How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

The apocalypse’s heavenly master poorly versed in the world’s affairs (1)

Translated by: Niladri


Two closing reports were placed on the desk of the Minister of Soul Purification Department. The serial number of the task executor was the same 666. The minister had a headache. The report that had just been brought here was almost identical as the previous one. It had achieved 100% task completion, 100% stability of the plane operation and 100% deviation of the thread of love.


There was no room for another pending evaluation. The thread of love went wrong again. He was afraid that the destiny department would certainly create trouble again. Should he have a chat with No. 666? The minister was somewhat perplexed.


The arrival of a distinguished guest rescued him from this state of affairs.


Underworld Judge Department’s No. 1. 1


The visitor wore a standard uniform and spoke in a simple and concise manner: “There are instructions from above. Don’t interfere with the Soul Purification Department’s performer number 666. Let him do more tasks.”


Once Judge No. 1 finished speaking, he turned to leave.


“How should the evaluation be given? After all, according to the rules, since the thread of love has been affected, the evaluation should be ‘failure’.”The minister asked quickly.


“No need to think about the thread of love, score according to the degree of completion.” Judge No. 1 privately had some friendship with the minister, so he added another sentence, “This 666 is a person of special concern to someone at the top. You should pay more attention to him.”


Sending Judge No. 1 away, the minister was somewhat flabbergasted. The Underworld Judge Department was the personal assistant group of the Director of the Department of land and resources. The ‘someone at the top’ from Judge No. 1’s mouth should be an eminent personage at least at the level of the Director.


The minister did not hesitate to stamp S evaluation stamp on the two closing reports, and was about to send back the report. He also received information from the little assistant of System 666. After glancing at it he went pale with shock. What made number 666 become like this?


It started with Lu Heng’s return to the department.


After each task was completed, employees had a one-month vacation period. The last time Lu Heng was impassioned by the ‘pending’ evaluation, he took a three-day break and resumed his job full time. This time, for a whole month, Lu Heng’s door was closed, and even his little assistant was refused.


Just as the little assistant was frantically running in circles outside the door, the door opened. The little assistant had no time to express his feelings of having missed him, before he was smashed apart by a sentence from Lu Heng.


“Little assistant, I want to resign and return to samsara.”


“You calm down!” The little assistant blew up into a hairball in the air. “According the rules, re entering the samsara means you will not be able to choose your next incarnation.”


“I don’t care. I think it’s good to be a mindless tree.” Lu Heng just felt that he was unable to continue doing the job. This feeling of being forced to betray others’ sincerity was too painful, let alone his own beloved.


After Lu Heng finished making up his mind, he decided to return to his room and report his resignation. The assistant reported the situation to the minister in a hurry. After all, Lu Heng had the best potential among the new employees in the Soul Purification Department in tens of thousands of years. No employee could achieve 100% task completion before he had entered the office. Although the thread of love was a big problem, once experienced enough, such mistakes could be avoided.


The minister deserved to be a minister. Soon he sent a solution to the little assistant.


As soon as the little assistant looked at the document sent by the minister, he happily knocked on Lu Heng’s door: “Xiao Lu! Xiao Lu! There’s good stuff. You won’t regret it if you look at it!”


In front of Lu Heng, there were two closing reports and an image 2 of a plane. The crimson S evaluation grades in the two closing reports did not arouse half of Lu Heng’s interest. It was the image of the plane with the serial number 58921 on it. That’s the plane where Shi Kong was located.


According to the regulations, the executor could not privately peep into the situation of the plane after leaving the plane. This image undoubtedly hit the itchiest part of Lu Heng’s heart.


The image was not long.


There was only one person in the picture, sitting at the mainland origin. He was just sitting there like a statue, but suddenly his face moved slightly. Due to special editing of the image, a voice directly entered his consciousness, after the image finished playing.


“Do you want to see that man?”


“Who are you?”


“I am you. Would you like to see that man?


“That is the only thing in my mind. “


“Then give up this mortal body and follow me.” 3


The final frame of the picture displayed a still image of Shi Kong’s face with a smile. Then a section of a maintenance report arrived from the Plane Maintenance Department: After investigation, the soul had (already) left that plane, and when it was being traced, there was a prompt that top secret files were involved and permission for further tracking was denied.


The image brought by the little assistant gave Lu Heng a glimmer of hope. As long as he did enough tasks, maybe he could meet with Shi Kong in some plane. Even if he can’t, as long as he was promoted to the top, he could perhaps obtain permission to track Shi Kong?


Therefore, Lu Heng pumped up boundless enthusiasm for this job and returned to his job proudly without hesitation.


The third client, he was dressed strangely. He wore a cloud patterned moiré brocade collar coat on his upper body 4, but a pair of jeans on his lower body and a four-finger wide wooden sword on his back. It gave off a nondescript strange feeling.


When the person saw Lu Heng’s strange look, he smiled with embarrassment: “Is this dress strange? It’s because jeans are more convenient to move in”


The client’s name was Yunlan. The plane from where he originated from was a lot similar to the earth plane where Lu Heng had lived before. At a certain point in time, after different major events had occurred, the direction that the plane went was completely different from that of the earth.


It was an apocalyptic plane, and the presence of zombies disrupted everything on the planet. However, in Yunlan’s view, it should not be called a zombie, instead should be called a demon. To Yunlan who hailed from a hidden sect, it was clear that the cause of the disaster sweeping across the world was not the virus as rumored throughout the world, but the leakage of demonic energy.


