How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 47.2

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Chapter 47.2The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (9.2)

Translated by: Niladri


On the side of heavenly masters sect, there was happiness and harmony between shidi and shixiong, while on the other side of W Base, there was a storm brewing1.


Jiang Sile buried his face in the washbasin and tried to sober himself up with cold water. He looked up at the mirror. The young person in the mirror had beautiful eyebrows and delicate skin. At first glance, it was a person who had been pampered since childhood. But now there were big black circles under the eyes, the whites of the eyes were blood red, lips were a little chapped, and looked quite haggard overall.


Jiang Sile wiped the drops of water from his face. He hasn’t slept well for several days. Since the last time he heard that voice, he had started dreaming in which he kept experiencing the most desperate moment of his previous life over and over.


Jiang Sile walked out of the bathroom and realized that Mu Fei had gone out early in the morning. Jiang Sile’s insomnia these nights made him very worried, so he went out early in the morning to exchange some calming Chinese medicine.


When Mu Fei had left, Jiang Sile was still befuddled in bed. He felt Mu Fei covering him with a quilt and touching his forehead before leaving silently. After he got up, he found the bedside being still neat and clean as every morning. There was warm porridge in the thermos pot on the table.


Jiang Sile sat beside the bed, thinking about the scene just now, and his mind was in a reverie. He took out a small flannel box2 from his space and held it tightly in his palm. It was given to him by Mu Fei when he was eighteen years old.


“Oh, how did this busy person manage to come and see me today? This one so flattered.”


“Happy birthday, Little Le.”


“It must have greatly troubled such a busy man to remember this little one’s birthday.”


“Little Le.”


“What is this? The limited edition ring I mentioned last time…”


“Yes, I gave you the cold shoulder because I didn’t want to be buying important things for you just because my family has money. I’m sorry.” 3


A sharp pain in his palm awakened Jiang Sile from his memories. He looked down and saw that the warm flannel on the corner of the box had been damaged, revealing the sharp corners inside.


Jiang Sile recalled what Qin Yi had told him not long ago.


Qin Yi warned him that even if he had the power of foresight, he could not rely on it too much, because nobody could guarantee that things would go 100 percent in the foreseen direction.


Maybe things are different now than before. At least now, Mu Fei did not try to desperately obtain the healing nucleus for Pan Rongxi, Pan Rongxi did not use this to awaken his ability and firmly consolidate his position in the team. On the contrary, Pan Rongxi seems to have been marginalized recently.


Jiang Sile thought again and again, feeling that he could not let go of his feelings for Mu Fei that have existed for more than twenty years. He decided to talk to Mu Fei.


After seeing Mu Fei’s retreating figure, Jiang Sile thought of trying to stop him. But he saw a man running out of the house towards him. Mu Fei waved to the man; apparently the two of them had an appointment in advance.


Pan Rongxi.


Jiang Sile moved sneakily. He grew upset seeing Mu Fei smile gently at Pan Rongxi. Then Pan Rongxi handed a package to Mu Fei.


Jiang Sile saw Mu Fei smiling gently again and said something to Pan Rongxi. Pan Rongxi shook his head. Then Mu Fei’s hand patted Pan Rongxi’s head.


Jiang Sile finally couldn’t help it anymore. He rushed out. Shoving Pan Rongxi aside, he grabbed the item in Mu Fei’s hand and smashed it on the ground.


An assortment of traditional Chinese medicine.


“Little Le!” Mu Fei saw the situation, but did not know what to say, and quickly squatted down to pick up those hard-earned Chinese medicines.


“When you say you were looking for medicine for me, you’re just coming to see this bitch!” Jiang Sile cruelly crushed the medicinal materials on the ground with his foot.


“Little Le! What’s wrong with you?” Even the most restrained person can only endure so much. Although Mu Fei had a good temper, he was greatly angered by Jiang Sile. “This medicine was gathered by me and Rongxi by trading with various different families all morning.”


“What rare, this bitch has no mother since childhood, and could go to college despite being poor, who knows from where the money came from? This medicine passed through his hands, and I hate such dirty things!” Jiang Sile pointed to Pan Rongxi beside him and vented out all his anger.


“Jiang Sile, apologize!” Mu Fei was completely angered by Jiang Sile’s unspoken words. He suddenly stood up and ignored the medicines that had fallen to the ground.


