How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 48.2

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Chapter 48.2

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (10.2)

Translated by: Niladri


“Speak up, what’s the matter?” Qin Yi finally adjusted his mood.


“Well, I found a good thing at a booth1. Somehow, the Song family kid insisted on competing against me. He kept doubling the price I offered. Sun Wenlong was still full of rage when he recounted it. “I thought this kid was not pleasing to the eye, so I made a move.”


“In recent years, the Song family has made a lot of moves.” Yu Shan added.


“Song Kunyu awakened a lightning ability, and they got disillusioned.” Qin Yi waved his hand indifferently. Song Kunyu, in his view, was a clown-like figure. Even if it’s a Level 7 lightning ability, unless he kills a zombie by his own hands, it’s merely a trivial thing.


“By the way, Leader Qin, look at this.” Sun Wenlong presented a transparent object like a treasure.


“This is half a nucleus?” Qin Yi recognized it at a glance.


“It’s funny. The kid at the stall said he picked it up in the wilderness. The shell of the nucleus can’t be broken even by the gold ability users2, and I don’t know how it was so neatly split in two…” This Sun Wenlong was a talker and kept chatting incessantly.


Qin Yi didn’t want to listen to his nonsense. He turned around to leave, but Lu Heng pulled his arm.


“What’s wrong?” Qin Yi asked.


Lu Heng pointed to the half of the nucleus.


“You want that?”Qin Yi saw Lu Heng nod, and he recalled that the latter did not like to talk to strangers on his own initiative.


“Little Sun, what’s the price for the crystal nucleus?” Qin Yi asked Sun Wenlong directly.


“Boss, you don’t have to be so polite, you can have it. I just traded this because I found it to be amusing. Who knows if that Song kid’s eyes were okay…”


Seeing Sun Wenlong rambling on nonstop, Qin Yi quickly interrupted him: “Less nonsense, send the crystal nucleus. I have a bottle of good wine; you can come to pick it up later.”


“Good!” Sun Wenlong smiled and threw the crystal nucleus to Qin Yi. Wine was a rare commodity in this apocalypse.


After bidding Sun Wenlong goodbye, Qin Yi and his party returned to the courtyard and saw the men who lived in the small building, all crouched in the yard, each with a bowl to pick up rice. The dish was the same pot of braised pork that Qin Yi had recently cooked.


“More! Give me some more!” Yu Shan shouted at the first glance and rushed into the house to pick up the chopsticks.


A man stood up and grabbed Yu Shan: “I’ve finished eating, you can use it instead of running down. There’s a quarrel between the young couple.”


Yu Shan seemed to have understood. He took the bowl and enquired, “What’s the noise about?”


“It’s something about room division. I and old Qian He bet with Little Lin and old Li on their separation.” Xiao He raised his chin and signaled towards the direction of the house, “Would you like to bet with a pack of cigarettes too?”


Yu Shan was about to say something, but he heard Qin Yi ask, “Little couple? Who is this little couple?”


Except for Lu Heng, all the people present gazed at their captain with an indescribable expression.


“Boss, don’t you really know?” Yu Shan enquired.


“Know what?” Qin Yi thought these people’s eyes were indeed strange.


“Jiang Sile and Mu Fei are a couple!” Xiao He said it directly. Isn’t that something everyone in the team knew?


“What!” Qin Yi had a world-views-shattered on his face.


Eating his words.3 This was something that apparently everyone knew except their boss.


“Either you move or I’ll move!”


The people in the courtyard heard a roar from Jiang Sile, and then they saw him charge out angrily. A group of people were gathered in the courtyard, but he did not stay, and bolted out directly.


Mu Fei followed him out, but was slow by a step, Jiang Sile’s figure had already disappeared. He was forced to walk back helplessly.


“Wife ran away again?” Qian He teased. Anyway, they couldn’t quarrel for more than two days. Mu Fei always coaxes Jiang Sile back. So he jokingly teased him.


