How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 47.1

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Chapter 47.1

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (9.1)

Translated by: Niladri


“Qin Shidi, after the formal induction ceremony, there are some things I should tell you, follow me.” Lu Heng said.


Qin Yi followed Lu Heng and they arrived at the rear hill of the sect. At the end of the long bluestone road was a steep cliff. Beneath the cliff, the clouds layers were so thick that it was impossible to see what was going on below. It could only be perceived by the whistling wind that the bottom of the valley was very deep.


“Jump down.” Lu Heng commanded.


“What?” Qin Yi felt that he had heard something wrong.


“Don’t be afraid.”


Qin Yi wanted to say that he was not afraid, but when he saw Lu Heng stretching out a hand to him.


“Hold my hand.”


Qin Yi’s mood was somewhat complicated and decided to act as if he was scared. He put his hand on the other person’s and held it tightly. The hand was slightly smaller and the fingers were longer. The skin of the palm was not delicate. It was full of blisters caused by practicing with the sword all year round. This was not a tender hand but a hand brimming with strength, causing Qin Yi to hear his violently thumping heart.


Don’t let go, even with the cycle of life and death, don’t let go. Qin Yi inexplicably conjured such a thought.


While entranced, Qin Yi was led by Lu Heng and they jumped into the valley together. The wind whistling by his ear jolted Qin Yi’s mind awake. His mood was unexpectedly calm.


A flash of golden light could be seen, and two of them disappeared in mid-air.


Within a deep cave, the patterns on the walls pulsated quietly a few times, and two figures materialized in the cave from nothingness.


Once his feet were on the ground, Lu Heng felt a refreshing, comforting feeling permeating through his every pore. Although the lingyuan was stolen, it still left a strong spiritual force in the formation. It was barely enough to allow the operation of the teleportation array. It was not enough to protect the Heavenly masters sect.


Lu Heng started to lead Qin Yi to the depths of the cave while giving him a rough account of everything about the heavenly master sect, including the lingyuan. Unknowingly, the long cave came to an end. On the cave wall at the end, there was a long, coiling vein like a dragon.1 The beginning and end of the vein did not enter the ground. Above this vein, there was a little fluorescence. It was unknown what kind of mineral deposit it was.


“This is a replica of the ley lines of the world.” Lu Heng stepped forward and gently caressed a square-foot gap on the earth vein. “This is where the lingyuan was originally stored.”


Qin Yi saw that Lu Heng stopped and his face showed a trace of regret. He knew that he was reminded of something and did not rush him.


“The Lingyuan had been in the earth for thousands of years. It is a pity that the Lingyuan was just about to give birth to spiritual energy…” Lu Heng sighed.


When the passages to the true cultivation plane collapsed, the ancestor of heavenly masters sect left a trail for the people on this plane. This lingyuan, even in the true cultivation plane, was a treasure that everyone competed for. When the venerable ancestors left, they had laid a great array in the depth of the earth’s vein, with the lingyuan as the core, in order to constantly keep nurturing the earth’s vein. Plus, when the cultivators of Heavenly masters sect obtained some understanding of the law of heaven and earth, they would come here and communicate their own Dao with this vein.


For thousands of years, every generation of disciples has been doing the same thing in order to have the earth give birth to spiritual energy and to activate the spiritual roots left in the blood of the inhabitants of the world. At that time, even if the seal between the demonic plane and this plane was destroyed, the world would have been able to defend itself.


However, the thief destroyed the thousands of years of efforts of heavenly masters sect.

Reminded me of this scene

“How did the little thief get into the depths of this vein?” Qin Yi asked.


“This is also a point I have been thinking over. Logically, as long as they weren’t sect disciples, this law is unlikely to admit them. But I am still skeptical.”


Lu Heng revealed the doubts involving Jiang Sile, including the sudden appearance of the devil. But when it came to the matter of rebirth, he was warned by his assistant and had to stop.


Qin Yi fell into deep thought. Although Jiang Sile was his childhood friend, he was not biased. Jiang Sile was really not quite right during this period.


“Little Le has been really off for a while now. Although he always had a bad temper, he had never been such a bold and rash person.” When Qin Yi started recalling the recent events during this period, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that Jiang Sile had problems.


“Devil magnifies the evil thoughts in the heart. It feeds on malice, hatred and jealousy, which are all its favorite foods.” Lu Heng said.


