Goddess Medical Doctor Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Grand Ceremony.

According to the traditions of the Jingyue Kingdom, a royal lady’s coming of age ceremony will be held at the Temple of Heaven. Because Yue Xin’er is a goddess, she must be at the altar. The altar can only be used by goddesses of the past, in addition to holding the ceremony outside, there would be stargazing, divination and worship of ancestors. This is a supreme honor for a woman, and also reflects the woman’s status in the Jingyue Kingdom, although it is not a female dominated society, both men and women are considered equal in terms of status.

To be honest, if her identity was not related to the fate of the world, she would not be willing to appear in front of the people, let alone on her fifteenth birthday. After completing the cumbersome ceremonial rituals, she stepped down from the altar, there was still a feeling of dazzling, which made her feel the heavy responsibility on her shoulders, she felt helpless.

The clothing on her body was extremely decorated and full of bright colors when she walked past there was a lingering fragrance left behind. Wealth is not my wish, but this feeling will be used as “A full man does not know the hungry man during a famine.” Still covered with a veil, which covered the appearance of inconvenience, but it could not cover her attitude as if she was not of the mundane world.

  • 飽汗不知餓漢饑: A full man does not know the hungry man during a famine; when the other perspective is not worried about or cared for

She was about to go to Yuehui Palace when she was interrupted by a palace maid. The palace maid bowed, and said: “Princess, the Emperor wants you to go to Yuelan Palace right away.”

“Oh? What’s the matter?” Yue Xin’er raises her eyebrows, why did he need to use the two words ‘right away’? Could it be the sky is falling today?

  • Could it be the sky is falling today: means not usual, kind of similar to the sun rising from the west; it is an expression

“This slave does not know, Princess, please come with this slave to Yuelan Palace.” The palace maid never lifted her head from beginning to end, with a humble appearance.

She glanced at this palace maid, who she had never seen before, the corners of her mouth bent into a distinctive curve, “Then, you lead the way!”

The palace maid turns and leads the way in front, Yue Xin’er follows behind neither too slow nor too fast, she suddenly asks: “What time is it now?”

“Replying to Princess, it is Shen shi.”

  • 申時 Shēn shí: 4 pm to 6 pm, an ancient Chinese measurement of time

“Oh, is it so?” She thought for a moment and stopped, “I don’t have time to play with you.”

The palace maid pauses, her body stiffens, she puts on an unsightly smile, “This slave does not understand Princess’ meaning.”

Yue Xin’er also gives a smile as her eyes brighten, “You really don’t understand? Brother-in-law’s junior sister, Wen Meixia, miss Wen.”

  • 溫美霞 Wen Meixia: Her older sister’s husband’s junior sister

“How did you know I was Wen Meixia?” Since she has been exposed, there is no need to continue pretending.

“I need you to know, not only in medicine, my disguise skills are also number one in the world, up till now, no one has been able to recognize the people I have disguised. And you, I knew your identity the moment you approached me.”

“Haha, I was seen through by you! I originally thought to kill you to avenge my father, now…”

There was a smile on her face, and sarcasm in her eyes “You really think you can kill me? I originally promised your father if you did not seek revenge I would spare your life, and now you’ve come into the palace to assassinate me.” The silver bells from her bracelet on her wrist rang a few times, and in the blink of an eye, two people had appeared. “Zi Yuan, you take care of this. Qing Niao, follow me to Yuehui palace.” They immediately left, leaving Zi Yuan and Wen Meixia who were prepared for battle.

In the time of less than an incense stick, Zi Yuan returned to Yue Xin’er’s side. “Palace Lord, the matter has been taken care of.”

  • Palace Lord (宫主) as in the master of Crescent Moon palace, and not the imperial palace (公主), even though both are pronounced as Gong Zhu

“Bury her next to her father! It also counts as her filial piety.”

  • Filial piety: Respect for one’s parents and elders, derived from Confucian beliefs

“Yes, Palace Lord.” Zi Yuan was about to retreat, but was stopped by Yue Xin’er, “You stay here, let Qing Niao take care of this matter!”