This was the biggest difference between this plane and Earth. This plane was connected to other two higher planes. One was the true cultivation plane; the other was the demon plane. A long time ago, the spiritual energy from the true cultivation plane entered this plane through passages, so some of the people in the plane had their spiritual roots stimulated, and even broke through their cultivation and ascended to the true cultivation plane. Later, the passages gradually collapsed, the spiritual energy of this plane became less and less, and the powerful people left this plane one after another.


Before the last powerful figure left, he sealed the passages between that plane and the plane of the demons. This was because, without the constraints of spiritual energy, the demonic energy overflowing from the demon plane would cause catastrophic damage to the ordinary mortals on that plane.


Yunlan’s hidden sect comprised of the descendants of monks who failed to cultivate enough to leave that plane. They called themselves heavenly masters. Their ancestors had trained them, and the duty of the heavenly masters was to maintain the seal between that plane and the demon plane, hunt the demonic beings that occasionally broke through the seal, and cultivated themselves.


The hidden sect was protected by the battle formation left behind by the powerful figures of the ancient times, so it had never been discovered. The powerful figures brought a Lingyuan from the true cultivation plane in order to maintain the operation of the battle formation, and also provide for the cultivation needs of the heavenly masters.


An abrupt change occurred in the situation. One of the key paths to maintain the seal was unintentionally discovered by prospectors, followed by large-scale excavation and archaeology. Before the heavenly masters could have repaired that formation, another one was unintentionally destroyed.


Under these countless coincidences, the seal was broken and the demonic energy leaked out. Most of the creatures throughout the entire plane were infected by demonic energy and became like zombies in the movies. Some of the remaining survivors managed to stimulate the spiritual roots left in their blood and unlocked abilities.


Hidden sect heavenly masters started running around, fighting demons and demonized beings while looking for ways to repair the seals. But on the verge of great success, they fell short. The Lingyuan was stolen and the protection of the sect disappeared. 5


This piece of land, which had been washed repeatedly by spiritual energy for thousands of years, was revealed to the demons, and demons hated spiritual energy like their natural enemy. No matter how powerful the heavenly masters were, they could not withstand the endless attacks, and eventually the entire sect was miserably wiped out.


Yunlan was the most gifted and powerful disciple in the sect. His master and his fellow brothers put together their final strength to send him out of the heavy encirclement. The only task assigned to him was to find the Lingyuan and repair the seal.


Yunlan was the youngest disciple in the sect, but he was also gifted and powerful. He had never left the school. Simple minded, and ignorant of the world, he suddenly entered this chaotic apocalypse alone. After being duped several times, he dared not believe anyone, but traveled alone in the apocalypse like a lone wolf.


Later, Yunlan found the whereabouts of the Lingyuan in the strongest human security base. Yunlan wanted to negotiate with the higher ups of the base to bring back the Lingyuan belonging to his own people, but he could not get in.


In desperation, he chose to infiltrate the base, trying to retrieve the Lingyuan, but at the critical moment, he was found out. Yunlan was unwilling to give up on the Lingyuan. Even if he was strong enough, he could not withstand the sea of ability users of the base, and eventually he was besieged and had his strength exhausted, perishing.


“My wish is to find the Lingyuan, repair the seal, and to not fail Master’s entrusted task.” Yunlan said.


“Your commission has been taken over by me. Task executor No. 666 of the Underworld’s Soul Purification Department, Lu Heng is here to serve you.”


Lu Heng’s employee rank soared to B after two S evaluations. So he had some more powers that he didn’t have before. After Yunlan left, Lu Heng asked his little assistant to go through the B-level database and sort out the key points of this plane.


“Little Lu, big discovery, this plane is a derivative plane!” The little assistant suddenly exclaimed.


“Derivative plane?”


“When I was just comparing the databases, I found that this plane has a primary plane. The final trend of the original plane was that Yunlan’s sect successfully repaired the seal and popularized the method of cultivation, which led to the change of the force of the law of heaven and earth, and the plane generated its own spiritual energy, and finally upgraded to the advanced level of cultivation. This Yunlan’s sect has also achieved the loftiest sect status. Yunlan was the head of that sect. This Yunlan should have been the child of destiny!” The more information the little assistant read, the more frightened it became.


“How can the trend of the derived plane be distorted like that? What is the point of change, rebirth or transmigration?” In a plane, when there are completely different trends, the most likely cause was the rebirth or transmigration, which changes some key events ahead of time. These things Lu Heng had studied in the training of new employees, but didn’t expect to meet such a special commission so soon.


“It’s a rebirth.” The little assistant sent out a piece of information to say, “Jiang Sile, in the primary plane, was killed by his lover and his lover’s beloved, and then was reborn. After this point, the derived plane appeared.


It seemed that the key point of this task lay in this person.



Word count: 3551

Niladri: I had an exam and then am suffering from seasonal allergies. I am a bit ok today.

This arc has several huge length chapters every single chapter nearly 5k words and probably a few behemoth chapters so I will be increasing the sponsored release goal. I will release them in parts, to accommodate my schedule but the whole chapter will be sponsored regardless of its length and sponsored releases would be daily releases like before, albeit ½ or 1/3rd per day if they are too big.

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  1. Yes! Finally a novel with an arc that has one of th worldjumpers become a child of destiny instead of cannon folder. Thank you so much for this translation

  2. Who is Jiang Sile? I’m confused, even though I re-read this chapter thrice. The sentences aren’t very succint about the plot, and need more work on their comprehensive syntax for me to understand. Please, can someone explain the new world’s plot?

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