How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – Extra Chapter 2: The two returned to play the role of a sweet foreigner couple


Translated by: Niladri


Edited by: celes




Recap: Lu Heng died protecting the mainland origin and Shi Kong became a devil pining for him forever




Foreword: Author wrote something in brackets which I can’t translate without context. It probably means “Making a patch, may not understand properly and can come back later to take a quick look at the beginning.” This is because the first part is spoiler-ish and might include things that take place much much later, or, he is simply making an advance “patch” and may change things. “Foreigner”- because LH and SK are both people from another plane. I have no idea what SK’s identity is.




A long, long time later.


Lu Heng retired to an advisory post and lived a long-awaited life with a mixture of eating and scattering dog food1.


One day, Lu Heng started brimming with sentimentality. “Speaking of which, when we first got married, it’s a pity to think that there was no bridal chamber after having worshipped heaven and earth.”



However soon after saying that, he then immersed himself in the wonderful plot on the huge screen in front of him. This privileged class was good. One could vicariously experience performers performing the tasks. These tasks were much more exciting than those movies and TV dramas on the earth plane.


Lu Heng, who was devoted to eating melon, did not notice the thoughtful eyes of the man behind him.


“Which plane would you like to go play in?”


“Of course, as before, memories will be sealed. You mustn’t cheat and secretly unseal your memories to find me!”


*    * *    * * *


“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, the little Lord is missing!” Over the past thousand years, Lu Han had grown a lot, but his figure was still as young as that of a teenager.


The Nine-Tailed Fox King in red helplessly put down her book and rubbed her forehead. The man was formerly unfathomable but as reliable as a mountain. How had he become such a character in his present cub form? All day long, provoking cats and chasing dogs2, which part of the Zhaoshan Mountains did not have its skin scraped off by him?


Xi looked at the papers piled up on the table and thought that there seemed to be some evidence to follow. She was deeply shocked on the first day of her entrance into Zhaoyao Mountain when she took over the duties of the Demon King, having received half of the demon core from that man. Piles of documents had filled the cave, even the lacquer seals on them had not been opened; evidently, the man had never dealt with the documents. Now Xi Xi realized why her reports of the clan affairs had always received the same sentence in reply: ‘Discretion,’ when she was the Fox King.


However, Xi smiled with relief. It was a lucky thing that the man could get the law of heaven and earth to remould his body so his soul could come back again. The burden of protecting the demon race had been borne by him alone; that person should live as he wills after having endured the burden for thousands of years. There was no need to worry about the man’s safety. Although he was only a cub, the Dao of Heaven would protect him from any harm since he had saved thousands of lives on the mainland.


Lu Heng felt somewhat guilty. He stood in front of the remnants of Fanyin Temple, and a faint bleak wind blew, messing up his hair. Lu Heng grasped his hair impatiently. He did not like other people touching his hair, and he could not comb his own bun. He had to gather his hair’s roots and carelessly tie it with straw. When the wind blew, it unraveled rapidly.


Lu Heng soon transformed. Whispers from the demons around him always reached his ears, talking about how strong and graceful he was before. As a sought-after demon, in order to motivate himself to cultivate harder, Lu Heng decided on the day of his transformation to see how strong his former demon body was and feel the gap, so that he would have the motivation to make progress.



It’s just that, it was not easy to get out of demon territory and cross the whole mainland to the remnants of Fanyin Temple, but Lu Heng stopped in front of the mountain. The rolling black fog surrounded the main peak of Fanyin Temple and refused to let all living beings come near. The black fog that had sprung up into the sky was not a good thing at first glance.


Lu Heng estimated his own cultivation and gave up in his mind. Thinking about it, he felt a little unwilling to withdraw from here, because looking at it, he didn’t know when would be the next time he could leave his race’s territory again.


While he was tangled, Lu Heng did not notice that he was standing at the edge of the black fog. When he found out, black mist was already winding up his feet. Lu Heng was shocked and was about to launch a resistance with his demonic energy but found that the black fog had no intention of causing him harm. On the contrary, there was a hint of intimacy.


Lu Heng was a bold little devil in the Zhaoyao Mountains. Seeing that the black fog was harmless, he took the opportunity to take a decisive step into the black fog.


Unlike the spiritual energy of the outside world, in the Mainland Origin, it was extremely pure. A giant snake was entwined around a huge stone tree, and a man dressed in red was sitting beneath it. The man had handsome eyebrows and closed eyes. He seemed to have merged with the giant stone snake and had not moved for thousands of years.