Qing Niao left, leaving Zi Yuan and her alone, she did not stop but continued to walk to Yuehui Palace, because she had the servants retreat, she was not worried about causing the people to panic.

“Are you wondering why I didn’t let you go to take care of the aftermath?”

“This subordinate doesn’t dare.” Zi Yuan bows respectfully.

“No need to do this as such. I let you kill her because Qing Niao is a man, he is not suitable to kill a woman, this type of responsibility is something a man does not wish to take responsibility for.” Yue Xin’er explained expressionlessly, but it made Zi Yuan feel gratitude.

When they arrived at Yuehui Palace, the sky was already dark, but inside Yuehui Palace it was brightly lit, like a white pagoda. Once she entered, there was a pair of noble and elegant couples sitting in the grand hall, along with Yu Yuefeng and Yue Ling, a husband, and wife.

“Er’chen greets imperial father, mother.” Before she looked up, she had already been embraced by a middle-aged lady.

“Haotian, look, Xin’er has grown up. Look at this snow white skin. This charming figure is three points better than Xi Shi.”

  • Xi Shi, is one of the four beauties of ancient China, she lived during the spring and autumn period, caused the downfall of an empire (State of Wu), she is said to be so beautiful that fish would forget to swim

“Okay, Qing’er, you have yet to see Xin’er’s face, if outsiders heard that, they would laugh, saying ‘Auntie Wang sells melons, boasting what you’re selling’.” said the middle-aged man, who was Yue Xin’er’s father.

  • Auntie Wang sells melons, boasting what you’re selling: Means bragging; in this case, bragging about the beauty of one’s own daughter

Feng Yuqing did not agree, “What do you mean, I can be said to be a beauty ah, how much worse can my daughter be? What’s more, when Xin’er was little she was like a little doll, do you really think she would grow up to be ugly? Who would dare say my Xin’er is ugly, I will be anxious!” Finished speaking, she gave Yue Haotian an angry glare.

  • 月昊天 Yuè hào tiān: Yue Xin’er’s father; Grand Emperor
  • 鳳玉青 Fèng yùqīng: Yue Xin’er’s mother; Grand Empress

“Fine, consider it my wrong!” Yue Haotian said helplessly.

“Hump, you are the one who is wrong!” For Yue Haotian, this wife of his is very laughable at times, in his life it could be considered very joyful. Those from the Yue family line could be said to stay true to one person, in this lifetime he could have such a wife, that gave him a son, and two daughters, life as such, what can a husband ask for?

Yue Xin’er was standing with Yue Ling, chatting with each other, she was too lazy to deal with the bickering couple, playing tricks all day, and yet they do not get annoyed.

“My precious Xin’er, take down your veil and let imperial mother see!” Feng Yuqing’s voice caused Yue Xin’er and the people in the room to feel goosebumps creeping up all over their bodies.

Taking a few steps back for safety, she really does not know how imperial father endured her for so long. “Imperial mother, this…” Yue Xin’er said with some embarrassment.

Feng Yuqing looked at her with a puzzled look. “What is it?” Is it that she, as a mother cannot see her own daughter’s appearance?

Seeing Xin’er’s face showing some trouble, Yue Tianhao said to her: “Qing’er, have you forgotten? Before Xin’er can find her true love, she cannot let anyone other than Yun Zhongzi see her true appearance?”

It dawned on her that when Yun Zhongzi said that Xin’er was a goddess, she shouldered the rise and fall of the country, so she was brought to the mountains for education. It was also said that after she was ten years old, she would not be able to show her true face, unless she finds one who is destined to be with her, otherwise, there will be a big calamity. “Xin’er, you don’t have to worry, let’s go eat.”

For a time, the atmosphere of Yuehui palace was very good. Who said that the royal family was heartless?