At this time, Pan Rongxi spoke up, “Mu Fei, it doesn’t matter. Little Le must be like this because he hasn’t had a good rest and his mood is unstable. Don’t blame him.”


“Who the fuck wants you here!” Seeing Pan Rongxi standing in front of Mu Fei, Jiang Sile completely lost his reason and kicked Pan Rongxi on his behind.


Pan Rongxi was kicked into a stagger, lost his balance, fell towards the roadside, his forehead hitting heavily on the flower bed. Suddenly, he started to bleed and fainted.


Mu Fei could not pay any more attention to quibbling, and taking Pan Rongxi in his arms, gave a disappointed look to Jiang Sile, and left in a hurry.


Jiang Sile squatted down, his head buried in his arms, and his shoulders trembled slightly. Sure enough, everything is the same as before. How naive was I before, thinking things were different and wanting to give Mu Fei another chance.


Jiang Sile once again squeezed the box in his hand and finally threw it into the garbage can beside him without hesitation. At least, from the end of his previous life, he knew the enemy that he had to take revenge on, for his own sake.


The one you really should be holding on to is that person! 4


NILADRI: Next chapter might be split into 2 or 3 depending on my convenience.
These 3 clowns are killing me with their dog blood drama.
Also, If anyone finds any error, leave a comment. Do tell if you liked/hated it.

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20 thoughts on “How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 47.2

  1. Requesting JS for more screen time. Hoping that I could read from JS PoV and hoping to see the misunderstanding clear.

  2. It was sad tho, JS was innocent he just went through hard things that was originated becuz of Rongxi. And Rongxi is such a green tea bitch. Mu fei didn’t know about it… This world is so fuck (︺︹︺)

  3. I feel like Mu Fei was really trying to get medicine for Jiang Sile, but the problem was that he was getting the medicine from Pan Rongxi. I think Pan Rongxi would’ve messed with the medicine if him being hit didn’t happen lolol

  4. Hmm, I can’t really tell if Jiang Sile is a victim or a villain. I guess that depends on how much of his personality and actions is influenced by the demon.

  5. Legit I was slowly redeeming the JSL up until the end of the chapter, then I was thinking “screw that, deserves to die.” Mainly though, he’s just being haunted by the devil and I assume has been losing awareness.

    1. I think it’s the demon. It was said that it magnifies negative emotions. It has been making him relive the worse moments of his life over and over to the point that he is barely getting any sleep. I doubt anyone would be able to think or act rationally in such a situation. Most of us don’t even need to be possessed by a demon to be cranky when we’ve been haven’t slept.

  6. Whatever you’re thinking, this time it’s your own actions fault. You’re being muddle-headed and acting on impulse, you’re better off isolating yourself from the people you love until your emotions stabilize (like, I swear). But this is me assuming that everyone is the same so don’t take this seriously (unless you’re like me :v) thank you for the chapter!

    1. To be fair, I think he’s being manipulated by a demon so it’s possible that his emotions are being pushed to the extreme. I feel bad for him but you’re right that the best thing to do is try and distance yourself from those who hurt you

  7. Is the demon affecting Jiang Sile ? Cuz this was just idiotic . You are just pushing him away … If you are aware that that Mu guy is an idiot why still be such an idiot yourself and further distance yourself . Mu Fei while having good intentions is quiet dense . Can’t fault him for it but side eyeing him .

  8. I feel so bad for Jiang Sile. Imagine being reborn and knowing exactly who killed you but not being able to take revenge because nothing is going your way…. It doesn’t matter what happens at the end of this arc, I really hope JSL won’t be a villain (even if he dies) and that Pan btch will get his fake mask ripped off. And honestly, I know MF is a decent guy, but he’s pissing me off the second most in this arc. From what happened in their previous life to this life, this guy just doesn’t stop being fooled by that fake Pan btch. Ugh, they’re so annoying.

  9. Whatever is possessing JS is clearly muddling his head.

    I hope Qin Mother can mediate between their children.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  10. Aaah…. Jiang Sile’s just digging a deeper hole for himself. Does he not realize he’s just pushing Mu Fei further and further away with his actions? Can’t help but feel sorry for him…

    Thanks for translating!

  11. Sigh these three are so ……….. Stop with your dog blood drama will you? .. I don’t know what to feel anymore ????????
    Also, we want more scenes of MC and ML .. things between them are getting good you know ~ ????

    Anyways, thank you for the chapter!! ❤❤❤

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