How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 46.2

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Chapter 46.2The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (8.2)

Translated by: Niladri


When Qin Yi returned, he was well-groomed and calm, as if nothing had happened just now.


“What happened just now?”


“The crystal nucleus exploded.” Lu Heng said, “I just poured my divine sense in, and it exploded.”


“Do you want to cultivate with nuclei? This is not the way. “Qin Yi sat down beside Lu Heng,” I’ll teach you.


The method of assimilating nuclei was not complicated. The nucleus was to be placed in the palm of the hand and enveloped with the abilities. Then the energy in the nucleus would be released automatically and enter the body along the abilities.


“Can’t we probe into the nucleus with abilities?” Lu Heng asked.


“I tried, too, but later found that there seemed to be a delicate balance within the nucleus. Once there is interference from outside forces, it will burst immediately.” Qin Yi said.


“Well…” Qin Yi’s proficiency in spiritual manipulation was much stronger than him. Even he said that he could not do anything about it. Then it’s really futile.


Seeing Lu Heng’s disappointed look, Qin Yi couldn’t help rubbing the short curly hair that turned messy after he ruffled it. “You’re lucky that it was a first-grade crystal nucleus that you used to test. Had it been high-grade nuclei, Half of the house would have been destroyed with it, not to mention your body. If you are unsure about anything later, come to me first.”


His worries assuaged after getting Lu Heng’s affirmative reply, Qin Yi got up and left.


“Wait a minute.” Lu Heng remembered something and stood up to stop Qin Yi.


Qin Yi had already arrived to the door at this time. As soon as he turned around, he was stupefied. The young man in front of him was already wearing a black waistcoat and a pair of jeans, which he had just stuffed into his hands. There was nothing wrong with that dress. It’s the way the grown men dresses outside in summer.


Merely just a moment ago the youth had been sitting cross legged on top of the bed, with a close-fitting vest tightly sticking to the body, and when he got up, the hem of his short sleeveless vest was raised as well. What’s more, the waist of the jeans seemed to be a lot bigger and the whole pair of jeans hung dangerously in the crotch of the youth, completely revealing a slender waist.


The loose trousers were a real eyesore. I don’t know if it’s better to lift them or take them off….. What am I thinking?! Qin Yi felt a gush of blood rushing straight to the sky.


“You are blushing.” Lu Heng’s tone was smooth and steady in describing this fact.


“…” Qin Yi wiped his face. “It’s really hot today. By the way, why did you call me?” 1


“Are there any upcoming tasks scheduled in a while?”


“In the past few days, things have been very annoying, coupled with the large amount of supplies that has been harvested; I am willing to let the team rest for a few days.” Qin Yi answered.


“Then you’ll come back to my master’s sect with me in two days. After you officially enter, I have something important to tell you.” In fact, after confirming that this person was Shi Kong, Lu Heng had already made a plan to divulgeall of these things. Because to this person, Lu Heng could give all his trust, even if the other party had no memory. Some things have to be put on the agenda as soon as possible, just to make sure they don’t fall apart.


The next day, Qin Yi and Lu Heng embarked on a journey to Heavenly master’s sect.


Heavenly masters sect, located in the mountains within Bermuda, China. Before the apocalypse, no one dared to step inside the mountain. There were also bold adventurers who had tried to conquer the mountains, but after a few days of wandering around, they found themselves back where they had started. Modern navigational equipments were rendered ineffective as soon as they were inside this area.


At that time, the mountainous forest also underwent a program called “Science I Come” in China. Finally, the program group concluded that there must be a large metal mine beneath the mountain, which produced a magnetic field, which not only made navigation equipment invalid, but also confused people’s sense of direction.


Naturally, this was not the magnetic field produced by any metal mineral, but the effect of the magic array laid down by the ancestors. But now the lingyuan had been stolen, and the array had completely lost its usefulness. There was no difference between this mountain range and the ordinary mountain ranges.


But Lu Heng was still in trouble. Every tree and every road looked exactly the same. Lu Heng tried hard to find the right direction to enter the sect from his memory, but found that in Yunlan’s memory, all that remained was merely the setting sun ahead to lead the way to the rear gate of the sect. Regarding any changes in the surrounding environment, it was like mosaic covering the memory.


Qin Yi looked at Lu Heng despairing and remembered Pan Rongxi’s remark that the man had a poor sense of direction. He laughed softly and said, “Do you remember where the sect is? East or west, as we go in that direction, I should be able to find it while exploring the surroundings with my spiritual energy.