“Strange, Little Le always had a smooth ride since childhood 2 . Even in the apocalypse, there has always been Ah Mu and me to take care of him. How could he have so much malice in his heart?” Qin Yi was a little puzzled. “It’s strange that he used to be very dependent on Ah Mu, but he’s been very hostile lately.”


Lu Heng watched the seriously distressed man. He had been thinking that he just didn’t want to expose the relationship between Mu Fei and Jiang Sile, which might cause embarrassment before others. Now he just discovered that the other person really thought that the relationship between Mu Fei and Jiang Sile was only a simple minor relationship.


… This man seems a little slow. Lu Heng also felt distressed.


“Perhaps because of Pan Rongxi.” Lu Heng pointed out Qin Yi.


“Pan Rongxi’s intentions are indeed somewhat wrong. But with Ah Mu whole-heartedly protecting him, I failed to grasp any of his handles. It’s not easy to deal with him.” Qin Yi touched his chin. “But even if Ah Mu took care of Pan Rongxi a bit more than him, Little Le’s reaction was a little too much.”


Lu Heng had no choice but to give up.


Lu Heng was helpless. He gave up trying to awaken the straight-thinking man. “The devil hides very deep. I haven’t thought of any way yet to draw it out without endangering Jiang Sile’s life.”


“Isn’t that being too lax in a dangerous situation? It seems that we can’t station him in the base, or we don’t know what trouble the devil is going to cause, or we’d better keep him by our side to watch him more carefully.” Qin Yi suggested.


“The devil is now in a weakened state. And the last fight with me should have exhausted its demonic energy, and should be out of order for the time being.” Lu Heng said.


Later, the duo of Lu Heng returned to the sect. Qin Yi was not only a formal disciple of heavenly masters sect, but also had to choose a suitable skill for his own attributes. Lu Heng originally handed down his basic skills. For higher skills, one had to wait for Qin Yi to formally enter the library cabinet and choose on their own.


Before entering the library, Lu Heng tested the spiritual roots for Qin Yi. As it turned out, the fire ability originated from heavenly spirit roots. Since Qin Yi entered, Lu Heng stood outside the door waiting for him, but in his heart he kept thinking about the heavenly spiritual roots.


This was an apocalypse plane, and it was reasonable to assume that the spiritual roots of the inhabitants will not be activated. But now the demonic energy had been leaking, most people were infected into demonization, but a small number of people were able to activate the spiritual roots, and awakened the so-called abilities. Can this demonic energy also activate the spiritual roots? In addition, Lu Heng had a hunch about the crystal nucleus found in the devil’s brain before. This spiritual energy and demonic energy were interconvertible. If he could find the procedure to convert them, then there would definitely be clues regarding completing the mission of sealing the passage.


While his mind turned, Lu Heng saw Qin Yi coming out holding three pieces of jade in his hand.


“What skill did you choose?” Lu Heng asked a little curiously.


Qin Yi directly spread out his palm and handed over the Jade slips.


Lu Heng grabbed the one on top and found the word “Samadhi” on the slip. This skill was really suitable for Qin Yi.

Samdhi is also translated into Samdhi and Samdhi. It is translated into the Buddhist terminology of equal perseverance and conscientiousness. It means to concentrate on the state of one’s origin and enter a state of undisturbed mind, which can be called Samdhi. Therefore, it can also be translated as “stop”, “settle”, “meditate”.

Originally from Brahmanism, the Upanishad is also one of the traditional yoga practices. It is the eighth branch of the Eight Yoga Sutras. It is also widely used in the Salmon tradition and is used by Buddhism. It combines Buddhism with Buddhism, Buddhism and wisdom.

Samadhi is a state of mind, a state of mind, a state of concentration, a state of focus without moving. It is listed as one of the laws of the earth in the book of Avdabam, which can be used for good and evil.


The second one was to forge the divine sense, mostly describing the method of attacking the divine sense. Qin Yi was born with a strong divine sense, which was just right for him.


The third one was…..


Lu Heng was about to take a closer look, but Qin Yi took his palm back: “This is an auxiliary skill, with some miscellaneous techniques in it. Well, it’s dark. Bring out the canned red meatballs from your storage bag and I’ll cook noodles for you. Today I’ve been tossing around quite a bit and my stomach is ringing…


When Lu Heng heard that they were going to eat, he realized he was indeed hungry. He did not care about Qin Yi forcibly changing the topic. He obediently took out the rations and portable stoves that Qin Yi had prepared before they had left.


