How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 37.2

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Chapter 37.2 – The peerlessly talented demon ba snake (20.2)


Translated by: Niladri


Edited by: celes



The heavenly tribulation was over. Clouds slowly dispersed in the sky, and a golden pillar of light parted the curtain of the clouds and covered the giant black snake. The golden light of merit and virtue quenches the impurities of the body and soul and takes the creatures that have overcome tribulation to the upper realm. This demon king had been cultivating the righteous path for thousands of years, never harming the lives of innocent creatures and protecting the demon race for thousands of years. The power contained in the golden light of merit and virtue was radiant and pure.


Regardless of whatever previous thoughts the people had, now there was only reverence for the power of this Law and a desire to reach the sky from the bottom of their hearts.


The next actions of the serpent shocked the crowd. He did not follow the golden light of merit and virtue to ascend up to the upper realm. Instead, he opened his mouth to spit out a golden demon core. The demon core in the air divided into two, one half of which went galloping towards the demon race.


That half of the demon core sank into the dantian of the Nine-Tailed Fox King, and a deep voice came from the air: “Xi, hereafter, the protection of the demon race will be left to you. I hope you do not tarnish my legacy to the demon race and protect the inheritance of the demon race, passing it down through the ages.”


Only then did Xi recover from her shock, and she seemed to have guessed the King’s intentions: “Your Majesty! Don’t! ”


But now, the Demon King was the most powerful being in the world. No one could stop him from doing what he wanted to do. The Demon King swallowed the other half of the demon core and circled around in the air. Dark black scales could be seen separating from his body.


Scales that had fallen off the body of a demon god were, of course, extraordinary things. As soon as the scales fell off, they flew towards the prohibition stone then plunged into the ground, transforming into boulders that nearly reached the sky. Every boulder contained a mysterious force, and this continuous chain of boulders became an insurmountable ravine between the territories of the humans and the demons. So far, only humans or demons that had been recognized by this stone forest or demons would be able to cross the boundary and reach the other side’s territory.


After doing all this, the Demon King, with his golden vertical pupils open, looked in one direction reluctantly and then flew to the direction of Fanyin Temple along with the golden light of merit and virtue.


A moment later, beside the illusory phantom of the Mainland Origin, there appeared the figure of a giant snake. The black serpent circled around the stone tree, its body tightly wrapped around the trunk, and its merits and virtues slowly infused into the stone tree. Gradually, the colour of the snake’s skin became as gray as that stone tree, and the two merged into one.


The illusory phantom of the world’s origin faded away slowly, and the heavy sense of melancholy that filled the world disappeared and was replaced by the sense of flourishing life.


Lu Heng returned to the familiar enclosed space. Unlike last time, he was in no mood to see the subsequent developments. Within his thoughts remained the shadow of a familiar figure, even when he plunged himself into the ground of Fanyin Temple’s main peak.


It’s unlikely to happen; the Ba Snake clan’s innate skill isn’t easy to crack. Lu Heng comforted himself in this way.


The assistant skillfully projected several images in the air.


Nine-Tailed Fox King Xi succeeded Lu Heng as the demon king. After that, her heart became more mature and stable. With the half of the demon core bestowed by Lu Heng, her strength soon overtook all the cultivators of the human race. Under her careful management, the strength of the demon race gradually surpassed that of the human race. Under the deterrence of indomitable strength, the sects of human cultivators did not dare to do things such as use demons as materials for refining.


The first lesson that every new generation of the demon race is taught when they first enter the clan school is the origin of the stone forest guarding the border of the demon territory and the most amazing and brilliant Demon King in the history of the demon race.


Even among the people, no one dares speak (ill) about the Demon King. After all, giving up ascension and supplementing the Mainland Origin with soul and body; thinking about it, one is afraid no one can do it. This demon king really saved thousands of lives on this continent from water and fire1. The various atrocities that the Clear Spring Sect committed on the Demon King in the beginning could no longer be concealed, and they were known to all.2 The renowned sect vanished into thin air in light of this, and abandoned leader Qing Kongzi was poisoned by supporters of the Demon King, had his cultivation destroyed, and with a rotting body full of boils and sores, died in a ruined temple in the mortal world.


However, Lu Heng did not care much about it. After a few random glances, he was anxious about finding the image of Shi Kong.


On the top picture, there was the snow rabbit, Bai Li. After causing the catastrophe, she hid in a secret place that she mysteriously inherited. As soon as she entered the secret world, Bai Li calmed down. It turned out that her unstable mind was affected by the resentment of the Incandescent Dragon’s spirit, which caused her to make (such) a serious mistake.


But as a consequence of such evil, she couldn’t go back to heaven. The Karmic debt of thousands of innocent disciples’ deaths was to be paid by her. In this secret world, although she avoided the death warrant of the demon race, she could not escape the tribulation lightning. Bai Li was ravaged by the heavenly tribulation day after day, but the secret place restored her when she was on her dying breath. So many times, torture day and night.


Every day when the lightning fell, Bai Li wanted to end herself, but when her injuries recovered, she held a glimmer of hope. Today, the clouds had disappeared, and the mysterious forces were treating her wounds. Suddenly, there was a tear in the air, and one man stepped in.


Bai Li was surprised at first but became joyous after seeing the man’s face clearly.


Shi Kong.


Immersed in the joy of seeing her sweetheart, Bai Li did not notice that there was something wrong with Shi Kong. This should have been a beautiful monk with a clear spring breeze demeanor and a bright moon-like face. At this time, his eyes were red, and black fog surged between his eyebrows. In addition, he was dressed in scarlet clothes, which made the whole person seem extremely evil. This was clearly the stage of devilization.


“Found you at last.”


Seeing the Shi Kong’s hand held Fanyin Temple’s holy artifact, the Karma Plate, Bai Li was overjoyed: “Master Shi Kong, we lived together for a period of time. Can you help me resolve this Karmic force?”


“If not for seeking him, if not for your body having his breath…” Shi Kong whispered in a low voice.


Bai Li did not hear Shi Kong’s murmur; she saw that Shi Kong’s hands closed and the Karma Plate congealed into a mass of pure spiritual power. Shi Kong then penetrated her body with this mass of spiritual power.


Feeling the gradual dissipation of the Karmic force and her skyrocketing cultivation, Bai Li was about to thank him but felt a sharp pain coming from her dantian. Bai Li looked down and saw that a perfect hand was tearing open her dantian. Later, her consciousness plunged into endless darkness.


The picture turns.


Shi Kong appears at the Mainland Origin. In his hands is a cage made of demonic power, within which the soul of Bai Li is sealed.


Shi Kong begins to talk to himself: “This is because of you, how can he make up the Mainland Origin with his soul. This Karma, it is because of you. You will now get him out, so he can reenter the reincarnation cycle…”


After that, the Shi Kong begins to integrate Bai Li’s soul into the Mainland Origin. There is a hint of hope in his face, staring at the Mainland Origin.


Day after day, there is no change.


Shi Kong finally loses heart3. He laughs loudly and then sits down on the ground. “I should have realized it. I have been looking for you for hundreds of years. At the moment I saw the Demon King, I should have understood. You’re not even a person of this world…”


“To understand, how do you want me to understand? Let go, I don’t even know who my heart is tied to, how could I resign myself to let go?”4


Shi Kong has gone from obsession to devilization, and like Buddha, has an endless lifespan. But since then, Shi Kong has confined himself to the Mainland Origin, day after day, pining after the giant snake winding in the stone tree, never leaving half a step.



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NILADRI: Yay finally was able to use present tense… Just kidding. Kinda bummer ending. I hope extra is able to bring about a proper conclusion.

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