It was almost Xu shi by the time she returned to Yuexin Palace, she was followed by a few servants who were holding gifts from her loved ones in their hands. There was a variety of gifts, including Nanhai Black Pearl, Donghai Red Coral, Tianshan snow lotus, and the Millennium He Shou Wu. The tables and cabinets in the palace are valuable, they were gifts from ministers and friends, as well as treasures sent from other countries, just seeing it made people dazzled.

  • Xu shi: time, 8pm-10pm [Nanhai: South Ocean/Sea], [Donghai: East Ocean/Sea], [Tianshan: Sky Mountain]

Suddenly, an item on the eastern footer attracted her attention. It was a box carved with Lan Tian jade, on the surface of the box was a pattern of a pair of dragons playing with beads, the box was covered, and a double heart lock hangs outside, carefully locking the box. Yue Xin’er smiled, such a refined box should have been sent by the Tianxiang Kingdom? “Whose gift is this from?”

A palace maid answered: “Replying to Princess, it was sent by the grand prince of Tianxiang Kingdom.”

“Oh.” As expected, the Tianxiang Kingdom and the Jingyue Kingdom are two neighboring countries and have maintained friendly relations with each other. The current Empress of Tianxiang Kingdom is her aunt, although this grand prince is not born from her aunt, according to relations he is her cousin! Opening the double heart clasp, there is a pair of hollow carved crystal balls, one large, about four centimeters in diameter, there is a pink pearl inside, there are many small hollow holes in the ball. Yue Xin’er’s eyes brightened, this is suitable for her own weapon, she took a white ribbon from her sleeve and pushed it with internal force, the ball gave off a sweet clink sound. Satisfied with a smile, she took the ribbon back into her sleeve, when it is empty she could put medicine into it, but until then it would be an incredible weapon. Looking at the ball again, the shape and structure of the ball is almost the same as that of the big ball, the diameter is about two centimeters, inside the ball it was purple, after careful observation, it was found that inside the sphere with a diameter of one centimeter, it contained a white orchid, there was a lingering fragrance of orchid surrounded by small spheres. The ball was strung on a silver chain, the chain did not seem to be made of silver, it was more like platinum.

“Shan’er, come and help me put it on.”

Shan’er next to her carefully took the sphere and put it on her neck, at that moment, her eyes were dazzled.

“Princess, you look so beautiful.” The people praised with sincerity, they had thought that the Empress and Princess Yue Ling were beautiful, although they had not seen the true face of the little Princess, her elegance and her charm than none could resist were deeply convincing.

Yue Xin’er’s face under the veil became slightly red from embarrassment: “It is late, you all retreat to rest first!”

“But Princess, you have not yet rested, how can this slave go first?” Shan’er said.

“No need, I have to stay late for a while.You go ahead, I want to be alone for a while.”

“Yes, Princess, this slave will retreat.” Shan’er took a group of people out and closed the door.

Seeing that everyone left, Yue Xin’er looked at other gifts, almost all of them were jewels, only the gifts from the seven main gates can enter her eyes.

Sitting on the couch, she touched the sphere around her neck and stared out the window. It was already late at night, the palace should have had many guards patrolling because she had always been a light sleeper, she worried she would be awakened by their footsteps, so she gave an order for them to keep their distance from her palace.

Strange, this grand prince has no connection to her, and is not really her cousin, why would he give her such a precious gift? These two balls are not just simple ornaments. It is said that they are two teardrops a heavenly fairy had shed for the world, they landed in Kunming Lake and were later acquired by a craftsman, who made them into what they are now. The world only knows that this object is priceless, but does not know of its use. The large one is Bing Xin pearl, the small one is called Lei Lan pearl, right now both items are in her hands.

  • 冰心珠 Bing Xin Zhu: Bing means ice, Xin means heart
  • 淚蘭珠 Lei Lan Zhu: Lei means tears, Lan means orchid

After thinking about it, she did not have a clue. He gave it to her as a present, she accepted, would he want it back if she does not respond?

BLOSSOM: Hope this was enjoyable, I’m still unsure how I would split up the work between Goddess Medical Doctor, and World of Chaos.

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