange sword on his back, a curly hair, and looked easy to bully. More importantly, at that time, Song Kunyu saw Qin Yi gazing at the other person, clearly considering the latter to be important.


Qin Yi himself was temporarily unable to move, lest the other person laid a hand on the person by his side. He saw Song Kunyu’s eyes turn, as if frightened by Qin Yi’s sudden noise, his hand shook and lightning came out of his hand.


“Ah! Watch out! “Song Kunyu also pretended to shout a warning.


The crowds were shocked enough to drop their chins. Does this Song da-shao even dare provoke the elder Qin? But those with good eyes could see that the lightning should have fallen a short distance from the elder Qin. Even if Qin Yi stayed in place, he could not touch him at all.


Qin Yi thought so too. He thought that Song Kunyu had just risen to the seventh level. He didn’t know the immensity of heavens and the earth and he wanted to provoke him, but he didn’t have the courage to go against him directly. Qin Yi stood in place, without moving his eyebrows. He watched the lightning pass by him, but did not wait to hear the exclamation from the crowd.


“Young man! Avoid it!”


Qin Yi subconsciously turned, but, saw a scene that made his heart explode. He did not know when Lu Heng had appeared behind him. The lightning was racing straight at him.


It was clear that Lu Heng’s strength was a little stronger than him. The lightning which failed to move him would be even less threatening to Lu Heng. Qin Yi’s rationality fully understood this. But there was an inexplicable fear in his heart, and even his soul trembled, as if he had seen a similar scene. He couldn’t control his body at all, so he spontaneously dashed towards Lu Heng.


Some cowardly people even closed their eyes and did not want to see the innocent passer-by youth pulverized into charcoal. But when the young man pulled out his wooden sword on his back and slashed randomly, the lightning that seemed to be able to destroy the world fizzled out.



The scene was quiet for a time. Is this lightning ability only for show? That young man had a wooden sword in his hand! How could a wooden sword break up this lightning ability? The script shouldn’t be like this!


Qin Yi was in no mood to pay attention to other people’s minds. He rushed to Lu Heng. He grabbed the other person’s shoulder and examined him from top to bottom several times before being reassured.


Lu Heng knew why this person was so nervous. It should be something deeply engraved in his soul. He was always reminded of it. Lu Heng felt a dull pain in his heart and wanted to do something, but his assistant jumped out with the OOC warning.


Lu Heng could only look at Qin Yi with a puzzled face: “Shidi?”


Hearing this voice, Qin Yi recovered his bearing. Suddenly he felt that he was overreacting. At present, this young man looked easy to bully, but he was a strong person who could singlehandedly kill level nine zombies. How could Song Kunyu, who was only strong from outside, hurt even one hair?


Qin Yi was in a complicated mood, but now someone jumped out unknowingly.


“Is this little brother all right? I’m sorry, Leader Qin.” Song Kunyu came over and said, “I just got to the seventh level. This control is so bad that I almost hurt this little brother by mistake. You won’t blame me right, Leader Qin?”


Qin Yi frowned tightly, released the hand that held Lu Heng’s shoulder and put it in his pocket. He felt his fingers trembling slightly and did not want to speak at the moment.


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When Song Kunyu saw Qin Yi ignore him, he turned to Lu Heng again: “This little brother, I really didn’t mean to do it just now, perhaps I can give some medicines to compensate you?”


Lu Heng was aware in his heart. This Song Kunyu awakened a rare thunder ability, which made the Song family somewhat uneasy. After all, holding a third of the W base in your hand, and yet holding on to the tails of a man. It’s probably not very pleasant.


“Don’t apologize. You’re too weak to hurt me.” Lu Heng honestly answered.


Pfft —


There were snickers amongst the crowd. Yu Shan and Sun Wenlong were not afraid of the Song family and did not hide their laughing faces at all.


“Haha, old Sun, let me tell you something strange happened to me at dinner today.” Yu Shan rubbed his face, which started to get cramped with laughter, and said.


“What’s the matter?” Sun Wenlong was very good at playing along.


“A fly flew past my ear. Guess what?” Yu Shan spoke pretty well. “He actually turned around and apologized to me, saying sorry, almost hurt me.”


This time, even the crowd couldn’t help laughing. Song Kunyu was purple with anger. He gasped for two breaths, and finally, he swallowed the breath and turned to leave.


The crowd gradually dispersed.


 NILADRI: Final exams are almost here. There was supposed to be two on 3rd and 4th but they got postponed, hence decided to TL. If you loved it or found something wrong, leave a comment. Also, I have tweaked the project page a teeny weeny bit.

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