Goddess Medical Doctor Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3 Part 1

On this day, the sky was clear, the three children of the Yue family along with the Grand Emperor and Grand Empress went to the imperial garden, together. It was currently springtime, flowers were at the peak of bloom while the bees and butterflies are busy gathering nectar. Yue Xin’er took out a small porcelain bottle to gather the flower’s dew, while the others sat in the pavilion savoring Yue Xin’er’s original ‘Moon wind floss’. The dew was from the first day of spring, Yue Xin’er would use it for refining to make hundred flowers wine. The undisturbed appearance of the dust is a little thin in face of the sun, it feels like the sun’s rays and a gust of wind could easily blow it away. This was a pleasant morning, but such peace was broken due to the intrusion of a voice.

At a certain distance, a minister stood by a stone table, reporting a matter to Yue Feng. Yue Xin’er was able to see his frown. She handed the porcelain bottle to the maid next to her, allowing them to continue to talk among themselves, as she walked towards the stone table.

  • 月楓 Yue Feng: Current Emperor, the son of the Grand Emperor who abdicated the throne, and is living a carefree life (He pushed everything onto his son)

“Imperial brother, what’s the matter?” Although Yue Xin’er did not like politics but seeing him so worried, she feared a major event such as a natural disaster has occurred!

“Xin’er, You came in time! The Luo River flooded the southern area and submerged it. It also caused a plague. In recent days, due to the attack of the Qing City, all the food and supplies were given to the army. Nowadays, the domestic food supply is insufficient. In addition, a number of doctors have been transferred to support the army. It is also lacking in medicine, with food shortages, and the lack of medical doctors ah! ”

As soon as she heard him, the beautiful lady frowns at him, what she then said was colder than ice, “This is great, you didn’t discuss with me and dared to send troops to Jing Lou Pass without authorization, as of now the state treasury is empty, where do you place the common people?”

Yue Feng wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and gave a glance toward Yue Haotian as if begging for help while groaning in his heart, how could she still have more momentum than me? “That’s not it, you once said that you liked Qing City, I wanted to win it and give it to you as a birthday gift, who knew…”

“Is this an excuse you can use? Preposterous!” Yue Xin’er waved her sleeve, and the people around dare not speak. “Let it pass, I will deal with this matter, tomorrow I will go to Southern Wei, during this time you must deal with it properly, otherwise…”

Really did not have face, ah, this Emperor was really useless, when he heard her intimidation he dare not mess up. But this was also his willingness, after all, this little sister has been much better than Yue Ling, and with her help, these days have been much more comfortable.

After bidding farewell to her family, Yue Xin’er brought the four gatekeepers, Chi Wu, Cheng Feng, Zi Yuan, Qing Niao on the boat bound for Southern Wei. Only some herbs were on board, while the rest of the herb and food were taking the land route. She did not intend to bring too much, she prepared to use Crescent Moon Palace’s token to gather herbal supplies from the local medicinal shops after arriving at Southern Wei. Then let Chi Wu report to the godly doctor’s Gate, so that all the people under the Gate would rush to Southern Wei.

  • Godly doctor’s gate: also a sect, like Crescent moon palace, but filled with people who are adept in medicine

The sky was a bit gloomy and depressing, experienced sailors knew that a big storm was coming. Yue Xin’er stood on the bow of the boat, holding something in her hands while thinking, she gave orders to the four Gatekeepers. The sails have come down, and the seas are rough and swaying. A flash of lightning flashed over the horizon, and then only loud thunder was heard, heavy downpours began and the ship shook even more.

“Listen, if something happens, don’t panic. I will not die. You must go to Southern Wei according to your original plan. I will go to Ji Province to join you.” Yue Xin’er calmly stated that the storm did not worry her, she could not die so easily, her task has yet to be completed, the Heavens would not take her back so easily.

The four people looked at each other with a dignified face, they clasped their fists and said: “This subordinate obeys the orders, we will try our best to solve the difficulties of Southern Wei.”

As soon as their voice fell, a big wave hit, Yue Xin’er was hit by the wave and carried into the ocean, her figure soon disappeared, the remaining four finally managed to stabilize their bodies, and looked up to find that Yue Xin’er has disappeared. “Master, master…” At one time, the sea was full of shouts, accompanied by thunder and rain, the sounds eventually died down. Yue Xin’er was immersed in water for a long time, she began to swim hard, in the end, she got exhausted and fainted, drifting in the sea.


BLOSSOM: Sorry for the cliffhanger.

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