Looking at the steaming noodles in the pot, Lu Heng remembered one thing: “Each novice disciple is entitled to receive rations. Although pellets have run out, storage bags will still be distributed.” 3


“There is one thing that I wanted to discuss with you before, but I was not a formal disciple then, and it was not appropriate to put it forward.” Qin Yi said.


“Yes.” Lu Heng listened to his serious tone, pulled his eyes from the noodles reluctantly, and his gaze fell on Qin Yi’s face.


“Previously when I was scratched by a zombie, I almost got infected. Later I used the cultivation method to expel the demonic energy. At that time, I had been thinking that although the ability users have a stronger resistance to this demonic energy than ordinary people, but those who are too seriously injured cannot escape the fate of being infected. I saw many of my brothers who had been infected by demonic energy and chose to end themselves.”


Perhaps recalling various past experiences, Qin Yi’s hand was clenched tightly into a fist and the blue veins on his arms were visible.


“Brother Yun, can you choose some trustworthy people to pass on this skill to them? I know that in this chaotic world, honesty breeds retribution. But those brothers who followed me to death, knowing the method of preventing infection, I really can’t watch them die.” Qin Yi looked at Lu Heng imploringly.


“Before Master sent me down the hill, he told me to try to pass on the heavenly masters sect’s teachings. It’s just that I’m not very good at dealing with people. Now that you’ve got started, I’ll leave it to you to choose the right disciples. After Lu Heng finished, he turned his eyes back to the pot.


It looked like it was ready to be served.


Qin Yi listened, his eyebrows displaying his mirth, and saw Lu Heng’s eyes glued to the food. He hurried up and brought a bowl of noodles to feed his senior apprentice brother.


Two people sat and ate noodles. Qin Yi had been poking the meatballs in his bowl for most of the time. Anyway, looking at the man in front of him eating, his appetite was so good that it didn’t matter whether he had the meatballs or not.


Lu Heng was not polite either. He picked up the meatballs and put them in his mouth, showing a satisfied expression.


The moonlight was gentle and the atmosphere was warm.


Qin Yi could not help but speak up: “Speaking of it, why is the sect called ‘heavenly masters sect’? In my opinion, this sect should be called the legendary cultivator’s sect.”


“In fact, the sect was initially nameless. Later, when disciples came down to deal with some incidents caused by the leakage of demonic energy, they were called the “Heavenly masters” by those people. Over time, they became the “heavenly masters sect”.


“The demonic energy leaked?”


“Well, the leakage of demonic energy leads to some more bizarre incidents, which in your words is probably called,” Lu Heng crooked his head, “haunting?”


Qin Yiyi was stunned and laughed. “Those legends were true then. When I was a child, someone told me about ghosts and heavenly masters. I also said that it was absolutely impossible. At that time I bet that I would learn to bark like a dog if that were true, but now I’m really a heavenly master.


“Did you swear when you bet?” Lu Heng suddenly asked.


“Swear? I can’t remember. I think so.” Qin Yi shrugged. “When I was a child, I always liked to say things I didn’t mean like I would be struck by heavenly thunder and so on.”


“A cultivator should not swear to the heavenly dao willy nilly. If you make an oath, you can’t break it.” Lu Heng looked at Qin Yi seriously.


Qin Yi recalled what he had just said and his face turned green. “So, in order to fulfill my promise, I have to learn to bark like a dog?”


Lu Heng nodded.


Qin Yi was silent for a long time, but he dared not underestimate the mysterious rules of heaven.


So, the one whose fame was spread across all eight directions of W base, the same boss Qin’s lips trembled and then  spit out a word: “Wang 4!”


After learning to bark, Qin Yi looked at Lu Heng’s bright eyes and wondered if he had been tricked. But seeing Lu Heng’s eyes full of laughter and the slightly aroused corners of his mouth, he thought it was no big deal to be deceived by this man.


Niladri: I could not find a breaking point, so I TLed two-thirds of the chapter. Next part will be a bit short.

P.S.- This arc has so many 6k+ length chapters 🙁 I just want to go back to 3.5k word lengths again


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