“Which side is east and which side is west?” Which are southeast and northwest? Lu Heng was utterly confused. The trees were blocking the sun completely. Who could tell which side is which direction?


Qin Yi saw the expression of the person in front of him, and then feared that perhaps he would brandish his claws. He quickly ruffled his hair and comforted, “Never mind, let’s take a look around first. Maybe you will think of the familiar place when you see it.”


They chose a road at will and headed deeper into the mountains. With Qin Yi, Lu Heng would not keep moving round the same place. After walking for a few hours, he still felt the surrounding scenery strange and familiar.


Just a little further down the road, the two men actually encountered a few zombies. Qin Yi popped out a few small sparks, which easily took care of them by incinerating the zombies to ashes without burning the surrounding vegetation.


“How can there be zombies in this place?” Qin Yi was somewhat surprised.


The mountains were uninhabited. There should be no other human gathering here except Heavenly master sect disciples. The zombies were dressed in modern clothes and had apparently came in from outside.


This spurred Lu Heng to find Heavenly masters sect.


“The battle formation of the sect was broken for some reason, which led to the death of the sect. I am the only survivor of Heavenly master sect.” Lu Heng spoke with a voice as light as the wind.


Qin Yi saw Lu Heng’s calm look, but felt that he was pretending to be strong. He took a step forward and patted him on the shoulder. “It’s all right. It’s already over. Don’t be too sad. Your brother will back you up later.”


“Sad?” Lu Heng turned his head. “I am not sad. In the eyes of cultivators, it is natural that all things are born in heaven and earth return to heaven and earth. I’m going to die one day, too. Masters, they have just returned to the world a step ahead of me.”


Qin Yi saw Lu Heng’s face did not have any sad complexion. He sighed in his heart. At a time like this, being so open-minded about life and death of his master, he truly deserved to be a supernatural cultivator.


“At that time, there were many demons besieging the sect gate, and the leading higher demons were almost killed by us. Without the manipulation of the higher demons, those lower demons should still be gathered nearby and not completely dispersed. Lu Heng spoke out his motive, “You use your psychic ability to explore the vicinity, and we will find it in the gathering place of demons.”


According to Lu Heng’s instruction, Qin Yi’s spiritual strength spread out to explore the traces of zombies around here. The farther the spiritual power went, the more he was shocked. So many zombies were gathered in the mountains. With how the sect managed to kill all the high-ranking demons, just how strong was its fighting force on its heyday!


Moving along the direction of Qin Yi’s scanning, Lu Heng finally saw the familiar Mountain Gate hidden in the mountains. Following the long blue stone steps winding up, the main hall of the Heavenly masters sect appeared in front of them.


In the main hall, there were no statues, only the words “heaven and earth” were hung. When Qin Yi saw the two ‘dragon and snake’ like strokes in the words, he froze up.


This person’s comprehension was really high. The words “heaven and earth” had been created by the great power of ancestors, which contained the power of law. The routine morning lesson of disciples in the Heavenly masters sect was to sit in the hall and try to understand the law infused within these two words. Qin Yi was the second person in the history of heavenly master sect to have comprehended it.


The first one, of course, was Lu Heng. Lu Heng stood by quietly waiting for him to awaken from his trance.


As soon as Qin Yi came to his senses, he immediately looked at Lu Heng beside him, and his eyes seemed to be full of waves. Just a moment later, it was quiet again.


Still can’t remember, but it doesn’t matter. I’m satisfied to meet this person again. Lu Heng thought so.


Leading Qin Yi before the word “heaven and earth”, a great ceremonial bow was performed. Lu Heng took him to the back hall again. In the back hall, a dense assortment of altar lamps was present. Only one of the altar lamps was lit, and the faintly burning lamp was particularly lonely in the stygian hall.


Lu Heng took out an altar lamp from one side, took out a jade card from the lamp holder, and instructed Qin Yi, “Pour a drop of blood from your fingertip into it.”


Qin Yi remained silent and did as Lu Heng said.


Lu Heng put back the jade card which had been pervaded with blood to the lamp holder, and the altar lamp lit up: “This altar lamp, as long as you are alive, it will always be burning. When you die, it will die out.”


After that, Lu Heng put Qin Yi’s lamp next to his own, which had been the only one lit in the hall.


“Having worshiped the word heaven and earth, and an altar lamp has been lit. Qin Yi, from now on, you will officially be a disciple of heavenly master sect.”


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