Suddenly, the man’s long eyelashes moved and his eyes slowly opened, revealing a pair of red eyes. He looked at the entrance with ecstasy and a little hesitation.


Shi Kong watched a small figure the size of a seven-or-eight-year-old child appear at the entrance. With cheeks that still had baby fat and painted eyes, the familiar face that had appeared innumerable times in his brain emerged little by little from the darkness.


Shi Kong dared not move. He dared not even breathe. He feared that it would be a flower in the mirror or moon in the water3, and that his breathing would disturb the mirage. Even if it was just an illusion conjured by his insanity, he was willing to indulge in it forever.


Shi Kong saw the child coming closer and closer to himself, then warm fingers fell on his forehead: “Hey? It’s a living person.”


Just like the sounds of nature.


Shi Kong’s millennium-old body warmed up in an instant, and his empty chest reverberated with the echoes of a thumping heartbeat. He gently grasped the soft hand, and his eyes were soft: “Don’t fool around.”


One day.


Lu Heng received a paper sparrow. A few days ago, he had divulged his encounter with Shi Kong, so this paper sparrow contained the reply of Xi Xi. Xi’s reply within it contained only four words: “Be good to him.”


That’s what I had been thinking too, since I first saw Shi Kong. Lu Heng nodded in his heart.


It’s just that I don’t know how much better Shi Kong’s cultivation is than me. I can’t help much on the matter of cultivation. On the other hand, Lu Heng looked at his short stature and fell into deep thought.


He has always been a person who asked things he didn’t understand, and now he pinched the paper sparrow to find Shi Kong: “What Xi said, I quite agree with it. But how can I treat you well?”


Shi Kong heard him speak and smiled: “Accompany me, don’t leave again.”


It was another long day.


Lu Heng had just become a teenager after overcoming heavenly tribulation.


Early in the morning, Shi Kong was combing his hair.


Lu Heng saw that his technique was skilled and asked, “Why are you so skilled at combing buns when you are a monk?”


Shi Kong paused for a moment: “I used to comb buns for a person every day.”



Lu Heng heard the words and felt sourness in his heart. “Why don’t you continue to comb for that man?”


“I have waited thousands of years for him to comb his buns again. Now, my wish has finally been fulfilled.”


Lu Heng’s face flushed with embarrassment hearing it.


Time was like a white steed that flits past a crack.4


Recently, Lu Heng felt a little strange. How could he ignore all these inconsistencies when he put his entire mind on Shi Kong?


Now, for example, he was peeping at him again. Shi Kong opened his eyes to see, and as expected, Lu Heng panicked and averted his eyes.


“You’ve been thinking a lot lately. Are you worried about something?” Shi Kong asked.


The young man’s face stiffened, his expression containing irritation. But Lu Heng’s anger was not the coy affection-seeking kind. He took a deep breath and stepped forward.


“Shi Kong, I know that you and I should be lovers with interlinked hearts, but I have never been able to recall the past. I just want to ask you what you think of me now.” Lu Heng paused and added another sentence, “Whatever you are, in short, I am pleased with you.”


As soon as his voice fell, Lu Heng felt heat on his lips.


“From beginning to end, in this world, only you can touch my heart and soul. My laughter, anger, joy and sorrow, seven passions and six desires are all tied to you.”


Another few days passed.


Lu Heng disappeared. As soon as Shi Kong found out that the familiar presence had disappeared, his eyes, which had been cleared, were instantly dyed with blood. His heart demons had never disappeared. How could he enter Buddhism again when he held on to obsession and persistent desire?


Black fog gradually appeared and became more and more dense. At this time, a paper sparrow plunged in at one end: “Shi Kong, come quickly to Zhaoyao Mountain to find me.”


Zhaoyao Mountain. Everywhere on the mountain was red.


Before the former residence of the Demon King on the top of the mountain, a young man dressed in red looked back and smiled. The magnificent colourful scenery of the mountain grew faint for a while.


He held out his hand towards Shi Kong and said, “Shi Kong, today I have become an adult. Would you like to live with me for a hundred years? No, is forever better?”


Shi Kong went forward and seized the hand he had been waiting for for thousands of years.


The long double dragon candles dripped candle tears. Under the candlelight, the shadows of the two men gradually overlapped in one place. There were thousands of intertwined and lingering things tangled within it.5


Loving each other for a thousand years, never losing sight of each other.




With this, I have completed my oath to complete this arc in January. See you all in next arc, which might be a bit late.

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