Mu Fei reluctantly smiled, his face weary, and silently went into the house.



Lu Heng took a bath and sat cross-legged in bed studying half of the nuclei he had obtained from Sun Wenlong. It was not long before the door was knocked.


“Come in.”


Sure enough, it was Qin Yi. Other than Qin Yi and Lu Heng, generally no one else would set foot on the third floor.


When Qin Yi came in, his face looked perplexed. If he did not speak, Lu Heng would not speak on his own initiative.


“How can Ah Mu and Little Le be a couple?” Qin Yi said, “They are both men, aren’t they all good buddies?”


“…” Perhaps this man was born dull, and was kicked into the army in his teens. He didn’t have much contact with the Internet or anything like that. It’s not surprising that he didn’t know anything about it at all.


“It’s not surprising since it was common for two men or two women in the sect to become dao companions.” Lu Heng thought for a moment and added, “It’s okay to become a couple with people having similar mentality and connected hearts. It has nothing to do with gender.”


Qin Yi, with a sudden realization on his face, said, “Yes, if you love a person, you can support each other with prolonged companionship. Physical desire is not the most important thing.”


“…” Lu Heng decided to add more fire into him. “There were also dual cultivation techniques between men in the sect.”


“Why didn’t I see…” Qin Yi shut up violently and his ears silently turned red.


When the fire almost cooked him, Lu Heng thought about letting him ferment slowly, so he turned the topic around and talked about a different matter.


“There are some strange lines on the inner wall of the nucleus.” Lu Heng handed the half of the nucleus to Qin Yi.


Qin Yi looked at the light carefully. Looking at the inner wall of the nucleus from the broken part, one could see clearly that the inner wall was covered with mysterious lines. Qin Yi’s time being introduced (to cultivation) was short, but he can also feel the subtlety of this pattern.


“It’s like a recurring pattern.” Qin Yi said.


Lu Heng nodded. “Although I am not proficient in Array techniques, I can guess that the inner wall of the nucleus should probably be part of some Array formation.”


“What formation?”


“Only with this half of the nucleus, it’s too little information to decipher clearly.” Lu Heng shook his head. “But I have an intuition that this pattern may be a key thing in repairing the seal.”


“Tomorrow I’ll ask Sun Wenlong to find out who sold the half nucleus and find out where he got it.” Qin Yi suggested, “If we go there, we might find something more useful. ”


Speaking of going out, Lu Heng thought of another thing: “This time we go out, we have to take Jiang Sile with us.”


“Little Le? He’s too weak to fight. I’m afraid he’ll stand in the way.” Qin Yi knew very well how delicate he was.


“When I saw him today, I noticed that he had a very faint demonic energy, and I have to keep him under constant surveillance.”


Qin Yi nodded. “Then I will call Mu Fei, since I have to find someone to look after him. If a bad situation arises, I probably won’t have much time to concentrate on protecting him.


“Mu Fei?”


Looking at the doubtful look on Lu Heng’s face, Qin Yi recalled that the two men had a big fight today. But in Qin Yi’s view, fighting was nothing, let alone just a few words.


“To be a lover is also a brother for so many years. Some friendship is still there.” Qin Yi shrugged his shoulders. “Looking at their love for the past twenty years, Ah Mu will take good care of Little Le.”


“You can find Yu Shan. He is an earth ability user, more suitable for protecting people.” Lu Heng said.


“Little Le’s temper, he can’t stand it.” Qin Yi was also helpless, “Little Le and Yu Shan don’t have very good relations. Even if I ordered him to protect Little Le, I am afraid it will not be as good as Mu Fei’s efforts.”


Lu Heng had to accept this combination which was not reliable at first sight, and then silently prayed that the devil would not come out to make trouble, and Jiang Sile would not cook up any problems.


 NILADRI: So many 6k+ length chapters in this arc QAQ

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